Hero Siege - Terralus
- Rank descriptions added to leaderboards
- Marauder Plan B crash fixed
- Multiplayer item use crash fixed
Jan 29
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
- Marauder Class added (coming out when Steam reviews the class)
- Anniversary Event added
- Tons of bug fixes
- New ranking icons, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and challenger (according to wh scores)
- Ranking system fixed, now every class and team get their respective icons
- Graphic improvements overall
- Statistics menu removed, Relics now have tooltips in the pause menu.

Marauder release will be notified in the news section when it passes the review process.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
Hello everybody!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for making our small team's dream come true. We have been working our dream jobs for the past 4 years that Hero Siege has existed, and we will continue doing it till the day we die. If not with Hero Siege, then another game that we will make :)

We have 1,000,000 registered accounts in the game at this date, which is frigging crazy and awesome!

Now to the topic:

We have been thinking about many things regarding the game's future and here are some of the things we want to bring for you guys to enjoy:

- A smooth working trading system where you can trade between rubies/runes/loot (for example give 10000 rubies for a piece of loot, or give 2 runes for that loot etc). I think this will create some kind of financial ecosystem inside the game.

- Disenchanting items to get materials that can be used to upgrade your items to the current WH Level matching iLevel

- Daily Quests and quest streaks (do daily quests for a week in row and get a ton of rubies etc).

- New bosses and WH themes

- New class (Marauder)

- Unique Satanics (randomized satanics will be removed). This means items drop with vary stats that change playstyle etc.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
The holidays have come to an end so the Xmas event will be removed on Friday, you still have this week to complete the quests and claim the rewards! :)
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
We are now gathering information on the game and player opinions so feel free to give your thoughts in the comments of this news post, we will read them all and analyze how to improve the game! :)

Dec 11, 2017
Hero Siege - Terralus
- Fixed items disappearing when playing with non-English languages
- Fixed Shaman's Totem Master synergy
- Fixed Shaman's Spirit Wolves & Scent of the Wolf damage
- Various fixes & optimizations
Hero Siege - Terralus
- Fixed Marksman passive ability crash
- Various fixes and optimizations
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
Season 4 is now in, and the previous season's rewards are in the shop! Good Luck!

- The Xmas event is now online! Go complete the xmas questline and get rewards! :)

- Complete Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations
- iLevel soft capped (still raises very slowly).
- Wormhole system re-vamped.
- Toxic WH effects removed.
- Wormhole levels are now randomized.
- Dodge now comes from Chest pieces, not armor.
- Players are now able to dodge spells and projectiles too.
- All classes now have a passive ability.
- Steam Cloud prompt removed, save and load can now be done from the character selection screen manually.

- Increased Thunder Lance damage 5x + added 6 additional bounces to the chain lightning.
- Leap damage increased by 5x.
- Poison Gas reworked to a big burst every 10 hits taken.

- Added Moonshine Molotov synergy to Napalm Spill .
- Redneck Roughness now grants bubble when picking up health globes with full health.

- Manapool effect increased from 1 to 3.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
The Season 4 for Hero Siege will be launching on the 4th of December.

The patch will bring a lot of fixes, optimization, new translations (chinese complete update). and more!

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