Not The Robots - 2DArray
You can now draw your own layouts for custom maps (while still making use of the game's procedural-content-based trappings) - for bonus points, you can now also export/import your custom challenges to share them with others!
Not The Robots - 2DArray
The biggest update so far to Not the Robots has just gone online!

Some highlights:

* Our community's most-requested feature: Save&Quit for Campaign Mode
* We ported the game to our first Android device (Amazon's FireTV) - as a carryover benefit, desktop users who weren't already running the game on max settings should see a general performance boost
* A overhaul to the general loading screen with tips & tricks, cooler transitions, and one of those fun "loading spinner" animations
* Revamped background decorations during gameplay (probably the ugliest part of the original game!)
* The "Unlock All" cheat code now unlocks You Find Yourself In A Room 2, a hidden sequel that was previously only accessible by completing all 20 Challenge levels
* Many other tweaks and improvements, including an improved "x-ray" effect for the player character, prettier spacial UI elements (like Scanners, Sequence numbers, and tutorial popups), and more

The full changelog is available here
Not The Robots - 2DArray
Heyo, Not the Robots has been updated to version 1.0.3. This patch focuses on several of the remaining bugs that have been reported by Steam users. The full patch description can be found here.

David, the sound guy, also just released the game's Official Soundtrack on BandCamp - get it here for $4!

Up next: Patch 1.1 will include a much-requested Save&Quit feature. Cheers!
Iron Warriors: T - 72 Tank Command - Valve
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Not The Robots - Valve
Not The Robots is Now Available on Steam and is 40% off!*

You are in a seemingly endless campus of office buildings. Your goal is to eat furniture and not get caught. What is going on?

Not The Robots is a Roguelike Stealth Furniture Eating Simulator. Explore procedurally generated office buildings. Hide behind furniture. Eat the furniture. Get away without being caught.

*Offer ends December 19th at 10 am PST.

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