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Car football game Rocket League is getting its own version of Fortnite's Battle Pass, named the Rocket Pass.

It works in much the same way - developer Psyonix will sell a pass for each new in-game season of content released throughout the year. If you pay up you'll get extra cosmetic rewards as you play.

There's a free version of the Rocket Pass as well, which everyone gets. It includes customisation options, banners, titles and decryptors.

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As part of our Summer Roadmap blog that we posted last month, we talked about our new ‘Rocket Pass’ system that’s coming later this year. If you've been looking for more details since then, then today’s your day!

What is Rocket Pass?
Rocket Pass is a brand new, time-limited progression system that will give you several ways to earn new content in Rocket League. Our goal is to offer several Rocket Passes every year, with an emphasis on new, unique content for each Pass. This will not replace the current XP-based progression system and we’ll have more news on those XP plans and changes later this week.

Free and Premium
Starting later this summer, we’re going to offer you two versions of Rocket Pass right off the bat -- Free and Premium. The Free Rocket Pass will have Rewards that unlock automatically, giving everyone the opportunity to earn FREE new Customization Items, Player Banners, in-game Titles and Decryptors.

If you’re looking for additional content to unlock, you can choose to purchase the Premium Rocket Pass upgrade for ten Keys (USD $9.99 or regional equivalent). This comes with even more content, including new Customization Items, new Car Bodies, Keys, Premium Player Banners and Premium Titles. You’ll also unlock ‘XP Boosts’ that multiply your earned XP throughout the duration of your Rocket Pass, as well as ‘XP Awards’ that can help you advance through Rocket Pass more quickly.

Rocket Pass and its Premium upgrade will be available to every Rocket League player, no matter which platform you play on, and every item will be tradable (excluding typical non-tradable items like Titles). You’ll also be able to upgrade to Premium at any time while a Rocket Pass is active without losing any progress - you'll immediately receive Premium rewards up to your current Pass Tier and you’ll continue to receive all of the items from the Free Pass alongside Premium content until the earning period is over.

Finally, if you’re interested in purchasing the Premium upgrade, you’ll be able to view every piece of its content before upgrading, so you’ll know exactly what items are coming your way before you buy.

Tiers, Pro Tiers and Tiering Up
Each time you level up while Rocket Pass is active, you'll earn one Pass Tier. The more Tiers you earn, the more rewards you unlock. If you want those Premium rewards sooner than later, you can also ‘Tier Up’  by purchasing Tiers outright with Keys. We're still finalizing the total number of Tiers that will be available in the first Rocket Pass, so we'll have more to share on that aspect fairly soon.

Once you've unlocked all of the available Tiers in your Pass, you can begin earning ‘Pro Tiers’ if you've purchased the Premium upgrade. Each Pro Tier rewards you with a random Painted and/or Certified version of a Premium Rocket Pass item you've already unlocked. Even better, you won't see any duplicate rewards from Pro Tiers until you've completed the full set of each Paint Color and Certification for the current Pass.

We can’t wait for you to experience Rocket Pass later this year along with all of the awesome new content that’s coming with it. Have questions or want to share your thoughts on Rocket Pass? Be sure to join the conversation on on Reddit and Twitter and our Forums.

Will Rocket Pass feature Quests or Challenges as part of its leveling system?

There won't be any gameplay challenges in the first Rocket Pass. We intend to add a "Weekly Win Bonus" as part of Progression updates that allows you to level-up faster by winning enough games each week. We are being careful about introducing "challenges" as we don't want to disrupt the competitive balance of Rocket League by encouraging users to hunt down specific stats like Saves or Assists. That said, we are considering safe ways to give players specific goals for future Passes, like playing matches in specific game modes, or achieving shared team objectives.

Will high-level players earn Pass Tiers more slowly because their levels take longer?

Nope! As part of the Progression updates we've mentioned, all levels beyond a certain threshold require the same amount of experience. Level 30 will take just as long as Level 300. So you won’t be at any disadvantage if you’ve played more than someone else.

Can I unlock Crates in Rocket Pass?

Crates are not available as Pass Tier unlocks, but you can unlock Decryptors in Rocket Pass and Keys in the Premium upgrade.

Will every Rocket Pass item drop as Painted or Certified Pro Tier rewards?

No. Only a select list of items will be eligible to drop from Pro Tiers, which will be focused primarily on the best Premium rewards from the Pass.
Rocket League®

Back in May 2018, Psyonix revealed that Rocket League would be getting a Rocket Pass. Similar to Fortnite's pass, the Rocket Pass is a kind of secondary progression system in which players reach new tiers and unlock progressively rarer cosmetic items, rather than earning them solely from drops and loot boxes, which can't be opened without purchasing keys or earning decryptors during special events. 

The Rocket Pass will be split into free and premium modes, with the latter offering many more cosmetics at each tier. During a meeting at E3 last week, game director Scott Rudi revealed that this premium pass would cost $10.

No matter which Rocket Pass you use you'll be able to level it up to around tier 70, unlocking new cosmetics and occasionally decryptors at each tier. Premium owners will get a whole lot more, though, including new car bodies and loot box keys (which are better than decryptors as you can trade what you open). Once you reach the max level, however, premium Rocket Pass owners are able to unlock endless 'pro tiers' and continue earning randomized Painted and Certified variants of those same cosmetics, which will be a nice carrot on a stick for those hardcore players—especially because you won't get duplicates until after you've completed the full set. It's a nice alternative to loot boxes, which a lot of people have been too fond of for a while now for obvious reasons.

Each Rocket Pass is expected to last a few months before it and all of its rewards are retired and replaced by a new Rocket Pass with a whole new set of cosmetics to level up and earn.

All of this comes as part of the Summer Feature Update which is expected to arrive in July or August. Other major changes include cross platform parties with the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, and a revamped leveling system that is now infinite and doesn't require exponential amounts of experience. Combined with the Rocket Pass, it means that players will see a much steadier stream of cosmetic rewards. I can't talk though, I'm still rocking a common paint job and a wizard hat. Sometimes it's nice to keep it simple.

You can read more about Rocket Pass here and other features coming this summer here.

Rocket League®

Rocket League's Jurassic World Car Pack DLC released today, and while I'm not particularly fond of the Jurassic Jeep Wrangler it includes (you can't change the colors, for one thing), I had to check out the T rex goal explosion.

I thought a dabbing reaper was the most obnoxious Rocket League goal explosion possible, but I may have been wrong. See the video above for the screech of victory (make sure your volume's up for the full effect).

The Jurassic World Car Pack is $2, a small price to pay to summon a flaming T Rex accompanied by thousands of people playing plastic vuvuzelas every time you score.

Rocket League® - (Dominic Tarason)

Rocket League

Rocket League knows its audience. While the rest of the gaming works is going bananas over E3, salivating over the next big thing, Rocket League players only want to kick a ball around a bit. With rockets. And cars. As you do. The Beach Blast event went live about two hours ago, and will be continuing through until July 2nd. It offers players the chance to earn a whole new range of fashionable cosmetic bits for their cars, as well as a few new seasonal models. Or just buy them, although where’s the fun in that?


Rocket League® - Dirkened

Summertime hasn’t arrived just yet, but that’s not keeping us away from the beach -- and we’re taking YOU with us!

Beach Blast is Rocket League’s next in-game Event and it kicks off just before the summer arrives. Starting June 11 at 10am PDT (see full timing details below) you’ll be able to purchase ‘Beach Blast’ Crates with ‘Shells’ you earn for playing Online matches. You’ll also be able to purchase Beach Blast Crates directly through the Rocket League client (similar to buying Keys or Premium DLC Battle-Cars).

Like our previous Events, we’ll have 12 additional items for purchase with Shells as well, along with Decryptors! Check out screenshots of some of the items below!

Event timing details:
  • Beach Blast Start Time: Monday, June 11, 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST)
  • Beach Blast End Time: Monday, July 2, 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, 2am CEST on July 3)
  • Beach Blast ‘Shells’ Expire: Friday, July 6, 5pm PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST)
NOTE: Want more details on how in-game Events, Decryptors, and Event Crates work? Click here for a more in-depth explainer.

Rocket League® - Dirkened

With only days to go before the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) takes over London for the Season 5 World Championship, we're back with some news regarding Fan Rewards!

Double painted Fan Reward drops are BACK for the World Championship weekend! Not only are double painted drops active, but Apex wheels are making their return for the first time since we introduced Fan Rewards Phase 2! It’s the perfect time to tune back in if you missed your chance at Apex wheels in Season 4.

Be sure to sign up on the Fan Rewards website and get ready to see the 10 best teams in Rocket League compete for their share of $250,000!

Broadcast Schedule
Rocket League® - (Alice O'Connor)

It’s dino a go-go in the ludosphere lately as cross-medium opportunities hatch from the impending launch of the new talkie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Frontier’s Jurassic World Evolution will have us manage a dinopark, and now Rocket League has declared its own allegiance to humanity’s former steeds. New paid DLC later this month will add a Jurassic Park jeep as a sportscar, and yeah yeah whatever I know, but the important thing is: it’ll let us celebrate goals with a fiery Tyrannosaurus rex’s head rearing from between the posts and roaring. Synergise my brand awareness real good. (more…)

Rocket League®

Rocket League's latest content update, Salty Shores, introduced a smattering of '80s-themed content styled after sun-bleached beaches and the retina-searing citrus tones that come with them, including a sandy new map. The update has gone down pretty well overall, there's just one little problem: people can't see the freaking ball. 

As several Redditors have pointed out, the bright sun and even brighter sand of the Salty Shores map can be a legitimate hassle. Many players say they struggle to keep track of the ball and regularly lose sight of boost pads, especially when facing the side of the arena where the sun is rising. Others have reported FPS dips not seen on other maps, presumably due to their graphics cards squinting their eyes. (I am not a hardware expert.) 

Some players say the brightness backlash is overblown and suggest those affected calibrate the brightness and gamma of their monitors. Of course, that raises the issue of other maps (and indeed other games) appearing too dark. Other users have suggested releasing dusk and nighttime versions of the map, which I can definitely get behind if only because they'd probably be really cool. 

The complaint is common enough that it seems like developer Psyonix may actually address it. What do you think, readers? Is Salty Shores too damn bright or just bright enough? 

Rocket League®

Rocket League is getting a Jurassic-Park-inspired new car pack on June 18th, developer Psyonix has announced.

The Jurassic World Car Pack, as the new licensed addition is known, contains the distinctive Jeep Wrangler from the movie series, with its own unique wheels and engine audio. When used on the blue team, it'll sport liveries from Jurassic World, while the orange team proudly displays the iconic livery from the original Jurassic Park trilogy. The announcement trailer is kind of fantastic:

There's more though! The Jurassic World Car Pack also includes a Jurassic Park hard hat topper, a marginally terrifying T. rex goal explosion, plus a range of banners and antennas. Banners come emblazoned with Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and Mr. DNA theming, while antenna flags sport the logos of Park, World, and InGen, the fictional research company that started it all.

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