StarDrive 2 - Zero
Hi folks.

Tomorrow at 10 AM PST I will host a stream on my Twitch channel wherein I will be playing StarDrive 2 and taking notes for future enhancements. Please come on by and say hello.
Jun 20, 2017
StarDrive 2 - Zero
Hi folks. Today we've launched some crowd-funding for our newest game, Longsword: Tabletop Tactics.

Check it out and let me know what you think!
Community Announcements - Zero
Today's update, which will soon go live, marks the launch of a huge array of changes for StarDrive 2, including a massive community patch, a new content pack, and the release of a Gold Pack for first-time players who want to get all of the StarDrive 2 content at a discounted bundle rate.

First up, the version 1.4 “Community” Patch provides a massively rebalanced StarDrive 2 experience that provides upgraded AI behaviors, rebalanced weapon statistics, new weapons and ship modules, and an upgraded tech tree. This sweeping set of changes began its life as a Mod created by the following community members, to whom we are grateful for their passion and dedication:

- Icemania
- Mezmorki
- Crunchy Gremlin
- Marcos
- CblHoK
- Gut

But be warned! This patch makes the AI far more deadly than they once were, and I guarantee that you will be facing never-before-seen challenges after this patch. The full set of changes that are integrated from this modification can be found on the forum thread here:

Second, this patch introduces a number of new features and bug fixes. The coolest new feature is that you now have the ability to Recolor your ships in the shipyard. When you visit the shipyard you will now see a new UI element that you can use to change the various colorings and glows of your ships. I hope you will enjoy customizing your ships with this new feature.

I have also tracked down some more persistent bugs and fixed them, including:
-Fixed Ordnance transporters not working correctly
-Fixed Retreat behavior. If you retreat a fleet from a combat, then it will retreat to the nearest friendly planet that is at least 15 AU away - this will prevent fleets from having nowhere to run following a retreat
-Increased the turn rate for all ships by 25%
-Fixed issue with paradise lost event not cleaning up properly
-Fixed issue where Drop Pods technology was not unlocking
-Fixed issue where trade treaties weren’t being cleaned up properly after expiration
-Fixed issue where GNN could report on defeated races more than once
-Fixed an issue where the timer for producing new infantry and mechs would be reset each time you entered a tactical battle or loaded a saved game

Third, we are soon launching the Shipyards Content Pack, which will add 13 new customizable ship hulls to the game plus a new fighter and heavy fighter model. These hulls are bristling with weapon turrets that correspond to the design of the ship; designs with a few huge cannons or a multitude of small ones will have different turret layouts as a result. Furthermore, each of these ship hulls now has a new special passive ability to solidify its role on the battlefield. This content pack is offered at $4.99 and I hope that you will enjoy it and support ongoing development with a purchase.

I hope you enjoy the patch. If you run into any problems, come to the Steam forums and we’ll sort you out.
Apr 18, 2016
Community Announcements - Zero
Hi guys, patching today. Still working at it. There's a big change in here so look out...

1. Fixed issue with the space station cantina upgrade causing incorrect income calculations

2. Changed the way fleet maintenance is calculated when over your CP cap. It is now a non-linear curve as you exceed your cap, which should help keep AI and player fleet sizes much closer to the proper size, rather than having these monstrous fleets supported by a big economic base. There's more to running a fleet than just having money, and I want this change to underscore that fact.

3. AI Corvettes wil now refit

4. Starbases will now become much tougher as you unlock better armor. Every module will be equipped with what amounts to one 3x3 plate of your best armor.

5. For modders: Added a list of string values to the AI strategy files that will allow you to limit which races can use an AI. You would add lines like so:

Valid values are: Race_ + the name of the race, which will be Pollops, Kulrathi, Draylok, Opteris, Cordrazine, Human, Vulfar, Ralyeh, Chukk

6. I tweaked some values so that Aggressive/Evil AIs will be more aggressive if you've got poor relations with them.

7. Fixed an issue with the Mega Fauna event, where you wouldn't get the special project if the Mega Fauna world spawned in a home system of a race

8. Fixed an issue with the constructor CP removal tech that was still lingering; won't be a retroactive fix, sorry

9. Made some adjustments to the AI to ensure that they won't exceed their command point limit following the new changes.

10. Fixed an issue where the various statistics for your empire were not being properly computed at the end of a turn, which could see odd things happening with your CP count, among other issues

11. Added some more feedback in the Command Point UI element so you'd know when you're over your limit with yellow or red warnings. Added the amount spent on fleet maintenance to the tooltip.

12. Fixed an issue where the Ai would think it is at war after aggressively annexing a minor race, which would prevent the Ai from starting new wars thereafter.

13. Beefed up my Interventionist logic. There has always been code for Good races to protect other Good races from the player's aggression. I have changed this to be Non-Evil races protecting other Non-evil races.
Mar 13, 2016
Community Announcements - Zero
Folks, I am going to patch again on this day of rest.

Current Issues:

1. Fixed an issue where the AI could invade your planet even though they are a few sectors away. This occurs when they are pathing around terrain.
2. Working on lingering issues with the withdraw button
3. Fixed an issue with the Osiran Plate module set having blank text
4. Fixed an issue where friendly beam weapons could harm friendly canopy shields
5. Fixed a hang at the end of the turn that could occur for honestly unknown reasons. All I know is that it's fixed.
6. Fixed an issue where the Star Killer could keep returning to the same system
7. Defeated empires will now have their influence thoroughly nuked from the map in the DLC
8. Defeated empires will have their entries removed from the victory screen
9. Fixed a bug that could occur when loading a saved game
10. Fixed issue where you could build a base station in an unowned star system
Mar 12, 2016
Community Announcements - Zero
Hi folks - it's been a hectic week here at Zero Sum Games. We're thrilled with the reception of the DLC, and I'm pleased to keep on getting your feedback. We have a great community and I'm listening for any bug reports and feature requests and working hard to get them to you ASAP.

To that end, I have I uploaded a small patch today with the following changes.

1. Fixed the issue that I introduced yesterday where shields stopped working properly
2. If you have the osiran fusion bonus then that will work now in battle
3. Ships will explode appropriately on the strategy map again
4. Fixed a problem with large spiral galaxy creation
5. Potential fix for issue with multiple intercepts occurring after an auto combat
6. Added options to disable victory conditions when creating a new game
7. Fixed an issue where you could get no buttons on the UI when invading a planet in the vanilla game
8. Fix for being able to build any ship even if you didn't have the tech!
9. Fixed food shortage bug on .5 food worlds
10. Fixed a hang that could occur if you had an event in the queue for a destroyed planet
Mar 10, 2016
Community Announcements - Zero
Hi Folks.
Today's patch brings a bunch of fixes and tweaks in response to feedback and bug reports! It's going live now across all platforms

1. I fixed an issue with invalid ship designs appearing after you get the tech that doubles your fusion output
2. Fixed several issues related to planetary invasions and the Warhawk Cabal
3. Fixed an issue with the Masters appearing too soon on high difficulties
4. Fixed an issue where ships that are out of fuel who enter an opposing starbase area would hang the game, being unable to withdraw
5. Fixed an issue with the Cantina not applying its bonuses
6. Fixed an issue with the Arena event missing some text and generally not working as intended
7. fixed an issue with the Colony ship event spawning the ship somewhere that you didn't expect
8. Fixed issue with starkiller losing charges between saves;
9. Potential fix for non-functional withdraw buttons appearing
10. Fix for creative races not getting all techs when the tech is completed via an event
11 .Fixed an issue with trilithium bonuses potentially disappearing after researching more advanced warp tech
12. Fixed an issue where enemy Starbases could potentially be invisible
13. Fixed an issue where a special tile that spawns in your borders at game start could have the terrain stay invisible until you visited it
14. Energy Future tech costs are fixed. Was 1000 when it should have been 10k
15. Fixed an issue where Experimental techs could have their costs all screwed up if you started a few games back to back without quitting
16. Fixed an issue where the game could hang at 100% turn on the DLC if there was a ground combat plus a few other potential things going on at the same time
17. Fixed subspace artillery research giving you the grimdark expanse benefits. facepalm

I want you to leave a positive review for the game because you like it. So if you do like it, please go leave me a review. If you're not yet satisfied, then tell me why and I'll do my damndest to earn your thumbs up.
Community Announcements - Zero
Hi folks.

I'm patching a few issues that cropped up today. Some things got twisted up with the Vanilla version today and this patch will set you straight there, if you were seeing some funky stuff.

We've also got fixes for the foreign language versions of the Expac coming online now. Sorry for any troubles!
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on StarDrive 2!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - [ICE]_Beastman
Check it out here!

Contents of this post:

1. DLC Description!
2. Patch Notes!
3. Your discussion of the DLC!

For those of you who choose to support our ongoing development today, thank you! I've worked very hard to provide what I hope will be many more hours of unique gameplay for you. What you're about to play will be StarDrive 2 at its core, but I think these changes and additions will really make your games feel like totally new experiences.

Now, we have tested this puppy from top to bottom and I think it's solid as a rock from a QA perspective. That said, ♥♥♥♥ happens! I could have broken the entire thing yesterday with a single key-stroke. If you encounter a bug, please don't yell at me. Just tell me what you're seeing and I'll nuke these bugs from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

This DLC is not the end for StarDrive 2. It's just the start of a new era. Hopefully this will prove to be a successful venture - i.e. a good investment of my time and resources. One way or another, you can expect ongoing support for SD2 and the expac, plus I've been getting a lot of requests for a Ship Pack DLC in the future, and that sounds kind of nice to me too. I'll be putting my head together with you guys and with Iceberg to figure out where to go after this.


Alright first, off, here's the DLC description:

You're interested in buying this DLC? Well, hold on there bucko - I'm not sure if you're rated on DLC that's this hot. If you think you can handle this kind of horsepower, then what you're looking at here is an incredible new set of features and content for the award-winning* galaxy-spanning PC entertainment experience that is StarDrive 2.

This baby takes the base game of StarDrive 2 and overhauls it with massive changes to the structure of the galaxy. First and foremost, the galaxy is now divided into Hexagonal Sectors, providing new resources, terrain features, chokepoints, and reasons for you to commit genocide on the friendly plant people. New deep space construction mechanics allow you to fortify sectors with battlestations, mining outposts, science stations, and more. Sectors are jam-packed with new anomalies to explore, quests to unlock, and dangers to bravely run away from.

Sector Zero now features several new ways to win the game, including a technology victory, a story-based victory, and a score victory. You can view your progress towards your victory goal on the brand new victory screen. Dozens of new technologies have been added to support these new mechanics and the AI has been given some serious upgrades to help them win the game too!

Planetary Invasion mechanics have received a serious overhaul in this expansion pack as well. While the legacy 3d battle system will remain in place for story-based battles, planetary ground combats will now take place over several turns, allowing you - and the AI - an opportunity to gain space superiority and to reinforce a besieged planet.

But do you think we'd stop there? Because we didn't! We also increased the maximum amount of Star Systems from 100 to 200, while providing you tinkerers with the option to crank that maximum up as high as your PC will allow!

All of this and more can be yours for a mere ten Earth dollars, rounded down to the appropriately psychologically enticing amount.


  • New Hex-tile Strategy Map, with deep space terrain features like nebulae, wreckage fields, and more
  • New Deep Space Construction mechanics that will allow you to fortify sectors with battle stations and economic buildings
  • Three new ways to win the game
  • Dozens of new quests, anomalies, technologies, and events
  • Overhauled ground combat
  • Improved UI and AI
  • Increased Galaxy Size options

Here are the other patch notes. I was pretty bad about keeping patch notes so some stuff that's been fixed is not listed here. Lots of small fixes in addition to these bigger things:

  • Added a new Victory Conditions screen which will show your progress towards beating the game
  • Added a new scoring system and a new Score victory, which will grant victory to the player with the highest score total at the end of 1000 turns. This game length value is configurable in the config file if you want a longer or shorter game.
  • Fallout Radiation now dissipates more slowly
  • The AI will trade for more techs among themselves, with an emphasis on getting shields if they didn’t already have them
  • The AI will not research future techs while there are still regular techs left to research. previously they could, at times, head too deep into the future tech while ignoring potentially more helpful regular tech
  • Increased the frequency that the AI will refit its ships
  • Placed the “Max Systems” count number in the game config file, allowing you to crank up the number of star systems to whatever you want. Note that this may choke your computer to death with space tentacles if you go too high. Default is 100 for vanilla and 200 for the expansion.
  • Limited the number of carriers an AI empire will build, to assist in them getting a more diverse fleet that is less system-crushing in huge battles
  • Changed the particle FX on heavy rockets because large numbers of rockets could stress graphics cards
  • Refactored all projectile code for increased performance and a lesser strain on the physics engine
  • Increased the penalties to production and research for having an unhappy populace, and slightly increased the penalty to happiness imposed by overcrowding. The goal of this change is to encourage pursuit of a wider empire, as I think Tall empires currently have an edge
  • The AI will now potentially make peace with one another after a prolonged war
  • The Znodforce One now has power!
  • Experimental technologies now have a cost multiplier the further down the tree they are
  • The MegaHospital building will now rapidly heal troops when out of combat. Otherwise, troops stationed at a planet will heal 5 hp per turn.
  • AI players will contact the player with offers and demands less frequently now, as it could get a bit annoying
  • Nuclear Bombs have had their effectiveness versus troops reduced
  • Fixed an issue where ships capable of exterminating your populace were not using their bio-terminators
    fixed issue with leaders killed in manual combat remaining in the leader screen
  • (Expac Only) Many tweaks and changes have been made to the auto-combat calculator after manually playing battles and consistently winning, and then consistently seeing losses in the auto-calculator. The following changes have helped normalize those results:
    Fixed an issue with the auto-combat calculator that set the cutoff for long range weapons at 600m. I lowered this to 500m, so weapons such as heavy rockets will be considered long-range weapons for auto combats.
    Reduced the effectiveness of fighters at the long-range and mid-range phases of the auto-combat calculator.
    Increased the odds of killing a fighter in the close range combat phase of the calculation
    Point Defense weapons will mitigate damage received, with reduced effectiveness at closer ranges
    Reduced the variance in damage that could be taken from ship to ship; ships will now be guaranteed to take a relatively equal portion of damage relative to the number of ships in fleet, with a +/- 30% variation possible
    Corvettes and Frigates each receive a sizeable damage mitigation bonus during long and medium range combat phases

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