Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Hello everyone, today the new update: Takao Kai is now online.

This update mainly focuses on bringing more pilots from KickStarter to the game. So here's the list of the new pilots appearing in this patch.

Appearing in Mission 2: Rise, Mirai!
Lucas Lundy as an enemy

Appearing in Mission 4: Sacrificet Omnia
Herro-Sama, Zulu Squadron, as an enemy
Lt. "Easy Rider" Shikaze, Sky Rider Squadron, as an enemy

Appearing in Mission 10: For the Fatherland
Ilhan Blanco as an enemy
Vladimir Turk Cheng The Abomination, as an ally
Vice not Virtue as an ally

Appearing in Mission 12: Battle of Yukon
CN Shannon as enemy

Appearing in Mission 17: Electronic Warfare
CoeStar as an ally
Nick Consolo as an enemy
Denis Ipatov as an ally

Appearing in Mission 20: Kibou no Hikari
William J. as an enemy

Appearing in Mission 23: United by Hope
Firestorm "Danger" Dash as ally
Jack Katou as an ally
Diplomacy as an ally
Strayed (Lost) as an enemy
Final Fight as an enemy

We also fixed voice playing glitches in the later part of Mission 2: Rise, Mirai! and in Mission 20 part 2 when you fight XJPH-01 Anapanasti. Looks like these glitches just emerged a few months ago from changes in a recent patch and just detected by us, so we fixed it. The playing experience, especially the Anapanasti fight, shall be much smoother now.

In next update, we're bringing you more Ace pilots with their customized machine. Stay tuned.
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Ok, finally, we can ship this out.

The alien survival mode!

The goal here is simple: kill the most aliens you can before you're dead. Try to break my highscore people. :D

So you're using a customized M3 that's really made for this job.

So, what's happening here?

The alien survival mode occured in an alternative reality to Project Nimbus. The game's event is occured in 2050s when the alien invade Earth. Long story short: we lose and gone are almost all of the world population. We gather little force that we remain and resist.

Everyplace on this planet now in the same state as what it is in the gameplay.

Notice me human~❤ Nah, the alien cannot be this cute.

So, I guess you guys are ready to give them real battle now. This new content can be accessed from the 'ADDITIONAL CONTENT' section.

The alien survival mode is non-canon to the main Project Nimbus universe. It's in alternate reality.


BTW, we fixed a few things too.
- We fix the 'everything is green' glitch that appear in all cutscene of the last mission.
- We fix the 'some voice are not affected by the volume so MY EARRRRR' glitch.

Thank you very much for playing Project Nimbus! Hope you like this new content!
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Hello everyone,

Today we have minor update here. The Amagi Kai build fix small localization bugs from integration of 2 versions that appeared in 'Amagi' build. So we shall have smoother gameplay experience from this patch.

There's no new content yet. Just bug fixes.

Thank you very much everyone.

And this is Mirai emoji, one of things we're planning to upload to Steam Community soon.

Project Nimbus - pawee30948
Hello everyone, this is the update many of you guys have been waiting on for so long.

Today, the Japanese version and the International version now merged to one version. FUSIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the Japanese trailer for Act 3 and Act 4

So, what’s new?

- The Japanese voice acting now covers 100% of the game’s campaign!

- You like Japanese voice actors but cannot understand Japanese? There is good news for you, we have added mixed Japanese voice with English subtitles as well!

- New weapon status UI -- cleaner, easier to read and looks cooler! (Also designed by LUZI)

- Bug fixes, game stabilization and graphic upgrade are subtle, but the improvements are there.

This update is exciting, right?
Pawee Pakamekanon
Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Hello, a new minor update is coming out today. Here are the changes:

- We push the graphics upgrade even further. There shall be more detail in Battle Frame and scenery visuals.

- We move the heavy graphic postprocess to just the highest graphic option (GRAPHIC CARD MELT) only. So now, players with VERY HIGH graphic setting can enjoy the game smoother while players with more powerful GPU can enjoy the game in maximum graphic.

Those are the changes in this update. This is not a major update but still an improvement from the previous version coming out a few weeks ago.

Thank you very much everyone.
Pawee Pakamekanon
Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Hello everyone, the new patch, code name “Zuihou” is now online.

We’ve redesigned the in-game interface. Say goodbye to the old green one. This one shall look prettier, more modern and easier to understand.

We also worked on refining the game’s graphics as well. Although the change will be subtle. We aren’t working on this aspect much this time.


And one other thing to report, if you own a RAZER Chroma device, you’re going to enjoy having your gaming hardware working with the game from now on. We designed the LED lighting experience by imagining how the lighting in each Battle Frames cockpit shall be if the Battle Frame technology come to real life.

Thank you very much everyone. We’ll continue working to improve your gaming experience in Project Nimbus.

Pawee Pakamekanon

PS. Oh, right. Halloween is coming. So, here is Yuliana in this year's halloween costume.

Oct 15, 2017
Project Nimbus - pawee30948
This is a critical hot fix for Kaga Kai patch we released a few hours ago.

- We improve the game performance for player with not very powerful graphic card by moving some of the GPU demanding graphic feature to VERY HIGH and GRAPHIC CARD MELT setting only.
- So, player with HIGH graphic setting and below shall enjoy smoother gameplay experience. While if you have powerful GPU, you can enjoy the more definitive experience in higher graphic setting. If you like what you see in the patch this morning, set the graphic to VERY HIGH.

- We fixed rendering glitch of the new remade higher definition model of GCTX-01 Mirai.

Big thanks to our players that help tell us of problem you experienced.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for playing Project Nimbus.
Pawee Pakamekanon

PS. Mac update shall come later in a few hours.
Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Hello everyone, Kaga Kai patch is now online.

The most important thing is, the game become tempolary unstable for a few days after the Kaga update. And this update stabilize it. (The funny thing is, once I found where did the bug come from, it's very easy to fix. I think this is caused by some line of code I wrote when I really need to go to bed when preparing Kaga update).

Other things, that shall be focus of this patch is: Graphic Upgrade. We're working to make the game prettier... Really, I want to work more on graphic improvement before releasing Kaga Kai. But the critical bug of unstable game come first, so this update has to be online as soon as the critical bug is fixed. That mean, we'll have more graphic upgrade in next update.

"Kaga Kai" for Mac shall arrive later in a few hours today.

Thank you very much everyone for playing Project Nimbus.
Pawee Pakamekanon
Project Nimbus - pawee30948

Hello everyone, todayt new update "Kaga" is now out.
In this update, we focus on improving the visual, make the color of every level more beautiful. And we enhance the special effect (like explosion) to make them look more exciting.

And we have the M3 Striker remade.

There shall be another one or two updates in this week. The goal of our operation in this week is simple: Upgrading the game graphic and optimizing gameplay performance.

We're working to make the game look more beautiful and play more smoothly.

Thank you everyone.
Pawee Pakamekanon
Oct 4, 2017
Project Nimbus - pawee30948

You guys might notice that we've another update going up live a few moments ago. This is a semi emergency fix for Akagi Kai build.

- We fix the Gripen cockpit view rendering glitch.

- The visual of the main menu scenery has been improved, and we fix the graphical glitches happening in this scene.

- We also fix "model flickering" glitch that happened in briefing level. Both the performance and the visual shall be better now.

Thank you very much.

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