Community Announcements - Fingers
Today's update brings a slew of improvements. The most visible among them is an entirely new step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the various user interfaces in the game. Full change list below:
  • New "How to Play" tutorial sequence, replaces old tutorial mode
  • Added mouseover "tool tip" on ship palette in combat
  • Fighter icons are now a different size from ships
  • Home worlds / special places now play music when you go back
  • Added a rare special encounter, "Vortex Beast"
  • Additional script functions for timed events
  • Star map filter buttons retain state in between games
  • Moved hard-coded UI strings to english.txt
  • Improved Pirate insignia
  • Fixed crash on fleeing carriers
  • Fixed fleeing carriers launching fighters when off the map
  • Fixed carriers launching fighters while cloaked
  • Fixed placeholder graphics on Muktian fighter bay
  • Fixed Klakar nest graphic not showing up if egg raid quest is active
Community Announcements - Fingers
Today's update brings several bug fixes as well as a few feature updates. Among them, it's now possible to both scroll and rotate the star map (as well as the mod editor interfaces) by using the left and right mouse buttons. This brings it better in line with the combat UI and should make it easier to navigate. Full change list below:
  • Enabled scroll/pan on starmap and in editor
  • Added a more convenient "standard items" inventory at home worlds.
  • Added indication that a quest is ongoing (when timer is paused or changed)
  • Added a random event featuring a battle at the Klakar Nest
  • Added a custom mouse pointer
  • Improved hitpoint/shield bar visibility for the colorblind
  • New theme music for the pirates
  • Fixed Damocles star system having the wrong planet type
  • Fixed enemies stopping while player is cloaked
  • Fixed Continuum Renderer showing blips orbiting unexplored black hole
  • Fixed buggy achievements: Spare Parts, Topologist
  • Fixed mods not loading custom music
Community Announcements - Fingers
To celebrate the traditional Terran solstice festival, Digital Eel is proud to announce a great new update for Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars! The new version 1.1.0 introduces totally re-vamped mod support with a handy browser for launching mods, and now lets mod makers access the built-in editing tools that we used to make content for the game. We have also added some new content in the game, in the form of a new special quest featuring a special guest, the notorious swamp pirate Arch Fenster. Oh, and just possibly a ship from that other Space Roguelike-like game created by one of our Kickstarter backers may make an appearance!

For all of our Steam fans, this update just keeps on giving by adding over fifty achievements, as well as Steam trading cards, badges, profile backgrounds and emoticons. May the Star-Krampus be gentle!
Community Announcements - Fingers
Digital Eel is pleased to announce that Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is now available on Windows and Mac OS X! To celebrate the launch, the game is on sale with 33% off for the first ten days.

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is a single-player science fiction roguelike set in the same universe as its predecessors, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds. Turn-based star map navigation is combined with a real-time combat system. Each game session is a complete adventure that you can finish in one sitting – but the game world is randomly generated and will only reveal a fraction of its secrets each time. Discovering new items, alien races and random events will keep you busy for years! To extend the game’s longevity even further, we encourage people to make mods and will even provide tools for it.

Coming out nearly a decade after Weird Worlds, Sea of Stars brings the universe of Infinite Space to a new audience. Beyond the prettier graphics and great soundtrack, the game world is more alive than ever before with each alien race developing new technologies and improving their patrolling fleets as time passes. The combat system has also been completely re-thought with an intuitive interface that allows you to hold ships in reserve and react quickly to a changing situation.

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars was made possible in part by a successful Kickstarter campaign to pay for art, 3D modeling and the soundtrack. Thank you for your support!
Community Announcements - Fingers
We now have our first release candidate available for those enrolled in the public beta! Click here for instructions on how to enroll if you want to participate in the final round of beta testing.
Community Announcements - Fingers
Alright, folks. It's getting close! We're starting a new pre-release test today to prepare for a full release of the game. This beta is available for both Windows and OS X for the first time. Click here for instructions on how to join the beta test. Note that the public beta thread will likely contain spoilers, as we test things like new special encounters.
Community Announcements - Fingers
Just a quick patch tonight to fix a critical crash and another bug involving the combat simulator.
  • Fixed crash on starting combat simulator
  • Can no longer add space stations to player fleet in simulator (they couldn't deploy)
Community Announcements - Fingers
Sea of Stars Update - 7/3/2015

Hail, dwellers of the purple void! We are pleased to announce another development update for Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, as well as the release of the official soundtrack!

The game update concentrates on overall polish and UI improvements - we are developing additional content as well, but it will not be revealed until the game is finished. Among the changes in today's version is a new game setup interface that allows you to name your captain and starting ship as well as select that ship's class. The tutorial has also been improved, covering some new features and hooking up to a brand new "message log" that allows you to go back and read both the tutorial instructions and other important messages at any time.

The soundtrack's main feature is the "Sea of Stars Suite", a long medley of fully orchestrated music by Edwin Sykes. It is a new composition that includes and expands upon the many musical themes encountered in the game. Edwin is an award-winning composer who has written a huge variety of music for film, concert and dance including feature films such as Tuesday,
Resurrecting the Streetwalker and The Hit Producer. He has composed music for all episodes of the radio show The Scarifyers (staring the late Nicholas Courtney, David Warner and Terry Molloy) for BBC radio 7. His concert music has been performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra, Spiral Saxophone Quartet, The Ebony Quartet, The Paddington Brass Quintet and The Ariel Ensemble in San Francisco.

The soundtrack will be available for purchase on Steam for anyone who has installed the game. All Kickstarter backers at the $18 level and higher will receive their free copy shortly.

Update change list:
  • Added "message log" that keeps tutorial and quest messages accessible later on.
  • New start game screen where you pick and name your starting ship.
  • Button labels now conform to buttons better (without shrinking as much).
  • Added Some new music tracks.
  • Made Sea of Stars logo fade when behind other windows, and made windows more opaque.
  • Changed wording on message box used to retire.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lose all your ships but the game wouldn't end.
  • Fixed a bug with fighters chasing each other off map.
  • Fixed being unable to install larger weapons on Muktian Scout.
  • Fixed another case of disappearing item icons.
  • Fixed a crash on using hyperdrive.
Community Announcements - Fingers
Hello, starship captains! Today's update brings two big changes: Loadout Options and Ship Hull Upgrades.

The first allows you access to any ship systems and weapon technology that is considered "off the shelf" at your location. At nearly any home world that offers trade, you can click on a system or weapon slot on your ship and see what loadout options are available. The selection depends on the world, and changes over time as each race develops new technology. You may need to sell an item or a few to earn credit before you can take advantage of this. (Tip: if you haven't found any better drives after a while, check back at Hope!)

Ship hulls can be upgraded at the ship's origin world - Hope for Terran ships, Loryx for the Zorg, and so on. Simply go to the home world and select your ship to see if upgrades are available. Larger ships like frigates and destroyers become available as time passes - as well as new "advanced" versions of Terran military ships with additional rear-firing weapon mounts. These upgrades are also paid for by store credit, so bring something to trade!

Full change list below:
  • Added "loadout options" at home worlds - standard gear always available.
  • Added ship hull upgrades at home worlds.
  • Added three "advanced" Terran hulls with rear-firing weapons.
  • Torc of Babulon now grants you hypervision (whatever that means!)
  • Made ship hull damage bar flash if damaged (in ship system view).
  • Increased price of repair foam and bots.
  • Mercenary ships now start as scouts rather than corvettes.
  • Removed frigate and destroyer from initial ship choices.
  • Added a list of ships in your flotilla in the end screen.
  • Slowed down the title screen background planets/stars.
  • Fixed enemy reinforcements "landing" off-map if you/klakar were deploying.
  • Fixed targeting reticle sticking on screen if the target cloaks.
  • Fixed ship system slots flashing red when clicking on ships.
  • Fixed ships sometimes not retaining damage after combat.
  • Fixed UI sometimes missing elements after starting a new game.
Community Announcements - Fingers
For those of you who wish to help iron out bugs before the update goes public, Click here for instructions on how to enroll to the pre-release beta program, and to see the latest changes. Note that the public beta thread will likely contain spoilers, as we test things like new special encounters.

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