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Stonehearth - Radiant
It’s Mine! Mine!
In this release, we have combined the two existing mining tools into a single new power-tool that has a number of new features, including:
  • The size of the mined cube can be changed both horizontally and vertically by holding Shift or Alt, respectively, and scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • The starting point of mining is no longer limited to a 4x4 grid.
  • You can remove parts of designated mining zones by holding Ctrl, which will make the tool subtract from existing regions rather than add to them.
  • When a mining zone is designated, the selected terrain is immediately hidden (while in the zones view mode), so you don’t have to wait for the area to be mined before designating further parts.
  • Mining zones now outline the actual blocks remaining to be mined, and are also now visible through terrain while in the zones view mode, so you don’t lose mining zones which might be deep underground.
  • Rulers indicating the mining zone dimensions are now drawn in white, and on top of geometry, so they are easily visible even when digging in slice mode or at odd camera angles.
This tool is still experimental, so please try it out and let us know what works and what doesn’t! One known issue is that in low quality graphics mode, selected mining zones will appear in white.

Multiplayer Changes
  • Added a market shelf that allows players to offer items to other players and visiting NPCs.
  • Added a performance warning for large multiplayer games.
  • Fixed combat alert notifications in multiplayer.
  • Fixed mods synced when joining a multiplayer game remaining auto-enabled afterwards.
  • Fixed multiple players getting assigned the same color in multiplayer.
  • Fixed empty player trade offers being considered valid.
  • Fixed multiplayer signal pings ignoring buildings.
  • Fixed an error that corrupted inventory items when reloading a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed error popups when clients send invalid data to the server.
  • Fixed several AI errors that happened when a player disconnects from a multiplayer game.

Building System Changes
  • Added support for RPG view mode on structures made with the new building system.
  • Added basic support for loading legacy (old building system) custom templates.
  • Added a search bar to the building templates list.
  • Fixed a number of issues around placing fixtures on roofs and roof walls.
  • Fixed a building progress bug caused by the town tier changing while a building is being built.
  • Fixed several small building system bugs.

Other Changes
  • Added visiting NPCs to tier 2 towns.
  • Added support for conversations with NPCs.
  • Added new audio effects for some monsters (ogres, golems).
  • Improved performance of several core gameplay systems.
  • Improved mining block order to reduce likelihood of hearthlings getting trapped.
  • Fixed the [M] version label not showing up when using Steam Workshop mods.
  • Fixed the Cramped thought getting stuck if added before the Strength town bonus is added.
  • Fixed hearthlings not being able to find some food types if they are stored in crates.
  • Fixed NPCs visiting for celebrations staying if the game is reloaded while they are leaving.
  • Fixed Lucky days putting incapacitated hearthlings in an unrecoverable state.
  • Fixed storage filter default to All/None not taking effect until game restart.

Unstable is Still Unstable
As usual, saves made on unstable are not guaranteed to work between unstable versions, but saves from different stable alpha versions should work.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth
Stonehearth - Radiant
Stonehearth - Radiant

Given all our recently added new features, every engineer on our team is going hard on fixing all the bugs you’ve found, plus working in general on performance and lag. Artist Allie and Artist Malley, however, are looking ahead a bit at some upcoming content we know you’ve all been waiting for: The Rabbit Clan.

Find it here:
Stonehearth - Radiant
Just one more teeny patch....
  • Fixed the broken template-rotation issue.
  • Fixed an issue where Hearthlings received tier building bonuses too early.
  • Fixed an issue where Hearthlings could get stuck building a building if the town tier changed during the build.
  • Allow placing fixtures to be placed on a building where another fixture was moved or removed.
Stonehearth - Radiant
As per tradition, this release fixes a couple bugs that snuck into version 24.9:
  • Fixed region selector error if selecting a null region.
  • Fix the storage filter default setting (All/None) not taking effect until game.

Game on!
Team Stonehearth!
Stonehearth - Radiant
Debug all the things!
We’ve recently blocked-in the major features for Alpha 24, and we’re now focused on fixing bugs and polishing things up. See the changelog below for details!

  • Added a "Change All" button in citizens menu that allows player to set the the Working For town for all citizens at once.
  • Added item numbers to other players inventory in trade menu.
  • Made multiplayer icon Hearthling shaped.
  • Made citizens drop all of their items when their player disconnects, so they don't keep items from other towns in their backpacks.
  • Made it so only a building’s owner can build, pause, resume or destroy it.
  • Changed Workshop uploads to use clearer folder names on the uploader’s machine.
  • Fixed presence cursor sphere colors not matching player colors.
  • Fixed localization for game description when you don't own a mod in mod sync screen.
  • Fixed Hearthlings disappearing when a player reconnects.
  • Fixed crafters claiming workshops from different towns.
  • Fixed reconnecting players sometimes stealing another player’s town.
  • Fixed another instance of citizens accidentally stealing from the town they are assisting when clearing their carried item into their backpacks.
  • Fixed a UI crash when rendering chat messages of people who've left.
  • Fixed hearthling not removing items from the correct inventory when dropping items that belong to another faction from their backpack.
  • Added new themed roof and wall colors for Rayya's Children and Ascendancy.
  • Added terrain colors.
  • Added support for item quality during fixture placement, and in the cost menu.
  • Added additional sounds to the builder.
  • Added support for optionally auto-replacing fixtures when they are destroyed.
  • Changed non-building ladder and placement modes to not show blueprints.
  • Changed building celebration to trigger only if the completed building was complex.
  • Fixed terrain not being restored when a building is destroyed.
  • Fixed the auto-queuing toggle in the settings not being respected.
  • Fixed backwards compatibility for templates without item quality.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a fixture on blocks could cause the block to be selected.
  • Fixed building rulers sometimes remaining after the building menu is closed.
Other changes
  • Added the ability to dismiss notifications by right-clicking on them.
  • Changed tooltip for the "Cloth, etc." storage category to "Refined Craftables (Cloth, etc.)" to better match its current use.
  • Changed shop notifications to disappear if not interacted with for 36 hours.
  • Fixed crafting order corruption when a crafter becomes incapacitated while collecting ingredients.
  • Fixed Mer Burlyhands appearing in the Goblin campaign.
  • Fixed Rayya’s Children Legendary recipe not unlocking correctly.
  • Fixed crafters collecting neutral (not owned by any player) ingredients.
  • Fixed several monster sound effects being inconsistent.
  • Fixed the storage category for Legendary weapon components to be Refined Craftables.
  • Fixed clapping audio attenuation.
  • Fixed “arrow” windows’ region shapes and offsets.
  • Fixed citizens menu checkboxes being unaligned when scrollbar doesn't exist.
  • Improved logic for merging mining zones.
As usual, saved games from previous unstable pushes like this one might be incompatible, but saves from stable version to stable version will work.

Every bug counts, so if you see any bugs please report them on our forum at

✨Have fun!✨
-Team Stonehearth 
Stonehearth - Radiant

Disconnecting players? How to make PvP Mods? What are we working on next? Now that Multiplayer and the Builder are BOTH on Steam unstable, this Desktop Tuesday answers a bunch of your common multiplayer-related questions.

Find it here:
Stonehearth - Radiant
This is a quick hotfix for a particularly bad bug included in the the 24.8 release, and a tweak to the default speed control setting:
  • Fixed server error when starting a building in the old building system.
  • Changed the default speed control setting to let both clients and hosts control it.
Stonehearth - Radiant
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