FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
If you've followed me at all on Twitter, Discord or any of my Streaming Adventures(tm), you'll know I blimmin' love FortressCraft. If it wasn't my game, I'd play the crap out of it, and pester the Dev to fix all the stuff that annoyed me. Thankfully, I *am* the Dev, so I can already fix everything that annoys me... given infinite time at least.

Sadly, I've been working *so* much on FortressCraft over the last couple of years that I've slipped behind on my other obligations - I've put these off as long as I've been able, but I've had to spend the last few weeks finishing off something I started some 4 years ago. To that end, I'm proud to announce that ADATPR is finally done, shipped and released.

Once the dust has settled down, and any patches emerge from the great unwashed playing my delicate game, I'll be on the final run for the Adventures Pack - it's pretty much done barring odds and ends, and the Patreons have been cheerfully breaking things and making me fix them. Watch this space!
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
Different days can provide wildly inconsistent amounts of work. Some days I can get half a dozen new machines in. Other days, I can spend looking at one line of code and end up achiving nothing. This month has been one of the latter months; after the end-to-end playthrough that took about a month for P20, this month has been a consolidation of all the new things. And just a couple of shiny toys for everyone. The handbook has also received a ton of love - if there's any entries for non-obvious machines missing, please let me know!

  • Launch the Railgun to unlock the GPS (Adventures Pack)
  • Use Hive Brains to craft Hive Agitators to get more Resin. (Adventures Pack)
  • Use AntiGrav-tubes to move vertically without risk of dying.
  • Colour-coded Freight Tracks (Adventures Pack)
  • Advanced Teleporters! (Adventures Pack)
  • Context Help overhaul
  • Massive performance improvements to threaded work.
  • Added a 14-page handbook entry, covering the complete game, from your first steps until the RailGun. Feedback wanted!

The Adventures Pack is planned for release in P23 next month; my work until then will pretty much be polishing and fixing issues with that, as opposed to adding anything new.

  • Altered HBAO to be dynamic based on framerate; this should heavily improve framerate for 1440p and 4k users.
  • Fixed a performance issue on Fabulous and above when many Airlocks were nearby.
  • Performance improvements to animated plants
  • Performance improvement to ConstructoBots when not visible.
  • Fixed Instancing on a large number of plants
  • Fixed a potential issue where plants clearing themselves up would massively overload the Build Orders.
  • Tunnel Nukers will now delay and re-try explosions on successive frames as opposed to locking the mob thread up.
  • Item simulation has been spread out over a number of ticks, and should use approximately 500% less CPU time.
  • Significant memory and performance improvements disk queuing. This should alleviate a number of microstuttering bugs, as well as improve worst-case memory usage.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the game shortly after running around in a new world could cause a long exit queue time.
  • Plants now smartly request segment saves, as opposed to forcing save too often
  • Tunnel Nukers should now try a little harder to pre-page their segment
  • Tracking of orphaned Build Orders and executed Build Orders
  • Made ArchiveManagement Lock a non-blocking call, meaning no long gaps where SegmentRequests can't be serviced. TL;DR, a queue is much smaller than it used to be.
  • Optimisation of Shifting and Population, reducing the worst-case scenario from ~180,000ms down to 80ms. This is not a typo.
  • Teleporting should be virtually instant for single-players now
  • Complete rework and new caching system for the GetSegment code; this is an exceptionally risky change, but should provide enormous performance benefits.
  • Fixed performance issue with Electric Lights when inside rooms
  • Reduced Good from 10 segment draw distance to 8 segment draw distance, to see if any issues from this thread are resolved :

Quality of Life
  • Added ToneMapping and EyeAdaptation. I don't like the look, so it's disabled by default. When Bloom is off, this turns on, adding to the 'low contrast' look. Simply type
    enter /detail bloom enter enter
  • Medbay now ticks longer, to avoid any timing hiccups on busy worlds
  • Heists now attempt to inject power boosters and ampules to the player's suit inventory first if slots are free
  • Heists now have a configurable limit for injection so you can prevent them from injecting beyond a defined inventory quantity - enables stocking you with a handful of the essentials when you pass by
  • Tweak to heists to support all suit items for all your clumsy suit replacement needs :D
  • Repeat button should now work again on the Manufacturing Plant
  • Paintable variants of blocks should now be placeable if the base block is craftable.
  • Blueprints requiring DLC packs will now be colour-coded in the Manufacturing Plant.
  • Researched/Available counts on the Progression screen are now actually correct.
  • Removed a large number of archaic Console commands, meaning that the help is readable again

  • Altered HBAO system so color-bleeding is modulated by depth. TL;DR you won't see weird glowing blocks within the fog.
  • Fog distance is now much more dependent on detail and bake amount, giving a significant draw advantage to higher detail settings.
  • CC plants rendering improved
  • Fixed GPS readout
  • GPS now goes offline if the CPH is destroyed on Important CPH mode.
  • Fixed CCCCC rendering
  • Fixed Toxic plant rendering
  • Fixed animated plants in CC
  • Advanced Teleporter should now work correctly networked (TY MadVandal)
  • Fixed TryExtract to stop taking additional items after it has one and it's an ItemSingle (Ty Pacasa)
  • RecalculateAvailableStackHeight(bool periodicCheck) modified to allow clients to visually update when periodicCheck is true.

New things!
  • Added Techno Anti-Gravity Lift for Frozen Factory Owners
  • Added Rainbow Anti-Gravity Lift for Dapper owners
  • Added Predator Anti-Gravity Lift for Adventure Pack owners
  • Added Basic and Regular Corner Conveyors
  • Added Basic and Regular Conveyor Crafters!
  • Added Hive Agitators - build within 32m of a Hive and feed with power to cause the nearest hivemind to grow. (Adventures Pack only)
  • Added MK4 turret as a multi-block upgrade from MK3s, using Purple (Boss/Perfect) eyes and some Alloyed Blocks. Yes, the turret from the trailer has been redone, made to work, and been made public. Sorry it took so long.

  • An enormous amount of translation and handbook work from Zebra + co.
  • Updated Mass Storage Controller and CryoSpawner handbook entries.
  • Updated Energy Grommet handbook entry.
  • Added full handbook entries and guides for all 7 of the Mass Storage machines.
  • Loads of Handbook entries added and updated. Too many to list. Did I miss one?
  • Added Tools handbook entry, explaining all of the tools. This was submitted by a community member, but I haven't got a note as to who! Thank you, mysterious stranger.
  • Updated a number of handbook entries for clarity.
  • Ensures the machine 'hint' was displayed in the crafting interface
  • Updated a large number of machine's descriptions and hints.
  • Handbook fixes to AmpuleCrafters, Attack Scanners and Base Scanners
  • Welcome and First Night Handbook entries no longer display after 200 Base Rating.
  • Added context-sensitive subtitle to Handbook entries
  • Research Panel no longer always inserts itself as the Selected Machine in the Contextual Help Handler
  • Fixed an issue with the Contextual Help handler, due to the Translation team renamingUnknown_Materials to unknown materials.
  • Removed the unnecessary numbers from the short 'Contextual Help' page list.

  • Dust in rooms will no longer be present if the room is correctly filtered.
  • Fixed all NonHelp console commands (so /coords works again!)
  • Macerator no longer incorrectly lists power
  • MagmaBore correctly displays power needs
  • Fixed invisible StockPort on initial build
  • Fixed AutoUpgrader with down slopes/corners
  • Resolved log spam due to error with slopes on delete
  • Fix to UI redraw spam for freight cart stations.
  • Fixes display of stacks of >1 million
  • Fixes cube stacks max stack size not being obeyed in Hardcore Inventory
  • Fixed an issue with Advanced Teleporters when a network client.
  • CargoLifts that attempt to spawn into overloaded segments will now fail gracefully and try again.
  • Added QueueLength readout to the Server Monitor - if this is regularly at or over 200, your machine is beginning to struggle to keep up.
  • Implemented a Fix where MSIO ports were causing an exception when non-stackable items were used.
  • Fixed MSIO issue with ItemSingles
  • Railgun is now marked as part of the Adventures Pack.
  • Verified issues with CryoSleeping with no issues
  • Melters will re-awaken fluid even if it can't move.
  • Alloyed Assemblers are no longer part of Frozen Factory DLC (oops)
  • Researching an Unknown Material will now correctly display the information about researching it again.
  • Advanced Teleporters now available to Adventures Pack/Patreons - they do not work Networked currently, tho single-player should be just fine.
  • Added RailGun stat tracking
  • Fixed Scrap Track Junction rendering
  • Fixed a hopper exploit
  • Player will no longer be sent to look for Biomass once they have a Geothermal Plant.
  • Crystal and Lithium 'search' missions no longer trigger once you have Solar Panels
  • ARTHER PTG and Biomass 'comments' are also predicated appropriately.
  • Fixed Tutorial message sizes
  • Removed Copper Wire cost from Slopes, meaning a direct conversion is now available from regular Straights.

Freight Carts
  • Hooked up auto track colorer to the track pieces in the scene
  • Adds the color lighting update code for non-entity track pieces
  • Added ILightingDataUserInterface - this interface is attached to GOs to receive network lighting data updates
  • Added LightingDataOrderManager to pass the lighting updates to GOs on the unity thread
  • Added TrackAutoColor - a script that uses this interface to receive lighting updates for track color updates
  • Deleting cubes now check if they are tracks and queues a scan of the local track to determine if a freight connection was broken and will automatically trigger a grid reset
  • Added more verbose logging in FreightCartMob for some mystery errors recently reported to try to track down the source
  • Adds an error state for FreightCarts for when they can't find a place to offload excess (primarily to sync clients)
  • Adds necessary networking to support transmission of lighting data updates to clients
  • Adds AP DLC check and added tag for crafted items
  • Adds one way track to the AP DLC cube build check as they're of no use to players without the DLC (hidden to avoid confusion)
  • Adds depots and their cart contents to the freight system monitor grid display
  • Carts now tell depots if they can't navigate to them so they can tell the player there's something wrong
  • Blast furnaces no longer hint that they can connect to mass storage (they cant!)
  • Stations now only error for grids of 2 nodes (3 is minimum valid)
  • Junctions color by grid ID
  • Passes the entrydirection through to TrackPiece on create to cache for easy iteration

FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
If you have a burning desire or feature or change you want in, then you're running out of time to persuade me and others -

Current top candidates are Conveyor Corners, the MK4 turret and anti-grav ladders.
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
These days, of course, it's impossible to ship anything without breaking something, despite the tireless work of the testing crew, telling me how broken I've made anything - so therefore, have a tiny patch!

Fix List
  • Fixed endless 'Base Destroyed' message, which was due to the new UI
  • Reduced cost of Upgrade Cargo Lifts to be more in line with P20 costs.
  • Freight Carts research should now be correctly gated behind Adventures Pack or Patreon access
  • Fixed erroneous "Please purchase the Adventurers pack to continue" to people who have just built the MagmaBore.

Patch 22 goals:

  • Corner Conveyors
  • Advanced Teleporters
  • MK4 Turret
  • GPS

As well as continued polish, placeholder machines removed, and optimisation. See you next month! (Or, you know, sooner on the Forums, Twitter or Discord)
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
This month has been almost entirely focused on the new Freight Carts, and a complete, end-to-end playthrough of the entire game, networked, from the very start, right until the building, testing and firing of the new Rail Gun.

Note : The Freight Carts are not currently available. You can build the 'Scrap' tier of carts, but anything higher than that will currently, incorrectly, open up the Dapper DLC page! Sorry.

  • New main UI!
  • Use Signs to name your rooms!
  • All T2 crafting completely reworked to be similar to T1, and much more understandable to boot!
  • Loads of Frozen Factory improvements and rebalances
  • Freight Carts!
  • Suit Inventory now auto-uses Ampules and Boosters

Adventures Pack
  • Robot Herb Arms should now collect plants and hand them off to hoppers correctly.
  • Robots should now do a 180 degree turn after servicing Hydro Bays or Storage Hoppers.
  • Linked up all Orbital Railgun missions
  • Orbital Railgun no longer uses ~47,000 Alloyed Machines Blocks to make, but will instead make ~1,700 Ultimate Upgrade Modules. This is still around 700k bars of each of the sub-types, but should be much easier to actually manage.
  • Increased Ore Freighter carrying capacity by 4x, halved their speed, giving an effective 2x boost over previous.
    • Scrap Ore Freighters now carry 50
    • Basic Ore Freighters now carry 500
    • Fast Ore Freighters now carry 500
    • Large Ore Freighters now carry 1000
    • Bulk Ore Freighters now carry 1000
  • Ore Freighters now show their carried ore correctly.

  • Stations auto-name to the first freight item added if they don't have a name
  • Carts now turn around at one-ways if they approach them from the wrong side and properly trigger a nav refresh
  • SetErrorState now properly handles null interface case
  • FreightCart error colours are now more specific
    • Freight Cart error colours:
    • Yellow - Offloading Excess
    • Cyan - Parking at Depot
    • Magenta - Station Full
    • Red - Nav Error
  • Freight Cart Junctions of glory and win.

Just remember, the Adventures Pack is planned to be released within 1-3 months, depending on things, but if you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT, then you can become a Patreon and get immediate access, as well as supporting development of the game.

  • Added Titanium Housings and Titanium Housing Crafter
  • Added Gold Foil and Gold Foil Crafter
  • Added Secondary Upgrade Module Crafter and Secondary Upgrade Modules
  • Added Alloyed Upgrade Module Crafter and Alloyed Upgrade Modules
  • Added Ultimate Upgrade Module Crafter and Ultimate Upgrade Modules
  • Replaced all self-crafts that used Gold Wire with Gold Foil, 5 times less.
  • Replaced all self-crafts that used Titanium Plates with Titanium Housing, 6 times less.
  • Replaced all self-crafts that used Fortified PCBs with Secondary Upgrade Modules, 5 times less.
  • This should make things much simpler for T2 crafts. Everything should be 'about' the same cost.
  • Apologies that this may affect a few automation setups :(
  • Hid a number of items until slightly later in the game, so players can't research things they can't make.
  • Added Basic Conveyor Belt Crafting machines
  • Added Conveyor Belt Crafting machines
  • MK5 Induction kits are no longer used as a crafting ingredient. Instead you'll use UltimateUpgradeModules, each of which costs about 10% of the resources of a previous MK5 Induction Kit.
  • Titanium Housing Crafter PPS reduced to 25
  • Secondary Upgrade Module PPS increased to 150
  • Secondary Upgrade Module no longer required Primary PCBs (this reduces the cost of Alloyed Machine Blocks by 30 Tin bars per block)
  • Reduced Chrome and Moly cost in Chromed and Magnetic Block Assemblers
  • Reduced a number of RP costs for early-game items
  • Increased Research Value of Copper Ore
  • Added ScrapTrack Crafter
  • Added MinecartTrack Crafter
  • Many FF recipes now use the higher-tier Overclocked Clocks, which were sorely underused.

New things!

    Improved things!
    • New 'heavy machine cracks the ground' effect

    Quality of Life
    • Basic and Regular Conveyors can now be made immune to the effects of Cold and Toxic gases by building them inside an appropriately-classed room.
    • Signs next to Generic Room Controllers will now specifically name the room - you can use this to help newbies to your server understand things, or to remind you what on earth you had planned...
    • Many more optimisations to fluid
    • Players will no longer have a shadow when riding a minecart
    • Players should no longer clip into Stations whilst riding minecarts.
    • Decorative Blocks should no longer be cleared by WorkFloor Excavators.
    • Teleporting will now cause a clear-up of memory allocation and outdated texture loads.
    • Fixed issue where CompressDuringPlayOnly wouldn't submit folder for archival under certain circumstances
      (You can use CompressDuringPlay or CompressOnExit for now to ensure backups are made.)
    • Room Vaporators now support 256m^3, up from 192m^3

    • Lancers and Melters are now 2x the speed on Rapid.
    • Massive rework of the threaded fluid system. Now substantially better!
    • Fluid Pipes can now change colour appropriately. This change was far harder than this sentence makes out.
    • Destroying an OSC will no longer leave the OET in a really broken state. You WILL lose all the power tho - be more sure before hitting BOOM.
    • Trenchers should now correctly page in target drill segment
    • Healing Ampules are no longer used if you're dead. #bitlate
    • Increased size of Organic Power Storage once more.
    • Melters should now correctly support Freezon Boosting
    • Freezon-Booster Ablators and Liquifiers now cover a much larger range.
    • Lancers and Melters now have double range (18/26) when Freezon Boosted, as well as the increased clearance rate.
    • Increased CryoMine radius by 25%
    • Logistics Falcors will no longer service adjacent beacons.
    • Overclocked Clocks now use 5 Clocks, not 1.
    • All Overclocked use now reduced to 20%
    • Added a new suit item that doesn't do anything other than have a really pretty drop object with a big light on it. Useful in Clumsy Mode, but not elsewhere.
    • Improved Lens Polisher readout - it takes ALL lenses, btw!
    • RayGun unlock now pushed before Labs
    • Power cost for Rail Checking on Cargo Lifts is massively reduced, and doesn't change, regardless of fitted lift.
    • Medbay range increased to 10 metres.
    • All Ampules and Power Boosters now fit into the Suit Inventory.
    • All items now droppable. ALL items now droppable.
    • Assembly Line Machines are now 3x faster on Rapid.
    • Ampules stored in your Suit inventory will automatically trigger when at <25% health
    • Power Boosters stored in your Suit inventory will automatically trigger when ARTHER is at <15% health
    • OET Charge now displayed with an ETA properly.

    Known Issues
    • Directional Hoppers cannot offload to Multiblock machines. I can't work out a good fix for this.

    Fix List
    • Ore Density fixed on non-Rapid modes
    • Mobs that move outside of a Client's loaded frustum should no longer get lost in the ether.
    • Ore Smelter no longer gives any tutorial once the player has completed the game in a previous playthrough
    • Fixed rare crash in Mass Storage crates
    • New UI should fade appropriately.
    • Massively improved 'progress' indicator in Research Panel.
    • Hooked up 'Just keep scanning' achievement to when you hit 400/457 items in progression. I may change this to be harder.
    • Mynocks in a farm will no longer soak up lots of CPU time! This change will mostly only affect dual and quad core PCs.
    • All of the modifiers to plant growth speed should now apply correctly.
    • Fixed a generic issue with machines interacting with Assembly Line machines via the generic interface.
    • Fixed typo in Cost of MK3 Storage Ports
    • Fixed rare crash in Manufacturing Plants and Accessory Modules.
    • Railgun can now be fired more than once.
    • Railgun average, peak, ongoing and total firing stored and displayed.
    • CargoLifts should no longer get stuck forever after suffering from CryoPlasm or Sand
    • CargoLifts should be much more responsive for network clients.
    • Raygun now part of the Care Package.
    • Fixed issue where Dazzler would sulk if it couldn't find anything. Fun fact : 256 doesn't fit into a byte
    • Substantial improvements to smartness of fluid
    • Substantial improvements to performance of fluid
    • Segments with Cryo in them that haven't moved in a substantial timeframe will now freeze.
    • Falcor Bomber Radar is network synced
    • Falcor Beacons are network synced
    • Fixed threaded timing issue with CryoMap.
    • LOIC should now move under all circumstances.
    • Some fixes to the mission readout for the OET
    • Some fixes to TourCarts
    • Magma Storage now animates to show fullness.
    • MagmaBore readout switches across to Inferno Readout appropriately. Includes clients!
    • Fixed CryoMap machine display
    • Fixed CryoSpawner exploit
    • Network Freight fixes
    • Added Current Ride Cart debug
    • Added a new client comms stream to send world-wide data, even with the target machine isn't nearby.
    • Dropped items should no longer end up being visually in the wrong place.
    • Plenty of MagmaBore polish and fixes.
    • New top-UI
    • Teleport Mods should no longer punish you with pink
    • Locked TrackReservations to prevent thread clashing
    • Carts at request only hopper stations will automatically leave at the loading step

    • Made StationFull error state take precedence over OffloadingExcess - this should stop spamming of carts that are trying to offload at a full station
    • Freight cart depots should no longer report stations asking for carts of unknown tier
    • Freight stations on mass storage should have a popup box again
    • Doubled the penalty for carts passing through stations other than the destination
    • Carried out a bunch of graphical tweaks to all of the T4 Particulate filtration systems
    • [FreightCart]Suppressed some client spam for track reservations for FreightCartMob
    • Cleaned up the network reservation update for client FreightCartMob
    • Disabled the network updates of cart stats as that would be handled on mob creation and isn't needed each network update
    • Client freight carts can no longer shoot past a depot and derail while awaiting the server removal of the cart
    • FreightCartStations now force a UI refresh when a MS crate is registered (so MS connection is recognized)
    • Adds the abstract TrackPiece object for use in generic track tracing applications
    • Adds all necessary child TrackPieces for each existing track type with full navigation rules
    • Adds support to the AutoUpgrader to upgrade Scrap Track into standard Minecart Track
    • Fixes power requirement for AutoUpgrader to properly consume power for each upgrade
    • Freight Stations now flash red if there's an error
    • Ore Carts now show which ore they're carrying.
    • Freight Carts now utilise the Mass Storage colouring and texturing scheme, to show what they are carrying.
    • Fixed Overmind Guts hitbox + accidental achievement
    • Added error when Directional Hoppers are connected to offload to Multiblock machines.
    • Hiveminds will no longer be able to over-build and saturate orders.
    • Hiveminds now inter-react more strongly.
    • The punishment for nuking a hivemind is now about 4x worse. I'm tempted to reduce the amount of RP out there, in order to persuade people to go blow up hiveminds. Remember - hiveminds drop RP when blown up!
    • Fixed a number of issues regarding Hiveminds placing Mynocks onto Conveyors, that should now be resolved and improved substantially. You may spend a little more power on keeping conveyors clear now, tho.
    • Usable Item code now supports Suit Items
    • Hotbar counts now support Suit items.
    • Ampules are now correctly colour-coded by tier, starting with White at T0
    • Fixed the 'blip' of HODOR rocket noise when it loads.
    • Solar Panels are now 32x more efficient over the network
    • Ablators and Liquifiers should now correctly aim as network clients.
    • All Freight Carts and Ore Carts of all tiers now modelled
    • Lots and lots of Freight fixes
    • Lots of Freight fixes and improvements
    • Improved HEIST networking usage
    • All Spiderbot missions will no longer trigger when all overminds are dead
    • Added low-pass filter to Crystal Resonance, reducing some of the high frequencies at distance.
    • Fluid focus rebalanced to give priority to fluid near the player. When player isn't present, all fluid will tick equally.
    • Signs will now render faster
    • Improved Minecart track rendering
    • Freight Mod now part of the Adventures Pack! New, improved and improved!

    FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
    Just a reminder - all of the Loading Screens in FortressCraft are supplied by the community - got an amazing pic you want in there? Let me know!

    FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
    Here were are, at the 20th free Content Patch since we left Early Access. I'm going to keep saying that until it sinks in - I've *only* had a dozen people refer to it as Early Access in the last month, so maybe it's sinking in!

    This patch has mostly focused on bringing the Adventures Pack closer to completion, a huge amount of performance optimisation (yes, I'm surprised there's any left, but we're definitely out of low-hanging fruit now), and just a couple of useful shiny machines for you.

    I've also done 3 playthroughs of various Mutator combinations this month, and I'll be starting the P21 cycle by implementing the final changes to T1 progression, and then having a whoosh through the bonkers Sky Islands and the completely terrifying ResinPocalypse modes - feel free to join me!

    Live Streams

    So - on with the notes!

    • All Missions and Tutorials now disable-able from the Settings menu.
    • All Fluid is now on its own thread
    • Decomposed Bug Parts are now burnable.
    • Temperature calculations now threaded
    • Lots of room-related and instanced rendering performance boosts
    • Added Tin-based Upgrade Modules
    • Added Directional Storage Hopper
    • MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASIVE performance boost to Holobase rendering, working around a stupid Unity bug. Literally 100 times higher framerate in the Holobase.
    • Waypoint machines that are touching Ore are super awesome and super useful.
    • Added Tier 3 Glow to Skin Pack #1, replacing the utterly broken Neon Line effect.

    Known Issues
    • Constructocons can act weirdly in MP
    • Manufacturing Plant in HardcoreCrafting mode has some issues syncing in MP.

    • Moved balance of fluid from 'the entire world updates slowly' to 'up to 25% the amount fluid moves 4x faster' - it should be noted that the faster fluid might not be fluid anywhere near the player.
    • A number of performance optimisations - worlds heavy on MatterMovers and Enrichers should see a substantial boost.
    • Moved a number of very common, additively-rendered, instanced, meshes into a system where nearby lights don't break the instancing run. Performance++
    • Monster update to every machine I noticed not instancing.
    • Optimisations to Mission Manager
    • Optimisations to player movement
    • Further Torch optimisations
    • Fixed major LFGP issue with Grass and Plants (also all other machines, but mostly those)
    • Substantial render improvements to Jet Turbines
    • Substantial render improvements to FALCORs (3.5ms -> 0.24ms)
    • Substantial render improvements to Defense turrets
    • CPU performance boost to FALCOR Beacons, Workfloor Excavators, Mass Storage Ports and Quarries.
    • Substantial performance boost to Hazard Panel
    • Fluid (Cryo/Sand/Magma) has now been moved onto its own thread, which is designed to run adjacent to the current low frequency thread. This should provide substantially better use of your CPU and a large reduction in issues.
    • All torch calculations are now threaded, giving the unusual boost of being more responsive AND improving the framerate.
    • Rewrote Holobase rendering to avoid a Unity bug, increasing performance at least 100-fold.

    Quality of Life/Progression
    • All Missions and Tutorials now disable-able from the Settings menu.
      Be aware this will leave you with very little guidance on ideal progression.
    • Game should now correctly detect focus loss and regain on focus gain appropriately.
    • The Craft x25 button now shows how many you can craft, if you haven't got enough to craft 25. I'm really sorry I didn't add this 5 years ago, it's so good!
    • Increased HEFC biomass usage on non-Rapid difficulties. This has the net effect of making Geothermals more attractive, as well as making Resin farming relatively better.
    • All grades of FALCOR now have unique popup text
    • Servo Motor Makers are now a bit slower, as they were nearly instant!
    • Reduced the Paste cost of many blocks.
    • Removed CrystalOre usages from all recipes, and replaced with CrystalClocks.
    • Reduced craft costs of Minecart Track substantially.
    • Iron Bar usage removed entirely from all crafting recipes and replaced with Iron Gear where appropriate.
    • Self-healing now requires 4 power per health point, for a total of 400 power.
    • Torches' influence now slightly larger
    • Tweaked FALCOR Beacon heights so be 16m when underground
    • Airlock Doors are now a third of the cost, to encourage earlier-building of them
    • Changed a number of early and mid-game crafts to use Primary Upgrade Modules. This is aimed to relieve the pressure on the over-use of Lightweight Machine Housings, so 1 target hopper of each of these should go further.
    • Removed Mass Storage Input Ports, which are now entirely replaced with Mass Storage Stocking Ports. Craft costs are the same, and the upgrade path not a pain.
    • On non-rapid difficulties, Ore Density is substantially reduced near the CPH, increasing to the old density at approximately 256 metres. This means you'll need to decide between nearby, easy veins that won't last long, and further away, more challenging veins, that may lat your entire run.
    • Slightly decreased Rapid heal rate
    • Slightly increased healing power cost
    • Slightly increase Medbay heal rate
    • Fixed Issue where using a lower tier of healing after a higher tier would do nothing at all.
    • Dropped items readout now quantises to the nearest 25, to avoid mission spam
    • Conveyor Belts now count as a hard surface, and the player will move quickly.
    • Turrets will no longer wipe their power on game restart. No-one's noticed this in about 4 years.
    • Added 'hurt' sound effects for when the player is damaged by a mob. The voice is decided by your gender in the skin select screen.
    • Cargo Lifts now have improved paging capabilities; this should alleviate fluid dropping down shafts getting stuck, as well as allow them rapidly page in underground bases.
    • CPH can no longer sustain charge when destroyed, regardless of difficulty or gamemode. 3 playthroughs this month has shown that if you actually try and defend early, it's easy to win.
    • Day/Night sensitivity on Batteries - should give a little more performance, and a little less glow during the day.
    • AutoExcavator Preview should now run to the surface.
    • Decomposed Bug Parts are now burnable. This is mostly for Sky Islands, to ensure you're not screwed, even if there are no decent Coal deposits around.
    • Headlight power usage is now reflected in the Power Panel.

    Adventures Pack
    • [Adventures Pack] EMP Wasp health now scales with Threat
    • Added 1 EMP wasp per attack wave
    • [SkyIslands] Crystals high in the air are no longer of type 'unknown'
    • [OSHA]Fixed PTG/OSHA combo exploit.
    • Added correct ownership for Adventures Mode blocks
    • [Adventures Pack]OSHA Chevrons now correctly craftable.
    • [Adventures Pack]Added OSHA-compliant chevrons
    • [Adventures Pack]PTGs and OEs will now lose charge during a CPH loss on Important CPH
    • [Adventures Pack]Ore Smelter now loses power on Important CPH
    • [Adventures Pack]EMP Wasps will now spawn on Lucrative Mobs, Aggressive Mobs, and Important CPH modes.
    • [Adventures Pack]Added EMP Wasps which will drain the power of your PSBs
    • [Adventures Pack]Lucrative Mobs mode added. This is hilarious.

    • Aggressive Slimes found in Caverns now deal more damage to the player.
    • Slimes are no longer affected by Slime Attractors massively above or below them.
    • Slime movement is no longer entirely random, and they will now target your vibrating machines. The Slime Attractor will draw them away. P21 is likely to introduce 'Slimes getting jammed up in Ore Extractors', for those of you who decide not to defend your mining operation. ;-)
    • EMP Wasps will now spawn on Hard Mobs, if the user has the Adventures Pack or is a Patreon of the game.
    • CPH now repairs much slower than before.
    • Major fluid optimisation and completion of moving it to a totally unique thread - fluid should now be far more reactive
    • Further rework of graphics generation logic that should eliminate delay on vox changes
    • Updated Resin Handbook entries
    • Optimisations and priority changes to segment mesh updating - this should mean that 'busy' hiveminds no longer mean an incomplete and poor draw distance. It should also improve responsiveness when building.
    • Optimisations to fluid should reduce backlog and load.

    Fix list
    • Fixed a bug where ignoring a Critical mission for more than 20 mins would cause an erroneous success popup dialogue. This was specifically the Ore Thief one that was the cause of a number of negative reviews.
    • Ore Pings should now work in all languages
    • Fixed IO port recipe
    • Solar panels no longer work underground
    • BFL9000 has now been mothballed, and all recipes using it have been replaced with TurretMK3s.
    • Dirt is no longer invisible.
    • Removed the information cluttering up the info panel about how to craft something.
    • Fixed a number of critical issues with Creative, for the 3 people who still use it.
    • Solar Panel mission no longer persists if the player decides he hates solar. (?!)
    • Tweaked hivemind growth rates
    • Added extra safety checks for Dazzlers accidentally sweeping active beams around the entire Cold Cavern
    • Added Primary (tin) Upgrade Module + Support machines
    • Items will no longer default back to 'broken cube' when on Conveyor. This mostly applies to RackRails.
    • Fixed Jet Turbine exhaust, cone and heat haze
    • CargoLifts that don't fill in 1 tick now attempt to fill 3x more, every 3 ticks. Less spam, less CPU usage!
    • MFP preview of objects with sound will no longer play their sound whilst crafting.
    • Fixed potential issue with stat upload.
    • Slimes will no longer attack AFK players
    • Slimes will no longer attack guests
    • Tweaked Tunnel Nukers
    • Tweaked EMP Wasps
    • Waypoint machines now support Hardened Resin
    • Workfloor Excavators now appear on the Holobase.
    • Improved CamoBot targetting of Teleporters, Induction Plates, PSBs and LPTs

    • Teleporters now use up power in network games. Previously, a teleporter would never drop power. This may lead to a rebalance of Teleporters, as I nearly ALWAYS play as a network client, and I thought they were just fine.
    • Fixed issue with Melters not forcing segment into Fluid state
    • Fixed a number of MFP issues in network play
    • Turbine exhaust should no longer act oddly
    • You'll no longer be endlessly prompted to build 9 torches.
    • Grass now generates on headless network servers
    • OET should now show approximate time until full charge.
    • Fixed power cost of Imbued Machine Block crafter, which was accidentally 15.
    • Blue Bar (top right) now represents your CPU load; lower is better.
    • The Caverns now have a more substantial ongoing power cost to exist in them, which is negated via rooms. Hopefully this is a *little* more encouragement to room up your base.
    • 2020 mode now keeps graphics live to an unlimited distance. Do not use until the year 2020. Well, you can use it all you like, just don't complain it runs slow until at least 2020. ;-)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a Mynock to spawn into the wrong segment
    • Fixed an issue on reloading a world with Mynocks on existing conveyors.
    • Fixed constructobot 'escaping' issue
    • Fixed exploit in [redacted]
    • Tweaked FALCOR fps rate
    • Oozes can no longer attack the player unless they can see them (this is updated once per 5 seconds, so there's a bit of a window where they can shoot through walls still)
    • Fixed visibility issue with attacking Wasps
    • Fixed error with MFP generating preview object
    • Fixed potential block and repetition on Ore Thief mission
    • Fixed timing issue with updating of Mobs during Saving.
    • Fixed a large number of potential Mob issues with segment handoff. If there were any Minecart bugs left, they should be gone now!
    • Fixed an issue where more than 100 mobs in a single segment would lose ALL of the mobs. Mobs can no longer enter 'full' segments.
    • MedBays now accept power 5 times faster than before.
    • Entirely-threaded temperature calculations!
    • Waypoint Machines placed on Ore are now super-duper useful. Try it!
    • Slime Attractor mission gives up if the player is determined to ignore it.
    • Ore Thief mission will no longer bug the player after they have killed at least one Overmind. Please note, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that ALL players build an Ore Thief and connect it up to their start smelter, with virtually no exceptions.
    • Players should no longer see incorrect "Well done you done a copper" messages after being in-game a long, long time, or in Trencher-only bases.
    • Fixed performance issue with Crystals rendering incorrectly
    • Refinery Vats in segments by themselves are no longer invisible
    • Ore Extractor error count warning needs 5 minutes before an extractor counts towards that total.
    • OET charge should not longer get replaced with CPH 'kill counter' whilst charging.
    • MK5 batteries should now show their charge via glowing again
    • Fixed an issue with vis for Robotic Sorters when you come into range
    • Fixed a poor vis issue for Conveyor Belts when in a room and you come into range
    • Fixed vis issues with Storage Hoppers when in a room and you come into range
    • Fixed vis issues with PSBs inside rooms and... yeah. Range.

    May 17
    FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
    Then it's time to opt into the shiny new P19-Frozen!

    P20 should be made live early tomorrow morning, featuring a huge swathe of optimisations, loads of progress on the Adventures Pack DLC, and just a couple of brilliantly-clever new machines, neither of which were my idea - so this is your LAST CHANCE to opt-out of the patch.

    And remember, if you want to have your say on what should be next, head over to this thread:

    and either submit your idea (ONE!) or vote up/down what you feel should be implemented.
    FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
    I've got a Reddit thread going on here:

    If you get a moment, it would be great if you could pop along and vote on the features you'd like me to prioritise. If you have several moments, it'd be awesome if you could write up the single thing you feel the game needs most!

    (Don't put your responses here - the point of this is to get people to vote!)
    FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
    It's a tiny Monday patch for you all!

    • RackRailer graphics updated
    • Fixed hand-off issue with conveyor
    • MK3 turrets now need Lenses, not Eyes.
    • Macerators don't tell you about their power, as they don't use it
    • You should now spawn in front of a Cloner, not inside it.
    • Fixed Organic Parts collected by Robotic Sorters
    • [Adventures Pack]Added The ResinPocalypse Mutator. This... this is special and brilliant and terrible all at once.

    Your Steam client should grab this automatically, and all dedicated server branches have been updated.

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