Jun 27, 2016
Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
We are still working on version 2.0, but work is slow going due to a decreased time size and reduced time to do such things! However, we will be releasing it before years end - and it has some pretty cool enhancements and features. We're excited about it and I should be uploading a new beta of it in the next few weeks.

If you want to play the beta, the instructions are in a previous announcement - all are welcome to try it and if you have any bugs or notes to send, please feel free to send me a message.

Thanks to all the fans who continually support us. We're working hard to bring you more games, and to keep our previous ones updated as best we can.

Feb 1, 2016
Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
Quest for Infamy is now $9.99 USD!!

Version 2.0 is still forthcoming; we're combing over the entire code of the game to make sure everything is optimized and fixed the best we can, and this includes some re-programming from the ground up on some things. We'll be keeping 2.0 in BETA for a while until we're sure it's ready to go live as the main build.

The old build will then be transferred to a BETA, so if you wish to continue your old saved game, you will be able to.

We're excited about version 2.0, and we hope it improves the overall experience - this also our way of gearing up for the release of the prequel to Quest for Infamy, Roehm to Ruin.

Thank you all!

Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
QFI v2.0 update is coming to steam later this week.

This new version will make your old incompatible with the newest version.

If you want to "preview" the 2.0 version, you can access it via this method.
RIght Click on the Game and select "Properties". Select the "BETAS" tab.

Enter this password in the field. (No Quotes)


And the option for BETA should be available. Steam will auto update it to this new version.


v1.2 & 2.0 Changes

* Float on a Cloud spell now works correctly
* You are now unable to climb onto the Mayor's balcony during the siege of Tyr
* You are now able to climb down from the Mayor's balcony
* Fixed an issue where Roehm automatically walked out of the Mayor's house during the day after speaking to the Butler
* Fixed the Mayor's Butler nameplates for consistency
* Fixed the ability to loot the guards in Tyr (Act 3) more than once
* Fixed the game crashing when you drink the moonshine and wake up in the farmer's barn
* Changed it so you lose all your money if you drink too much
* Fixed the pathfinding in the Dwarven Camp
* Neils will no longer talk about needing a hammer if you've given him one
* Fixed an issue where the Kraken animated after death if you clicked the hand on the water
* Fixed an issue where the Kraken didn't animate properly if you clicked the hand on the water before it appeared
* Fixed the responses for looking and touching the slaver after he's dead so they are correct
* Tweaked the walkable area in the slaver room so you can't walk "into" the bed
* Fixed an issue where the Slaver will yell for help if you're running or walk on the squeaky floorboard after he's dead
* Fixed a vocal error where the goat at the hermit homestead is referred to as a sheep
* Voleris Chest is no longer able to be opened by hand and picking the lock now references the correct stat (Thievery)
* It's really a goat at Hermit Homestead. Honestly.
* Fixed an unreadable name plate in the Brigand hideout.
* No random combat will now happen in the prelude.
* If you use the map to travel to the bridge while you're on the brigand ambush quest you will arrive at the screen south of the ambush instead. This will avoid missing Kurdt.
* Fixed the game hanging when you died at Chuy outside the brigand hideout.
* Giving the cigar to the Gnoll now removes the cigar from your inventory instead of the pipe.
* Fixed some climbing animations that climbed too high!
* Fixed some stat raising issues with climbing.
* Disabled the hotkeys to access the control panel while in the Archery or Drinking mini-games.

* Removed ability to increase your climbing skill once you're able to climb the vines outside the Mayor's house
* Stats are locked to never go above 100

* Bastard Sword now adds +3 to damage (down from +6)
* Great Sword now adds +1 to damage (down from +3)
* If Combat Difficulty is set to "Norm" your successful block won't recover health. If on easy it recovers health as per previous versions
* Rayford's health is increased to 103 (from 83)
* Uotarragh's health is increased to 85 (from 65)
* Blackthorne's health is increased to 169 (from 69)
* Rayford's Guards and Morroi Warriors in Act have had their health increased by 10 base points
* Random Combat is turned off until Day 2
* You can no longer access the shop with Prospero or the Blacksmith before Day 2
* Reduced to amount of Bly's you get from looting random corpses (by about 10%)
Divinity: Original Sin (Classic) - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Richard Cobbett)

One of the most gratifying things about the recent-ish RPG revival is that they’ve almost all done well enough to warrant developer interest after release. (Oh, if only the adventure one had been as… no, no. Wrong column.) Call them Enhanced Editions, Director’s Cuts or whatever else, they give their creators a second chance to fix mistakes or expand their worlds – and that’s pretty cool for fans. But what are the main ones on the way? I put together this quick list of ones to look forward to.

… [visit site to read more]

Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
Infamous Quests is creating a prequel to Quest For Infamy. It's the story of what happened to Mr. Roehm that fateful night he was caught in the Baron's castle before he escaped to the Valley of Krasna!

It's currently being kickstarted, in a campaign that is already been funding - and growing!
Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
Hey guys - thanks to all who sent in saves. Sorry about the delay; I have been absolutely gob-smacking sick with the cold/flu and I'm backed up on these. Each one takes a bit of time, but I'll be doing them in the next few days and sending them back out. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty to us and Quest For Infamy. I'm glad that you enjoy the game enough to want to preserve your place in it. Everyone at the team thanks you for your support and comments re: v 1.1

Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
Version 1.1 is now available for PC and Linux on Steam!! We're pleased to bring you this update!! Remember, your old saves are incompatible with this new version. If you need help with old saves, see the announcement prior to this one for instructions.

The Mac version has been delayed, and I'll have more information on that after the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who helped on this, including beta testers.

For a full Changelog, visit this link - http://www.infamous-quests.com/forum/index.php?topic=1740.msg25684

Have fun, everyone! Thanks for all your support.

Jan 22, 2015
Quest for Infamy - Blackthorne519
Hey friends, Questers and Infamous Types,

Version 1.1 is coming very soon here now. We're just crossing all our 't's' and dotting our.... lower case 'j's' - and soon, we'll have it available for all.

One this to note, and this is not fun - is that your previous saves will be incompatible with this new version.

If you have worked hard on a character, and would like to preserve your stats, send your old save game to info@infamous-quests.com after the launch of QFI1.1 and we'll bring your character and progress over to the new version.

We'll be posting a full changelog, so you can see what's been fixed, changed and added.

Personally, I want to thank everyone who has purchased the game from us - your support means a lot to indie developers like us, and it helps us to be able to make more games in the future. Quest for Infamy was a years-long labour of love for all of us on the team, and we really appreciate the amazing response from the fans.

We hope you'll enjoy version 1.1

Jul 10, 2014
Quest for Infamy - Klytos
Our friends at Gamepedia / Curse have created the official Quest for Infamy Wiki and it's live now! Get in there and share your wisdom about the game, the game world and anything else QFI related!


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