Edge Of Eternity - FloMidgar
As you may know, there was a recent issue with Unity for windows7 users, causing the game to crash. We rolled back to an older version, and updates were put on hold as we were waiting for a fix. Unity has been made aware of the problem, but a solution has yet to be found.

However, to allow us to make new updates, a special branch for windows7 users has been created, and can be accessed by switching beta version branch on Steam (tutorial below).

The main branch will now be receiving new patches and updates. Windows7 users trying to use this branch will get a message error and instructions to switch beta branch.

Do not worry, this is only temporary until a fix is provided!

To switch beta branch to the windows7 version:

Go to Steam and in your games library right click on Edge of Eternity

Go to properties

Then click on Betas, and select the beta you would like to opt into: windows7

You can then close the window. Edge of Eternity should update, and then you can play again with windows7!

Jun 18
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei

Restored the previous patch

Fixed a bug that could load a mod or dlc multiple times

Fixed a bug that could make Myrna wield her daggers during cutscenes

Added a custom binary pack format to save additional assets, builds will be lighter than before and datas are stored in one place now

Autosave can now also be loaded from the loading menu

Continue button will now choose between the latest auto save and latest normal save to select the most recent file

Autosave will now check if the player is in cutscene and different conditions to prevent generating a broken save file

Fixed a few bugs with the Steam API integration that could prevent Steam overlay to ever be released

Aggro range of monsters is now related to the level difference with the player

Rebalanced creature levels in chapter 1 & 2

Reduced normal monsters HP by 15-20%

Removed main menu animation with the video due to issues with video buffering performance

Fixed a few area loading issues that could cause maps to never unload

Fixed touch bending and wind on grass and plants

Fixed a few loading issues

Fixed a bug that could trigger a cutscene were the conditions are not met if entering a triggering quickly after save loading or changing map

Fixed an issue that was clipping wrongly some assets of the terrain in some areas

Fixed crystal icon not updating correctly on craft and shop menu

Improved audio stack handling with multiple audio areas

Added new custom binary serialization format for databases, dialogs, spells and languages that will speedup loadings and reduce memory footprint

Fixed a few issues in the terrain system code that was loading multiple times all the resources, will improve loading time and memory consumption

Optimized sky rendering that will improve GPU performances by 10-15%

Optimized characters skin rendering, will improve GPU performances by a bit and improve skin rendering

Fixed a few minor bugs

** The Windows 7 issue is still present, we are waiting for Unity to fix it, until the bug is fixed on Windows 7 if you are using this OS version please us the Steam branch "Windows 7" that contains the previous build that was compatible with this OS version **
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei
As we will be able to announce the release date of the Chapter III soon here is a new batch of screenshots of the Fishing Village area of the upcoming Chapter III.

May 16
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei

- Major performance optimization that should remove a large part of lag spikes in the game (Incremental GC with Unity 2019)

- Minor performance optimization that should improve the CPU performances of the game (~5%-12%)

- Fixed a bug that was sometime softlocking the game in loading after exiting the lighthouse

- Fixed a bug that was preventing crystal icons colors on the craft and shop menu to update correctly

- Fixed a bug that was able to cause negative fatigue value after a character death in battle

- Fixed a bug that was messing dialog trigger conditions in some case (for example talking two times to Myrna in Herelsor after the first cutscene would directly jump to the last quest of chapter 1, this now has been fixed)

- Fixed an issue with the SSL certificate of the Twitch plugin, it should work perfectly now

- Added a run icon to the stamina bar while running

- Fixed a bug that was causing the false innkeeper to wield a sword during the cutscene after fighting any monsters

- Added more feedbacks to fatigue loss

- Followers can now walk on the Jagholm bridge

- Fixed a few LookController issue during cutscenes animations

- Balanced level of monsters and bosses for end of chapter 1 and chapter 2

- Fixed a bug that was allowing to summon / mount a Nekaroo while in menus

- Fixed a bug that was making in some case assets like ore not lootables after a quicksave reload

- Fixed a bug that was able to autocomplete puzzles when reloading a quicksave after cancelling a puzzle

- Improved a few lipsyncs and animations during cutscenes

- Started a new scripting system for modkit with a Lua interpreter

- The Nekaroo purr sound is now spatialized and affected by the sound settings and won't play in menus anymore

- Fixed a bug that removing some plants from the terrain when fast traveling from savepoint to savepoint or loading a save

** EDIT : Patch has been rollbacked due to a crashing issue with Windows 7 **
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei
The latest patch introduced a few new issues due to our optimizations that refactored a lot of code internally, this patch fix the following issues:

- Fixed a bug that was randomly preventing the loading of the additive chapter1 quest map (Was breaking a lot of stuff like Olphara pass encounter etc...)

- Fixed a bug that was causing a softlock after a temporary party member joined (Khalder & Nuggets were concerned)

- Fixed a bug that could break the Orokko quest

Our apologies for the issue, we playtest a lot of before pushing patches but unfortunately we cannot test all cases before pushing a patch, thanks to everyone who reported the issues with the bug tools.

* For those who already have the bug by using the continue button you just need to reload a normal save before launching the encounters.
Apr 30
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei

- Improved CPU performances

- Reduced lag spikes coming from the terrain system (phase 2 of the optimization coming soon)

- Fixed a bug that could softlock the game after fighting a Burrower while mounting a Nekaroo

- Added a cooldown system for AI, now some skills (like headbutts used by dunnrirs) have cooldowns for AI to prevent spamming and bad RNG

- During the caravan event the hour will not reset to 2PM automatically anymore

- Fixed a bug on Myrna that was making her looking like she is floating during cutscenes

- Modified a few english localizations

- Fixed a bug that was breaking the new spell info UI with 4:3 and 21:9 screen ratios

- Improved some cutscenes animations

- Fixed some weird characters gaze during cutscenes

- Cleaned some colliders shape

- Added a state check on the Big Orokko quest to revert the quest state if saved in a wrong configuration

- Fixed an issue that was causing a memory overhead during certain loading (would block sometimes loading or cause crash)

- Fixed "World Protector" achievement
Apr 26
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei

- Improved lipsync and animations in a lot of cutscenes through the game

- Fixed a bug that was causing targeting lines to stay in some cases

- Added loots to burrowers

- Improved skin rendering when using shader quality at max value

- Fixed a bug that was preventing to unload the Solna area after loading it when getting back to an the Herelsor area

- Fixed a bug that could cause a softlock during the golem cutscene in the Cave scene

- Fixed a bug that was causing Selene to run very fast during the Snow scene

- Fixed a bug that was allowing to move when a dialogbox was displayed immediately after a loading

- Improved Nekaroo mount collisions

- Fixed a few UI bugs

- Fixed a few audio bugs

- Fixed a few softlock loading issues

- Fixed a bug that had broke the Twitch plugin since switching to IL2CPP

- Minor optimizations

- Few crashfixes

(The large size of 1GB is due to the fact that we work in parallel on the chapter 3)
Edge Of Eternity - Valve
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Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei

- Added new target lines in combat to pinpoint which action in queue will target which entity during battles.

- Added new spell info UI ontop of the screen during battle, when hovering spells or selecting a target the spell description alongside its attributes are displayed.

- Added a streaming system for terrain assets and reduced the loading overhead of the heightmap, it will reduce drastically the memory consumption of the game (RAM and VRAM, from our observations 3.5GB => 2.2GB), we also added support for lower tiers hardware with less than 4GB memory, they will automatically use a low quality version of the heightmap to be able to fit.

- Shadows of terrain assets now always use LOD2 as shadow mesh instead of the corresponding mesh LOD (will increase GPU performances when shadows are enabled).

- Fixed some minor controller targeting issues.

- Added a loading screen during teleportations.

- Loading screens now last until all assets are loaded and updated.

- Tessellation setting now affect rivers tessellation.

- Added new lipsync system to Gavin, Derek, Zaroff, Vaughn and Khalder

- Fixed a bug that was causing monster line attacks to be able to target dead entities.

- Fixes for NVIDIA Ansel integration.

- Various minor bugfixes.
Edge Of Eternity - Kaldorei

- After a gameover pressing the continue button will quickly load the latest autosave instead of getting back to the main menu

- GPU Optimization : Biomes in the openworld that are unused on tiles close to the players will not calculate assets anymore (expected gain is around 25% less gpu consumption at the cost of adding 2-3% cpu usage for early tests)

- Improved the formation system, new algorithm to detect the start situation and try to place the characters in a better way

- Fixed a bug that was preventing the weather cycles to work correctly (always have a clear sky in between two weathers and each weathers have fixed durations now)

- Diminished amount of particles during Rain, Acid Rain and Snow weathers

- Improved the Nekaroo races camera by giving more controls to the player and putting it farther

- Repulse effect is now based on original grid coordinate instead of actual entity coordinates, will provide more accurate results

- Reduced the required materials count of all crafting recipes

- Reduced levels of secondary bosses "Rudolph" and "Moeba"

- Increased tracking area of the quest Albaster Tablet, it will be harder to loose track of it

- Added autosave points in various places in Solna Plains and Anselm's Vein

- Entering the start trigger of a puzzle will now trigger an autosave

- Improved memory useage of the game (-10%)

- Improved game loading time (-5%)

- Added a safety to prevent loading a save undermap if all maps are not finished loading

- Added a safe zone on Junion bridge to prevent battles undermap

- Fixed a bug that was preventing framerate limiter settings to be saved correctly

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