Community Announcements - Mixamo
Hello Fusers! We’ve made some changes to the Mixamo website that unfortunately include removing the ability to download a Fuse character in the Source Filmmaker, Garry’s Mod and Dota 2 file types.

Why would we do this, you ask? Frankly, those services have had stability issues, and we are instead focusing our resources on continuing to support the most popular download types that support animation workflows into production game engines and 3D software.

Alternative solutions can be achieved by following this workflow
Fuse to the Source Engine (Source Filmmaker, Garry's Mod, etc)

We appreciate your understanding while we continue to hone Fuse and Mixamo as the fast and effective 3D content pipeline made for creatives.
Community Announcements - Tyler
Today we are proud to announce that our company has been acquired by Adobe.
It is an honor to find a home for our technology in a software ecosystem that is pivotal to the evolution of digital media. Joining the Adobe team broadens Mixamo’s ability to create products that democratize 3D art for even more people.

For more details visit Adobe’s blog for the official announcement.
Community Announcements - Tyler
Open the flood gates! Because you can now auto-rig as many Fuse characters as your heart desires!

That's right, the 2 rig limit has been abolished for all Fuse users!

You want your army of SFM characters for your massive sequence? Go forth and conquer! You want your mountain of Gmod ragdolls to bolt rockets to? Fire away!

Facial Flex support has also been added for our Source Filmmaker export!

So smile! Because you can now pose your Fuse characters' faces in SFM!

Am I abusing the h1 markup tag? MAYBE!

But that's because this freaking awesome.

For more information on what to expect in Fuse 1.4, check out the roadmap.

So don't hold back, Fuse on!

Community Announcements - Tyler
Hey Errbody!

We have a new blog post up on the Mixamo website detailing some of the planned updates for our products, we would love if you wanted to check it out here:

What’s Next for Fuse?

We continue working to improve Fuse, our 3D character creator. This week, Fuse character uploads will be pointed towards Mixamo 2.0, which will mean faster asset processing, no viewer plugin, and blendshape settings that are remembered by the website, minimizing the amount of time you will need to re-rig your character. Some rocking new features you can look for in Fuse 1.4 include:
  • Automatic hat and hair fitting - never worry about hat-hair again

  • Automatically generate multiple character mesh resolutions - polycounts for desktop and mobile, and automatic generation of the mid and low res versions for imported characters (as long as the UV templates are followed)
  • Soft mod tools for clothing and hair adjustments - get the perfect fit
There will definitely be more, but we just wanted to confirm the "for sure" items. We're also planning on adding a ton of medieval/fantasy content (most popular survey result). No definite release date set right now, but the smart money is on some time in June or the beginning of July.

Got a great idea that would make Fuse even more useful in your production pipeline? Drop us some suggestions on proposed features and content you want to see added!

\m/ Fuse on \m/
Community Announcements - Tyler
Friends, Fusers, Steam users! Lend me your ears!

Now available for free is an expansion for your Fuse library, the Brute Character Pack!

The Pack includes Brute character assets and 2 presets for Orc and Troll characters.

There's been some great work being done on the next version of Fuse, but in the meantime we wanted to make sure you still got some fresh content.

Build your berserker army and crush your enemies to dust!
Community Announcements - Tyler
Holy cow! Fuse is in a Steam Winter Community Choice Sale with a 66% discount for the next 24 hours!!!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Thank you for participating in some game dev digital democracy, and even though Fuse didn't get the big vote, it's still got a discount boost!

For Eternal Glory!

Nov 6, 2014
Community Announcements - charlespina
Today I’m happy to share all the new features and content we’ve been working hard to get into the newest version of Fuse. We're excited to see how you use the new toon, aged and teenager character meshes and all the military/operational clothing content you’ve been asking for to create the unique characters you need. There are also a few other surprises in store for this release.

New Download Types for Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker

Today marks a full year of Fuse being available as a standalone application available on Steam.

To celebrate our Steam-a-versary we made it easier to get your unique Fuse character into the popular Source engine applications, Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker. Now when you create a 3D character with Fuse and Auto-Rig it on Mixamo, you have the option to download it as a ragdoll for Gmod or a character and animation for SFM.

Now you can download Fuse characters to use in Gmod or SFM

Tutorials to guide the way

Need some guidance on how to work with the new download types? Click on the links below for the specific tutorial you need. And don't be shy about exploring the new Mixamo Community where you can find all the documentation, forums and support you need for all things Mixamo.

A Special Thanks

Thank you to our SFM guru community activists for helping us understand the SFM import process: Casey Billadeau, Grigory Revzin, Pte Jack, and Daniel Barreiro. Without these guys, the download type for SFM would not be possible!

What Else is New in Fuse 1.3?

What did our Fuse survey tell us that you wanted to see more of? Why, cartooney characters, aged characters and more realistic teenage characters of course!

  • Toons, aliens and combat-ready 3D characters are yours to create in Fuse 1.3
  • The full list of new features and content in Fuse v1.3!:
  • New Toon, Aged, and Teen character content- No more generational gaps!
  • New Military and Occupational Content - Doctors, Police Officers, Firefighters... build your virtual city from the ground up!
  • Reference Image Planes - Import an image to use a reference while you are creating your custom character
  • Asynchronous Substance Loading - Allows you to more quickly construct your character and add clothing while the substances are rendered in the background
  • Retopologized Characters with higher quality edge loops and face definition
  • Dynamic Cloth Wear - Updated substance parameters allow you to weather raised edges of your character's clothing
  • Better selection visibility - previous bounding boxes are now form-fitting highlights around a selected object
  • 10 New Substances!

So there you have it, folks. Another launch of Fuse, one year older and a whole lot smarter. We hope its everything you wanted and more. If you have comments or want to vote for what you’d like to see in Fuse, head on over to the Mixamo Community and chime in on the Fuse Ideas Forum.

And stay tuned for the next release of Fuse sometime in early 2015. We’ll be unveiling some very exciting additions to the Fuse ecosystem.

In the meantime, Happy Fusing!
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Fuse!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Tyler
Hi Community!

So after a couple months of work, pouring over data, and collaboration with pricing professionals, we (Mixamo) have rolled out a new pricing model on our site ( prioritizing accessibility for developers and artists at all levels.

Here's the skinny:
  • Assets are a simple, flat rate. A la carte pay per use costs are reduced across the board.

  • Three tiers of plans to choose from. In addition to All Access, we are now offering Starter and Indie plans at price points that appeal to a wider range of users.

  • More flexibility. You can pay per use, choose a month-to-month plan or pay for a year up front and get 2 months free and be able to download all the animations allotted at that level right away.

More info:

What does this mean for Fuse on Steam?! Well that depends on what you want it to mean! The Fuse you know and love isn't going anywhere, and we're going to keep adding content and features with updates like always. The new Mixamo pricing plans can enhance your workflow by adding flexibility to our products to fit your development needs as they arise.

You'll notice the $50/mo Indie plan includes Fuse. But why would we still list the Steam version at $100 you might say? Shenanigans you might say?? The Steam version gets automatic updates foreva, while the standalone Fuse is stuck at the version that was available while the plan was active, and so far we've updated Fuse 5 times, so hooray that! You gets the Fuse FOREVA! And most of you bought Fuse when it was on sale anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy to answer any and all questions and and field any and all feedback. Fuse on! \m/
Community Announcements - Tyler
Hey Community!

Fuse 1.2 is out and it is quite a looker! The Skin substance was completely overhauled, resulting in 2k skin textures, higher quality details, and 3x the previous number of skin customizing options.

ALSO! Facial Animation Blendshapes. It's a real thing. Upload your character to Mixamo to be autorigged. Enable facial blendshapes. Download your character. BAM. You have facial blendshapes. 50 of them, to the face. 'nuff said.

The new jams in v1.2!:
  • Virtual Assets - Create character and clothing presets, customize your library! Make a character, hit the Star button at the top, and watch as that character is turned into a Fusible asset!
  • 2k Skin Textures - Hi-res for your pleasure! By default textures are set to 1k for speed, enable 2k in the substance menu
  • Advanced Skin Substance - Increased quality and 3x the number of customization options! Get crazy!
  • Realistic lighting and PBR shading - Just makes stuff look so dang good
  • Facial Animation Blendshapes - Call us crazy, but this seemed like a win-win...winwinwin. When you upload your character to Mixamo to be Autorigged, you can now have 50 facial animation blendshapes generated automatically!
  • 17 New Substances! Metal and Leather armors, new fabrics

Treat yo' self!


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