Maia - simon
Maia 0.67 is here! This huge update is all about polish. Check out this quick video of me showing off the major changes:

Polished.. floors.

Fine dust in a humid underground base quickly turns to sticky, sticky dirt. Colonists will inevitably traipse it all around the base, making everyone intensely miserable at the state of it all.

Thankfully there is now a floor cleaning robot ready to remove dirt and polish scuffs off the floor! Just build it and watch it methodically work its way around the base. Or maybe take it for a spin in first person?

[Seedyness Intensifies]

The propagator adds a new level of depth and interaction to your hydroponics room. The systems grow seedlings in a carefully controlled environment to maximise yield from the colony’s seed stocks from earth.


The IMP robot can now pick up items (and creatures) in first person, manipulate them and carry them about. This new level of interaction gives you more control over the little things in life (such as chickens).

The repair bot has also been upgraded with new first person user interface systems to help identify items requiring repair.

What are they plotting?

The colony’s wall screens are now able to show useful base data graphed. See real time feeds of room temperature and atmosphere, grid status, storage amounts of rations, materials and minerals and even receive advanced notice of shockwaves and earthquakes using the accurately generated seismograph.

Inbox Zeros

Colonist emails are now more detailed and varied and will focus on core issues in the base. They also include profile pictures for the colonists sending them to help you identify the sender and grow closer to them before they inevitably die in a fire.

Mist opportunities

Exterior rendering has been improved substantially with new detail in snow and ground water. A new volumetric effect outside will render fog, dust and smoke with realistic movement depth and shadows.

It must be f/8

The user interface has had a lot of tweaks and improvements. The game camera is now smoothed and can also zoom into rooms and will adjust its height automatically when moving around the base.

Placing rooms is now easier with new icons for each room type. Many of the UI modes are more responsive or have been tweaked for clarity. More text has shadowing, and mouse over info tips have been clarified and shortened to make them easier to skim.

Other notable changes:

  • AI player added. Type "aiPlayer" in the console to activate a basic self-playing base AI that can construct rooms, items and manage basic functions.
  • Tutorial reworked for new items and to give the player more time to digest information.
  • Cassiopeia mission lengthened, made easier.
  • Colonist stockpiling needs tweaked.
  • Other misc colonist AI needs balancing.
  • Colonists will no longer interrupt social interactions between others.
  • Colonists are less (intentionally) suicidal.
  • Breakdown rates for many items tweaked.
  • IMPs are less grumpy and won't smash everything now.
  • Ground overlay info no longer comes up if emails are open.
  • Game meta-progress now saved.
  • Finished mission names now shown in blue.
  • Fix for flywheel sound when locked.
  • Click interactions added for more objects.
  • Building geothermal power equipment underground no longer requires airlock proximity.
  • Tape drive infotip added.
  • Tape drive power use increased, disks spin down during blackout.
  • Atmosphere generator, smelter and nanoprinter infotips update slower.
  • Megacephalagia creature attacks on wind turbines are now more dramatic with extra animation and pfx.
  • Vox Nocturnis creature territorial need increased.
  • Game will now push new players to try a tutorial.
  • Wait added to dogs and robots when clicked on to give player more time to give a move order.
  • Dogs place a higher priority on patrol orders given by a player.
  • Chicken breath amount slightly randomised.
  • Colonist diseases added to save files.
  • Shader generation info now goes into log.
  • Shader fix for MSAA not showing lines in IMP first person vision.
  • Fix for IMP vision masking out text due to sky mask.
  • Removal of log terminal on Windows builds.
  • Text renderer bugs fixed.
  • First person mode labels now have shadows for easier reading.
  • Width fix for border for colonist names on selection panel.
  • Numerous shader optimisations.
  • Fix for potential crash caused by colonist memories.
  • More code modernisation to C++14 standards.

If you want to see more changes to the game as they go live. Get on the Development branch on Steam. You can also watch as I update the repository on the development site.

0.68 is already in the works and will again be focused on improving the AI, more management and feedback from the games systems, rounding off some of the sharper edges.

Please let me know if you find any big bugs or issues. If you appreciate the effort going into the game, don't forget to leave a Steam review!
Maia - simon
Maia 0.66 is here! This build brings hundreds of changes focusing on balancing, emergent behaviours, performance and the user interface.

Here's a short video of me showing off a small handful of the new features:

“Do you want me to sit in a corner and rust, or just fall apart where I’m standing?”

Your I.M.P robots now have a growing sense of person, and with that of course, comes existential dread. Keep your robots occupied with work or they will start getting depressed, misbehaving, annoying your colonists or even smashing up valuable equipment.

“We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!”

With the new middle-click menu you can set which colonists are allowed to use a certain item. This functionality has many potential uses uses, from assigning ownership to a bed, to optimising entire rooms by having a select team of skilled users for the equipment. In the later game it can even be used to segregate off entire sections of the base. Of course the colonists, being human, might not always follow the rules forced upon them.



Colonist mouse-overs have been improved with ECG readouts now hinting at what exciting life threatening issues they may have and a brief inventory list of what the colonist is carrying around with them.


Bok bok.. thud

Chicken AI is improved with new physical and personality traits. Some may be more susceptible to fire and sparks, some able to breath in a low atmosphere environment, some social, some anxious. As the chickens breed these traits will be passed down and potentially strengthened. Of course for this selection to happen chickens have to die a lot more, so they do.


“What the photon is it?”

0.66 brings many optimisations and performance gains for many system configurations as well as improved visuals with a new ambient occlusion algorithm and lighting systems.

Many aspects of item placement and path-finding have been improved. Placement holograms are improved with smoother transitions between warning states and clearer information when there is an issue. Interaction points are brighter and higher resolution to better indicate how to face an object.

More changes:
  • Mouse over info for different terrain types.
  • New research tech added for Cognitive millimetre wave networks.
  • In the colonist panel on the bottom left. If a colonist needs attention the colour of their name will be yellow. If they are unconscious it will now be red.
  • Colonists will no longer write long boring emails about people they don't know yet.
  • Colonists will no longer write emails about dogs that they confused for humans.
  • When an email is being drawn, left clicking will now immediately draw all the text on screen.
  • Colonists will now place less importance on going to the toilet
  • Harvest early option added to hydroponics.
  • Added delay to colonists pulling out glowsticks or putting them away as they got really indecisive if your power supply was varying and it was migraine inducing.
  • IMP robots will now pick up materials left outside and bring them to storage.
  • Extra bullet proofing of email code.
  • Rain storms will now occasionally have some thunder. The distance of the thunder will indicate incoming storms.
  • Room ambience changed to only play one room tone at a time.
  • Room ambience will fade out faster (and is now more audible).
  • Hurricanes tweaked for bigger impact.
  • Solar events more sporadic.
  • Toilet door animations fixed.
  • Mineral mining is now deterministic from world seeds.
  • Creature wandering behaviours now leave an 8m safe zone around map edges.
  • Utility robots, protobirds and chickens using an item will quit out early if object is destroyed during use.
  • Larger solar panels are prioritised over portable ones when building.
  • Object placement errors and warnings are now less likely to get stuck on an incorrect warning state.
  • Fix for colonists carrying hologram glowsticks.
  • Colonist glow sticks less bright, more attenuation.
  • Fix for base randomisation and generation issues.
  • Colonists less likely to put raw food packets into storage room.
  • Tutorial world seed changed, for a easier layout.
  • Noise class now carries its own random generator for better world generation results.
  • Colonist food preparation needs reduced.
  • Building material stockpile need reduced.
  • Aesthetic item need made more fuzzy.
  • Entertainment need made more fuzzy.
  • Needs for top level building facilities reduced.
  • Need for data input balanced.
  • Colonists will sleep for longer.
  • Colonists will place items on the top shelf in storage and work down.
  • Fixes for colonists duplicating work because they didn't realise someone already went out the airlock to do it.
  • Room storage shelf picking for colonists more spread out through a room.
  • Fix for one frame delay on weapon carrying animations.
  • Fix for toilet door animation problems.
  • Get next meaningful item in action sequence now returns a handle to the entity.
  • Super capacitor and flywheel build importance reduced below that of power generators.
  • Room parameters initialised on startup to prevent lockdowns.
  • Utility robot will now properly aim at target when it's welding to prevent zapping people by accident.
  • Lights added to individual utility robot sparks.
  • Worklight food creation (when placed in hydroponics) need increased.
  • Chicken egg creation time doubled.
  • Fix for broken mining order colonist choice where colonists placed the dig markers and doors somewhere really stupid.
  • Psychologist light modification choice now only changes settable lights. Chance that all lights are randomised.
  • Increase in IV drip build importance.
  • If there are 2 chickens they try to avoid asphyxiation.
  • Colonist should face towards smelter when using it.
  • Nanoprinter interaction point moved back slightly.
  • Fix for crash if colonist tries to store something on a room shelf that you delete as they are placing.
  • Fix for specular issue when MSAA was enabled.
  • Doors now spark when damaged.
  • Sparks can now cause items such as beds and chickens to ignite.
  • Individual sparks can now emit light (Added to doors and worklights).
  • Worklight sparks randomised.
  • Worklight flicker brightness reduced.
  • ECG RR interval readout fixed.
  • Colonist should face towards smelter when using it.
  • Solar array infotip spaces added.
  • Colonists waiting in the airlock will perform idle animations such as yawning and looking around.
  • AI agents will avoid idling in awkward corners of rooms.
  • Suited colonists will now perform a repair animation.
  • Airlock waits are reduced in length and by potential distance to cut down time wasted.
  • Anything living now gets a short wait command if the door they are near gets locked.
  • Additional text for colonists reporting on meals.
  • Tutorial seed changed.
  • Shadow added to text in emails.
  • Airlock loading issue fixed.
  • Door flipped lighting issue fixed.
  • Potential fix for colonists getting too scared of dead alien bodies to do anything else.
  • Insect lighting optimisations. Number of insects reduced.
  • Mission timer changes.
  • Removal of 8xMSAA option (Too many drivers die when this is enabled due to the huge VRAM cost).
  • Optimisation to deferred lighting tile passes.
  • Game random functions fixed to be conistant over different platforms.
  • Lights are no longer culled if camera is inside them.
  • When placing items the prev and next key text is now based on the key bind.
  • Menu now locked at 60fps.
  • Fix for uninitialised tutorial marker flag giving the player an easy base in missions.
  • Behind the scenes UI changes for new colonists item assignment system.
  • Utility bot no longer suffers from a glitch where its short ranged signalling system defers jobs to other bots that turn out to be itself.
  • Interaction points (the blue person holograms) when placing items now cover a 1m circle. This makes it harder to place stuff too close to walls and get colonists stuck.
  • The bounds of an item being placed are now tested against the room pathfinding grid, rather than just the items center. This means things are less likely to erroneously intersect walls.
  • The pathfinding mesh map around all wall types has been refined to sit tighter to walls and is consistent in all directions. This should fix issues with some wall items being unreachable.
  • Fix for key binding settings order mistake for different placement modes.
  • Dormant insects stop creating light.
  • Fix for insects floating upwards whilst resting.
  • When a colonist placing an item there will be some sounds now.
  • Fix for lack of grass on polar maps.
  • Fix for too much grass causing crashes on some small high flora map generations.
  • Workshop fires caused by unskilled colonists using the smelter have been reduced by half.
  • Flywheels now specify their energy storage is in KW seconds.
  • Flywheel and super capacitor storage increased a bit.
  • Airlock priority increased
  • Airlock interaction points are now on the outside until built. (making it easier to do room intersects)
  • Tutorial tweaked for clarity.
  • Colonist AI code cleanup.
  • Sections added to the tutorial for the colonist and warning panels.
  • Border added around room options panel
  • Room options panel alignment issues fixed.
  • Light brightness options added to more rooms
  • Plants starting to get blight have higher priority for harvest.
  • Blight emails now point out you may need less planters.
  • Bulkhead door placement stickyness fixed.
  • Fusion reactor degradation fixed.
  • Repair robots can now fix fusion reactors.
  • Repair jobs advertised by equipment to utility bots earlier. Colonists later.
  • Utility bots have fuzzy preferences as to what sort of work they want to do.
  • Check when starting a path find that the first node is within the world.
  • People fighting fires in space suits will return to airlock if the fire goes out and cools down enough to prevent autoignition
  • Event email spam on loading fixed.
  • Engine compression added for more texture types.
  • Crash fix for bases with no airlock.
  • Fix for uninitialised research data issue.
  • Sound latency reduced.
  • Colour bleeding optimised.
  • Bilateral blurs tweaked.
  • Fix for lighting bug on skinned objects caused by transformations effecting vertex normals.
  • A lot of small tech changes behind the scenes.
If you want to see more changes to the game as they go live. Get on the Development branch on Steam. You can also watch as I update the repo on the development site.

As always I am very open to feedback and will fix bugs as we find them or they are reported. If you are enjoying playing the game, please remember to leave a Steam review as they drive sales which allows further investment in new content and development.
Dec 22, 2017
Maia - simon
It's that time of year again! For a holiday? No! What's a Holiday?! It's time for another Maia update of course.


Colonists are now able to hold items whilst walking around the base allowing them to telegraph what task they are hoping to do next. A colonist with a hammer may be on their way to build some room segments, one holding a wrench on a build or repair job, rations the food station or storage, and a colonist holding a glow stick during a blackout might just be afraid of the dark.

Intentional Bugs

Insects form a critical component of any food chain, and on Maia the rule holds true. The new flying insects will provide a food source for the smaller alien creatures, allowing them to broaden their diet and grow quicker. The bugs use bioluminescence for mating, so exterior base lighting might attract their attention and cause them to swarm your colonists.

The migration and breeding of the alien life has changed to reflect this new system. The balance should reduce the risk of equipment destruction or alien incursions to new bases, but increase it substantially later in the game.

Physical Research

Raw research data is now represented by physical data tapes in the world, allowing colonists to stockpile and store information they have learned about the planet ready for it to be crunched into new technologies and techniques in the research lab computer systems. Just be careful to keep them dry and safe, magnetic tape is flimsy and extremely flammable.

Colonist Variation

As well as adding several new colonist visual models into the game this update brings new psychological differences to your colonists. The personality of a colonist can effect their motivation, moods, how they interact with others and even their susceptibility to certain mental conditions. Picking the right traits might just be a matter of life and death.


The base system will now announce many more of the incoming issues and disasters facing your colony. Many sounds have been added or tweaked in the game world and user interface to give better feedback and a more balanced soundscape.

Performance Changes

New cache optimisations, path finding changes, C++ code modernisation and threading balance has improved CPU performance for large bases up to 40%.

Other Notable Changes:

  • Stand alone missions extended
  • Chickens set for destruction will be prioritised for eating over others.
  • Chickens respond to player by ejecting feathers.
  • Utility robot is now much less likely to immobilise itself in first person mode.
  • Text crawl effects reinstated for new emails and messages from colonists.
  • Updated (deliberate) glitching effect on infotips of objects hit by solar flare eletromotive effect.
  • Clean up of solar arrays and geothermal infotip generation.
  • Meteor strike lighting tweaked.
  • Communications tower now repairable by robots.
  • Megacephalagia initial migration randomised to prevent email spam.
  • UI made more responsive.
  • New item descriptions.
  • Photosynthesis more accurately linked to light wavelengths.
  • Work light power usage reduced according to what colour the light is.
  • Colonists walking and running tweaked. Fix for stamina and stop-start running.
  • Movement tweaks to reduce pauses waiting for doors.
  • Colonist social needs reduced so they waste less time.
  • Colonists can turn faster in suits to prevent them getting stuck walking in circles.
  • Starting base has a wall screen to hint to new players they should be using them.
  • Snap-to-grid key now rebindable.
  • Bulkhead doors and airlocks are more effective at stopping cave ins.
  • Plant blight spreading behaviour changed (If you get a lot of blight, plant less crops!)
  • Fix for object selection issues when tracking or when setting colours.

If you want to see more changes to the game as they go live. Get on the Development branch on Steam. You can also watch as I update the repo on the development site.

As always I am very open to feedback and will fix bugs as we find them or they are reported. If you are enjoying playing the game, please remember to leave a Steam review!
Maia - simon
Maia 0.64 is here! Cats, Dogs, Hurricanes, GUI, detailed new AI and lots of optimisations and fixes. Here's a quick video showing off some of the cool new things.


Firstly we have the cats. Based off the pets of our Kickstarter backers, our feline friends have travelled across the cosmos to keep us company (when they feel like it), damage furniture and sleep in a lot in inconvenient places. They will, very occasionally, socialise with the colonists and boost moods around the base.


The dogs make themselves a little more useful. Defending the territory of the base, they will follow patrol routes, noting weaknesses in the bases defences as they go, iterating and improving their coverage. They will alert and then defend against alien incursion, barking and growling at any intruder. They can also be given move orders which they will (sometimes) obey and integrate into their guarding behaviour.

It's not all work, they will also distract colonists for tummy rubs, boosting moods and fulfilling the social needs of the lonely. Whether the dogs make friends with the cats or not is up to the cats, and so is a rare and unpredictable occurrence.


The alien creature AI is now more dynamic, with all species now having social structures and breeding patterns. They now suffer from fear and panic and so can be forced out the base using your dogs to herd them, rather than using the weak and unpredictable colonists.


Hurricanes can now make landfall and threaten your bases. These catastrophic events will build up over time, tearing apart equipment on the surface and shutting down wind and solar generation. They will also leave a lasting effect on the weather simulation, leaving drastic pressure changes that will take weeks to normalise. On the bright side you'll generate a lot of wind power before the turbines go into lock down and/or explode.



There are many changes to the UI, but a key one is the new finder panels opened by clicking the colonist, warning and robot buttons on the left hand side. These provide an easier way to find a specific colonist, robot or problem with the base. The warning panel now focuses on many of the smaller issues that a base may face, allowing you to isolate and fix smaller issues before everyone dies in an embarrassing manner.

Autosaves are now in game, so you will always have a base to go back to when you "accidentally" murder everyone in your charge by locking them in a room with no doors and a hundred angry chickens.


The lighting engine has had some major rewrites and optimisations. This will allow for more extravagant base designs at higher and smoother frame rates. Remember, your choice of lighting will have a noticeable impact on the moods of your colonists.

Many shaders and effects have been tweaked or in some cases rewritten, leading to more natural lighting and more aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Beyond lies the.. WUB

The dogs aren't the only woofers you'll be hearing in 0.64! We've implemented many new sounds and reworked some of the existing ones to add more feedback from the game and realistic detail in the soundscape.

Other Tweaks:
  • Over-ripe crops will suffer less blight progression.
  • Airlock cycles and new door models.
  • Wall heaters now turn off at 26 rather than 30 degrees.
  • Several late game food generation issues addressed
  • New font tweaks for better shadows and easier reading.
  • Text button active areas better fitted to buttons.
  • Several texture compression artifacts fixed.
  • Screenspace raytraced reflections corrected.
  • Creature territory systems optimised
  • Events and dangers generation balanced and tweaked for longer games.
  • Thousands of small optimisations and code modernisations.
  • More temporary names in the colonist generator (Kickstarter names list coming soon!)
That's all for now. I will be back soon with more updates, content, fixes and softly spoken update videos. Get yourself on the Steam development branch to get them as they go live. All feedback is appreciated!
Maia - simon
Maia 0.63 is ready. This update brings a lot of new features as well as an overhaul of the game's simulation and balance. I want to say thank you to everyone who gave feedback over the summer, it's helped me improve the game significantly. Here's a video of me playing the latest build and showing off some of the new features:

If treated poorly enough, colonists can now leave the base and head off to their inevitable deaths in the barren wastelands of Maia. Fulfilling food, rest, social needs and building an aesthetically pleasing base will all be important to keeping them loyal. That said, some colonists are just cowards, so don't feel too bad about them.

High Energy

The games bodily simulation of the colonists has been made more accurate with heat loss through convection, conduction and radiation in different mediums. Colonist metabolisms are finer tuned with effects from sweat, to kinetic energy losses affecting them as they go about their days. Keep your colony warm and sources of water abundant to keep them happy, efficient, and breathing.

Maian Time Slip

The day length of Maia has been made longer. This will give your colonists more time to carry out essential.. and less essential tasks, and take the pressure off growing colonies. Conversely with the slower simulation of the climate and weather, and longer nights, solar and wind generation will now be more challenging to keep online, requiring a greater focus on efficient storage and energy management.

Notable Changes since 0.62:

  • IMPs no longer get stuck sparking.
  • IMPs will now place minerals in the smelter. They cannot start it themselves however so you will have to manually - or wait for a colonist.
  • Player now receives an email when they lose all their IMP robots.
  • Flywheels can be clicked on to be put into charge only mode. Allowing you to store energy for emergencies.
  • PAUSE BUTTON added to the UI. Pausing no longer causes glitching, is compatible with the building UI. (Don't get too used to the bottom left placement, it's going in the top right soon)
  • UI changes to hide text and mouse attached objects when hovering over buttons.
  • Mouse now sits properly infront of UI items.
  • Condenser now has visible running water when clicked on or used.
  • Minerals make dust clouds when dropped or clicked on.
  • Workshop table, bodybags, foot packets, grass and other items now have click reactions.
  • Alien plant samples have a nice mist effect.
  • Numerous tweaks to AI and balancing.
  • Large amounts of food creation balancing.
  • Food preparation bugs fixed.
  • All food KJ calculated more accurately based on the correct breeds and in many cases have increased substantially (potatoes and chickens are over double what they were).
  • Ration packs are now far more likely to be built.
  • Ration packs can be opened by colonists and the player.
  • Colonist standard and binge meal sizes increased.
  • Condensers now advertise the high level "water purification" need (like the solar stills) so are better prioritised when building.
  • Many small optimisations and a huge amount of code cleanup. Potentially fixing a lot of bugs and likely preventing future ones.
  • Missing rain fixed.
  • Food trays appearing "unbuilt" issue fixed.
  • Colonists now simulate heat radiation and conduction due to convection on their skin.
  • Colonists put less direct heat into a room (as roughly 20% is put into kinectic/mechanical energy)
  • Fix for missing molerat animation causing a crash.
  • Smelting priority tweaks.
  • Stockpiling bugs fixed.
  • Creation of hydroponics planters priority increased.
  • Bug fixed on determining food creation priority need.
  • Colonists with suitable skills (construction) will be able to produce twice as much building materials from the smelter.
  • Colonists are less likely to hoard materials.
  • Colonists can now binge on food if they need to make up more than one meal. This means they can eat 10000kj of energy rather than the usual 6000kj.
  • Colonist energy needs slightly balanced to account for heat generated by food digestion.
  • Wind turbines will take more damage before advertising repair task to colonists (although will repair bots will maintain the current level)
  • Fix for black tiles being left when a door is removed.
  • Doors sat in the middle of rooms will now automatically be set to be destroyed by colonists.
  • Fix for missing text on the Fusion and Fission reactors.
  • Fix for KW/W mixups.
  • Fix for IMPs not picking up fossils.
  • Desks now moveable by colonists.
  • Fix for colonists not filling up the storage room shelves with raw food once a prep station has become full.
  • Smelter now advertises it's need for minerals sooner after being emptied. This should speed up construction of building materials marginally.
  • Stockpile settings for building materials lowered so people get less stuck if they don't realise they should be managing it.
  • Stockpile settings panels now comes up when mousing over a room. Hopefully people will realise it exists now.
  • Window sizing bug fixes.
  • Full screen now works far better.
  • Rendering quality improved.
There are more updates, fixes and features coming soon. I recommend jumping on the development branch if you haven't already!

That's all for now. If you like these updates be sure to drop us feedback via Twitter and Steam reviews. I'd really love some up to date Steam reviews.
Maia - simon
It's update time and Maia 0.62 has been deemed fit for consumption! Here's a quick video of me showing off some of the latest features I've been working on.

Alien Breeding and Parenting Behaviours
More of the alien creatures can now breed and produce a flock of tiny cute murder machines. This will change how they protect their territories, react to colonists, and also feed back into the simulation of the ecosystem in new and emergent ways.

Baby creatures, and animals of all sorts, will now imprint on the first thing they see and follow and copy their new parent. So be sure to keep your livestock room doors locked unless you want your dogs to become unsuspecting parents to your hatchling chickens.

Colonists will now sometimes break down and run away from something if it terrifies them, such as an alien sneaking into the base or an out of control fire breaking out. They will go cower and cry and feel guilty about how much of a burden they are to the colony.

When trapped in rooms colonists will start getting very upset and start banging on doors to try and escape. Leaving them in the room will deeply upset them, potentially damaging their sanity causing them to harm equipment or themselves!


Fine Dining
Colonists can now sit down at the dining table for relaxing communal meals in the living area, allowing them to rest, eat and socialise simultaneously.

They can can also now deposit raw food supplies in the storage room if there is a surplus of production. These can be picked up later to build ration packs or to fill a food preparation station.


Deep Learning
Colonists can now learn skills by practising them, once a new skill is leant it will allow the colonist to perform the action better, faster or more often. They can also sit at desks to learn new expertise in theory, saving themselves the effort and bringing more exotic skill sets to your colony.


Other major changes:
  • Fix for locked doors blocking nearby objects.
  • Loads of new detail and variants in colonist activity report emails.
  • Colonist activity reports added for building rooms, panicking, and shooting animals.
  • New 32 exe for Windows users. Stop using 32 bit Windows, please, join us in the future.
  • Turret tracer effect added. Turret PFX updated.
  • Several object placement problems fixed (such as nearby blocked objects stopping you placing something).
  • Higher density of grass, foliage and creatures on the exterior world map.
  • Button flashing added for new emails to grab the user's attention faster.
  • Fusion reactor now requires you to initiate a power up. This will require many fly wheels or super capacitors.
  • Fly wheels and super capacitors have a higher capacity to better represent future materials. This now makes a larger solar powered base more feasible.
  • Smelting rebalanced.
  • Colonist stockpiling needs balanced.
  • Rebalancing of lighting.
  • Colour grade changed.
  • New animated volumetric fog outside.
  • Lava fluid simulation optimised.
  • Body KJ of energy for creatures changed which should lead to different hunger and carrion behaviours.
  • Bug with air vents settings fixed.
  • Crop blight tweaked to be slightly less predicable.
  • Several maintenance needs tweaked for different items.
  • Pips added to the GUI between emails to denote the differences in specific days.
  • Fixed several door pathfinding fixes.
  • Massive performance optimisations on several core systems. (40% better frame rate in some cases).
  • Many small optimisation fixes.
  • Fixes for several missing pfx in the exterior and lava.
  • Large amounts of code cleanup on game and engine.
  • A few potential crash bugs fixed.
Maia is now undergoing very regular changes. Sometimes several a day. Get on the development branch if you'd like to be part of this transition from Alpha to Beta. The 1.0 release for Maia is now set for August so I need all the help I can get with testing.

That's all for now. If you like these updates be sure to drop us feedback via Twitter and Steam reviews.
Apr 21, 2017
Maia - simon
Maia 0.61 is out now. Right now. This build brings many new useful features to the game and a significant amount of tweaks and fixes.

Here’s a video of me playing the latest release:


This update brings several new user interface and management tools to the game. Room options are now available and allow for managing the stockpiling of items, new security features and even tweaking the lighting of a room. Just click a room to see the available options. Carefully managing these fine grained controls can significantly improve the efficiency of a busy base.

When placing items the UI now presents more useful information about whether an object is reachable, and visible paths are shown to illustrate how the colonists would walk to the item.

Movement orders

You can now practice your interior design skills and rearrange items in your base using the new movement order. By click-dragging on an item you will create a new move order and your colonists will push the items to their new locations. Utility robots given movement orders will use them as waypoints and if they are not too busy, go directly to the locations.

The tutorial has been significantly reworked and with more guidance and information, and provides an easier and clearer first contact with the game. Even experienced players may find it useful to give it another go.


Build priority changes for better base flow and design. Colonists are now more aware of the flow of a base and will order door builds based on the need of that specific room. They will also no longer have complete emotional breakdowns when locked in a room with no doors, so will build one if it is placed. They will also share workbenches more efficiently and the amount of duplicated builds has been reduced.

Suit refill points are now critical to surface operations. You can no longer build items far away from your base and must build a supply chain to the item so your colonists can restock their suits and rest.


Resuscitation and first aid has been added, allowing colonists to save unconscious members of the team (if they like them enough). Just ensure you pick some colonists with medical skills as improperly given resuscitation can give patients other health complications.

Other notable changes:
  • Colonists with surface walking skills will now walk much faster in suits.
  • Atmosphere generator output increased a little.
  • Vent system tweaked to push less air than the atmosphere generator.
  • Medical emergencies are now mentioned by the base announcer.
  • Probe generation fixed. Every map now has several lost robotic probes to find.
  • Tutorial spelling mistakes fixed.
  • Migration event emails now lock onto specific creature.
  • Camera locks on to colonist who sent an email when it is opened.
  • Utility robot infotip fixed.
  • If an AI is destroyed in code they will now properly release any item they were using.
  • Tutorial can now be completed using the alt-rotate.
  • Text overlays for objects and rooms are no longer drawn when an email is open.
  • Mouseover text is hidden if the player opens the manifest.
  • Cursor animations for left and right clicking.
  • Cursor size options added to the menu.
  • Capsules should no longer land next to each other.
  • Holes in several environment models fixed.
  • Fix for pathfinding bug where colonists went to wrong interaction point, potentially getting stuck.
  • Interface options menu split off.
  • Lights brighten when mouse-overed.
  • Tracking sound fixed to only fire when clicking a living item.
  • Sounds for selecting colonists on the menu added.
  • Sounds for turning on and off heaters fixed.
  • Fixed several colonist animation bugs.
  • General game code improvements and optimisations.
  • Inter-gameobject messaging improved code quality and to reduce bugs.
  • Engine render calls made more efficient.
  • Lava lights fixed.
  • Lava optimisations.

As you may be aware, we are rapidly approaching beta, so do send us all your bugs and issues. Be sure to get yourself on the development branch to see all the latest changes.

That's all for now. If you like these updates be sure to drop us feedback via Twitter and Steam reviews.
Feb 17, 2017
Community Announcements - simon
Alpha 0.60 is here! Lava can now rain down into your base, incinerating anything in its path. Here's a video of me showing off the new features and changes to the game:

Lava, (perhaps more accurately, magma) is now in the game! Maps with high tectonic activity will run a huge risk of lava breaches, that will pour into your colony and destroy anything in its path. Watch as your equipment and colonists die gloriously in the all consuming fire. The system is a full 3d fluid smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation so has realistically simulated viscosity, density and pressures all running in real time.

All intelligences in the game now have a detailed long term memory, allowing them to remember their actions, moods and feelings. In their emails, colonists will now comment on what they did in a day, why they did it, how they felt about it, how important it was and even details down to what the bases conditions were like at the time. Domestic and alien creatures will use their memory to make better choices in the future, such as returning to a place they found food or warmth.

Colonists can now make friends, build relationships, fall in love and make enemies. The relationships will change their attitudes towards each other, their moods and their behaviour in the base. New interactions, such as arguments, follwing and shoving will come about as colonists get to know each other.
Interface improvements
The game's zoom has been improved substantially to allow you to get in close to the action, and also to allow you to pull back for a wider overview of your colony.

Many small changes have been added to the user interface to improve object placement, such as wall-snapping auto-rotation of items and object-type rotation memory, to allow for consistent placement when placing several duplicate items. A small amount of latency has been reduced from the mouse movement which will also make things feel more responsive.

The new mission-day counter on the top right of the screen will give you a better feel for your base's progress as you track the passage of time.

Other notable Changes:
  • Plants can now be harvested earlier if needed. Priority is given to plants that are fully matured.
  • Colonist food preparation priority increased.
  • Extra detail added to colonist emails regarding food and base planning.
  • Pressing escape from the options menu now takes you back to the game.
  • IMP digging cancel requests no longer pop up if there are no dig orders.
  • Colonists can now request to disable the alarms for a short period of time.
  • Game window buffer swap now performed before the frame end sleep, to improve responsiveness.
  • Tweak for world gen to prevent jungle worlds!
  • If water need is higher than food need, the colonists may now eat to fulfil it too.
  • Colonist water need only hijacks food need if need is greater than 50%
  • Eating now gives a bit more water.
  • Solar arrays now correctly advertising food need to the vox nocturna.
  • Geothermal generator now repairable by robots.
  • Twilight Zone mission ending and some text fixed.
  • Colonists will no longer go outside without suits to shoot or inspect downed aliens.
  • Fix and tweaks for medical room items build priority.
  • Chance of leg or arm fracture from earthquake reduced down to 2% for each.
  • When choice to torch medical beds is given and dismissed colonists will only have a 25% chance of getting gastric distress instead of 100%.
  • Fix for geothermal generators causing colonists to go outside without suits on.
  • Sitting on the floor was not giving colonists enough rest. Therefore if you did not build colonists beds before they got tired your base would become very unmanageable.
  • Entire world object placement generation code updated. Must faster now, and you will always have some creatures on the map.
  • Colonists have a little more water in their bodies now.
  • Sweating reduced when dehydrated.
  • Sweating reduced to two litres per hour equivalent. If a colonist has one litres of sweat on their body, sweating now stops.
  • Fix for announcer bugs.
  • Food prep priorities tweaked a little bit.
  • Object destruction order priorities tweaked on many objects. Fossils are rarer. So less likely to jam up your storage room in the early game.
  • Gaps removed from emails.
  • Multithreading improved for systems with four or more cores.
As you may be aware, we are rapidly approaching beta, so do send us all your bugs and issues. The estimated date for the 1.0 release of Maia is now the end of May.

That's all for now. If you like these updates be sure to drop us feedback via Twitter and Steam reviews.
Community Announcements - simon
I hope everyone enjoyed trying out the latest update over the weekend. I've been working like a mule to smooth off a few of the rough edges.

Here's the main changes gone in over the last few days.


  • Sweating reduced to 2 litres per hour equivalent. If a colonist has 1 litres of sweat on their body, sweating now stops.
  • Grass is no longer an impediment to path finding.
  • Utility robots and colonists can now crush grass when going over it.
  • More grass spawned on the world, better clumping.
  • Email system scrolls to newest email if the user does not have one open and is not mousing over the "scroll back" button.
  • Potential fix for colonists complaining about no minerals when there is a hopper available.
  • Removal of confusing save and load buttons on game hud
  • Fix for announcer seldonly causing a crash when fire is started in an unknown room.
  • Fix for announcer announcing fires instead of rations low.
  • Fix for announcer announcing power depletion instead of power low.
  • Removal of strange 1MW output claim on wind turbine text.
  • 32 bit exe updated for people on ancient Windows.


  • Research room incorrectly labelled.
  • Incomplete door no longer suffers mechanical damage.
  • Incomplete door no longer blocks atmosphere.
  • AI agents now have a temperature weight (in addition to distance and need fulfilment). This weight reduces the chance of picking a task by 2.5% for every 10 degrees C away from 21 degrees Celsius.
  • Minerals in storage room now have a higher needs fulfilment for colonists than those in excavated areas. Minerals in the hopper now have a slightly higher needs fulfilment than those in the storage room.
  • Unbuilt doors can no longer be locked.
  • Colonist action level fixed to correctly change fatigue.
  • Chance of yawning increased when tired.
  • Fatigue fixes and balancing.
  • Colonist perspiration and ambient heat loss balancing. Fix for excessive sweating.
  • Sweat, ventilation and misc bodily water loss updated with better science.
  • Ventilations effect on room atmosphere now more accurately simulated, taking into better account lung capacity, CO2 toxicity and breath rate.
  • Potential fix for energy storage depleted complaint from Announcer.
  • Atmosphere generator output increased slightly.
  • Fix for lander lockups when there are no spots for a landing.


  • Linux lib issues fixed which were preventing the game from starting on some systems.
  • Small lighting system performance optimisation.

Again thanks for all the bug reports and save files.

I'll be releasing 0.60 quite soon. We haven't quite nailed down the feature list yet, but it should bring a few very anticipated things from the road map.

Keep up to date with the progress of the game on!
Community Announcements - simon
Maia 0.59 is now live. This update brings the threat of dangerous alien creature incursions into the base. Don't panic! Your colonists are now armed and ready for them, with new patrol behaviours to hunt down and eradicate the threat. 0.59 also brings a multitude of cool new features, such as the command and control room, new UI changes, AI updates and hundreds of bug fixes.

Here's a video of me showcasing some of the new features:
The local creatures are now far more likely to breach a base that sits within their territory. They may enter to steal livestock and rations or just to mark their territory by destroying your vital equipment. Colonists are ready for them however with new side arms and patrol behaviours to locate and destroy the intruders.

Special Stuff
Not all the local wildlife is a menace. With ecological research, the nocturnal aliens can now be captured, domesticated, bred and slaughtered for high quality tasty food production.

The new command and control room gives your colonists better command oversight of your base. It lifts the population cap and provides a map table that gives insight to the movement of colonists and threats to your base. It's thermal mode allows you to spot issues with heat distribution within your network of rooms.

Easy Reading
UI accessibility has taken a step forward with a new dyslexic mode for the game that presents a dyslexia friendly font and increases text sizes throughout the game. Dynamic drop shadows have also been added on overlay text to ease reading in high contrast scenes and many button behaviours have been tweaked to stop misclicks and other small annoyances.

Several base announcements have been added to provide feedback for many base systems such as power grid issues, blackouts caused by solar storms and energy storage depletion. The announcer will also warn of incoming natural disasters, base events and fire emergencies.

The games's pathfinding systems have been improved, which should lead to less issues with complex build orders and also see greater performance gains on low end machines.
Rough change log since 0.58:
  • Colonists now carry and use sidearms.
  • Colonists will now patrol inside the base .
  • Colonists with markspersonship skills are now more effective at shooting.
  • Rifle firing outside is better in synced in sound and animation. Includes tracer rounds pfx.
  • Alien protobirds can now eat ration packs, dead voxnocturnus and also... other protobirds.
  • Protobirds can attack worklights and other base equipment.
  • Alien bum scooting animations no longer give the creatures too much velocity.
  • Sound lure now makes voxnocturnus clicking sounds .
  • Dyslexic mode added and several GUI changes made for readability.
  • 2x MSAA added.
  • Door frames can now be built without materials, but require them to be completed.
  • Flare burn time now saved to stop them all reigniting on load and creating a headache inducing din.
  • New colonist emails to ask for medical and research rooms.
  • IMP AI tightened up to prevent dawdling.
  • IMP sound and pfx synced to animations.
  • Many more objects generate heat from wasted electricity.
  • Super capacitor energy storage now degrades much slower.
  • Object holograms given bases to aid placement.
  • Base announcements for fires, earthquakes, solar events, energy storage depletion and more.
  • Utility robot wheels now kick up dirt.
  • Damage particle effects added to many objects.
  • Control room added. Colonist cap reduced to eight, control room raises that to 12.
  • Map table added with sonic mapping and thermal mapping modes.
  • New research for alien domestication and captive breeding.
  • Some research perks now have prerequisite research that is needed before they can be discovered.
  • Medical bed interaction point moved to stop colonists getting stuck using it.
  • Chicken wandering behaviour fixes. They will now seek out the livestock room faster and not wander out of it so much.
  • IMP pathfinding and framerate issues fixed when stuck in in anomalous locations.
  • Room update improvements and optimisations. Larger bases supported.
  • Fix for occasional bug where a room tile is not deletable on right click.
  • Fix for loads failing because the ongoing mission flag was not set and the game exiting back to menu in the blink of an eye.
  • Atmosphere spread in subrooms of large blue casing areas fixed and optimised.
  • New colonist surnames added.
  • Game world rendering improved and optimised.
  • Airlocks no longer cause intermittent pathfinding blockage. Reducing the chance of issues with building outside.
  • Rooms no longer locked on startup allowing colonists to wander about before an initial room is placed.
  • Crop blight adjusted to be less predictable.
  • Colonists will now assign a higher priority to body-bagging up corpses.
  • IMPs will no longer use hoppers when not carrying enough materials.
  • Flywheel integrity degradation adjusted, colonists will consequently no longer spend as much time trying to fix them as a high priority task.
  • AI agent path verification on world changes optimised. Building, locking doors, cave ins and digging should cause less CPU spikes.
  • Colonist and IMP idle behaviours now checked against reachable sectors. Should reduce failed pathfinds and improve performance.
  • Dog pathfinding optimised.
  • Cat pathfinding optimised.
  • Several spelling mistakes fixed
  • Potential data corruption fixes.
  • Every item in the game now has a very simple description of what it does in general terms when placing it.
  • Basic food production added to the tutorial.
  • Basic explanation of the heat mechanics added to the tutorial
  • Colonist requests can now be answered with a y/n key press. Those are rebindable in the menu options.
  • Build priority added to the tutorial. (Double click on items to set them higher!)
  • Objects no longer maintain high priority after being built.
  • Cave ins and structural weaknesses no longer persist between level changes. This may also prevent a crash.
  • Colonists will now be less likely to over run when approaching an object. Stopping them getting stuck in and behind things.
  • Dracaena plant selection fixed and readded to the game.
  • More rooms given the selection of three aesthetic plants.
  • Aesthetic plants no longer spread blight.
  • Aesthetic plants no longer show Kj of energy stored in them like food plants as they are quite inedible.
  • Colonists will no longer join a team meeting if they are already going to an action with a high need.
  • Sounds added for loading and saving and for successful and failed loads.
  • Greyed out buttons now capture input so elements behind them can not be clicked on.
  • When an email is open no left or right clicks will be accepted apart from to the email manager buttons.
  • Emails can be dismissed with a right click.
  • No input is accepted for a fraction of a moment after closing an email to prevent misclicks that might cause dig orders etc to be placed.
  • Hud no longer updates when the player is in first person, stopping it grabbing input or applying the screen darkening effect.
  • Chickens no longer self destruct after being on fire if there are two or less remaining.
  • Building materials no longer placeable in workshop or storage room to reduce player confusion (Colonists will automatically move surplus materials from the smelter to the shelves).
  • The colonists will no longer present the player with any choices in the first few minutes of game play.
  • Engine draw call optimisation.
  • 32 bit exe updated.
I'll be back soon with our next update in December. Here's a rough roadmap of what to look forward to as we approach Beta and then release.

If you like these updates be sure to drop us feedback via Twitter and Steam reviews.

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