Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Aleph Omicron
GREETINGS to all our lords, ladies, and legends of Myth! We are extremely excited to invite you to the Age of Mythology Patch Preview! Starting TODAY, owners of the game will be able to play the patch early so they can let us know what works (and doesn't work) in the new release!

Here's how to participate in the 2.7 Patch Preview:
  1. Open and sign into Steam.
  2. Find Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in your Steam library.
  3. Right-click the game and select Properties.
  4. Select the BETAS tab.
  5. Select patch-2.7-public-beta from the first dropdown menu. The update will begin downloading automatically in the background.
  6. Select Close in the bottom right of the Properties window.
  7. Open the game. The bottom of the title screen should read 2.7.######.
That's it; you're ready to play!

There are a Titan-load of fixes, updates, and balance changes we’ve amassed into one enormous update, and now we’re looking to our community to join us before it releases to the larger community. This is an open beta, so feel free to discuss, share, stream, or even shout to the heavens; we won't mind! Just be sure to post your feedback on the official forum by the end of the month to ensure that your voice is heard!
You can even join us on Discord to organize games and chat with others!

We hope you enjoy Update 2.7; now: PROSTAGMA!


  • Implemented various performance improvements to the game.
  • Fixed anisotropic filtering issues.
  • V-sync has been enabled for Multiplayer matches.
  • Wall Connectors are now visible in Fog of War.
  • Units no longer turn black when frozen or petrified.
  • The Time and Score trackers are now displayed by default.
  • When damaged, the HP bar of a unit now flashes by default.

  • Tower limit reduced from 20 → 16.
  • Starting Ulfsarks increased from 5 → 6.
  • Monk conversion rate increased by 20%.
  • Unit healing rate increased by 25%.
  • Atlantean Town Center build speed reduced by 10%.
  • Atlantean Oracles now spawn with a delay.
  • Now benefits from Town Center victory condition.

  • Fixed an exploit related to Poseidon's Lure ability.
  • Timing in the Chinese "Learn to Play" cinematic has been fixed.
  • The Chinese civilization no longer starts without a transport ship on Vinlandsaga/Team Migration.
  • The first Chinese Town Center is now built faster on Nomad
  • Uproot God Power no longer gives permanent Line of Sight.
  • The Fire Lance and Physician can now garrison in all applicable structures.
  • Earthquake, Tornado and Tsunami God Powers now damage Town Centers under construction.
  • Frost God Power no longer affects Immortals.
  • Lemurian Descendants now affects Atlantean Heroes.
  • Docks now automatically fire at Dragon Turtles.
  • Kebenit bonus damage now applies correctly to Chinese fishing ships.
  • Greek Citadel Centers can now train Physicians.
  • Sea Snake can now attack water mythological units.
  • Engineers tech now correctly grants +2 range to Sitting Tigers and Onagers.
  • The Tusk of the Iron Boar relic no longer affects mounted archers twice.
  • Bow of Artemis relic now affects gold cost of Stymphalian Bird.
  • The Trios Bow relic now affects Throwing Axeman Line of Sight.
  • Various small color & sound fixes.

General Balance
  • Guard Tower technology from +70% → +40%.
  • Ballista Tower technology from +50% → +33%.
  • Iron Wall technology from +500 → +300 hp.
  • Reduced the health of Fortified Wall technology from +500 → +300 hp.
  • Reduced the health of Stone Wall technology from +600 → +500 hp.
  • Reduced the health of Great Wall technology from +600 → +300 hp.
  • Reduced the health of Citadel Wall technology from +600 → +300 hp.
  • Secrets of the Titans technology reduced from 90 → 75 seconds.
  • Reduced the Scarab Pendant relic bonus for all non-myth siege units from a +100% → +50% damage multiplier.
  • Reduced the bonus damage against buildings provided by the Naval Oxybeles technology from +400% → +300% damage.
  • Increased the pierce damage dealt by Boiling Oil from 10 → 14.
  • Monkeys and Baboons have had their health reduced from 45 → 25 and their Pierce armor reduced from 20% → 5%.

  • Walls no longer cost 50% more for Atlanteans.
  • Increased the maximum range of Gaia's lush from 8 → 10. Increased building health regeneration from 1 → 3 hp/s.
  • Increased the movement speed bonus of Kronos' Myth units, Siege, and Siege Ships from 0%10%.
  • Carnivora (Land): Increased health from 500600 hp.
  • Carnivora (Land): Reduced the special recharge time from 1210 seconds.
  • Chaos: Increased the minimum number of Myth units that are converted from 01.
  • Deconstruction: Increased the number of charges from 23.
  • Architects: Now increases the Sky Passage pierce armor from 80%85%.
  • Architects: Now increases the Tartarian Gate pierce armor from 60%85%.
  • Channels: Reduced the research cost from 25 food, 100 gold, 10 favor100 gold, 5 favor.
  • The Channels technology now affects Caravan units.
  • Focus: Now increases the Oracle (Hero) Hack attack bonus from 0% → 20%, their health bonus from 0% → 15%, and their movement speed bonus from 0% → 20%.
  • Halo of the Sun: Reduced the bonus for the Fire Siphon Crush from +25%+15%. Now also provides a +15% Pierce damage bonus.
  • Heroic Renewal: Reduced regeneration rate from 2.5 hp/s2.0 hp/s.
  • Io Guardian: Reduced the Favor cost from 2515. Increased the special attack recharge time bonus from -20%-40%.
  • Lance of Stone: Reduced the bonus damage dealt to buildings from 200%175%.
  • Rheia's Gift: Increased the Favor reduction effect of purchasing technologies from -25%-50%. (Note that this does not affect Secrets of the Titans.)
  • Argus: Increased health from 400550 hp.
  • Argus: Increased the Special Attack Range from 23.
  • Automaton: Increased health from 200250 hp.
  • Chieroballista: Now benefits from armory upgrades.
  • Citizen Hero: Reduced the Favor cost from 32, and the Population cost from 43.
  • Dryad: Reduced the Crush armor from 99%80%.
  • Fire Siphon: Increased Crush damage from 5560.
  • Fire Siphon: Increased pierce damage from 012.
  • Man O' War: Reduced the Favor cost from 2515.
  • Satyr: Increased Pierce damage from 1220.
  • Satyr: Increased Special Pierce damage from 2227. Special max spread: 5. Special spread favor: 25%.
  • Servant: Reduced Favor cost from 1512.
  • Turma: Increased the Heavy Turma range bonus from 02.
  • Onager: Increased Crush damage from 1213.
  • Mirror Tower: Increased Pierce damage from 2025.
  • Mirror Tower: Lowered the build limit from 105.
  • Mirror Tower: Reduced the cost to build from 300 Wood, 150 Gold, 5 Favor → 250 Wood, 100 Gold, 3 Favor.
  • Mirror Tower: Now benefits from weapon upgrades unlocked at the armory.

  • Increased the rate at which Villagers collect Food by 5%.
  • Garden from 35 Food, 35 Wood, 35 Gold → 25 Food, 25 Wood, 25 Gold. Increased gather rate by 5%.
  • Fu Xi: Blessed construction now reduces the cost of Towers and Castles by 50% (was 20%).
  • Shennong: Reduced the Fire Lance's splash area from 32 and the bonus damage dealt to buildings from 400%250%.
  • Shennong: Increased the bonus damage dealt to buildings by the Sitting Tiger from 300%320%.
  • Barrage: Increased the minimum damage from 500600. Increased the radius from 810. Now deals 100% bonus damage versus ships.
  • Earth Dragon: Reduced health from 50002500 hp, the lifespan from 18090 seconds.
  • Earth Dragon: Increased the Pierce armor from 60%70%, the Range from 67, and reduced the Recharge time from 32 minutes.
  • Geyser: Can now be placed on water, where it affects ships.
  • Great Flood: Increased Crush damage from 100125. Increased persistent hack damage from 2.57.5. Increased persistent crush damage from 1.253.75. Now deals 100% bonus damage to Town Centers and Citadel Centers.
  • Great Flood: Raised the maximum damage dealt to units (1500 → 3500 damage) and buildings (12,000 → 15,000 damage).
  • Great Flood: Reduced the ally damage modifier from 20%10%.
  • Tsunami: Reduced persistent hack damage from 7.55.5, the persistent crush damage from 3.753.0, and the maximum Villager health damage from 1200 → 800.
  • Uproot: Lifespan reduced from 50 seconds.
  • Uproot: Adjusted the amount of hack damage dealt per second: [1x1] 2010, [2x2]: 20 → 15, [4x4] 20 → 25, [5x5] 20 → 30, [6x6] 20 → 40, [7x7] 20 → 40, [8x8] 20 → 40.
  • Heavenly Fire: Reduced the cost from 500 Gold, 50 Favor → 400 Gold, 40 Favor.
  • Tiger Spirit: Increased both the health and movement speed bonuses from +15% → +20%.
  • Cataphract: Reduced Pierce armor from 20% → 15%, and health from 120 → 110 hp.
  • Cataphract: Reduced the bonus damage dealt to Norse Infantry from 300% → 250% damage. Now deals 100% bonus damage versus siege units.
  • Chu Ko Nu: Reduced range from 16 → 14. Increased Pierce damage from 4 → 7, and accuracy from 0.7 → 0.8.
  • Dragon Turtle: Now deals 100% bonus damage to Myth units.
  • Fire Lance: Reduced health from 80 → 65, and Pierce damage from 8.0 → 6.5. Increased Crush damage from 10 → 12. Burning Pitch now adds +3 Crush damage.
  • General: Now benefit from Castle Line upgrades when researched.
  • General: Reduced the cost to build from 200 Food, 200 Gold → 180 Food, 140 Gold.
  • Halberdier: Increased the Food cost from 40 → 50.
  • Halberdier: Reduced the bonus damage dealt to Calvary from +130% → +110%.
  • Immortal: Increased health from 130 → 160.
  • Immortal: Adjusted the Archaic age damage modifier from -90% → -75%. Obtainable after the temple is built.
  • Jiangshi: Increased the special recharge from 12 → 16 seconds.
  • Jiangshi: Increased the Favor cost from 20 → 25.
  • Monks: Reduced the conversion range from 15 → 11.
  • Monks: Can no longer convert frozen or stoned units. Increased the base Convert time on human soldiers from 6 → 11 seconds, the minimum Convert time from 6 → 9 seconds, and the maximum Convert time from 10 → 11 seconds.
  • Monks: Can now pick up relics.
  • Mounted Archer: Reduced Pierce damage from 7 → 5. Increased the bonus damage dealt to Cavalry from +200% → +300%.
  • Mounted Archer: Reduced the cost from 80 Wood, 60 Gold → 75 Wood, 55 Gold.
  • Qilin: Reduced the Favor cost from 18 → 14.
  • Scout Cavalry: Reduced movement speed from 6.00 → 5.75, and Hack damage from 7 → 6.
  • Scout Cavalry: Now deals 30% bonus damage to Caravans and to Archers.
  • Vermilion Bird: Reduced health from 700 → 600 hp.
  • War Chariot: Reduced training time from 18 → 12 seconds.
  • War Chariot: Now deals 25% bonus damage to Archers.
  • White Tiger: Reduced Favor cost from 30 → 27.
  • White Tiger: Increased Hack damage from 20 → 30, and Jump Hack damage from 100 → 200. Removed the jump splash area.
  • White Tiger: Reduced the bonus damage dealt to Myth units from +300% → +200%.

  • Increased the Age 1 damage modifier for Set animals from 0.3 → 0.65. Can now attack in archaic.
  • Locust Swarm: Increased the Hack damage from 20 → 30, and the area of effect from 6 → 9. Reduced the total number of swarms from 4 → 1, and the duration from 27 → 22 seconds.
  • Locust Swarm: Increased the amount of bonus damage dealt to fishing ships from +200% → +300%.
  • Plague of Serpents: Increased the Serpent wander distance from 4 → 8. Serpents now benefit from armory upgrades.
  • Shifting Sands: Reduced the visual radius from 12 → 10. Note that the actual radius is unchanged from 10.
  • Shifting Sands: Increased the minimum hp shift to 1000 (was 400), and the maximum to 3000 (was 4000). Reduced the minimum villager hp shift to 70 (was 75), and the maximum to 70 (was 600).
  • Axe of Vengeance: Increased the Hack damage bonus from 10% → 20%.
  • Desert Wind: Increased the Favor cost from 25 → 30.
  • Feet of the Jackal: Increased the health bonus from 50 → 75 hp.
  • Feral: Increased the health bonus from +10% → +20%. Now also provides a 10% movement speed bonus.
  • Necropolis: Increased the bonus Favor gathered from +10% → +25%.
  • Slings of the Sun: Increased the bonus damage dealt to infantry from 50% → 75%.
  • Camerly: Increased Food cost from 40 → 50.
  • Catapult: Increased Population cost: 3 → 4.
  • Khopesh: Increased health from 65 → 75, and Hack damage from 5 → 6.
  • Khopesh: Now deals 150% bonus damage to trade units.
  • Leviathan: Reduced Favor cost from 20 → 15.
  • Mercenary: Increased training time from 1 2 seconds.
  • Mercenary Cavalry: Increased training time from 3 → 4 seconds.
  • Pharaoh: Reduced the bonus construction speed when empowering Wonders from +75% → +30% faster.
  • Phoenix: Increased Crush damage from 40 → 50. Now deals 100% bonus damage to Myth units.
  • Priest: Reduced the bonus construction speed when empowering Wonders from +30% → +25% faster.
  • Sea Turtle: Reduced the Favor cost from 20 → 15.
  • Slinger: The Heavy and Champion Slingers now have a +2 range bonus.
  • Son of Osiris: Reduced the bonus construction speed when empowering Wonders from +75% → +30% faster.
  • Siege Camp: Increased the Gold cost from 25 → 75.

  • Increased the base Favor gather rate from 0.125 → 0.131.
  • Zeus: Reduced starting Favor from 15 → 10, as well as the Favor gathering bonus from +25% → +20%.
  • Poseidon: Increased the trade rate bonus from +10% → +15%.
  • Poseidon: A Hippocampus now spawns when the first dock is built.
  • Poseidon: Militia now benefit from the Phobos Spear of Panic technology when researched.
  • Poseidon: Changed the age when The Argo is available from Mythic → Heroic.
  • The Argo: Increased its movement speed from 4.8 → 6. Reduced its Crush armor from +20% → +15%.
  • The Argo: Reduced bonus damage dealt to Myth units from 500% → 400%. The Argo no longer deals bonus damage to buildings.
  • The Argo: Reduced the cost from 250 Wood, 8 Favor 200 Wood, 4 Favor.
  • The Argo: Now benefits from Trierarch when researched.
  • Bolt: Reduced the bonus damage dealt to the Son of Osiris from +2% → =3%. Increased the bonus damage dealt to Nidhogg from +10% → +12%.
  • Citadel: Greeks can now train Physicians as they would in a normal Town Center.
  • Citadel: Increased the Garrison space from 20 → 25. Increased the Gold cost from 300 → 400 (which affects repair cost).
  • Sentinels: Increased the number of spawned Sentinels from 4 → 5. increased the track rating from 3.5 → 5. Changed the minimum distance from the town center to 20 (was 16) and the maximum distance to 24 (was 20)
  • Underworld Passage: Increased Pierce armor from 70% → 85%.
  • Anastrophe: Reduced the Favor cost to research from 20 → 15.
  • Lord of Horses: Reduced the research time from 40 → 25 seconds.
  • Lord of Horses: Reduced the cost to research from 100 Food, 5 Favor → 75 Food, 3 Favor.
  • Phobos Spear of Panic: Now provides its benefits to Militia.
  • Temple of Healing: Reduced the Favor cost to research from 20 → 12.
  • Trierarch: Reduced the cost to research from 300 Gold, 25 Favor 200 Gold, 15 Favor. Now provides its benefits to The Argo.
  • Carcinos: Reduced the Favor cost from 20 → 15.
  • Chiron: Increased movement speed from 5.3 → 5.5, and its track rating from 5 → 6. Increased the amount of damage dealt to Nidhogg from +100% → +110%.
  • Cyclops: Increased movement speed from 3.5 → 3.8.
  • Cyclops: Reduced the Favor cost from 20 → 18.
  • Gastraphetes: Reduced the cost from 120 Wood, 80 Gold 110 Wood, 70 Gold.
  • Hetairoi: Increased Hack damage from 8 → 8.5, and movement speed from 4.8 → 5.3.
  • Hetairoi: Reduced the cost from 55 Food, 90 Gold → 45 Food, 80 Gold.
  • Hippolyta: Increased the bonus damage dealt to Nidhogg from +100% → +110%.
  • Medusa: Reduced the Favor cost from 32 → 28.
  • Pegasus: Reduced the Population cost from 2 → 1.
  • Peltast: The Heavy and Champion Archers now have a +2 range bonus.
  • Perseus: Increased health from 360 → 400 hp.
  • Perseus: Increased Hack damage from 7 → 14.
  • Perseus: Reduced the bonus damage dealt to Myth units from +1000% → +500%.
  • Physician: Healing rate increased by 25%.
  • Physician: Adjusted the cost from 60 Food → 60 Wood.
  • Polyphemus: Increased Crush damage from 5 → 20.

  • Dwarf: Now deal +100% bonus damage to siege.
  • Odin: Increased the unit regeneration from 0.08 hp/s0.20 hp/s. (Note: idle units still regenerate 10x faster.)
  • Odin: Increased the hp bonus from +10% → +15%.
  • Thor: The Hammer of the Gods, Meteoric Iron Mail, and Dragonscale Shields technologies now affect all the same units as regular armory upgrades.
  • Undermine: Increased persistent Crush damage from 25 /s → 30 /s.
  • Walking Woods: Reduced health from 300 → 240 hp. Reduced Crush damage from 30 → 15.
  • Walking Woods: Instead of wandering and attacking nearby units, transformed trees can now be issued commands.
  • Axe of Muspell: Reduced the research time from 40 → 20 seconds.
  • Axe of Muspell: Reduced the Gold cost to research from 250 → 100.
  • Berserkergang: Reduced the health bonus for Ulfsarks from +20% → +15%.
  • Burning Pitch: Increased the bonus Crush damage for Ballistae from +40% → +50%.
  • Bravery: Increased the bonus damage dealt to buildings from 100% → 125%.
  • Call of Valhalla: Reduced the health bonus from +20% → +15%.
  • Eldhrimnir Kettle: Reduced the special duration from 4 → 3 seconds.
  • Ring Giver: Reduced the research time from 40 → 20 seconds.
  • Battle Boar: Reduced the movement speed from 5.3 → 5.
  • Bogsveigir: Reduced the training time from 15 → 9 seconds.
  • Bogsveigir: Changed the unit line upgrades from Archer → Infantry.
  • Einheriar: Increased movement speed from 3.0 → 3.5.
  • Fenris Wolf: Reduced its Boost from 20% → 18%, but increased its Boost range from 25 → 30.
  • Kraken: Reduced the Favor cost from 25 → 20.
  • Portable Ram: Increased health from 215 → 225 hp, and Hack armor from 5% → 10%.
  • Throwing Axeman: Increased the bonus damage dealt to Fanatic/Fanatic (Hero) from +225% → +275%.
  • Ulfsark: Increased health from 80 → 85 hp.
  • Ulfsark: Increased Dock building speed from 0.75 → 0.88.
  • Hill Fort: Increased range from 18 → 20.
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Microsoft now has a studio wholly devoted to the Age of Empires series, and is currently working on remastered 'definitive' editions of Age of Empires 2 and 3. Meanwhile, Relic Entertainment is busy creating Age of Empires 4. And now it sounds as though Microsoft may have plans to revive Empires' more fantastical spin-off, Age of Mythology.

Speaking to Eurogamer at E3, Age of Empires creative director Adam Isgreen hinted that Age of Mythology was something the team may be returning to once they've gotten the definitive editions are finished.

"It's great to see how much love there is for Age of Mythology, 'cause I love it too," he said. "It's more of a… less accurate history. It's super loose, people just have fun, and I love that too."

"After we get through the definitive editions for the three here, and [Age of Empires 4] is kind of rolling, then we're going to look back and see what we can do with Myth," Isgreen went on. "Because I love Myth, we're not going to leave it behind, we'll figure out what to do with it then."

Isgreen was noncommittal on what exactly he has in mind for Age of Mythology, although another definitive edition seems most likely. However, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition came out in 2014, and another remaster of the 2002 original might be a little underwhelming.

Isgreen said his team is planning a new patch for Age of Mythology: Extended Edition "really soon," which will fix some exploits and address various player concerns.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Age of Mythology, the classics-based classic, sounds like it will get some attention from Microsoft in the not-too-distant future, although what kind of attention that might be is still a little vague.

Speaking to us out at E3 this year Adam Isgreen, Creative Director for all things Age of Empires at Microsoft, said the team would be taking a look at Age of Mythology "after we get through the Definitive Editions for the three here, and [Age of Empires] 4 is kind of rolling".

For a quick refresher on that, the original Age of Empires already has a Definitive Edition out in the wild, whilst AOE 2 and 3 both had Definitive Edition's announced back in 2017, along with the announcement of AOE 4.

Read more

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Aleph Omicron
Its official—E3 2019 has begun! Our villagers are working diligently to complete the final touches of our booth and are eager to share with you Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

In addition to stopping by and trying out the demo on the floor, we have a special treat for all our fans, both here in attendance and around the world. As you may have heard, we will be launching a closed beta test of Age II: DE on Steam very soon!

Invites will be sent out to our esteemed Age of Empires Insiders in multiple waves over the coming weeks. Our goal is to get as many of our fans’ hands on the game as early as possible, listening to your valuable feedback and ultimately building a great game – together.

Not an Age Insider yet? Join the program by clicking here and have a chance at participating in the beta!

For our existing Age of Empires Insiders, we’ll need you to connect your Steam account with your Age of Empires Insider profile. This will enable you to be eligible for participation in the beta and share your feedback about the game with us!

If you have any questions on the Age Insider program, including how to connect your existing account to Steam, check out our handy FAQ here.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as check out our brand-new Official Age of Empires Discord channel here.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - MSPlus2Joe
The community is the future of Age of Empires, and we want to know what's important to you!


Your participation helps shape the future of the Age of Empires franchise. Thank you for your contribution!

The Age of Empires Team
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - MSPlus2Joe
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If you've been looking for an excuse to complete your collection, go check them out today!
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Age of Mythology: Extended Edition!*

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*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
May 25, 2016
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - MSPlus2Joe
View patch notes here.

A patch with several important rebalances and fixes for desync and other issues.
Mar 25, 2016
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - MSPlus2Joe
Patch 2.3
Just a minor update only 1 day after Patch 2.2 went out. Updating the version was necessary to prevent cross build desyncs due to the war salamander pathfinding fix.

Bug Fixes
Amphibious units can now traverse terrains properly once again.
The game will no longer spontaneously pause due to breakpoints existing in some AI scripts.
Desync tracking system will now generate logs when you play scenarios.
You cannot enable the desync tracking system in quickmatch (settings are ignored).

We're still looking into some data fixes that went into Patch 2.0 Hotfix #3 that got lost when Patch 2.1 was introduced. For example, the AI won't cross Yellow River.

We are also aware there is a refresh issue in the lobby browser. This isn't something that was changed, so we believe there is a problem on the Valve side, but we are investigating this. Some people have posted information that if you change the dropdown from ping to something else and back again, it'll recover quicker.

Patch Discussion Thread
Mar 25, 2016
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - MSPlus2Joe
Fix for rare Chinese Barrage God Power desync. It was based on the meteor power, but wasn't using LandSfx, and that value was uninitialized, so when it became valid on one machine, it would desync (value had to be 0-900 out of a range of 4 billion). This was quite similar to the restoration desync that was fixed in an earlier patch.
Fix for rare desync involving Ulfsark Starting units after being killed. May have affected other new units such as Alfred or any of the new DLC units, including the Chinese town center upon resign. Regenerating protoanimextents.dat file was needed (adding all new units since the Titans expansion shipped).
There is still an outstanding desync involving resigning that we are still looking into but we have improved diagnostics that have been exposed to this patch release to help catch it.

Mod Manager
Additive God Powers and Random Map scripts now work again when they aren't contained within a versioned subfolder.
Optimized startup time of Mod Manager and modded files are no longer listed twice (that was not the only optimization).

Some fixes pertaining to tech trees and hotkeys in 2.0 were accidentally nuked by the introduction of the Version system in 2.1 and they are back.

Patch Discussion Thread

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