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Jan 9, 2015
Escape Goat 2 - MagicalTimeBean
New in this version:

  • Teleport death glitch fixed (squishing more forgiving in general)
  • Teleport can be buffered during dash or other "stun" animation
  • Steam Workshop compatibility fix
  • Toragos behavior fixes
  • Improved speedrun overlay
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements for rendering and lighting
  • New mutator: Icy Grave

Most of this has been in the beta branch for some time now, and should be stable enough for general release.
Escape Goat 2 - MagicalTimeBean
To access the beta version, just right click on the game in your library, go to properties, then the beta tab. Select the "beta - beta testing branch" from the dropdown and Steam should update to this version.

If this works for a good number of people without introducing bugs, I will push it into the main branch!
Escape Goat 2
Goat Simulator

Ask the person nearest to you how they feel about goats. It is unlikely they will say they dislike goats, because humankind tends to look fondly on goatkind (if they did dislike goats, would they admit it?). Sometimes it feels like there are too few goats though, and that s where video games and charity come into the equation: by donating to goat-themed charity Heifer International, you will not only contribute a real life goat to farmers in need, but you will also receive two goat-themed computer games for your efforts.
Heifer is a charity which provides animals and training so that poor farmers around the world can make better lives for themselves their children and their communities. Not all the animals they deal in are necessarily goats, but for a limited time users can donate a minimum of $20 in order to receive Steam codes for Goat Simulator and Escape Goat 2.
You can donate and get your goat games by selecting one of twelve goats, all with their own price tier, on the Heifer website.

While our response to Goat Simulator was lukewarm, we did make the effort to ask an actual goat farmer what they thought of the game. As far as Escape Goat 2 is concerned, well, we've got our own PC Gamer level. I guess that's an endorsement.
Escape Goat
There's a message hidden in the PC Gamer puzzle, but you'll have to beat it to see it.

"My usual approach to puzzles is to build backwards," says Ian Stocker. Most of the 100 puzzles in Stocker's game Escape Goat 2 started that way with a door for the goat to escape through and an idea of how it would get there. In early April, Stocker updated the Steam build with a beta level editor and Steam Workshop support. When the build launches out of beta, all of Escape Goat players will be able to create puzzles with the same tools Stocker used for his own levels.

To get a jump on the inevitably heated Workshop competition, I sat down with Stocker to make a PC Gamer puzzle. After 30 minutes of building and brainstorming, I've got a co-designer credit to my name.

As usual, we started the puzzle by building backwards. I wanted the final form of the puzzle to be a fun nod to the PC Gamer logo. But how would we build that? We started by sketching out the basic layout with placeholder vines which we could build on top of with real blocks. Designing the architecture of the level, though, doesn't make it a puzzle. We had to make it challenging to traverse.

Stocker suggested making the puzzle's primary gimmick a series of moving blocks that snap into our final shape after a sequence of button presses. That way, the payoff of the level won't be obvious from the outset. Pushing three buttons would be too easy, so Stocker suggested obstacles--reapers and spinning blades that turn the poor goat into mutton. To force a specific sequence to the puzzles within the room, we also created blockades that would move after pressing each switch.

The level editor GUI is still rough, but it's easy to use. Stocker used the same tool to build all his puzzles.

Even after adding a death-defying leap, solving the final leg of the puzzle was too easy. I suggested adding a key that would be impossible to reach without clever use of the mouse, the goat's small-but-powerful sidekick. That meant more reapers. We also put the door near the beginning of the level. Symmetry!

Turned out that made the level a little bit impossible, though. To give players a fighting chance, we threw in a magic hat, and the level was complete.

Stocker was obviously fast with the Escape Goat editor's keyboard controls, but I was impressed by how quickly and easily pieces can be placed, rotated, and copied. The GUI is still unfinished, but it's already a powerful tool for crafting puzzles as complex as those in the real game.

To see if mine measures up, grab it from the Steam Workshop here.
Escape Goat 2 - MagicalTimeBean
Already played the campaign 20 times? Optimized your speed run strats for each room? Dying for new content? Well you're in luck, because we've pulled the level editor out of the beta branch, and it's ready for you to try!

It's not pretty... there's still some programmer art, and no mouse support yet. But it gets the job done. Our fearless vanguard of beta testers have already populated the custom levels collection with some fantastic gems, so even if you're not up for building a level yet, give them a try and be inspired.

What's new in version 1.1?

  • ADDED Steam Workshop support - create and share levels!
  • ADDED support for rebinding of gamepad controls
  • FIXED key bindings not being saved properly
  • FIXED many in-game and startup crash bugs
  • IMPROVED performance for rendering

As always, I'm looking for feedback, so post to the forums and let me know what you think!

Escape Goat 2 - MagicalTimeBean
Welcome to the first major update! We changed and added so many things, we figured it would be safer to keep this in a special beta branch until it's proven to be stable.

To access this version of the game, right click on Escape Goat 2 in your Steam library, then go to Properties, Betas, and enter the code "goatimusminimus" and hit Ok. Now select BETA from the dropdown, and the game will auto-update and should say "Escape Goat 2 [beta]" in your library.

New features

  • Added 'Mutators' menu option under Settings. Mutators are unlocked when you beat the game (any %). They will eventually be tied to individual accomplishments in the game, but for now they all unlock at once for testing purposes.
  • Speedrun tracks per-room times and shows you the total game time for your save.
  • Super Meat Goat shows you all your attempts at the room when you finally complete it.
  • Grim Darkness turns out the lights, forcing you to combine your memory of room layouts with careful use of the sheep & goat as lamps.
  • Unseen Doom hides enemies. Have fun guessing where the fireballs are going to come from!
  • Spectral Goat makes the goat invisible unless he's standing still or dashing. Precise platforming gets trickier!
  • Two new incredibly stupid cheats for getting past that one level that drives you crazy. You know, that one. We both know which level it is. Boy do I hate that level.

Steam Workshop

  • Create and share your own levels
  • Build a collection of custom levels and rate your favorites
  • Currently you can only edit single rooms, not whole campaigns. We'll figure out some solution for multi-room creations later.
  • There are lots of physics and gameplay glitches you will expose if you start combining gadgets in interesting ways (for example, the game can't yet cope with multiple mouse powerups).
  • Only keyboard supported for now; gamepad editing works if you know the buttons (from EG1); mouse + keyboard editing coming soon.

*** BEWARE ***

As we fix these things in the game engine, it might break your level. Any level you make in the beta version of the editor might become unusable in the final version! This is especially true for levels with machinery that relies on precise timing to operate.

Bug fixes

  • Crash when using certain mouse abilities one frame after spawning the mouse.
  • Occasional glitch when changing music tracks
  • Game running too fast when vsync is enabled in game but disabled in your video drivers, and aero is off
  • Some game crashes would not produce a debug log
  • In some scenarios the crash message could not be shown
  • Particular characters in the path to the game or the save files could cause a crash
  • Slight in-game timer accuracy problem when vsync was enabled
  • In some scenarios the game would run too slowly if vsync was enabled
  • Crashes could occur in obscure lighting configurations / after changing lighting settings


  • Overall graphics performance has been improved.
  • Improved performance when HDR is disabled.
  • Improved performance in stained glass rooms.
  • Performance statistics available in-game by pressing Shift-F4.
  • Open source acknowledgements and URLs added to credits
  • Edit '%AppData%\MagicalTimeBean\Escape Goat 2\DataDirectory.txt' to move EG2's save and configuration files out of the My Documents folder (to put them in your dropbox, for example).
  • Usability tweaks to the menus.
Escape Goat 2 - Valve
Escape Goat 2 is Now Available on Steam!
Escape Goat 2 is a puzzle platformer game where you use machinery, the environment, and a friendly mouse to progress through a dungeon.

None have overcome the Stronghold of Toragos... will you be the first goat to do so? Escape Goat 2 is the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2011 indie game, featuring more than double the content: larger rooms, HD graphics, dynamic lighting, and a host of devilish new traps.

Pick your path through the massive Stronghold, divided into ten unique zones. Worry not, brave Goat, for you have a friend on this mission: Your immortal mouse familiar can crawl to otherwise unreachable areas, to hit switches and distract enemies. Use your wits, reason, reflexes and courage to overcome each room, and save your friends from an eternal slumber...

  • Over 100 rooms of puzzles, traps, and sheeply lore
  • With destructible and movable walls, the rooms take on many forms as you manipulate hidden machinery to reach the exit
  • Fully hand-drawn, hi-def art and animation, brought to life with a custom lighting engine
  • Epic 90's Redbook Audio soundtrack, featuring guest track by Disasterpeace (composer, FEZ)

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