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We have decided on the release date for Project Nimbus:Complete Edition on Steam!
Previous owners will have their game updated on 6/25 Pacific Standard Time (6/26 JST). After applying this update, the Complete Edition will be automatically installed in the existing application directory, and you will be able to select either the new or original version from the new launcher program. New buyers will also receive both versions. This update does not delete the original Project Nimbus, so you can play the original version anytime you want!

Note that Project Nimbus: Complete Edition requires higher hardware specs than the original edition. The minimum system requirements and recommended system requirements are as follows. Please check in advance if your PC meets the requirements of the Complete Edition.

OS : Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
CPU : 3GHz or higher dual core processor
GPU : GTX670 or Radeon R7 370 with 2GB of video RAM
Memory : 4GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space

OS : Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
CPU : 3.4GHz or higher quad core processor
GPU : GTX970 or GTX1060 or Radeon RX 580 with 4GB of video RAM
Memory : 4GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space

In Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, we now implemented the much requested Steam Achievements. There are 30 different achievements to unlock, such as demonstrating a special playstyle or becoming an ace pilot by completing all missions on "Prepare to Die" difficulty.

NOTE:Project Nimbus: Complete Edition does not support OSX. We apologize to all OSX users, but we hope you can enjoy the original Project Nimbus as before.
Project Nimbus - GameTomo
Hi everyone.

We are excited to announce that Project Nimbus : Complete Edition is coming to PC for FREE, for everyone who already owns the original PC version!

Project Nimbus : Complete Edition is the UE4 version of Project Nimbus, based on the original version by the talented GameCrafterTeam. In order to release Project Nimbus on consoles, we the Tokyo based developer/publisher GameTomo have recreated the game in UE4.
The 3D models and game design from the original version have been taken over for the most part, but the UI and visual effects have been recreated. Furthermore, the textures have been remastered in 4K. A new mode and new playable mechs are also included, in order to improve the game's replayability.

Together with GameCrafterTeam we have decided that we will give away the Complete Edition for free to the Steam Users who have been passionately supporting Project Nimbus.
The Complete Edition will automatically be installed for users who already own the original Project Nimbus. If you haven't bought Project Nimbus on PC yet, you will be able to buy the new Complete Edition and also get the original version at the same time!

In the upcoming weeks and months we will be making preparations for the release of the Complete Edition on Steam.
If you have any questions, or concerns feel free to contact us via our GameTomo Twitter or Facebook accounts.

GameTomo Twitter (English)
GameTomo Twitter (Japanease)
GameTomo Facebook

Thank you for your patience.

GameTomo Dev Team
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Hello everyone.
You might notice that there's an update of Project Nimbus coming out today.

This is just a hotfix of the update I released yesterday. I received some bug reports that the moving up keyboard input doesn't work after the player has done some keyboard mapping adjustment so I've taken a look.

It appears that the bug just simply caused by a typo referencing to moving up input in the source code. To explain it simply, I mistype it as 'MoveUp' instead of 'GoUp' in the key setting section while the rest of the source code that use 'GoUp'. Look like this bug was there for a while but we've not detected that until yesterday. Thank you for reporting this in!

Gentlemen, this is why you shall not do the coding when you need to sleep. One typo in the >120,000 lines of code and the game is broken.

I'm glad we've fixed this.
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Hello everyone, the new build codename 'Soryu' is now online.

What's the big thing about this update? The game now saves your playing progress. You can continue playing from the part you left last time by simply pressing the 'continue' button.

I choose to do this the same way as online streaming websites. We save your playing progress. But you are still able to access any missions you want from the missions select menu. I don't know if I can explain my idea very well, I believe you guys shall be able to access any part of the game you want the same way that you can do it with movies since you've brought it. You own all of that.

And we prevent you from being spoiled (if you don't want) by having a very convenient way to start a new game or continue your playing progress by simply pressing the 'continue' or 'new game' on the menu without having to enter the missions select menu.

Hope you guys like that.

There's another small thing that I've adjusted. I've removed the 'mouse cursor movement smoothing' things from the menu. So the cursor will move more sharply, more responsive to your control. I guess you guys like it more this way.

Oh, there's a new ace pilots boss squadron appearing in the later part of Mission 10. Meet "Karma" squadron, lead by USAF's ace pilot Michael "Melwin" Lansfeld in his customized M5 Viper. They'll come to assist the Black Knight squadron fighting against you but only in the 'PREPARE TO DIE' (hard) difficulty.

That's it for today's update.
Thank you very much for playing Project Nimbus.
Pawee Pakamekanon
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Kept you waiting, huh?

Ok, it is here. I'm sorry it's long overdue. But it's here. Finally,


Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Finally, it's here.

This system surely takes a lot more work than expected. It took a lot of work from the Character Designer's drawing, Localization system coding, data entry into the game and a lot of checking and fixing.

Finally, we can present this to you: the character portrait system.

The character portrait system that adds to the game in today's Atago update has different character's outfits depending on what he/she is wearing at the time of that mission and also have a different facial expression for different feelings.

Pretty cool right? I'm very glad that I can finally present you this system in this new update.


(The code name of this update is 'Atago'.)
Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Hello everyone, today the new update: Takao Kai is now online.

This update mainly focuses on bringing more pilots from KickStarter to the game. So here's the list of the new pilots appearing in this patch.

Appearing in Mission 2: Rise, Mirai!
Lucas Lundy as an enemy

Appearing in Mission 4: Sacrificet Omnia
Herro-Sama, Zulu Squadron, as an enemy
Lt. "Easy Rider" Shikaze, Sky Rider Squadron, as an enemy

Appearing in Mission 10: For the Fatherland
Ilhan Blanco as an enemy
Vladimir Turk Cheng The Abomination, as an ally
Vice not Virtue as an ally

Appearing in Mission 12: Battle of Yukon
CN Shannon as enemy

Appearing in Mission 17: Electronic Warfare
CoeStar as an ally
Nick Consolo as an enemy
Denis Ipatov as an ally

Appearing in Mission 20: Kibou no Hikari
William J. as an enemy

Appearing in Mission 23: United by Hope
Firestorm "Danger" Dash as ally
Jack Katou as an ally
Diplomacy as an ally
Strayed (Lost) as an enemy
Final Fight as an enemy

We also fixed voice playing glitches in the later part of Mission 2: Rise, Mirai! and in Mission 20 part 2 when you fight XJPH-01 Anapanasti. Looks like these glitches just emerged a few months ago from changes in a recent patch and just detected by us, so we fixed it. The playing experience, especially the Anapanasti fight, shall be much smoother now.

In next update, we're bringing you more Ace pilots with their customized machine. Stay tuned.
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Ok, finally, we can ship this out.

The alien survival mode!

The goal here is simple: kill the most aliens you can before you're dead. Try to break my highscore people. :D

So you're using a customized M3 that's really made for this job.

So, what's happening here?

The alien survival mode occured in an alternative reality to Project Nimbus. The game's event is occured in 2050s when the alien invade Earth. Long story short: we lose and gone are almost all of the world population. We gather little force that we remain and resist.

Everyplace on this planet now in the same state as what it is in the gameplay.

Notice me human~❤ Nah, the alien cannot be this cute.

So, I guess you guys are ready to give them real battle now. This new content can be accessed from the 'ADDITIONAL CONTENT' section.

The alien survival mode is non-canon to the main Project Nimbus universe. It's in alternate reality.


BTW, we fixed a few things too.
- We fix the 'everything is green' glitch that appear in all cutscene of the last mission.
- We fix the 'some voice are not affected by the volume so MY EARRRRR' glitch.

Thank you very much for playing Project Nimbus! Hope you like this new content!
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Hello everyone,

Today we have minor update here. The Amagi Kai build fix small localization bugs from integration of 2 versions that appeared in 'Amagi' build. So we shall have smoother gameplay experience from this patch.

There's no new content yet. Just bug fixes.

Thank you very much everyone.

And this is Mirai emoji, one of things we're planning to upload to Steam Community soon.

Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Hello everyone, this is the update many of you guys have been waiting on for so long.

Today, the Japanese version and the International version now merged to one version. FUSIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the Japanese trailer for Act 3 and Act 4

So, what’s new?

- The Japanese voice acting now covers 100% of the game’s campaign!

- You like Japanese voice actors but cannot understand Japanese? There is good news for you, we have added mixed Japanese voice with English subtitles as well!

- New weapon status UI -- cleaner, easier to read and looks cooler! (Also designed by LUZI)

- Bug fixes, game stabilization and graphic upgrade are subtle, but the improvements are there.

This update is exciting, right?
Pawee Pakamekanon

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