SPACECOM - marekziemak
Halloween is here. Get more content for less cash and have fun!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
Build 0.9.1033 brings two new free Halloween themed maps:

• Tangled Cluster
• Skool Nebula.

We’re also happy to introduce few features requested by our community:

• Keyboard shortcuts are now functional. To see the list of shortcuts visit the OPTIONS menu.
• Double-clicking a ship in Fleet panel will select all ships of the same kind.
• We’ve changed the algorithm randomizing player start positions to introduce more variety.
• Ship section effect is now more visible.
• Tweaked game speed selection mechanism.

Thanks for your feedback and support!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
We’re happy to announce that SPACECOM demo is now available!

Our Demo includes:
• Few single player missions
• Fully featured skirmish and Multiplayer mode limited to one map (Crystal Nebula).

Players owning the demo version of SPACECOM can play with owners of full SPACECOM but only on the Crystal Nebula map. Other rooms will be hidden. We hope that this possibility will bring some more new players into the game.

Have Fun!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
Hi everyone!
We've prepared a set of cards to be unlocked in the game. They are now live!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
Detailed changelog:
• 3 great new multiplayer maps (2 of those can also be played in skirmish mode)
• Player Kick option available for game host
• Skull icon is displayed next to Unit icon when on hostile territory
• Fixed issues with wrong in game language at start
• Fixed issues with losing game saves on Mac and Linux
• Russian translation changes (thanks Dramatheurgist)
• Unit color improvements
• Minor localization changes
• From now on it's impossible to play together with players using the older version of the game

Have fun and thanks for your support!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
Flash Bundle including SPACECOM is available right here:

Time is running out so hurry up!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
Changes include:

-Improvements to AI algorithms which should decrease the number of situations where the AI is passive and non-responsive on higher difficulties (medium, hard, expert).

-Decreased the overwhelming love AI had for Siege Fleets. Higher difficulties should now be more aggressive and demanding with different fleet types.

-“Completionist” achievement should now work correctly (those who earned it but didn’t get it, please play any mission, win or lose and it should update correctly).

-Player colours in multiplayer matches now exclude grey and red (to improve readability).

-Various fixes for UI readability.

-Few other minor fixes.

We're working on fixing other reported issues. Thanks for your feedback!
SPACECOM - marekziemak
Here is the changelist:

*Fixing a problem with missing command keys on fleet panels.
*Leaderboards wrong starting score fix.
*Blocking the possibility of joining an already full multiplayer room.
*Additional minor localization fixes.
*Multiplayer room name placement fix.
*Minor single player mode balance fixes.

Thanks for your feedback and have fun!
SPACECOM is Now Available on Steam!

SPACECOM – a strategic-to-the-bone, starfleet command game with a heavy focus on multiplayer. Spacecom is a battle of strategists in which deception, smart movement, and choices to battle decide victory or defeat.
SPACECOM - marekziemak
We have an important announcement for all participants of the tournament.
Due to technical issues that occurred on Friday/Saturday, where the game was unavailable for some time and the leader boards were blocked, we’ve decided to prolong the tournament for another 24 hours.

The tournament will end on Tuesday, September 16th, at 15:00 CET.
We hope, that this additional time will allow all players to play as many matches as they want.

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