Dex - Sirall
[Windows Only]

A new update for Dex is here! Along with the Chinese and Japanese localizations we’ve released another major update for Dex. It contains many bug fixes, performance and game play tweaks. For the full and detailed list of changes see the update’s log below.

  • Chinese language
  • Japanese language
  • Improvements of Italian localization
  • Improvements of Czech localization
  • Improvements of Brazil-Portugal localization
  • New FMV player
  • FMV resolutions increased to Full-HD
  • Fixed missing sprite and animations
  • New text layout system
  • Trading bugs fixed
  • Added dialog scrolling with the right stick of gamepads
  • Performance improvements
  • Update end credits
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Small map improvements
  • Added missing translations
  • First-play language autoselect fixed
  • Add missing "next level" markers
  • Other small GUI issues
  • Minor bugfixes
Please note that the Update is currently only available for Windows. Mac and Linux version will be available in a next few weeks.


Your Dex team
Dex - Sirall
Dear fans,

Thank you ALL for your support through this last year. We would like to wish you a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Roll on 2018!

See you in the new year!
Your Dreadlocks


Twitter: @DreadlocksEN
Dex - Dreadlocks Ltd

Hi everyone!

We are honored to announce that Russian and Brazil-Portugal localizations have been included in the today's patch!

Dex - Dreadlocks Ltd
Dex - Dreadlocks Ltd

although we are already working on our new game, AAA ghost hunting adventure Ghost Theory, the development of Dex never stopped and remains on-going. As a result, we have some news that want to share with you.

Demo and a pack of free rewards

In a co-operation with our global game publisher Badland Games, we just released free Dex demo on PC, PS4 and XB1 and we offer everyone who completes it a pack of free rewards. We hope to re-gain visibility, reach new players and boost our indie income.

To learn more about the demo and its marketing campaign, visit the demo's landing page -

We have also put together a new story trailer for Dex to accompany the demo release. Take a look:


Along with the demo we’ve released another major update for Dex on Steam. It contains many bug fixes, performance and game play tweaks, new sounds and more. For the full and detailed list of changes see the update’s log below.

  • Refresh lightmap on resolution changed
  • Downtown scene optimized
  • Controls help fixed back caption
  • Hide image on empty journals category
  • Darker controls help background
  • Journal over infolog
  • Realigned skills software panel
  • Fixed zoom restore after dialog or trade
  • Fix infolog overlap in dialogue
  • Fixed aim snapping
  • Fix readable left alignment
  • Alarm controllable with SFX when playing
  • Ambient test sound instant play, changed to pigeons
  • Fixershope fixed hidden drugstore interior
  • AR update secondary weapon name on language switch
  • Fixed ambient ENV audio
  • Added scene ambients
  • Fix vending machine buy caption
  • Remastered scene SFX
  • Fixed missing ENV sounds
  • Remastered GUI SFX - radial menu, tabbing, category switch
  • Remastered GUI SFX - item placement, skillpoints, pause menu
  • AR remastered SFX
  • Updated dex jump and climb sounds
  • Slums spray kid loop
  • Tutorial journal quest readable sounds
  • Laser gun no muzzle effect, offseted beam position
  • Tutorials menu hide filter buttons
  • Dont reset stealth when entering scene
  • Stealth chargable during alert, when hidden from enemies
  • Gamepad recoil markers
  • Fixed gun animation after hit
  • Stop jump sound when climbing to avoid voice overlaps
  • Fix chinese gate elevator exit offset
  • Fix enemy skipping standup animation when hacked on ground
  • Armor portal animation
  • Dont reset AI combat on AR switch
  • Fixed exit from final CS map
  • Uncloak after using instant elevator
  • Allow cloaking in crouch
  • Uncloak on opening medkit or unlocking door
  • Uncloak on using item from inventory
  • Armor printer sound
  • Disable equip button when equipped + reload sound on inventory equip
  • Fix equipped weapon assignment
  • Cutscene volume respects global settings
  • Fix double dialogue glitch on fade in
  • Audio settings sample respect master volume
  • Fix camera and turret persistence
  • Unlock other door when lockpicking doors from sewers hub to Fixershope
  • Disable enemy turning when paralyzed
  • Disabled entering AR when paralyzed
  • Fixed crash id miniature
  • GSV2 explosion sound fixed
  • Sewers fixed steam no hurting
  • Camilla shot added blood
  • Aquarium elevator disable call buttons when autoriding
  • Disable player environment interaction when paralyzed
  • Disable reload in crouch walk
  • Fix takedown screen darkening
  • Allow long dialogue gamepad scrolling with one answer
  • Fix stuck after roll to cyberspace
  • Show Ellie in her flat after GSV
  • Sound save/load menu tab switch
  • Buy sell switch sound
  • Laser cell door sound
  • Scrapyard generator sound
  • Sewers generator sound
  • AR stop scene ambient

And that's all for today. Thank you for reading!

Dex - Sirall

Thank you all for your precious support – a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Your Dex Team
Nov 10, 2016
Dex - Sirall
A new update for Dex is here! Your feedback helped us to make our game better again. Thank you! Please keep providing it so we can keep improving the game!

This time we have focused on making the game more intuitive and user friendly. Situations, in which you had no clue of what to do, or which key to press, are finaly gone. We’ve also added complete controls scheme for both normal and AR world under pause menu.

Based on your reports regarding deadzone of overused controllers we decided to add a new item in options, allowing you to change controller sensitivity.

We have great news for controller dependent Mac users. Support of the XBOX type controller was greatly improved and the game should be perfectly playable with it now.

Here is how to do it:
  1. Download driver:
  2. Install and run the driver in system preferences to see if the controller is working properly.
  3. Start the game and switch to xbox controller in the game options.
  4. If you’re using XBOX One controller you may have to install this driver too:

Here’s a complete change log
  • Stealth suit functionality fixed
  • Mac support for XBOX type controlers
  • Controller deadzone setting added
  • Action labels contains controls
  • Hint system updated
  • Rooftops level updated
  • Controls panel added to pause menu
  • Anti terrorist achievement received immediatelly
  • Fixed sounds in Sewers
  • Fixed sounds at Docks
  • Tony’s hideout background sound added
  • Richmond is no longer present in Nightingale after successful relocation
  • Double highlights in main menu removed
  • Genius fire blaze 3 controller config added
  • Minor localization fixes
  • Get augmented quest description update
  • Gamepad autodetection
  • Minor bugfixes
Oct 28, 2016
Dex - Sirall

We’ve got a Halloween treat for you, gamers! Starting tonight, our cyberpunk game Dex (as well as its soundtrack) becomes available with a 75% discount, exclusively on Steam Halloween 2016 sale. So take the opportunity. It will last only until the end of this month.
Dex - Sirall


We are happy to announce the release of a new update for Dex. Not only that it adds Spanish localization to the game, it also brings a number of gameplay tweaks and performance improvements that make Dex even more enjoyable.

Also, Dex has now its own Wikia page so make sure you check it out! We invite you to come together to co-work on this page to gather information about the game’s locations, factions, characters, and quests. Feel free to add anything that's missing or inaccurate and help others to discover every corner of the game. Big thanks to Rook001 who has built a core structure of the page with us.

Without further ado, here’s a list of all changes included:

  • Spanish language enabled for PC version
  • various AR optimizations
  • manual saves disabled while C4 countdown
  • dialog window layout and controls updated
  • fast travel disabled in AR
  • fast travel scene disabled after destroy
  • music and sounds volume control update
  • few animation glitches fixed
  • gamepad roll move fixed
  • fixed infinite XP, pausing pistons in AR
  • fix superquick punch with block
  • enemies will ignore you when talking
  • don't charge stealth when paused
  • when paused, don't count cloaking and jamming device
  • disable Richmond radio chatter at Tony's Hideout
  • disabled teeter on junction middle floor hole
  • mine persistence improved
  • disable using items with a jump button
  • fixed big guy getting stuck after double hack


Your Dex team
Dex - Dreadlocks Ltd
Hey everyone!

As you may know, Dex has already been refused twice by GoG and it looked like that was, well, that. But we hate giving up, so we contacted GoG again and reopened negotiations. Successfully this time. So, it is with great joy that we announce Dex is set to become available on GoG in the coming months and will include support for achievements via GoG Galaxy.

Dex will be made available on GoG in its special edition, which includes the soundtrack, new art book and other bonus materials.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that Dex is coming out on consoles on 8th of July 2016. Under the wings of our publisher, Badland Games, Dex will be available for Xbox One as a digital version and for PS4 as both digital and physical versions.

We are still working on a version of Dex for PS Vita and Wii U. Stay tuned. We’ll announce those release dates as soon as we can.

And for those of you who haven't caught the tail of they hype – we are in the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign for our next game: Ghost Theory, a first person paranormal-investigation horror game where you solve real-world haunting cases. If you haven't backed us yet and would like to –

Outpourings of thanks!

Your Dex team

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