Sep 30, 2014
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator - bignic
Just in time to celebrate ten years of a soul-grinding office job, heres a new update and a 75% off sale!

Fixed a few audio bugs and hopefully solved the 1080 screen resolution bug. Please let me know via comments here or email support.
Mar 22, 2014
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator - bignic
Just a tiny update to address a few small items..

  • Screen resolution fails back to defaults more gracefully if there was an issue setting a new resolution. (Have not been able to replicate image loading bug.)
  • Button background colour changed
  • Tough Talk and Buzzwords should be less often and better randomized
  • Added volume slider for Tough Talk
  • Added volume slider for Zombie Buzzwords
  • Added volume slider for Cut Scenes
  • Streaming rather than pre-load Zombie Buzzwords for faster loading.

Mar 14, 2014
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator - bignic
Keys for Desura were uploaded and should be available at

For users who bought directly from my site, you can redeem them here:

IndieGala keys are in the works. have been sent.

GamersGate and IndieBundle keys also in the works, but waiting on response.

If you have questions or concerns, get in touch:
Mar 12, 2014
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator - bignic
Steam Keys sent to GreenManGaming, IndieGameStand , and Groupees. Please be patient while they are applied.
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator - Valve
Corporate Lifestyle Simulator is Now Available on Steam!
An isometric orgy of bloody violence and huge chiptunes.

Battle your way through 27 levels of corporate architecture full of brain dead, corporate, buzzword-spewing, project managers using office furniture as your primary weapons.

Fight back against the forces of tyranny and liberate your fellow coworkers from the oppressive evil that dominates them, in a series of challenges deep inside the bowels of a massive evil corporation: SuperCorp.


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