Satellite Reign - (Dominic Tarason)

Eador & Satellite Reign

Free stuff is always cool, and when that free stuff just happens to be two polished and relatively well-received strategy games, all the better. For the next 48 hours or so, you can snag Syndicate revival Satellite Reign via the Humble Store and the Heroes of Might & Magic-ish Eador: Masters of the Broken World via its Steam page here completely free to keep forever, no strings attached.


Satellite Reign - Valve
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Satellite Reign - (Brendan Caldwell)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

I never completed Satellite Reign, because fellow journo and one-time board game co-conspirator Matt Lees told me something that completely demolished my enjoyment of it. I won t tell you that thing unless you come with me below the line, because I want you to know that this game is pretty good and you shouldn t listen to me. It s an isometric neon haze of cool cyberpunk freedom fighters who will get in and out of scrapes in supreme style, in a vast city that looks just as cool as anything Deus Ex has thought up. I recommend it. That s all. You can go now. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - WetWired
Hi everyone!

Unity Awards Finalist

Satellite Reign is a finalist in the 2016 Unity Awards, in the Best Desktop/Console Game category! We were blown away by this, it caught us completely off-guard! Voting is now open, so go ahead and vote for your favourites in each category at the official site: (the page seems to be under heavy load at the time of writing, so try again later if it doesn’t work for you)

Mod Support

We’re also please to report that Satellite Reign now has some basic modding support. Please bear in mind that we haven’t actually created modding tools—rather we’ve opened up the ability for tinkerers out there to write their own code to interact and modify the game in any way they please. Mods are packaged into .DLL files which the game will execute on load.

We’ve made a basic example mod you can grab from GitHub here.

We look forward to seeing what cool things the community can do!

5 Lives Team.
Aug 10, 2016
Community Announcements - Mitch
Hi everyone,

We've just released an update for Satellite Reign. This build contains some significant changes to the networking backend. Basically, it allows players to connect to one another directly, rather than via the Unity relay servers (though the relay servers are still there as a fallback). This not only allows for significantly lower latency, but it should also get around some player's inability to play together from different regions.

Having said that, while this should allow friends in different regions to connect, they still won't show up in the default server list. However, if you change your filter to "Friends" you should see any games being hosted by people on your friends list, regardless of their region.

When you're connected, you'll see one of the following in the menu, next to the version number:

[DC] - Direct connection. Exactly as it sounds, you're communicating with the host directly over the internet.

[PT] - NAT Punch-through. A service hosted on our own server facilitates the connection between the client and host, after which point they will communicate directly.

[RL] - The Unity Relay servers. This is the existing communication method, where all traffic is routed through Unity's relay servers.

Let us know how it goes!

5 Lives Team.
Community Announcements - Mitch
Hi everyone.

We've been working on improving the network performance for Satellite Reign, as well as trying to help people in different regions play together. We've updated the beta channel we used before the Co-op release with a build which allows players to connect directly instead of via the Unity relay servers. In our small-scale testing, it has been a massive improvement, but we'd like to test it on a larger player pool before setting it live for everyone.

To try it out, right-click on Satellite Reign in Steam, select Properties, and go to the BETAS tab. From there, click the drop-down box and choose coop_beta from the list. You will then update to the latest build.

Just note, while this should allow friends in different regions to connect, they still won't show up in the default server list. However, if you change your filter to "Friends" you should see any games being hosted by people on your friends list, regardless of their region.

Let us know how it goes!

5 Lives Team.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

A syndicate of one is no syndicate at all. It’s a small business at best. Something you run on the kitchen table. An Etsy store, maybe. No, if you want to be a syndicate – a megacorp – you really need cool killer cyborg pals. So huzzah! After a stretch in open beta, the Syndicate-inspired tactical cybersquad action of Satellite Reign [official site] is launching its four-player co-op. Four isn’t quite enough to be a syndicate but it’s perhaps enough to consider hiring a small office in an arcology.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Mitch
Hi everyone!

We've updated the main branch with the co-op build of Satellite Reign, so now everyone will have access be default! We're not "officially" launching until the end of the week, but we wanted to get a few days of it being tested by everyone, now that we've addressed the most critical issues.

First thing you'll notice, is you'll be greeted with a choice between Singleplayer and Multiplayer. To play co-op, simply select Multiplayer, and either load up your own existing save as a host, or join someone else as a client

We were having issues for some time with random disconnections, as well as an issue where clients would suddenly see everything stop (e.g. agents not responding, enemies and civs standing still), but everything is fine for the host. We're fairly confident we've solved this issue, but if anyone experiences this, please let us know! It haunted our dreams for so long, we're almost finding it difficult to believe that it's fixed!

We're also aware that you may not be able to see games hosted in other regions. We're using the Unity networking system, which uses their own relay servers, located around the world. Currently, games hosted in other regions don't seem to be showing up in the server browser—however games hosted by overseas Steam friends should be visible if you change the filtering to "Friends." We've contacted Unity about possible solutions.

We've made a feedback thread for this build. Post here if you've got any feedback!

Thanks so much for your support!

5 Lives Team.
Community Announcements - Mitch
Just a minor update to the co-op beta today.
  • New main menu, to clearly choose between single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Fixed an issue with the server browser only allowing a total 3 people per game.

5 Lives Team.
Community Announcements - Mitch
Hi everyone!

Another update to the co-op beta today. Change list is below!
  • Multiplayer UI changes.
  • add some null checks to Hijack, because of a null that happened when exiting to menu, where Energy was null (had persumably been deleted)
  • Manager.Destroy, destroys aientities if they are passed in.
  • [SRC-1039] Stop agents taking turns turning valves if equipped with atlas arms
  • fix a null in cctvCamera and add some debugging to try and catch what is going wrong
  • Added transition from T_Run_Idle to Panic_Run01
  • [SRC-1042] fixed missing ammo box description
  • [SRC-1043] fixed agent ability buttons toggling with space or enter
  • Add icon for AmmoPack.
  • [SRC-1035] Weapons are now referenced by weapon slot index, as per how they are arranged within the items component which can sometimes get out of sync with weapons.
  • melee and cloak kills wasnt updating the right stat (steam had a conflict where a stat and an achievement had the same name)
  • fix projectile particles nor being destroyed with trashman
  • [SRC-730] [SRC-531] removed offmesh links on spawn doors that allowed enemies to think they could nav into the doors without using their BI
  • fix the Queued Commands so the line dras and gotoPoint icons get networked
  • Added SERVER_FULL token.
  • Navmesh fixes for SRC-1031 SREX-4008 and SREX-3999
  • [SRC-800] MpTest can now be controlled via command line.
  • [SRC-982] Pack anim float into single byte value.
  • [SRC-982] Pack KnockBack vector into single 32bit value.
  • [SRC-982] Increase MaxPendingBuffers to 32
  • fix queued waypoints
  • force cleanup (squad remove etc)on some aientityes that have their own OnDestroy implementation
  • [SRC-1029] Fix graph node log spam
  • Added null check for m_Target in PushGoto.

Thanks for your bug reports, keep them coming!

5 Lives Team.

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