OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft

For the OMSI 2 add-ons Metropole Ruhr and Wuppertal there is a christmas update! Are you ready for more traffic, passengers and emergency vehicles for the winter and coming Christmas season?

What to expect you can see in this nice video:
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - (Alice O'Connor)

The latest expansion for OMSI 2 offers the rare opportunity to ride the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, a suspended monorail hanging over the river and streets of the German city Wuppertal. This bus-driving simulator is a bit too serious for my tastes, as I’m more of a happy-go-bumpy Bus Simulator 18 goof, but I would very much like to visit Wuppertal. I’m sure I could become a serious OMSI driver for this. Stop taking shortcuts over the pavement. Stick to a schedule. Not jump the train off the rail into the river. I could do that. The new expansion does also let folks drive buses on the streets of Wuppertal too, but why would you when the city has a flying train?


OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
On the road in Wuppertal: With the new OMSI 2 Add-on Wuppertal you now have the opportunity to discover the “large green city” with lots of realistically modelled buildings along 21 km of route.

As a special highlight, this add-on also includes the landmark of Wuppertal – the suspension railway. Along the drivable route you can discover the city from above, as well.

Available now on Steam!
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
  • 76E: Courses 3505 and 3714 integrated (Bf Vegesack - Schulzentrum Sandwehen)
    - New trips: 00_NKW-B33; 00_F43-NKW
    - Bus stop cube "Neuenkirchener Weg / Schulbus" added
  • Fix: course 3770 Mon-Fri: Ride at 0:11 from BVE (double)
  • Fix: N7 now pays attention to Vegesacker Fall Market Redirection (2010, 2011)
  • Fix: Revision of the minor roads in the area of Seefahrtstraße (Grohn)
  • Update: New Announcement "Bf Aumund", "Neuenkirchener Weg", Special Announcement 13 (IBISPlus)
  • New: Christmas time 2018
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
  • New: Bus line 75 is introduced. It runs exclusively until December 2011 and connects the city areas Grohn, Vegesack, Blumenthal and Lüssum.
  • New: Bus N7: The night line N7 returns in a slimmed down and fictitious line to the virtual Bremen-Nord
  • New: Announcements for replacement bus service (please use Bremen SEV.hof)
  • New: New timetables until December 2011
  • New: Many new objects in the Grohn area
  • New: Bird chirping in forest areas
  • Fix: Various adjustments to the map (design, traffic light phases)
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
  • objects for the landscape added
  • KI trains added
  • cash box replaced
  • hires night textures at train station
  • CPU KI drive corrected
  • traffic lights corrected
  • 60 new traffic signs added
  • high res textures of houses along the route
  • new houses in Meggen
  • Adjusted brake function
  • Schedule card installed
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
On June 30th, 2018 you can expect (for the first time with auxiliary arrows and also as ChronoEvent playable) two "ExtraSchicht" lines, which could be reconstruct as realistically as possible. The ES6 and ES11 operate every 15/30 minutes through the Ruhr area from location to location.

OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft
  • Processing of some small sections along the old 301
  • New Soundcube at MoviePark Germany by StarTrek Coaster
  • Repaint "City Tour" included
  • New chrono events
  • New bus line 251
  • Various minor corrections
  • Route between OB-HBF and Sterkrade prepared for line 112
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - aerosoft
  • New: Due to various mistakes of the AI-train between Vegesack and Farge, all rides on this route will be deactivated. Instead, a rail replacement service was set up, which can be driven by the player every hour. The drives run under the line number 90E - also before the line change in Dec. 2011. The course is in the timetable menu under "SEV".
  • New: Announcement "Depot Blumenthal"
  • Fix: Revision Tile 16_-6, 16_-7, 15_-6
OMSI 2: Steam Edition - Aerosoft


  • Added light texture for trip recorder
  • Added special announcements for line 6 HafenCity
  • Recorded special announcements can be played from the ticket printer
  • Fixed mixed-up door symbols in central display (CapaCity)
  • Enhanced rattling sounds
  • Fixed errors in door and brake control
  • Fixed error in light control
  • Added control light for fog-lights
  • Enhanced drive-train setup
  • Enhanced ticket printer texture
  • Enhanced driving behaviour of CapaCity

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