EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

We've just pushed out an update for the building HUD UI. Based off our fully revised visual designs which you can view here.

This is what we currently have in this build (not quite there yet) Give it a go and try building a base! it should be a fair amount easier to run through your selection wheel, some of the contrast needs improvement but we feel it's a solid step in the right direction to making things a little more pleasant and less intrusive.


- New streamlined visuals for the Build Menu UI.


- Tweaked HUD effects for taking damage.
- Tweaked low oxygen effect, it now only starts affecting vision when critically low.

Bug fixes

- Many inventory items had the wrong category applied which caused visual issues bugs with filtering. These have been resolved.
- Fixed broken Ammo counter visuals on HUD.
- Fixed Stalkers not dropping items when killed.
- Minor terrain fixes.

P.S. You might of already noticed above, but we're also revamping our company branding to something more fresh going into March!

This includes our new studio getting a face lift too, which we're all excited to share.

Updates to socials and our website to come soon!

See you in the fray

- Team Flix

EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

Plus a happy new year! although somewhat late.. Quite a few changes and additions have been dropped for this update, mainly focused around improvements to the immersive feel and design of the starting environment as a whole.

We've added a visual weather/storm feature of which the importance will become more apparent when the world is expanded! All improvements are listed below, including additions of a cave system and revised AI placements.

Update your experimental branch to gain access to these latest changes. If you need a reminder on how to do this you can follow our previous post here.

We hope you enjoy these latest changes! Our updates have become less frequent lately, this is not because we are winding down development of the game in any fashion, it is our baby after all :)

More in depth info on our progress to come soon! Change-list is as follows:

EDIT: The current build number is incorrect! and is showing as an older build number on the front end. This is just a superficial thing, we're updating the build with the correct front end number asap :)


- Added more Trees and Mine-ables
- Added Storm Supercell above central Monolith
- Updated ship wreck visuals
- Added New Terrain surface visuals
- Added Area with new Hive Growth visuals


- Tweaked HUD Loadout bar, and it now hides if it's empty
- Tweaked HUD reticle visuals
- Increased the range that enemies can hear the player
- Tweaked Mite spawners at starting camp so you do not see them spawn in
- Updated area around Drop Pod
- Updated Player Footstep impact effects for Sand
- Updated Dam building
- Updated Grass mineable asset & effects
- Updated Fiber drop mesh
- Updated Textures for Health Packs
- Replaced More placeholder objects
- Built broken bridge
- Added more Spawners to the world
- Updated Wreckage sites
- Updated Bridge on the way to the Dam
- Major terrain tweaks

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Navigation Mesh Issues which were causing some enemies not to spawn
- Fixed an issue where Mites wouldn't play their animation when turning
- Fixed an issue where collisions on fallen drop pod engines would block players from jumping over them
- Fixed an issue where creatures spawning in would loop on their intended path
- Fixed an issue where climbing into the back of a vehicle would crash your game
- Fixed several collision issues in the cave next to the starting camp
- Fixed floating mesh assets in many places

See you in the fray,

- Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Happy Holidays Pioneers!

To celebrate we're pushing another update to experimental branch before we voyage into next year. Which we're all very excited about!

For a recap on how to access the experimental branch, follow this previous post - https://steamcommunity.com/games/EdenStar/announcements/detail/2695856977249967340

We've also included an upcoming 'mini blog' (below the release notes) with insight into what will be happening next with Eden Star, both from the perspective of improvements to World Art and New Gameplay content.


- Expanded the size of the Dam
- Added new office areas within the Dam
- Added new Dormitory area for Dam workers with some temporary placeholder objects
- Added new pathways throughout the Dam
- Added a cave to explore near the start of the game
- Added more AI spawners throughout the game
- Added more mine-able nodes
- Added a few more trees
- Added more weapon pickups and ammo in various places
- Added fence at the top of the tower to stop you from getting stuck behind it


- Changed the layout of the first generator room
- Updated the drop item visuals for the particle accelerator
- Adjusted the layout of the Camp
- Adjusted some of the AI spawners to make them work better
- Spawners will now reset when the time goes from day to night or night to day
- Made various terrain modifications

Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where sometimes turrets would have trouble seeing and shooting at enemies
- Fixed an issue where sometimes enemies would have trouble spawning in
- Fixed an issue where shooting the glass in the Drop Pod would cause alien blood to spurt out
- Fixed some issues to do with the terrain not blending in well to the top of cliffs
- Fixed a rock had no collision on the mountain side near the Tower
- Fixed no physics material on Splintermite explosive spikes
- Fixed no collision on structure opposite the top of the tower
- Fixed floating stalker on the tower

Upcoming changes and improvements in the new year..

Art & Design

Visual improvements to infested bases, including further audio, lighting and design iteration. With this we aim to deliver a more horroresque and immersive experience.

Terrain surfaces will be getting passes to bring them in line with supporting more varied foliage types. Currently we want to get away from the Mars/Dune look that is going on, as this was more experimental than a final art direction.

Utility destruction and some drop/breakable items will get a visual overhaul so there's better consistency.

Systems Development
  • Fuel UI will be getting a proper final pass to make fuel consumption in Utilities easier and more intuitive to understand.
  • Full Xbox controller support! It's a tad awkward to navigate UI and certain systems on controller as it stands, this will be tackled in the new year to make it much more fluid.
  • Final pass 3rd Person animations.
  • Vehicles... both salvageable and build-able types.
  • Revisions/balancing to progression systems.
  • Expanded World Development & Additional bases
Thanks for all your continued support! See you in the fray...

- Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

Its been a few weeks but as always we’re pushing on improvements to our experimental branch. This update includes some more extensive changes to design and performance, we’ve had some core system issues with navigation that have prevented a bunch of creatures from spawning in the world at set distances.

Soon we'll be re-introducing the night attacks that made developing your bases critical to surviving the night.

  • Added more enemy spawners to an encounter in the Dam.
  • Added respawn reset triggers to other entrances/exits around the Dam to make sure enemies respawn properly.
  • Refinement of the Dam location, tweaking visuals and resolving several issues with areas you could get stuck.
  • Extended how long it takes for a turret to run completely out of fuel to 40 minutes
  • Adjusted 'Escape the Drop Pod' mission objective beam to be more aligned with the Drop Pod since it looked off  
  • Cleaned up the terrain near the camp behind the Transmitter Tower
  • Expanded the first generator room within the Dam
  • Expanded the outer Dam to accommodate for the Generator room expansion
  • Moved objective button inside generator room to the opposite side of the room
  • Replaced old pipe meshes with new ones
  • Adjusted respawn reset triggers on top of the Dam
Bug fixes
  • Fixed several bugs and inconsistencies with Oxygen levels in and around the Dam.
  • Fixed an issue where fuel wouldn't be used up after saving and loading the game
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies would struggle with spawning inside the Dam
  • Fixed an issue where you could walk through the lower section of the drop pod from the outside in damaged generator room
  • Fixed a few spelling errors in the Data Logs
  • Fixed gaps in the inner Dam main entrance where you could see through
See you in the fray,

- Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

Some essential changes that involve removal of outdated build items have gone in, that unfortunately mean previous saves won’t work when you update to this version. Good chance to start a fresh game! These changes are required to progress to the later versions of the game improvements we’re making.

Because of the lack of additions this week we’ll be trying to get extra stuff in for next week <3.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Refined the terrain by some roads that looked out of place
  • Removed Arch Walls and Arch Wall Corners due to them causing problems in engine
Bug fixes
  • Fixed several missing physics material issues
  • Fixed an issue where you could press objective buttons multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where alien blood would splatter when you hit glass
  • Fixed an issue where some concrete barricades in the Dam would appear orange
  • Fixed an issue where some dead pioneers would hover slightly above the ground
  • Fixed an issue where gaps would appear on certain cliffs next to the Dam
See you in the fray

- Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

Another minor update, but a nice shiny one none the less whilst we work towards the bigger things. If there are any small tweaks, we’re on it like a moth to flame!

If you’re unfamiliar with how you can get access to these experimental updates of our later builds, please follow our previous post here - https://steamcommunity.com/games/EdenStar/announcements/detail/2695856977249967340


Updated inventory icons for:
  • AdvancedWiringKit
  • BasicWiringKit
  • Dynamo - NEW
  • Electromagnet
  • Graphene
  • Matter Converter - NEW
  • MemoryAlloy
  • Mesh
  • NanoTubes
  • PlasmaFire
  • Polyaniline - NEW
  • ReinforcedGlass
  • SiliconeRubber
  • Smoothed out multiple areas of sharp terrain geometry near cliff edges
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where random bumps of terrain would appear at the camp behind the Tower
  • Fixed up some roads that would float above the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where unwanted rock textures would appear on sandy areas
  • Fixed an issue where bullet hit decals would look the same on every material
  • Fixed an issue where you could see through parts of the cliff next to the Dam
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain was raised, leaving a hole behind that lead to under the map
See you in the fray

- Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

Small update for you all this week while we're preparing larger content drops, we've added a bunch of new item meshes (15 in total) as previously these were placeholders. Most of the team are chomping at the bit to get elements like vehicles in, however these must coincide with expansion of the world in general to work with the current gameplay loop. Many bugs that have infested multiplayer also need to be squashed before multiplayer releases can be pushed out.

Which means.. more updates to come!

Change list for this weekends update is as follows:

  • Added new drop Item assets for: Accelerant, Advanced Wiring Kit, Carbyne, Compressor, Dynamo, Electromagnet, Focusing Lens, Graphene, Matter Converter, Memory Alloy, Mesh, Nano Tubes, Plasmafire, Polyaniline, Reinforced Glass, Silicone Memory Rubber and Simple Wiring.
  • [New Maintenance Station added [/*]
  • Reduced shiv deterioration amount
  • Collisions with button meshes update
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Drop Bags have interaction text and icons, now we only have icons as intended.  
  • Fixed an issue where it was very difficult to interact with the objective button on top of the tower
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't pick up certain types of scrap metal meshes
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the terrain near the Dam entrance would float
  • Fixed an issue where you would clip into parts of a cliff edge next to the top of the Dam

See you in the fray,

- Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

It’s been a busy week over at Flix, we’ve moved into our new office which is a big step up from the house we were in previously that was becoming rather cramped! We have also had more people join us too!

We’ve decided that this week we are going to take a look at the Experimental Branch feedback and how we are looking to respond over the coming weeks. With everything that’s been going on this week with the move and other projects on, in all honesty, we’ve been a little light on responding in code, more design and decisions, so without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the key points raised;

Picture Credit - DragonTemplar4

Resource acquisition could use some tweaks for testing purposes
I'm several hours into my savegame in the exp branch now and can't craft anything because of the low resource droprates (acid + the rare minerals). It would be nice if the drop rates and means of acquisition get some love right now, because at this point I can't even build three graphene without farming huntermites for an hour, which is too slow and unreliable. The secondary resource requirements seem a bit over the top for me.

Then, looking at the resource distribution further on, I really suggest giving every resource dedicated nodes instead of making some randomly drop from metal/quartz nodes. - Genoscythe

Gathering resources is something that we are going to balance in the near future. We have seen that getting some materials can be a chore so we are going to be having a deeper look into the resource economy to make the game more enjoyable.

Picture Credit - DragonTemplar4

Ok, I was liking the whole atmosphere and all the little notes and details you put in, But I really don't like seeing entrails or other organs exposed. If you could just leave that part out of the game, that is fine. Also the new radiation sensor is a nice touch of putting in a new game mechanic. - FireStorm Victory

We mainly use things like this in the game to cause tension and make the players think “I don’t want that to happen to me” and not to cause any genuine discomfort to the person playing the game.

Picture credit - Old-gamer

There is no hydration. Water is now food.

What you are thinking of as 'hydration' is suit fuel.
They changed the icon to make it more obvious.

I think that removing water was a bad idea, and if you agree, say so. If enough people think it sucks then they might put it back. - Azirahael

Removing hydration was something we did for balancing reasons. We are still working on finishing up fuel on player which will provide energy for the kinetic laser module. This is something that as a player you will have to keep on checking over. We think that having too many stats to keep track of can be very frustrating.

Picture Credit - Old-gamer

Good update Devs...thank-you, will keep testing. 🤓 - Old-gamer

Thank you Old-gamer for playing!

Purple Box on harvesting materials - Picture credit - Old-gamer

Most of the “No physics materials” sprites appearing have been fixed as of latest experimental build V0.3.3

So, can we please get some smoother Running/Jumping animations, while climbing the transmission tower I fell of 3 times because when running to jump you leap like a 3 Centimeter distance. - Commander Tempest

We will be polishing up quite a few aspects to the pioneer character like sprint speed, jump height/distance and health.


Will multiplayer make a comeback with the new updates or is it completly gone (hope not) - SSundee

Multiplayer will be back with a vengeance, but it is under maintenance at the moment as we feel it isn’t quite where we want it to be. There are a bunch of features that will need adjusting to cater for multiplayer.

Picture Credit - Old-gamer

So we’re still putting 100% of our effort into Eden Star as and when we can over the coming months, our current focus is multiplayer stability and AI fights again so that night time battles come back with a renewed vengeance! Thanks again to eveyone who has tried the Beta Branch recently and for all the feedback so far.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Kittiedragon

Greetings Pioneers!

We have another update for the experimental branch today with more fixes to some of the issues that have been raised in the forums. Thank you to everyone who has played the experimental branch so far, given feedback and reported bugs, it really helps us identify the issues that are the highest priority for players so that we can fix them in good time!

For those of you wanting to play, and willing to put up with the occasional bug and incomplete feature, there are instructions to accessing this branch here in our earlier September update:


  • Added new meshes and icons for the three Health Kit items.
  • Improved visuals for the edge of the playable area (see header image)
  • Basic Circuitry is slightly easier to make.
  • Smoothed out camera movements when stopping after moving
Bug fixes
  • Several shadowing optimisations - you should see improved performance in the scrap metal structures.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a gun while you are in the attachments menu would cause an extra 'Exit Menu' button to appear and then clicking that button would crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save file from a save before Version 0.3.2 would cause all of your inventory items to be unusable
  • Fixed an issue where Splintermites would float when walking over certain sections of the bridge
  • Fixed an issue where perched Stalkers would have their health bars appearing elsewhere
  • Fixed an issue where fences would not be properly connected to the floor pieces by the tower
  • Fixed some issues where there would be floating terrain textures around the Tower
  • Fixed an issue where HUD prompts would display incorrectly when you look at a drop bag
  • Fixed an issue where a noticeable gap would appear next to the Dam's main entrance
  • Fixed an issue where green text saying 'Failed' would appear after successfully saving a game
  • Fixed an issue where picking up oxygen canisters at the camp near the Tower would give you a stack of 10 canisters
  • Fixed several issues where hitting certain assets would give off pink textures and effects
  • Fixed an issue where Quartz and Silicon nodes would have collisions that are too large for them
  • Fixed an issue where there would be missing textures on the road joining to the top of the Dam
  • Fixed an issue where the T.A.G Unit's compass marker would still remain after the T.A.G Unit is destroyed
See you in the fray!
  • Team Flix
EDEN STAR - Clarkeh

Greetings Pioneers!

We've got another update to the experimental branch queued up for you. Some minor quality of life changes, the biggest being an updated map to bridge the gap for the fully updated info systems. Also credit to Old-gamer for some creative use of one of the existing camps in this weeks title image!

  • Added weakpoints on Splintermites, Huntermites and Stalkers that deal more damage when targeted
  • Reworked the small outpost at the base of the Dam. It's now a proper structure, fully destructible and loot-able.
  • Updated the World Map with the current level. Please note this a temporary solution until the Map functionality is reworked.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the energy blade module would crash the game
  •  Fixed an issue where utilities wouldn't drain fuel correctly
  • Fixed an issue where your pioneer would always show up as the default male character in your inventory
  • Fixed an issue where IKA Vipers would spawn around your T.A.G Unit at night
  • Fixed an issue where each time you added fuel to a utility, the amount of fuel you put in next is doubled
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck under a staircase within the Dam
  • Fixed an issue where the emergency workbench's crafting menu wouldn't refresh until you leave and go back onto it
  • Fixed an issue where killing an enemy would sometimes cause the next enemy of the same type to be damaged when they spawn in
  • Fixed an issue where splintermites would sometimes be able to hit you when you are behind them
  • Fixed an issue where saving and loading the game would stop the player's armour UI from showing up
  • Fixed an issue where railings would block AI from walking inside the Dam
  • Fixed a texture issue on certain types of rocks
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain decals would appear too dark at certain times of day
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a weapon that you had equipped would stick your hands in the gun holding animation
  • Fixed an issue where keybindings would stop working after trying to edit a key
  • Fixed an issue where terrain would clip through the floor in the drop pod
  • Fixed an issue where there was a small hole in the ground next to the tower
  • Fixed several issues to do with some large rocks having no collision
  • Fixed an issue where weapon durability wouldn't be saved when saving and loading the game
  • Fixed the emergency laser and Kinetic Manipulation Module, the propulsion blast has been removed
  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple collision issues on the broken bridge in front of the Dam.
See you in the fray,

- Team Flix

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