OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
  • Processing of some small sections along the old 301
  • New Soundcube at MoviePark Germany by StarTrek Coaster
  • Repaint "City Tour" included
  • New chrono events
  • New bus line 251
  • Various minor corrections
  • Route between OB-HBF and Sterkrade prepared for line 112
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
  • New: Due to various mistakes of the AI-train between Vegesack and Farge, all rides on this route will be deactivated. Instead, a rail replacement service was set up, which can be driven by the player every hour. The drives run under the line number 90E - also before the line change in Dec. 2011. The course is in the timetable menu under "SEV".
  • New: Announcement "Depot Blumenthal"
  • Fix: Revision Tile 16_-6, 16_-7, 15_-6
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft


  • Added light texture for trip recorder
  • Added special announcements for line 6 HafenCity
  • Recorded special announcements can be played from the ticket printer
  • Fixed mixed-up door symbols in central display (CapaCity)
  • Enhanced rattling sounds
  • Fixed errors in door and brake control
  • Fixed error in light control
  • Added control light for fog-lights
  • Enhanced drive-train setup
  • Enhanced ticket printer texture
  • Enhanced driving behaviour of CapaCity
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
  • Fixed incorrect repaints for the O 530 LE (subcontractor and white)
  • Bug fixed at the rear
  • Fixed AI interior for the O 530 subcontractor
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
The new vehicle expansion "Hamburg Buses" adds three of Hamburg’s city buses from the latest 2017 generation to OMSI. This includes the 21 metre long large-capacity articulated bus with 4 axles as well as the solo and articulated variants with 12 and 13 metres, respectively.The buses were optimised for use on the HafenCity map, supporting the special rerouting plans and special announcements.

The OMSI 2 Add-on Hamburg Buses is available now!

OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
  • New: Announcement "Bf Turnerstraße" & "Buschdeel" (modern)
  • New: Special announcement 2 & 7 (modern)
  • New: Bus flags will now be displayed for free market time (13.10.18 - 29.10.18)
  • Fix: Blinker speed changed
  • Fix: VDV display (door error)
  • Update: Indoor & BOB Advertising
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft

  • destination display: Error MAN NÜ fixed
  • doors: Doorswitches for the driver (door 1) is now working correctly on all vehicles
  • drivetrain: ASR/ABS problem fixed (no acceleration and red ASR/ABS warning light)
  • scripts: articulated-AI now working properly
  • scripts: AI script routines reworked for all vehicles
  • scripts: door script routines reworked for all vehicles; included the 3rd and 4th door
  • heater: modified and reworked sounds and scripts
  • sounds: some fixes and additions for the 3rd and 4th door and the heater routines
  • model: material assignment of the door opener buttons modified (they are now lit correctly by the dynamic interior lights)
  • BUS: 4-door NG313
  • dedicated AI: 4-door NG313
  • BUS: 3-door NL263
  • dedicated AI: 3-door NL263
  • feature: manual doors on all vehicles now available
  • new CTI: vis_doortype_gh (4th door NG313)
  • new CTI: vis_doortype_h (3rd door NL263)
  • new CTI: var_doorusage has now option "2" - manual doors
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
  • New vehicle variants
    - O 530 and O 530 G as used by a contract company
    - O 530 LE in two variants
  • Model improvements on the vehicles (Attention, changed exterior texture in the spotlight area!)
  • Various neutral vehicle repaints
  • Script adjustments (including heating system)
  • New AI vehicle
  • N4 direction Elisenbrunnen goes directly from Vaals border to Philipp-Neri-Weg
  • Various adjustments at the route (including height profile of Oppenhoffallee)
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft

  • Fixed animations for all characters "amble"
  • Added TicketPack "Bremen-Nord"
New Content:
  • English Voiceover for all characters
Woman 1:
  • New cloth varieties
  • Improved face textures
  • New haircut "Woman 1"
Woman 2:
  • Improved face textures
Woman 3:
  • New cloth varieties
Man 1:
  • New cloth varieties
Man 2:
  • New cloth varieties
  • Improved face textures
  • Improved t-shirt textures
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
  • More passenger traffic line 302
  • Tram line 302 every 5 minutes
  • More passengers from GE-HBF all lines
  • Holidays 2018 added
  • Christmas courses (e-cars) finally removed
  • ChronoEvent CARNIVAL from 05.02 to 14.02.2018 with large-scale detours in Bottrop

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