Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Greetings! Today's update adds a pretty substantial paint feature to AArcade!

Paint Your World - No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents
Now you can go around, sampling textures from any map you visit and adding them to your texture palette. Then you can use your texture palette to repaint any surface in any of your arcades! :)

This feature was developed all last week thanks to suggestions & input from various Discord users! A special thanks to Howie Duhzit, who dug around in the Source engine to find the mat_crosshair command and other techniques that led to this feature in AArcade!

Note that, for now, your paint job is local-only. But in a future update, your custom paint jobs will also be synced when hosting your arcades!

First Step - Add textures to your palette
Load up a map that has textures you like, look at a surface that has the texture, then go to the new Paint Tab on the Tab Menu and click Pick Texture.

Final Step - Paint using your palette
Now that you have a texture in your palette, you can look at any other surface, go to the new Paint Tab on the Tab Menu, and click on your texture in the list to apply it to the material under your crosshair!

Undo Paint / Unpaint
Want to unpaint a surface? Look at the surface, then bring up the new Paint Tab on the Tab Menu and click the Reset Material button to undo any changes you made to the material & reset it back to its natural state.

Reset All Materials
Don't like your masterpiece and want to reset all the surfaces in your arcade back to their default? To do this, look in the Commands Tab of the Tab Menu for a new command "Painted Materials Reset" that will restore all the materials in your current arcade instance to their natural state. (Note that this button is in a different tab so that you don't accidentally click it while trying to paint.)

Custom Texture Palettes
You can have multiple custom texture palettes, very much like favorites lists. So be sure to organize your textures onto palettes that make it easy for you to find the stuff you like! I have one for Neon Retro Wave themed textures, and another for boring old regular architectural textures.

Texture Thumbnails
Until I am able to automate texture thumbnail generation perfectly, there is a button on the Paint Tab that lets you generate thumbnails for textures on-demand. So textures show up as fully functioning generic placeholders by default, but you can give them thumbnails by clicking on their camera icon.

Prop & Displacement Painting Support
Some props will behave perfectly with the new painting feature. Certain props might be hard to paint, as if your crosshair is not colliding with it. In these cases, trying to find another more easily collidable instance of the prop can help. Note that props that are truly non-collide cannot yet be easily painted or have their texture sampled.

If you are painting props that are not part of the world map, and upon returning to the map it appears as if the props did not get their custom paint job applied, you may have to go to the new Paint Tab in the Tab Menu and click Re-Apply All after your arcade has loaded in. (Note that this bug is due to the fact that only world textures get precached, while textures on props that you spawn get cached in on-the-fly.)

Displacements (ie. terrain) cannot be directly painted yet, but support for retexturing displacement surfaces will come in a future update!

ReShade Depth Support Improvements & Update
Today's AArcade update also brings the bundled ReShade up-to-date for everybody (including users who don't manually update it.)

Also, Discord user Howie Duhzit discovered an improvement to our default config that allows for proper ReShade depth effects. His improvement has been integrated into the default config for AA's ReShade.

Again, I want to give a shout out to Wolfen for pressing the issue of AArcade's compatibility with ReShade, which lead to this support in the first place.

Want Faster AArcade Startup?
If you are one of the people who launch AArcade multiple times throughout the day, you'll probably want to cut down its startup times as much as possible.

Today's update adds a new way to do that to the General tab of the Settings menu with an option called "Auto Rebuild Sound Cache." When you disable this, AArcade will skip the final step of starting up (Rebuilding Sound Cache), potentially cutting about 10 seconds off of your startup time, depending on how many addons you have. Just note that this could impact addon maps' ability to play custom soundscapes.

Also in the General tab of Settings you can find and disable "Detect Maps When AArcade Starts," this will cache your detected addon maps instead of auto-detecting them each time AArcade starts, also potentially cutting 10+ seconds off of your startup time!

Or, you could be like me, and only launch AArcade once when Windows starts up and leave it going the whole time. :) (Remember that AArcade has a highly optimized pause mode that releases its system resources.)

Dev Roadmap
A brief overview of the developments soon to come: inter-server teleports, a generic sit in chairs feature, in-game Steam Workshop consumption, custom map Steam Workshop publishing, VR compatibility improvements & comfort features, full Steam Workshop in-game arcade/object publishing support.

And, of course, tons of other fixes, improvements, and other new features that arise along the way. I hope you've been having fun using your computer w/ AArcade, and I'll see ya'll in the metaverse!

Change Log
  • Added a Paint Tab to the Tab Menu. Use it to retexture the materials in your instance how ever you wish.
  • Added Painted Materials Reset to the Commands Tab. Use it when you want to reset ALL of the painted materials in your instance.
  • Added console commands "paint" which paints the material under your crosshair with the last used texture, "pick_texture" which changes the texture to use to the one under your crosshair, and "unpaint" which removes any modified textures on the material under your crosshair.
  • Added the console command "repaint", which will re-apply all material modifications. Useful for props that didn't load in until AFTER map load to get their material modifications applied. (Until I can devise a good automatic solution for this.)
  • Added the bool convar autobuildsoundcache 1. When disabled, it will decrease startup times as the risk of custom sounds failing to play in addon maps.
  • Fixed ReShade preprocessor definitions for ideal depth effects. (Thanks to Discord user Howie Duhzit for sharing the proper settings!)
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Good afternoon metaversers! Today's update is somewhat of a maintenance update, as it's purpose is to improve support with the popular ReShade.

If you have any questions about AArcade or how to get it working, you are welcome to join our community Discord at .

Advanced Post Processing Shaders

Does your beefy PC have extra cycles to spare? Do you want to make your arcades look heavenly with high quality bloom, depth of field, and other advanced & highly customizable post processing effects? Well then ReShade is right for you.

ReShade is a popular graphics mod that allows you to add pretty post-processing effects to **tons** of already existing games. A couple weeks ago AArcade users reported that using ReShade with AArcade was more difficult than it should have been, so today's update is about making it easy to use ReShade w/ AArcade.

Please note that ReShade is an independent open source project and does not endorse nor is partnered with AArcade in any way.

New Launcher

The first thing you'll notice is the new launcher. It's very similar to the old launcher, but now includes some extra options for you to set regarding ReShade. This is where you'll go to enable ReShade for use in-game.

Post-Processing Bug

If you choose to use ReShade w/ AArcade, please note that you will have to manually toggle off ReShade effects when you pause AArcade by pressing SCROLL LOCK (default).
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Hello! Today's update adds in some new cabinets & props, some fun new commands, improves support for local MP3 files, and adds support for Steam Friend invites.

To showcase the new assets, I made a short YouTube video:

Slim, Starfighter, Omni's, Holo's
There's 2 new arcade cabinets for housing games, and 3 new hologram/blend/sprite cabinets for housing images. The interesting thing about the Hologram & Blends are that they use black as the alpha channel, so it looks great even on images without their own transparency! Special thanks to OkeDoke for contributing the Starfighter cabinet!

Physics (ie. rage mode)
There's a new button in the Object Context Menu, and also in the Commands tab, that temporarily toggles physics on objects in your arcade. Feel free to wreck your arcades like a rock star in a hotel room! Because when you reload the map, they are back in their original positions. Party on!

Scaled To Fit
You can now stand on scaled objects and click on them just as well as you can regular objects! So feel free to scale those tablets to fit right into the perfect space. ːilyː

Wizards, Ani!
There were 4 requests for new wizards for various users' favorite sites, so today's update includes 4 new wizards! Soundcloud, Vesta,'s HTML5 games section, and DC Online are now all spawnable from wizards.

In addition to that, community member Mexc has contributed a new kind of wizard in today's update that takes all of the playlists on a YouTube channel profile and puts them in their own favorites list inside of AArcade!

To help keep users informed of how to use wizards, and what to expect from each one, I have started a Trello card that will detail each one. It can be found here:

Mirror Everything
If you hold down TAB and go to the Commands tab, you'll find a new button called Mirror Everything. Pressing this temporarily turns *every single screen in your arcade* into a video mirror for some truely insane video watching. Give it a try! And just click the button again to turn it off. :)

Steam Invites
When you are in a multiplayer session, your friends will now be able to join you through Steam Friends! The old invite links and regular Servers menu still work also.

MP3 Auto-Playlist
When you spawn local MP3's onto the wall, they will now automatically play after you select them! Also, the other MP3 files in the same folder automatically play in a sequence too!

Refresh Textures
This is more of an advanced feature, but there's now various ways to refresh your textures in-game! There's a Refresh Textures button on the Object Context Menu and if you click it once, it does a quick game-texture refresh. Alternatively, if you click & hold on it, it'll clear your cache and re-download the image from the original source! And if all else fails, there's a new console command called reset_image_loader that will reboot just the image loader without having to re-load the map. More stability & improvements to come!

That's the main stuff for this update! I'm still working on getting the VR build stable & into your hands, so stay tunned for news on when I squash the remaining bugs there. Until then, I'll see you guys in the metaverse!

Change Log
  • Added new cabinet Star Fighter, by OkeDoke.
  • Added new cabinet Slim.
  • Added Omnilight and Omnilight Audio props. They light up other nearby props.
  • Added Slim, Starfighter, Hologram Tall, Hologram Square, Blend, Blend Tall, Blend Square, Sprite, Sprite Tall, and Sprite Square to the default cabinets list. Also added Omnilight and Omnilight Audio to the default props list.
  • Added Object Physics Toggle to the Commands tab. It toggles the physics on the object under your crosshair. (Physics are local & reset the next time the map is loaded.)
  • Added Toggle Physics to the object context menu.
  • Added a wizard for Soundcloud.
  • Added a wizard for Vesta.
  • Added a wizard for DC Universe.
  • Added an wizard for their HTML5 games section.
  • Added Mexc's YouTube Playlist wizard.
  • Added some documentation about which wizards work, which are broken, and detailed instructions on how to use them at:
  • Added Attract Camera animations to Wall Pad Wide & Wall Pad Tall cabinets.
  • Added Refresh Textures to the Build Mode Context Menu. Clicking it will cause the texture images to reload from cache. Alternatively, if you click & hold down for a moment instead, AArcade will also clear its cached version of the image, forcing it to reload from it's original source. Also note that the console command "reset_image_loader" can be used to internally reset the image loader to troubleshoot cases where it stops loading images.
  • Added Hide / Unhide to the Advanced Build Mode Context Menu, to match EZ Mode functionality.
  • Added Mirror Everything Toggle to the Commands tab. It temporarily makes all screens behave as if they were video mirrors.
  • Added Auto-Playlist Other MP3s In Same Folder to the Sound tab of the Settings menu. It is enabled by default.
  • Added the launch option +libretro_sound 0 to debug Libretro issues some users experienced. (The existing setting in the -config launcher will also be properly respected in-game now.)
  • Added the debug console variable "selector_ray_enabled 0" which can be used to disable the new selector ray casting to benchmark performance differences.
  • Added support for Steam Friends invites to multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Steam Rich Presence to be invalid after returning to AArcade from a different game.
  • Fixed the on-screen GUI Gamepad to actually work when you click on it.
  • Fixed accuracy of selecting scaled objects and positioning things against scaled objects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some cabinets to become non-collide after they were scaled.
  • Fixed the Joined Twitch Channel spam when reconnecting to Twitch chat or changing maps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused stickers not to immediately update when Save & Apply Stickers was clicked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Players tab to have a broken icon in the menu. (For real this time.)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Edit Item menu to strip the S off of HTTPS values. (For real this time.)
  • Fixed avatar textures not loading in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused MP3's with screen images on them not to play in-game.
  • Improved the 1-Player thumbnail on the Main Menu's ability to take you to the map shown.
  • Improved the local MP3 player to auto-start your music when you activate an object & have a screen-saver on the object's screen.
  • Improve Libretro content path detection to merely need to be the root of the shortcut target.
  • Improved the hologram cabinet to be non-collide.

At 9:11PM Pacific on Saturday, I pushed an update that fixes a bug that caused AArcade to forget your custom keybinds & Open With app settings every time it was launched! Sorry about that one! All good again now.
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Hello metaversers! Today's AArcade update includes new chat menu avatars, and a new global achievements panel.

It also has a bunch of important bug fixes, such as an update to the wizard for, a bug that caused some SP arcades to only partially load, and a bug that caused local images to fail in the UI menus.

There are 2 upcoming major AA features to come in an update soon: the first is nodes & hubs, and the second is restored VR support. There's been a lot of progress towards these 2 big features, but today's update has a lot of important bug fixes, so I've pushed these 2 big features back until the *next* update.

So keep an eye out for those in the future and keep enjoying yourself in the metaverse in the mean time!

  • Updated wizard.
  • Added a Global tab to the Stats & Achievements menu to show global community stat counts.
  • Added custom chat avatars for all users to the chat menu (Y button.) You can edit the avatar used for any user. Their Steam avatar is used by default, if available.
  • Added hotkeys F4 to open directly to the Now Playing tab and F8 to open directly to the Players tab.
  • Added Movement Speed to the Commands menu. It lets you cycle between slow & regular movement modes.
  • Improved the Hologram cabinet to use an additive shader so that black always appears transparent.
  • Improved AArcade's ability to determine if you clicked on a floating UI menu or media content itself.
  • Improved object cloning to also clone the model's animation sequence.
  • Fixed a bug that caused filtering search results by type to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some SP arcades to only partially load.
  • Fixed a bug on the F6 library menu that sometimes caused only 1 search result to be shown.
  • Fixed an issue that caused notifications not to work if hover titles were not enabled.
  • Fixed the MP tab icon in the Tab Menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the F6 favorites menu to sometimes fail to show the "This Favorites List Is Empty" notification.
  • Fixed a bug that caused HTTPS URLs to incorrectly revert to HTTP URLs when editing item properties.
  • Fixed the mounting of Deer Esther assets.
  • Fixed incompatible maps from Deer Esther from showing up on the map list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused state keys, such as shift, alt, ctrl, etc., to attempt to auto-repeat when held, like regular keys.
  • Fixed a bug that treated dynamic materials as if they were regular model assets in multiplayer, which resulted in outdated shaders in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused objects you were positioning to fly towards the you or spazz out, especially when playing animations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused local files not to show up in menus.
  • Fixed Export Item as Plain Text.

At 9:30 Pacific on 4/15/2019 I pushed a hot fix related to this update that fixed some missing script files that should fix weird bugs some users encountered.
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Need some help getting your friends hyped about AArcade? With the help of some community members, I have put together a good 1 minute trailer that showcases the gist of AArcade:
Big shout out to Wolvereign for providing the narrator voice over.

I'll catch you all in Discord, Twitch, or the next news post. Party on! ːilyː
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Greetings. Today's update improves the ability to spawn screenshots as teleportals to other worlds, or to jump around within the same world. So be sure to hit F5 and take lots of pictures if you want to warp around to them!

I gave AArcade's internal embedded framework systems an overhaul, greatly improving its performance in many scenarios. You'll also notice on-screen video stats when in developer mode now.

Some other note worthy improvements are key stroke repeating and responsive mouse cursors, as well as an improved Tab & Favorites menu.

Party on!

Change Log
  • Added Spawn As Object buttons to the screenshots in the F5 menu.
  • Added on-screen video stats when an item is playing w/ dev mode turned on. (developer 1)
  • Added automatic saving of last rendered frame as the item screen image, when the item has no screen image already set.
  • Added auto-resume support for local video files. Also added Local Video Behavior to the UI tab of the Settings menu.
  • Added infinite scroll to the (F6) Favorites tab's search results.
  • Added responsive mouse cursor support to fullscreened web tabs.
  • Fixed keyboard button auto-repeat on in-game menus & web tabs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Regular screenshots not to create large versions.
  • Changed the Tab button to always open up teh Tab Menu to the Tasks tab.
  • Improved the look of the Tab Menu.
  • Improved responsiveness, optimization, and framerate sharing of all embedded frameworks.
  • Improved spawned screenshots to just teleport you if are already on the same instance.
  • Improved transitioning between maps using spawned screenshots.
  • Improved the Favorites & Commands tabs to support phone-style drag-scrolling.
  • Improved the Main Menu and the Play Menu to show a loading symbol until they are ready to be displayed.
  • Expanded the Favorites menu so you can search your library from it.

At 7:41AM on Feb 1st, I pushed a hot fix so that actually loading arcades does not depend on having working screenshots.

At 6:33PM on Feb 1st, I pushed a 2nd hot fix that fixes an issue that caused maps w/ blurry screenshots to only partially load in.
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Today's update adds some flashy light show & particle fx along with a slew of bug fixes & some requested features.

I meticulously hand-crafted these new props to go along with the new special fx that each one provides. Allow me to tell you about each one...

Lights That Dance
Audio-reactive effects respond to your system audio levels. This means the intensity & color of lighting effects respond to your music. Many of the new Stage Light props have this behavior, so be sure to have some music playing as you spawn them into your maps!

Smoke Out Fog Machine
What are fancy lighting fx without fog for them to pierce through? A new Fog Machine prop has been added to your library. The FogOff XP2000. It automatically spawns a smoke volume around it. Scale your fog machine to also scale the fog volume around it. The fog machines can be a little picky/buggy about creating their smoke, but are already good enough to start using.

(Screenshot taken on an addon map, but notice the sage lights & smoke effects.)

You'll also find 2 new projector props in your library. These props will project what ever you are watching onto the wall in front of them, just like a video mirror. Note that good quality shadows only happen for the 1st projector you spawn into your map, so use them wisely!

This new advanced feature is closely related to the upcoming Steam Workshop support soon to return to AArcade. The Adopt button makes an extra copy of the selected model & all of its related assets into your aarcade_user/custom/adopted folder for safekeeping, OR to make it easier for you to share your model. Use the adopt button to cherry-pick stuff you like from larger workshop subscriptions, or just to learn about what makes your favorite models tick.

Check the change log below for a list of all the other new stuff.

I hope you're having fun using your creations, and that these new special fx can showcase your collections better than ever before. Be excellent to each other, & party on, dudes!

Change Log
  • Added an Adopt Model button that makes a copy of the model & all of its assets into aarcade_user/custom/adopted.
  • Added Projector & Projector Ceiling props to the default library.
  • Added a Fog Machine prop to the default library.
  • Added various Stage Light props to the default library.
  • Added Object Shadows to the General tab of the Settings menu.
  • Added drag & drop local file spawning. (Only 1-at-a-time for now.)
  • Added drag & drop MDL spawning, if the MDL is in a valid engine folder. (Only 1-at-a-time for now.)
  • Added Smoke Out to the Commands tab (F7). It spawns a large temporary fog volume where ever you are standing.
  • Added the ability to access your Favorites menu even as a guest in an MP server. Note that, as a guest, the stuff that you spawn is local to you only. Only the host is allowed to make changes that *ALL* players see.
  • Added the convar projecto_fix 0, which can be used to disable some of the projector fixes for debug purposes.
  • Added dev console output of the model's full absolute file path when you go to the Model Properties menu.
  • Improved compatibility with Empires Mod addons and the cool new updates they are actively doing.
  • Fixed Autoplay Nearby.
  • Fixed the Stats & Achievements menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the NPC-related stats not to increment.
  • Fixed all issues with spawnable projectors.
  • Fixed importing all of your Steam games from your profile together.
  • Fixed a but that caused the Spotlight Always On prop to leave its lighting effects behind after it was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause "loopback error" to be printed to the console w/ the player frozen in place.
  • Fixed breakable in-map objects & debris from them.

Note that updates that add new items to the default library take longer to launch the 1st time as it adds stuff to your library, but are fine as normal after that. ːilyː

Note 2: At 9:36AM Pacific, I pushed a hot-fix so that object_shadows remains off by default, as it should.

Note 3: And another at 9:48AM to fixed an issue with the projector model.

And the last note: 12:28PM Pacific to *really* fix the object_shadows default value.
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Merry Christmas ya'll! Today's update is all about lists. Your favorites list has now been expanded so that you can have as many different favorites lists as you want. The menu for accessing your favorites has also improved:

There's also a new YouTube panel in your Settings menu with various ways that you can customize your in-game YouTube experience.

Have a great Christmas, and party on, dudes!

YouTube Playlists Behavior
  • Default = No special treatment
  • Resume = Resume on the playlist video you left off on.
  • Shuffle = Shuffle the playlist video order each time.

YouTube Video Behavior
  • Default = No special treatment.
  • Resume = Resume the video from the timestamp you left off on.
  • Random = Start the video at a random timestamp each time.

YouTube Related Videos
  • Default = Related videos are not shown.
  • Show = Related videos are shown.
  • Title = Generate a playlist of videos based on the item's title.
  • User = Generate a playlist of videos based on the YouTube user.

YouTube End Behavior
  • Default = Do nothing.
  • Auto Close = Automatically deselect the object when a video ends.
  • Auto Play Nearby = Automatically play the next nearest video.
  • Loop = Loop the current video over & over.

Change Log

  • Added the ability to have multiple favorites lists and choose between them in the Favorites Menu.
  • Added shortcut keys to the Favorites Menu (F5) and the Commands Menu (F6).
  • Added support for wizards that import batches of items instead of just one.
  • Added Auto Generate Model Thumbnails to the Settings > UI tab. It's experimental, still buggy, and recommended that you leave it off for now.
  • Added a YouTube tab to the Settings menu.
  • Added a Playlists Behavior to the YouTube settings tab, which supports Default | Resume | Shuffle.
  • Added Video Behavior to the YouTube settings tab, which supports Default | Resume | Random.
  • Added Related Videos to the YouTube settings tab, which supports Default | Show | Title | User.
  • Added Mixes As Playlists to the YouTube settings tab, which supports Enabled | Disabled.
  • Added Annotations to the YouTube settings tab, which supports Enabled | Disabled.
  • Improved End Behavior in the YouTube settings tab, which supports Default | Auto Close | Auto Play Nearby | Loop.
  • Improved YouTube End Behavior to work with playlists too.
  • Fixed support for YouTube mixes to be used as playlists.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the Export menu.
  • Fixed an issue with the Save Arcade To Local Library feature that would save all items even if you choose to save only new items.
  • Fixed an issue that caused web tabs to look weird & blurry when using lower texture quality settings.
  • Updated to the latest SQLite version.

At 7:48AM Pacific time I pushed a HOTFIX that makes the playlists behave as expected. All good now!
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Hello everyone! Today's update includes something called Attract Camera. Press E to select a cabinet, such as a video tablet, and the camera will go into attract camera mode and be animated.

You can use the new select_next and select_prev console commands to cycle between games without leaving attract camera mode.

Only about half of the cabinets support attract camera mode right now, but the rest will soon have support added for them as well.

Party on! ːilyː

Change Log

  • Added 3 new servers to the featured server rotation: Soulz Hangout by SoulzBaen, Party Cabin by RetroGameNinja, and GOG DosBox by River.
  • Added the PLAYERS list back into the TAB menu while in a MP server.
  • Added a potential fix to the Main Menu not loading some times.
  • Added cabinet animations to various cabinets.
  • Added attract camera mode when you press E on cabinets that support it.
  • Added the commands select_next and select_prev to cycle between cabinets in attract camera mode.
  • Added the command input_mode_toggle that can be bound to toggle into input mode instead of holding down RMB. (Press ESC to exit input toggle mode.)
  • Changed how screenshots are used to load other maps in-game. You now just activate them regular and click on the screenshot to load the map.
  • Changed the frequency of achievement progress notifications when you get close to achieving one to be lower.
  • Changed the Go For Launch achievement to only require 200 launches (lowered from 1,000.)
  • Changed the Typist achievement to only require 20 text cards be created (lowered from 40.)
  • Fixed an issued that prevented animations from playing on addon models for guests in multiplayer arcades.
  • Fixed SBS Render Mode to not crash you.
  • Fixed using the Hulu wizard on movies.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to earn the Speller achievement without spawning any letter props.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed wizards to create items with a blank FILE field in certain situations.
  • Identified an issue with joining/listing MP servers caused by Windows Defender blocking network calls to the master server.
  • Fixed an issue that caused AArcade to not start every time for some people.

NOTE At 9:08PM Pacific I pushed an update that fixed a not-launching issue with the original update. And another patch at 9:20PM Pacific so that the attract camera would work as expected. Should be all good now! ːbananaː
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
Today's update adds Steam Stats & Steam Achievements to AArcade. You can see the next achievements you are closest to earning on the Main Menu.

You can also click the (I) icon to view ALL your Steam Stats & Achievements.

Party on!

Change Log:
  • Added support for Steam Stats & Steam Achievements.
  • Added 22 Steam Stats & 22 Steam Achievements.
  • Added more debug info around fetching the server list & hosting a server.
  • Added more debug info around AArcade initialization.
  • Fixed the FOV on 360 screenshots.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the You Are Here panel to show incorrect information if there were zero objects in the map.

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