Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf

Hi Everyone,

Here's some new stuff we hope you will like! :)

Proving Grounds:
If you have ever wanted to see how your ship would do against the local Arena ship, wish no longer because you can now have a simulated battle vs arena ships to test out your designs with no risk to life and limb.

New Map! (Hexor)
This new 110 territory map is hex based. It is a much more traditional strategic map but it turns out to be quite fun to play as well! It is only available in Sandbox Mode.

Engine Boost Changes:
We are experimenting with a new boost system that requires 20% boost fuel to start boosting. This is in response to user input that players were holding the boost button down indefinitely in battle because they were overwhelmed or just forgot. This lead to the boost never recharging.

Now what will happen is once the boost pool is empty, it will instantly start filling, but boost cannot re-engage until it is 20% full (only takes a couple of seconds) So if you are holding the boost key too long now, you will get repeated boosts as the pool fills to 20% then drains then fills etc... 20% is about the required boost to actually get the ship moving and it doesn't take too long to fill.

Some had suggested just to let the boost pool totally fill once drained even if the key was pressed, but not to start a new boost until the boost button was released and pressed again. We experimented with this as well, but it felt like a bug to have a full boost bar and no boost happening.

This change is experimental. Give it a few days and see how it feels. Personally we like it, but we want to hear your thoughts as well.

Here is the complete list of changes/fixes/additions.
  • Relations hit added with a transport owner when it is destroyed.
  • Relations hit added with faction leader when capital transport destroyed.
  • Fix for rare case where player is second last in faction and the faction leader gets zombified thus forcing the player into role as faction leader and starting own faction.
  • Fixed case where you could be moving while the assign starbase menu was active, causing potential weirdness.
  • Fixed case where strike craft needs 1 blueprint to level up to level 6, but 2 are currently spawned in the level and picking up the second blueprint erroneously says the strike craft is now level 7
  • Fixed zombified faction member phone call creating non exitable menu after zombie faction destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where a player base couldn't be built if the zombie war meter filled while the player was a member of another faction.
  • Added sort captains by distance on the faction info pane. Makes easier to find joiners and get to them quicker when you run a faction.
  • Fixed case where battlewagon would fire missiles at targets out of range when another viable target was in range, but the lock was still on the out of range target.
  • Changed: New engine boost mechanic where if you hold down boost it will now regen up to 20% before starting to boost again. Initiating boost now requires 20% boost juice, but if you hold the boost button all the time, it will now do something each time the boost recharges to 20% instead of just staying drained until you release the boost button.
  • Added Proving Grounds to all Arenas. This lets you test our your own mothership build vs the Arena ship you would usually pilot in a simulation.
  • Fixed outdated hangar tutorial image from before the big v0.8 upgrade to the new strike craft system.
  • The weapon group HUD now has text to show what the icons mean, so people can find battle wagon mode more easily if they missed it in the tutorial.
  • Text and translation updates
  • Reworked the objective coloring system so that green objectives are things to do, and grey ones are completed so it is consistent throughout the flow.
  • Added new 110 territory hex based map called Hexor. Can be found in the sandbox options.
  • The infection balls the zombies shoot now have warning effects on them to show bio hazard.
  • Fixed the broken alpha mask on the zoom scope.
  • The being chased line on the map is now more scary so it is harder to ignore.
  • In VR mode, the cursors now lock to the slide bar they are sliding so you don't need to be a surgeon to use them.
  • Fixed VR restore defaults button not saving settings.
  • Improved method for adjusting the VR menu position with motion controls.

Thanks for playing!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf
Hi All,

Just a quick note, Traditional and Simplified Chinese are now active language options as of v1.001.

There are no other changes in this new version aside from the addition of the two new languages.

We are not able to read either of these new languages, so there may be a few translation issues at first, but please let us know if you find any, and we will collect them and have them fixed promptly.

We are currently taking some personal time until January. We have finished up with the launch PR campaign and now have a bit of time to relax over the holidays and get our heads back on straight.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Valve
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 is Now Available on Steam!

Design and then improve the ultimate mothership. Explore a persistent living galaxy populated by 200 unique captains that can do everything you can do. Survive the zombie infection and then fight them back. Make allies and start your own faction. Build your empire. Also includes Sandbox Mode.

Space Pirates And Zombies 2

Released in 2011, Space Pirates and Zombies was more of a good idea than a good game: "Not quite ready for prime time, but with plenty of potential if the right choices are made," as we said in our review. A few years later the opportunity to grow that potential came along in the form of Space Pirates and Zombies 2, which went into Steam Early Access in May 2016, and yesterday made it into full release. 

The launch trailer, I'll admit, is a little baffling, and so too is the description on Steam: The entire galaxy sounds like a George Miller post-apocalypse—infrastructure has collapsed, fuel is scarce, and scavenging means survival—and there are hundreds of fleets in the galaxy all trying to survive, led by captains with all the same abilities as the player. 

"As resource scarcity becomes critical, ships come into conflict just to survive. Factions may form for protection or split due to starvation. Old friends must become fodder," the Steam listing says. "Stronger factions establish and defend territories, set up resource hubs, and establish star bases. Weaker factions may resort to banditry. Each captain is unique, persistent, and shapes the Galaxy." 

On the upside, the zombie uprising has apparently been put down. That's good news, right?

It's a lot to take in. Fortunately, confusion can be averted (or at least attenuated somewhat) by way of the free demo. If you dig it, the full game goes for $20/£15, and there's a website with more information up at   

Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

Spaceship-building shoot-o-strategy sandbox Space Pirates and Zombies 2 today officially launched, following eighteen months in early access. No, don’t mind the name: this is an interesting game. You build your own spaceship, right, by snapping together bits and pieces. So far, so spaceship. Then you set out to stay alive in a post-spacezombie apocalypse, however you can. Find resources, claim territory, build bases, salvage, trade, befriend factions, break alliances, and shoot spaceships… all while 200 other AI-controlled captains do the same. A bit like Mount & Blade with spaceships. (more…)

Nov 7, 2017
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf

Hi All,

Release day has finally arrived!

Early Access has been a great learning experience for us and we are so thankful for all of you who came along with us for the ride, sharing your ideas and support.

SPAZ 2 has been a long haul. 18 months in Early Access, and 18 months as Coming Soon prior to that. So 3 years now we have been on the Steam forums daily taking input on the game, sharing progress, and leaning on you all for support. We feel like we received a massive education in that time. All together SPAZ 2 was in development for 62 months. 62 crazy months.

Going forward, we plan to continue to support SPAZ 2. In the short term, we have a Chinese translation almost ready as well as tools to allow players to localize SPAZ 2 themselves into their language of choice. We also want to create a system to make the sandbox tuning files conveniently sharable on workshop.

Beyond that, we are hoping the community continues to grow and shares their ideas so we can continue to tune and tweak.

So for the Early Access crew, thank you for letting us get to know you and for sharing your ideas. You helped keep us going. It was hard sometimes, but we always had you counting on us and believing in us. We couldn't have done this alone.

For new players, thank you for joining us! We gave it our all with SPAZ 2. We worked harder than we ever thought we could and in the end we think we did it, by some miracle :)

For those on the fence. We have added a robust demo that works on flat screen and VR. Give it a try. Your saves will carry over to the full game, and there are the first couple of hours of gameplay in there.

Thank you all!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)
Oct 24, 2017
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to give you all a heads up that we will be leaving Early Access on November 7, 2017.

Code lockdown has gone really well and the buglists for 1.0 are clear, so it is time to give SPAZ 2 its final 2 weeks in the oven before release.

The release should simply be us changing the version number to 1.0 on Novermber 7th, assuming no more critical issues arise. Thanks for your patience with the lockdown. We feel it is the best practice for a clean release.

We want to thank everyone who has been there with us over the last 17 months of Early Access. It has been great sharing ideas each day and SPAZ 2 is so much better for it. We really appreciate you all!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf

Hi All,

We have spent the last month continuing our preparations for the 1.0 release. The month was all about removing those last few hard to find bugs and doing a bit of deeper optimization that was not possible while the codebase was in flux.

We have also begun to work on the Mac and Linux builds in the hopes that they will be ready before for the Windows 1.0 release.

So lets delve into what's been going on....

Bug Fixes/Changes:

Some of these last bugs have been on our list for over a year, but we finally got the time to fix them. It feels great to clear them off the list.

  • Fixed hang when retreating from battle after destroying a starbase.
  • Fixed case where is was possible for loading an autosave to force you into a battle instead of being on the starmap.
  • Fixed rare case where bandit's demand surrender menu would appear at the start of battles.
  • Removed Scrap and Loose Scrap text from the bandit hive attack menu since it was just confusing. Look at the values of the Rez,Goons,Scrap to see what the raid potential is. Bigger is better.
  • Fixed scavenge node coloring updating when the owner is changed.
  • Fixed scavenge nodes losing player ownership when a new node lands on top of it.
  • Added code to detect and skip loading of corrupted settings/save files.
  • Fixed case where XP rewards often returned 50 when late game when the player was much much higher threat than other enemies. Now XP rewards will continue to scale down appropriately even once the player is uber strong.
  • Added Custom Order Parts Max Stars to the Sandbox options. Allows setting how good the custom order parts can be. Can also turn off custom order parts entirely with the slider.
  • Motherships higher prioritize fighting other motherships in battle, about twice as much as before.
  • Starbases much higher prioritize targeting other motherships in battle, about 3x as much as before. This is to prevent them wasting missiles and bombs on strike craft. Their local beam defenses will still target any strike craft that stray too close.
  • Starbases are now priority targets in combat as well for motherships. Targeting weighting 2x higher than before.
  • Added nice fade out to loading savegames, instead of a frozen screen.
  • Fixed Kill Captain side objective to only count captains, not bandits or transports.
  • Fixed special hot swap case when switching medium sized parts left to right sometimes the swap would fail.
  • B button can now back out of the Tactics Panel in controller mode.
  • If in escape pod on the starmap, territories are now discovered as you travel.
  • Spelling fixed across all languages
  • Bloom now has 4 intensity settings


These optimizations may not seem like much, 8% here 4% there, but for lower end machines these will be pretty substantial. Whenever the game starts running too slowly, the physics needs to update multiple times per frame, making performance worse and worse. This train wreck feeds on itself when it happens. So what we have essentially done is made the train wreck a LOT less likely for people both in battle and on the starmap.

  • Major starmap optimization, prevents rolling movement lag in large galaxy. Smooths out the map a lot. This will be a huge improvement on slower machines in big galaxies.
  • Weapon mounts now cache their battle wagon targeting for 100ms instead of constantly re-thinking. This bought back about 8% cpu in battles.
  • Weapons now don't rethink targeting while they are reloading, saves about 4% cpu in battles.
  • Major fighter optimization at lower frame rates. When train wrecks happened, fighters were particularly impacted... Not anymore.

VR Stuff:

VR is really stable now and pretty much final. Reviews indicate that the vast majority of people are really enjoying SPAZ 2 in 3D, and they are surprised that a VR game can work so well in 3rd person. So were we :)

Now the challenge will be to get VR players to know we exist.

  • In VR mode, the physics update was automatically being set super high by the SteamVR Vive plugin. This caused major slowdown in physics intensive battles. Now the VR updates at the same rate as the flat screen/Rift so big battles are nice and smooth. This will be a HUGE performance improvement on the Vive.
  • Added display menu for VR to size the output window.

Mac and Linux Build Progress Update:

The Mac version is in a 95% working state, including the Xbox controller functionality. We are using six year old Mac Books to test it (the same ones we used to test SPAZ 1), and the game still runs quite well. Expect to see an experimental version available soon.

The Linux build has been a bit of a challenge so far, mostly because of our inexperience working with the platform. This doesn't mean the Linux build is going poorly, but it's a slow process while we learn something new to us. Expect to hear an update on this front soon.

Going Forward:

So as of September 1, our two year project has hit year number five. We still cringe at being on the most anticipated titles of 2014 list... In the end though, what we ended up with was well worth the extra time, and we love how the game evolved during Early Access.

Our bugs lists are now pretty much empty for the windows build. We still have a set of smaller tasks that are not new feature related that we would like to complete such as adding more achievements, and adding new arena ships to showcase the new weapons added months ago in the super strike craft update. This all all icing on the cake stuff though. For all intents and purposes the windows build is ready.

Code is in hard lockdown now in prep for 1.0 and also to help with the Mac and Linux porting, the Early Access goals are complete, and the bug lists are empty. It feels good... really good!

We are also starting to look at ways of getting exposure for the 1.0 release. This will involve talking to PR agencies, contacting Let's Players, somehow advertising etc. This will take a bit of time, but really is the last step before we release. We need to build a bit of buzz for release and any help with that would be appreciated! As with SPAZ 1, please tell your friends.

Thanks very much for your continued support!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)

Aug 8, 2017
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf

Hi All,

This version was all about completing the final deliverables for the 1.0 release. We are so close now. We have had a ton of great input over the last 14 months in Early Access, and we really appreciate you taking this journey with us!

Major additions:

  • Professional Voice Acting.
  • Localization to French, German, and Russian.
  • VR motion controller support for VIVE and OCULUS

Here we go.

Professional Voice Acting:

Hiring professional voice talent was new to us, but in the end we think that we found the perfect voices for each character. In fact, originally we were not going to professionally voice Mac, Skid or the Computer but in the end the quality of the main cast's voice acting was so high that we decided to voice everything because the difference between the professional voice acting and the text to speech was just too glaring.

We now have over 2 HOURS of spoken dialogue in the game between Elsa, Carl, Jamison, Mac, Skid and Janeframe (the Computer) It was surprising how much voice work is actually in the game, over 18000 words.

We originally tried to have the voice work done locally, but it was too short notice for the local studios, so we decided to try to to do it ourselves. We put together detailed character packages and posted on a couple big voice acting sites (Voice123 and CastingCallClub) and what do you know, we got over 300 auditions over the course of a week. We narrowed and narrowed and finally both Richard and I independently came to the exact same picks for the voices (so no arguing there, phew)

After that we interviewed each actor over Skype and answered questions, we finally had a group table read using a 5 way Skype call. It was really incredible to hear the voices of our characters come alive after 8 years of developing them.

Once the table read was done, recording started individually by each voice actor, and they delivered audio files weekly for about a month. And now we have it all compiled together and balanced and in game, ready for you to hear. We hope you love the voices as much as we do.

Note: The old text to speech voices are still in there and are individually selectable via the sound menu for nostalgia sake.

Localization to French, German, and Russian:

This version was also about getting the localization system ready for public consumption. We were contacted by some fans of SPAZ 2 and decided to Localize French, German, and Russian. French and German because they are fairly large sections of our European player base, and Russian was picked because of its large player base and for having an entirely different alphabet from Germanic languages.

Having fans translate the game was a great choice we think. They really understood the feel of the SPAZ universe and sometimes even suggested inside jokes from their own languages to replace our own. All in all it was a great experience and the translators were super dedicated. They translated over 30,000 words type dedicated.

There may be some translation issues or missed spots so please report any mistakes or omissions. Its a lot of words, and things will have been missed/mislabeled. The translators will want to fix them and we want them fixed! :)

Once the localization has settled, we will be releasing custom localization XML files. This will allow player localization to any language. The process we went through with the translators should have knocked off most of the translation rough edges. Long term, we would like to hook up player translations to Steam Workshop, though that probably wouldn't be before 1.0.

For official translations we are going to see how the current translations do sales wise before branching out further. Managing an official translation takes considerable time and a non trivial amount of funds. So for example if the translated versions suddenly explode in sales, it makes doing other languages more attractive. This is all new to us, so we need to see. In any case we will support custom translation by players, so if there is an interest in a particular language, a translation will always be possible.

VR motion controller support:

As a final step to our VR support, we have added motion controls to SPAZ 2 VR. Richard has prepared a video linked here to explain it a bit. Even if you don't have VR, you may be able to get a bit of a sense of how SPAZ 2 feels in VR.

One motion controller is for aiming and ship functions like boosting shields, reloading, and camera controls. The other controller is for movement, switching weapons, and switching ships. It was quite a challenge to get all the SPAZ 2 functions on the few controller buttons, but we managed it by using the grip button as a sort of “shift key.”

Gameplay wise, shooting is definitely my favorite on the motion controls. Lazing targets is just cool. Flight wise there are three modes. Controller relative (point where you want the ship to go), Helmet relative (forward means go toward where you are looking), or Ship relative (pressing left turns you left) Find a mode that is most comfortable to you. Note: VR also allows you to use a regular XInput style controller instead of the motion controls. This behaves the same as on the flat screen.

This version will bring our VR support to completion aside from bugs. Please please give it a try if you can and let us know if you have problems (especially with the motion controls)

Additional Fixes/Changes:
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the camera could get caught flickering when toggle camera was selected right before pause.
  • Made AI captains attack Bandit Hives longer so they try to destroy them more vs just raiding them for supplies.
  • Fixed case where captains would raid bandit hives with bounties instead of trying to destroy them.
  • Made local governors more likely to clear bandit hives from their territory.
  • AI captains more likely to complete Starbase building tasks where they have to pay a portion of the cost themselves.
  • Made the blocked port checker a little more forgiving to allow fitting parts in spots that look like they should allow parts to fit.
  • Fixed bug where sniper cannons and mass drivers would cause a hitch in the enemy ship's movement when they hit.
  • Fixed exploit where you could disband a starbase you own to get salavge access to the store inventory which you do not actually own.
  • Fixed Starbases not dropping their Stockpile contents when disbanded.
  • Fixed mouse over resource values disagreeing with Starmap values (Ceil/Round Conflict)
  • Fixed Join faction button round off error, reporting relations too low when it is possible to join.
  • Fixed issue where bombs on strike craft would impact the player ship when starting combat.
  • Added Starmap Explored button to the Sandbox level setup options. This makes the starmap fully explored on start.
  • Accessing Cheat menu easier for a variety of keyboards: (Left Alt or Right Alt or AltGr) + (F7 or 0)
  • Starbase bounties are now checked vs the bounty taker's relation with the owner. So friends will no longer attack your bases.
  • Bounty takers will now take into consideration their relations with the faction leader before taking on a bounty to destroy a starbase (So player friends won't attack the bases in the Player faction, even if the player does not own that base)
  • Fixed issue where you could contextual target parts in the inventory level, causing Battle Wagon to attack them.
  • Fixed issue where you could lock onto an ally outside of battlewagon mode, then switch to battlewagon mode and your ship would automatically fire at your ally.
  • Fixed fighter docking issues on high speed motherships where they couldn't catch up.
  • Increased Rez drop from zombie Starbases from a flat 200 to 400-1000 based on the size of the base.
  • Fixed case where you could mark a part for hot swapping in the inventory level then attach it to your ship using the tractor instead, leaving the part in a weird state.
  • Starbase threat level now properly updates when you level up.
  • Starbase threat updates when transferred to a new owner to reflect their tech level
  • Fixed knocked off enemy parts attached to player ship not consuming any capacitor power. In fact, it was stealing the power from the old ship.
  • When the player rams a ship, the ship being rammed now takes it as a hostile act. Especially so if they are an ally and there are not hostile ships left in the region. Allies now react to being rammed to death for free parts after battles conclude.
  • Fixed case where after player lost a battle and player continued instead of loading that the winning ships did not recover their strike craft and their health was not updated to the proper post battle health.
  • Taught Motherships not to avoid Strike Craft and since they will rarely collide due to being at different Y heights. (Also taught strike craft not to avoid motherships)
  • New AI flight system that attempts to de-clump the ships and keep ships at optimal range with each other. Also smooths out their decision making so they stick with ideas longer and don't criss cross each other so much while re evaluating.
  • New weapon analyzer that weights damage potential of all equipped weapons and decides the best combat range based on that.
  • AI ships better at deciding when to boost engines.
  • When clicking “Fight” on a station, you need to click the button a second time within 3 seconds to prevent accidental fights.
  • On Easy and Normal difficulties the max stars for AI strike craft are 4 for larges, and 5 for mediums and smalls. Hard and Insane unchanged.
  • Fix for case where ship parts could not reattach sometimes when they were knocked by enemy captains.
  • Fixed issue where zombie strike craft spawned from eggs were much higher in Y than regular strike craft.

Going Forward:

With the addition of voice acting, localization, and the completion of VR, our Early Access goals are now complete. We still have a bit of tuning and bug fixing to do, but the codebase is mostly on lockdown now in preparation for 1.0. Even seemingly simple changes sometimes cause nasty bugs, so we have to let the build settle before release.

Once 1.0 releases, we will be spending time on a Mac and Linux port right away. Then we plan to re-open the code base in response to the new player input that “hopefully” floods in.

It has been a really long road for SPAZ 2 (5 years as of September 1) but we are thrilled with the results and the support you all have given us!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)
Space Pirates And Zombies 2 - Blorf

Hi All,

The goal of this update was to sneak in a couple final features before 1.0 code lockdown as well as to get a start on our remaining Early Access goals, voice acting and localization.

We need to get the build as solid as we can for the v1.0 release, so going forward we will be focusing on tuning and bug fixing to ensure a great 1.0 release. After 1.0 we will again be able to look at new features, and we will hopefully see a lot of new faces joining the community with great ideas.

In this update we have added a new 100 territory map “The Clockwork Void,” as well as the “Dark Cycle,” a system of rebounding ever increasing zombie infection for the sandbox mode. Behind the scenes, we have now cast our voice actors and begun localization.

Now for the details!

The Clockwork Void:

We have added a new 100 territory map! Richard and I decided that we needed something between the 53 territory Micro Spiral and the 200 territory Milky Colossus.

We are now using this new 100 territory map as the basis for the story mode.

The original map (now called the Micro Spiral) has had years of testing with the Story, but this new map has had maybe a dozen hours. So there may be issues, please report them if you see them.

It is scary to make a change of this magnitude this late in the project, but from a high level the 100 territory map seems like the best galaxy size for first time players.

For those of you familiar with playing the story mode, a comparison to the old story mode with the smaller map would be great!

The Dark Cycle:

We have added a system of rebounding zombies to the Sandbox Mode. This has been an ongoing request from marathon players, that they want ever increasing challenges. Well the rebounding zombies should fulfill that and then some. Here's how it works...

Under the “Zombe War” section of the Sandbox Tuning menu you can now activate “Rebounding Zombies.”

One important note, we made it so that you can even activate Rebounding Zombies in old sandbox saves, so you don't need to start from scratch to bring the zombie menace back!

Rebound strength is based on the zombie generation. The sliders show how bad the next incoming generation will be. This means the values on the sliders will increase as the generation increases, but you are still able to fine tune how bad each next incoming generation will be (until it arrives)

You are also able to turn off rebounding zombies as long as the dark infection count down has not started for the next round. So, if you are fighting the zombies and need a breather between outbreaks, you can turn off the rebound for a while. It is kind of a “self serve apocalypse.”

Rebound Level Increase:
For each zombie generation this is how much higher level the Zombie Alpha will be than you when it arrives. Note, this is multiplied by the current zombie generation. So if 10 levels at generation 1, then 20 levels at generation 2 and 100 levels are generation 10.

Extra Underlings:
This dictates how many of the AI controlled captains will instantly become infected on the next outbreak. This is also multiplied by rebound generation.

How this works is that the weakest captains will fall to the new infection. They then have their levels buffed to somewhere between your level and the Alpha's level. So this means there will be a continuum of nasty zombies to fight and the weakest captains from the Galaxy now become highly relevant conflict wise.

In general the weakest captains will be the neutral captains, so the factions will take less of a hit than the neutrals, until you run out of neutrals... Filthy neutrals.

Extra Territory:
This is how many territories the zombie outbreak will spread to on a new infection cycle. The territories are picked such that they will try to take empty territory first, but will spread into faction territory if they have to. This is also multiplied by the rebound generation.

Timer Decrease:
This is how much shorter the zombie arrival timer will be for the next rebound. So the rebounds can come faster and faster based on the current generation.

Minimum Zombie Time:
This sets some minimum time for rebounds, so you don't end up with zombies respawning every 10 seconds (unless you want them to)

Localization Begins:

This month we also made big strides with our localization system. We have hired translators for French, German, and Russian versions of SPAZ 2. It took some time to get the translation pipeline in order, but now the translators are busily localizing the 30,000+ lines of text.

Going forward we hope to release a system that will allow fan translations of SPAZ 2 using a system like Steam Workshop. This current round of official translation is a test bed for that future fan based system. So if someone someday wants a Latin version of SPAZ 2, then they will be able to make one by editing some XML files.

Voice Acting Casting:

Well, 300 voice auditions later we have our Elsa, Carl, and Jamison. 8 years we have worked with these characters and they finally have voices!

Casting was a huge learning experience for us, because in our combined 28 years of video game development experience, we have never directly handled acquiring voice talent. Now that we have the cast, we are excited to put on our director hats :)

We will be keeping the option to use the old Text To Speech version of the cast as well for posterity, but we think that once you hear these voice actors that it will be really hard to go back to TTS. We love you TTS, but these professional voice actors are just so, so... much better.

Additional Fixes/Changes:

  • Changed minimum armor repair rate to 0.1% for Sandbox mode. Setting 0% was causing armor break-off updates to be skipped, preventing parts from ever breaking off.
  • When ramming, less of the damage is transmitted through the skeleton of the ship so fewer parts will break off that weren't directly impacted by the ram. So your engine won't break off when you ram with your nose anymore.
  • Lowered the reflected back damage to the rammer when ramming by 20%
  • Fixed connection helper arrows remaining on when the part being connected is destroyed due to being used to smack other ships.
  • Made tractored parts less likely to be destroyed when they hit enemy ships while being tractored.
  • Fixed VR zooming on the starmap when pressing RB with the controller
  • Added Vertical menu offset slider for VR
  • Added menu distance slider for VR
  • Reversed combat zooming in VR mode with the controller
  • Custom part price multiplier slider for sandbox mode.
  • Fixed the auto deploy button on the tactics panel so it wouldn't be disabled when a strike craft is currently active.
  • Fixed controller not being able to advance dialogue in the final mission.
  • Fixed case where the level set dressing asteroids could get too close to the play area and look like intractable asteroids.

Going Forward:

This next update will be about tuning and bug fixing for v1.0. Schedule permitting, we will also be recording and adding the new voice acting. We also hope to have the French, German, and Russian translations completed.

VR wise, we will be getting the motion controllers working and finalizing as well so it can be tested for hopefully a parallel release with version 1.0.

So we are really really close now. Thank you all so much for taking this 13 month Early Access ride with us!

Andrew (Blorf) and Richard (Narlak)

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