LOVE - Fred Wood
Gosh, this is the tiniest update, but it's a good one.

Patch Notes
• When playing a level in Level Select mode, selecting "Leaderboards" will now take you to the Leaderboards for that specific level
• Pressing Back on the Options Menu will now properly return you to the Main Menu
• Fixed a small issue with navigation in the Level Select menu

Also kuso turned one year old today! I've got a lot of exciting news around it, so check that out here:
LOVE - Fred Wood
Dusts off keyboard

Oh, hey. Hi. It's Fred. It's been a while.

I imagine you might be surprised when you see that a game is updating in your Steam library, only to find that it's the 2014 release, LOVE. Didn't I say I was done supporting this game? Turns out that might've been a tiny fib.

Let me get this exciting announcement out there first:
There's a substantial, free update coming to kuso later this year.
New levels, new features, new modes, new music, new ways to play, and new secrets. I've been hard at work on this update since the day we launched kuso last November, and I'm really excited for you to play it -- later this year. If you haven't picked up kuso yet, please do! I truly feel that as a sequel to LOVE, it improves on the format in every single way.

But that's kuso. This update is about LOVE. And why it just downloaded a patch. What's that all about? Well, while working on kuso's new features, I learned a lot of things that I realized would fit perfectly into LOVEwithout messing up the original game, so I wanted to take some time this week and fit some new features in. Time for some patch notes!

• Customizable Keyboard Controls.
--- This has been a long requested fix, and while the implementation is a little hack-y, it works. Press Shift+F6 in game, and it'll take you to a room where you can rebind or reset your keyboard controls. Do note that the game won't show those keys in menus and things, but they will function perfectly.

• Individual Leaderboards for Level-Specific Speedrunning
--- This is something I'm very excited about. I personally can't compete with the world record for all of LOVE, but I can sure as hell beat Level 2 very fast. And now I can compete with you on an official level, as Steam now has Leaderboards for every individual level.

• RETRY and New Pause Menu
--- In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, when you want to chase a high score, you're likely to hit start and select retry hundreds of times. When chasing a speedrun high score, you'll want to do that too. I've completely redone the pause menu to not only look nicer, but function better too.

• Local Configuration Settings
--- This one's an embarrassing fix for bad programming. Instead of calling for Steam's stats when you boot up the game, it'll check your local files for it. You can even edit your config.cfg by hand if you want. Want to set the windowed version of the game to a 40x multiplier? Go nuts. I won't try to stop you.

• Audio Levels
--- I've had a number of streamers request this for kuso, so while I'm still working on that update, I've included it here in LOVEas well. Now you can turn the sound effects to a whisper while blasting James' excellent music.

• New Tutorial Level
--- The original tutorial level was bad and didn't explain the respawn mechanic. It's been completely replaced.

• Better Input Handling
--- LOVE wasn't designed for a Game Pad, and when it got Game Pad support, it was poorly implemented. While it still only supports xInput by default, moving around menus should feel much, much better.

• New Menus
--- While they aren't massively different, all the menus have been touched up and refined -- or completely replaced.

• Optimized In-Game HUD
--- The original Lives and Timer counters have been replaced by some much more flexible and nicer-to-look assets.

Flappy LOVE Leaderboards
--- Compete for a high score in the hidden mini game that (by looking at the metrics) very few people have found. No spoiling it in the comments, please.

And for now, that's it! While I don't intend to add anything more to LOVE, only time will tell. I'm so thankful to the thousands of players who have picked up LOVE and enjoyed it, and I hope that these updates are substantial enough to entertain you while I work on the upcoming content for kuso.

If you're a Discord user, I highly recommend joining the LOVE & kuso Discord Channel ( We post snippets and teasers of things we're working on, and love to chat about other stuff we're excited about. Just please check the #rules channel before posting.

Thank you for reading, and see you again soon.
Nov 7, 2017
LOVE - Fred Wood

LOVE Announcement:

There is more LOVE on Steam now with the release of kuso, a brand new full-length sequel. If you've enjoyed your time with LOVE, I encourage you to pick up kuso, as it's an improvement in every way from the original. I've learned so much since 2014, and I've implemented all the changes and fixes that I was never able to with LOVE.

First and foremost, a move to 60 frames per second. LOVE was coded from the outset around a 30fps lock, which was a mistake I've regretted for a long time. kuso is a game that runs at a smooth framerate allowing for much faster response time, more fluid animation, and a better game feel overall.

Second, level design. Every level in kuso was hand crafted with a focus on creating fair challenges. All 25 levels will test your platforming abilities. When you die, it'll be your fault.

Third, quality of life. LOVE is very unpolished in terms of UI and ease of use. Fortunately, we've taken a dozen passes at making kuso a polished product that you'd expect from a sequel.

There are things we didn't change, though. It's still the same three color rule aesthetic, we've got a brand new soundtrack that's still composed by the brilliant James Bennett, we've got dedicated speedrun boards that now track the frame instead of the second for incredibly accurate competition, and if you so desire, you can even use the original running animation from LOVE instead of the fantastic new animation set from Paul Veer of Nuclear Throne and Sonic Mania.

I hope you'll pick up kuso and continue to support the development of good, challenging games.
LOVE - Fred Wood
Hey folks, I've been hard at work on kuso since November 2016, and I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made. Players at tradeshows have been very warm towards it, and I think it's something that fans of the original will really appreciate, and new players will hopefully enjoy too.

After watching SGDQ (hype) a good deal, I really began to appreciate the value of a game specific Discord chat. It's a great place for folks who play a game to discuss it, come up with tricks for how best to speedrun a game, and it's an incredibly valuable resource for a developer who's trying to find ways to fix and improve a game.

So with that, I give you the official kuso / LOVE Discord Chat.

I hope you'll come join, hang out, and discuss these games and other stuff you like with me and other like-minded players. Just make sure to check the #Rules channel first!

I should have more news for kuso coming up in the next month or so, and we'll be demoing the game at San Japan in San Antonio, TX (9/1 - 9/3)
LOVE - Fred Wood
I'm excited to share some great news: the sequel to LOVE, which I am affectionately naming kuso.

I have a lot to say about the game, and you can read some of that in the announcement on the game's page, but more important than words are actions: You can go download the demo for kuso right now for free.

I think that fans of LOVE will find kuso to be everything you'd want a sequel of LOVE to be, and I'm excited to be making video games again.

Also I've pushed an update for LOVE (Update #13) that has some minor quality of life fixes.

• Control Improvements in Menus
• Moved the Suicide Button to D
• Improved Spawn Point Placement while playing with Joystick
• Changed the way Screenshots work internally.
• Fixed Small, mostly imperceptible bugs
• Removed one row of pixels from the lower ceiling in Level 9 because I've always hated it and it deserves to be gone.

Thank you so much for your support, you high scores, and your feedback for the last couple of years. I hope to make you proud with kuso.
LOVE - Fred Wood
Hey, Fred here with another small update. Here's the notes:
• New Bonus Level, 1-1
• 1-1 added to Level Select
• Retry Button on Game Over / Results Screen
• Clarified hazards in Level 1 (and added sounds!)
• Added directional hazards to Level 2
• Level 16 bullets fire 3.3 times per second instead of 5 times per second
• Misc Fixes

1-1 is only a fun little side thing I did in a Sunday afternoon, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. You can access it from the Level Select menu under "Bonus Levels". The other level hazard modifications address the only things I've ever considered "unfair" in the game, and I hope that'll sate new players' rage when they give it their first go.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, Twitter's a great way, so feel free to follow me at @thatsmytrunks. Have a great day, and enjoy!
LOVE - Fred Wood
Hey, Fred Wood here. I hope you're all enjoying LOVE, getting achievements, and setting speedrun records. I've had a number of requests for merchandise of different kinds, so I've got a couple of updates on that front:

LOVE Soundtrack
▪ The Soundtrack for LOVE is now available in the highest quality we could muster, with the full versions of every track found in the game. I've combed through various files sent to me by James since about 2006, and I think that this really is the ultimate collection of the LOVE Soundtrack.
▪ As a bonus, there's a Side B Collection that comes free with the soundtrack that includes a bunch of, well, B-Sides that have been used in different LOVE builds, and an alternate cut of one of the LOVE tracks.

LOVE Decals (from

▪ I've started a side business (because I'm a big fan of being busy all the time) of creating high quality custom-cut decals! While working with the fine folks at Vlambeer on their decals, I decided to make a couple of my own, so you can find the LOVE Logo or the LOVE Player decals at my site.

And in other news, I've been able to get LOVE up and running on Mac AND Linux, though I'm running into trouble with actually distributing the game. I haven't figured out how to deploy the game properly to Steam from the respective platforms, and I don't have a dedicated Linux box (yet). I know that there are many players who want to be able to play LOVE on their Macbooks and otherwise, so I want to get this working, and I want to make it available to you.

Thanks for all of your support, and if you find yourself needing some people talking in your ear I've got a couple of suggestions for ya:
▪ The Bancast -
▪ The Lone Stars Podcast -
Both are shows I work on, and I'd love it if you'd give them a try.

Thanks for your time, and I love you all very much.
LOVE - Fred Wood

Just pushed through another minor patch. There's been an outcry about the difficulty of the Gotta Go Fast achievement, so I've increased the time from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Also, I've dug through old archived folders and found some slightly higher quality source audio for the game, so you might notice that James' gorgeous tones are the slightest bit cleaner and sweeter.

So actual patch notes:
  • Improved Audio
  • Gotta Go Fast Achievement increased from 10 Minutes to 12 Minutes
Fred on Twitter →
James on Twitter →
Lone Stars Podcast →
LOVE - Fred Wood
Hey everyone, this is a really minor update, but it fixes two key things.
  • Fixed a bug where some users noticed horrific slowdown with SteamWorks enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where all grade achievements would be unlocked for failing. (Sorry)

I'd love to get feedback on this update if you can take a moment to do so.

In unrelated news, we've launched a new podcast, and we're dying to get people to check it out. Find Lone Stars on iTunes or right here.
LOVE - Fred Wood

Love has been on Steam for 365 days, and what better way to celebrate than to release a sizable update?
  • Love now has 16 levels in the main game.
  • Now included: Remix mode. 7 remixed or unused levels added under
  • New Leaderboards for High Score and Speedrun Mode
  • New Scoring metrics. The faster you are, the better your score truly will be.
  • Analog control support for XInput Controllers. Nudge the joystick to move more slowly.
  • Previous levels given a little more polish and attention.
  • Some animations fixed and smoothed
  • Updated credits section
  • Updated menus

I hope this update finds you well on Valentine's Day, and more updates and tweaks will be forthcoming. The main game is now finished, but I'll be adding more to the Remix Levels and Level Select in the future.

What else have I been doing with my time? Well, I have a podcast that updates every week, and a YouTube series that updates every day. Give Lone Stars a watch!

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