Dec 29, 2014
Hero Siege - PaNicci
Hello! We are still having some problems with the server as there are so many people and the computer only has 4 gigs of ram, but we are getting new hardware to support more players!

A chat lobby is also coming this week!

here are the changes:

- HC "Complete game" -achievements now also unlock the normal ones.
- Marksman attack animations re-made.
- Nest enemy max hp is now fixed.
- Slightly increased starting HP for all classes
- Fly xp exploit nerfed, they now provide 20 + modifier exp.
- Flying is now fixed, you can fly over anything but walls.
- Resetting Attributes and Talents are now seperate, and they cost 15 crystals/rubies each
- New card badges for the game.
- Fixed a bug with abomination
- Necromancer's Minions persist when proceeding through a portal
- Ingame pause menu is now navigable with keyboard

- Adjusted multiplayer lobby and serverlist to the correct resolution
- Server list is now scrollable and max amount has been raised
Hero Siege - PaNicci
Hello to all you new and old players!

So umm there has been a pretty huge amount of sales we were not expecting so for what it seems we have at some point set the maximum amount of servers to 100 in the list, and now the list exceedes its maximum and causes a crash.

We will be back to work on monday and we will be fixing this and some other bugs that have occurred in the xmas time.

Sorry for this, I really feel like a douche for not thinking about this before.

We have about 55,000 new players in the game from the past week which is kinda crazy, this totally ambushed us.

Anyway we will be back to work on monday, we will probably stream too with a 200% energy reload from the holiday vacation so check us out if you're interested, and if you haven't already please follow our twitch channel

Have an awesome day!
Hero Siege - PaNicci

There was a problem in our server which is now taken care of. New characters should now save with no problems. Enjoy!

Also, welcome all of our new players! Hope you enjoy the game! :)
Hero Siege - PaNicci
Yo guys!

Just wanted to let you know Hero Siege is on the Community Vote for the winter sale, if it wins the price will come down to -90% off! Vote Hero Siege or the other awesome games that are up for it!

Hero Siege - PaNicci
Hello fellas,

I encountered a few videos online that have hacks for the online multiplayer. This is something that ruins fun for everyone and something that we do not tolerate, at all.

We are getting close to launch in february, once the MP is polished and rest of the lacking content is added and bugs are fixed. We want the launch to be awesome and fun for everyone.

Therefore we will be permanently banning all hackers without warning if we encounter any, take this seriously please. We see and know everything.

There will be a report system for Abusive Behavior/Trolling/Griefing, Hacking (Stats hack, gold hack etc) and Flaming.

If the same player gets a high volume of reports for the same issue we will review the report and take action.

Ban for HACKING is permanent, the other ones are handled according to the case, but never permanent.

But please, do not attack our server and do not use 3rd party programs to hack the game.

Merry xmas and happy holidays to everyone!
Hero Siege - Tupu
So all the chars that "dissapeared" have been returned and its working again. Log and enjoy!
Hero Siege - Tupu
So it seems that something is fatally wrong with our server end and characters are dissapearing. I called Jussi and he will check the game side and call our server guy and solve the problem with him.

I don't know exactly when, but as soon as its fixed I will update the game. I've now blocked access to the multiplayer so if it says "newer version available" it means I've blocked it for now to prevent more problems. Will be announcing like this announcement when it can be played again.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Hero Siege - PaNicci
This is a good day for us all!

Multiplayer is now stable and the most fatal crashes have been fixed, also the CO-OP mode's save bug where player 1 gets player 2 stats etc is fixed.

We will start putting the multiplayer together next and plan on a release for next year!

Thanks for all your support and hope you keep enjoying the game!
Dec 16, 2014
Hero Siege - PaNicci

So I think that we finally managed to fix all the crashes in multiplayer which is awesome.

This means we can now start working on the actual gameplay stuff and adding all the stuff for clients etc.

Multiplayer will be released most likely in February 2015 to the public and it will be available for PS4 and XBOX One releases too in 2015.

Please report any bugs or problems with the multiplayer to the bug report topic so we can add them to our spreadsheet list and fix them.
Hero Siege - PaNicci
Ok MP is available again and also fixed those few nasty crashes, hf!

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