RymdResa - Morgondag
RymdResa - Morgondag

Get the unique t-shirt featuring the chapter 3 bossgate from RymdResa: https://morgondag.io/shirts/bossgate
Available for 30 days from today.


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// V & K
RymdResa - Morgondag
RymdResa - Morgondag
May 13
RymdResa - Morgondag
We finally created a Discord: https://discord.gg/GYBJrva =)
Come in and say hello! <3
RymdResa - Morgondag
It's time to take revenge on those RymdResa stone, isn't it? ;)
RymdResa - Morgondag
Our upcoming game Lunar Soil now has a nice and shiny pre-release Steam store page over here:


If you think it looks fun; add Lunar Soil to your wishlist and share some dreams in the community hub. We’ll be checking the forum now and then (like all the time, obsessively).

Lunar Soil is a 3rd person space adventure, management, exploration and building game! You play as a commander, having A.I. employees and experts. Together you explore the world of Lunar Soil. A new moon is waiting to be unveiled!

Lunar Soil is still in development.
You can follow the game's devlog here:

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