Hero Siege - TheFattestman

We have planned a lot of things for Hero Siege in the future, such as an unique satanic system where items actually give you new abilities and new statistics. So you can farm for a certain item in order to change the way you play, for example this weapon will make Viking's attacks ranged (throwing tomahawks):

Also the new act has been in planning, and will be started when Eastfound is ready. Also hiring an experienced multiplayer/network programmer to help Jussi re-program the whole online engine for a better and more smooth gaming experience!

We are currently working on Eastfound, our zelda / alundra inspired story driven action adventure game

We are here, working hard every day! :)
Hero Siege - Terralus
First of all we would like to apologize for the unexpected server outages like last night. These have been due to a hardware failure, which we will be addressing later today at 18.00 GMT+2. The maintenance will take between 2-3 hours and hopefully resolve these issues . Thank you for your patience.
Jun 14
Hero Siege - Terralus
We are aware of the issue and working on fixing it as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

We are happy to announce that the 5th season of Hero Siege is now live!

The season rewards for last season can be claimed from the shop in the "Season Rewards" tab.


- Talent and Rune screens re-worked. Now clearer and easier to read
- Added a confirmation to relic reset. Finally.
- Added a timer to active relic cooldown
- Improved overall art for act zones, spells etc
- Fixed Windfury enchant not working correctly in online multiplayer
- Added hero level requirement to picked up items
- Experience lock now only applies to characters below level 150
- Added dead party member icon to the map
- Added boss castbar to the HUD for better visibility
- Added German translation by TheRisenPhoenix
- Season rewards are now in the shop in their own new tab "Season Rewards"
- Lowered all item rarity level requirements for early level game.
- You can now check a player's inventory and season rankings in the chat by right clicking and choosing "Inspect"

- Stoneskin armor gain increased 5x
- Autoattack now gives combo points
- Seismic Slam synergy increased 2.5x
- Shockwave synergy increased 2x

- Remade all spell art
- Decreased spawned hydras from 2 to 1 and satanic effect 4 to 2
- Hydra synergy increased 2x
- Hydra attackspeed increased by 20%

- Multishot damage boost starts from 5%
- Homing Rocket now has a one screen max range

- Anchor synergy increased 1.4x
- Bomb Barrage synergy increased 2x
- Explosive Bullets synergy increased 5x
- Parrot now moves at its masters speed

- Fixed Wind & Sand synergy damage being too low
- Removed Wind & Sand collision
- Wind & Sand synergy increased 1.4x
- Re-made attack animations

- Fixed Redneck Roughness shield not taking damage
- Chainsaw Massacre cooldown lowered to 11 seconds
- Stomp proc chance increased from 10% to 25%

- Cursed Hands synergy increased by 1.5x
- Homing Wisp synergy increased 2x
- Soul Channel proc chance increased to 20%
- Poison Nova proc chance increased to 15%
- Minions now move at their masters speed
- Minion's now regenerate hp while out of combat.

- Ice Enchant synergy increased 3x
- Katanoshi katanas now bounce off enemies into the nearest enemy.

- Rebound distance check removed
- Fixed Spearnage not working correctly in online multiplayer

Demon Slayer
- Execute proc chance increased from 20% to 30%
- Execute synergy increased 3x
- Weapon Switch synergy increased 4x
- Shredder Trap synergy increased 3x
- Shredder Trap now explodes even if the target dies
- Katana Barrier synergy decreased 25%
- Bullet Hell synergy increased 33%
- Fixed Executioner damage being too low
- Melee damage increased from 1.75x to 2.25x

- Gut Spread synergy increased 5x
- Blood Demon synergy increased 4x
- Manacalypse cooldown lowered to 13 seconds (Satanic 9 seconds)
- Impale synergy increased 3x
- Impale bounce removed
- Impale cooldown lowered to 4 seconds
- Bloodsurge synergy increased 1.3x
- Bloodsurge cooldown lowered to 5 seconds

- Elemental Blast cooldown lowered to 7 seconds
- Sprit Wolves AI enhanced
- Re-made shaman's idle and attack animations (new claw sprites)
- Elemental Blast now shoots 3 projectiles infront of you in a cone instead of all 4 directions.

- Range extended slightly
- Random Scatter proc chance increased from 30% to 38%
- Heavy Ball proc chance increased from 25% to 32%
- Unstable bomb proc chance increased from 20% to 32%
- Iron Mark proc chance increased from 10% to 20%
- Iron Mark AoE extended slightly
- Chain Trap synergy increased 1.75x
- Unstable Bomb synergy increased 1.5x
- Iron Mark synergy increased 1.5x
- Random Scatter increased 1.5x
- Madness Control range increased 30%
Hero Siege - Terralus
Hello everyone!

Season 5 is scheduled to start next Tuesday (12th of June).

We've improved graphics, balanced classes, fixed bugs and added German translation made by TheRisenPhoenix.

Full list of changes will be announced next Tuesday when we release season 5.
Hero Siege - Terralus
Because of this weeks ISP maintenance, we are now experiencing issues with outgoing email traffic. Password reset and email verification mails might not currently arrive to destination.
We are working with them to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
Hero Siege - Terralus
Our ISP has reported a network maintenance which may cause some unexpected outages of PanicNet at 17th, 21st and 22nd of May.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

So as the reviews have stated, the game pretty much seems like a DLC simulator, which is a result of 4 years of hard work and content creating. The DLC has piled up and now making it look bad.

We decided to change the pricing of the DLC, since removing some and making it part of the base game would be wrong towards the people who have bought the DLC's in the first place.

Our new pricing is:

- Skins now cost $0.99
- Classes now cost $1.99
- Older expansions cost $1.99 and $2.99 for Collector's Edition.
- The Newest expansion will always stay at its release price, and will be lowered once we come out with a new expansion.

I am extremely sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

There has been some major server issues that had to be taken care of, our employees have been on vacation this week so unfortunately it took a little longer than it should've. They took care of it and now back to vacation :)

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
Its time for a fan-art competition.

Submit your art work to panicartstudios@gmail.com.

Top 3 artists will get sweet prizes!

Here are some old fan art from the last competition to get you inspired! :)


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