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Hey y'all!

We are about to announce some exciting news about our upcoming puzzle-adventure indie game "Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets", the game in which you will have to save the skin of an intern that refuses to become the food of some cute-but-lethal aliens.

If you don't want to miss any news about this game or any of our other future upcoming projects, follow our Steam Developer Page now! Just click on the "Follow" button and, if you are interested in learning how to cook delicious interns for aliens, wishlist our game!

Also, remember Nihilumbra is 70% OFF this week for Steam's summer sale. Welcome summer!!

Stay tuned friends <3
BeautiFun Games.

Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
Hey y’all!

Our upcoming puzzle-adventure game “Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets” has been selected for the Game Development World Championship 2018!

We are incredibly happy because of this but we need your support in order to get more possibilities to win the prize. You just need to press the button “Vote” below the screenshot of Professor Lupo (:

It would be awesome to present Professor Lupo at Finland and Sweden so, if you believe in the magic of indie games, make it happen! Vote our game for the GDWC18 <3

Thanks for the support,
BeautiFun Games Team.
Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
In a month we will be landing at San Francisco… the reason? Game Developers Conference! We will be presenting for the first time our upcoming puzzle-adventure game “Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets“.

Yes, we already presented it at Barcelona Games World 17, but this time we will have the whole game available for every hungry gamer out there!

If you’re an indie game studio, publisher, specialized press or you're interested in playing our new game and you’re attending GDC18, let’s meet each other! You will be able to reach us at our booth (PL4309).

A toast to indie games,
BeautiFun Games Team.
Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
After 6 years developing videogames we are honoured to share with the world the Reveal Trailer for our third title "Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets". Take a look at it!

We haven't announced the release date of Professor Lupo yet... so stay tuned for more news! You can follow the profiles of Professor Lupo at Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Spread the news, spread the love! <3
BeautiFun Games Team.
Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
Hello everyone!

"Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets" (our upcoming indiegame) needs your suport more than ever! Join our Thunderclap campaign and become the most epic intern of all times.

On November 14th we will share with the world the Reveal Trailer of Professor Lupo, and we couldn't be happier...! We plan to release this puzzle-adventure game by Early 2018 and, before the time of releasing the beast comes, we want everyone to hear about our new project.

That's why we need your help!

Thanks a lot!
BeautiFun Games Team
Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
Our new videogame at Barcelona Games World 2017!

This week is very special for us, our new game, in which we have been working the last year full-time non-stop, will be available at our stand at the Indie Zone at Barcelona Games World this weekend. For now, we will only share with all of you this blurred picture of the game... which will be a puzzle-adventure one!

Can't wait to know all your thoughts about our soon-to-be born videogame! 

Mar 21, 2017
Nihilumbra - BeautiFunGames
Our debut and unique platform videogame NIHILUMBRA is on sale. Grab now your copy for 70% OFF! Start preparing your spring break with this hot deal and don’t wait too long, because it will be only available for a week.

Community Announcements - BeautiFunGames
Gather your reindeers Santa, our games will keep you busy!

This year we decided to pull out all the stops and make Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and their whole team proud of our indie game studio. We know y'all love videogames and, to a greater or lesser extent, Christmas... that's why we have made the BIGGEST SALE of our games EVER!

First of all, Born wanted to look like Rudolph and we weren't able to make that type of cosmetic surgery since we're only a bunch of programmers and artists... with his new look, escaping from The Void has become an impossible task for him. That's why he needs more than ever your help. Make it happen, and save 70% on Nihilumbra's price!

Our second announcement has relation with "Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age", our retro-eighties synthwave brain-shaker... which is 50% OFF! Grab your neon wand, make Phoban grow a Santa's beard and save some money before 2017 arrives.

Because that's why Christmas sales were meant to: to save the world, spread the love, and discover new videogames that will enlarge your pupils... 👀 🔥

Enjoy the holidays and happy new year folks 🎉🎈
- BeautiFun Games Team.
Community Announcements - BeautiFunGames
We have been a bit quiet these last five days… the reason? We were still suffering the jet-lag of our 15 hour flight to Los Angeles! But, for those who have been checking out our social networks, you know we’ve been busy as hell :D

As we told you on our previous post, we were attending for four days IndieCade Festival at the University of Southern California, presenting our latest title “Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age“, and also meeting all the game developers, publishers and fans who where there too.

We had the chance to show our game to Sony and Abigail Tyson from Adult Swim (we absolutely love EVERYTHING from Adult Swim – from the videogames they publish to Rick and Morty and UMO’s videoclip!). Hopefully, we will tell you some news very soon in relation to this… but let’s don’t anticipate anything!

Also, we met the people from Polyraptor Games (Uruguay) and The Stonebot Studio (El Salvador). It was such an honour to get to know each other and play your games Rumpus and Stereo Aereo. They look incredible (handsome) and we are looking forward to play them on our consoles, computers or mobile devices :)

In November we have another festival coming, and this time on Bilbao (Spain). BeautiFun Games will be at Fun & Serious Festival, and also Megamagic, so see you there! For now, we will share with all of you some photos from our trip to LA:
Community Announcements - BeautiFunGames
We’ll be attending the Californian festival from Oct 13th to 16th!

It’s been a year or so since our last videogame festival abroad, but Festival Season has arrived again for BeautiFun Games. This time, our studio has its next stop in Los Angeles, California . We are already preparing our long journey to Orange County from the distance (Barcelona!), as you can see:

September has been a busy month for us: we have been preparing our trip and also giving the final touches to new projects we are currently working on… and we will be unveil some details sooner than later.

Even though our game “Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age” was not selected in IndieCade 2016’s official selection, we will be attending the whole festival, including the IndieXchange and the GameTasting events. In case you are interested in getting in touch with us or to become acquainted of our games, just send us an email here and let’s meet at IndieCade 2016… or at Hollywood Boulevard!

Have an incredible day,

- BeautiFun Games Team.

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