Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
The main branch is now up to date with the newest version of the game. If you missed the patch notes from this update they can be found at the following...

Patch notes 1
Patch notes 2

For those of you who where stuck in the temple as Vladyn from version , updating to the newest version should auto fix the issue for you. As always we thank you all for the feedback and support in making this game much more then it was originally intended to be.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
A few quick fixes for the last update. Most of the fixes/changes are for arena mode but there are some general changes. Unfortunately the Arena Mode leader boards will have to be reset because of some of the more integral changes. We will keep this update in beta for another week and monitor it for anything major.

EDIT: Hotfixes/Changes (as of 8/5/15)
  • True Anemone's orbs not properly calculating S.Ruin when reflected at her.
  • Arena door sometimes opens if a shadow hero is killed.
  • Assist level cap at five. (There abilities already scale with enemy lv)
  • Max coin reward in arena mode cap at 15. (Does not include bonus rounds)
  • Adjustments to S rank time settings for Arena Mode.
  • Cost of elixir now scales as they are bought in Arena Mode.

  • Boss multiplier glitch after abomination in Goibniu mode. (requires more testing)
  • Anemone pulling you through the ground in Arena mode.
  • Gernot freezing up and becoming untargetable in Arena mode.
  • Bug where some assists could achieve a zero second cooldown in arena mode. (requires more testing)

  • 3 boss spawn after 60th floor in the arena.
  • Various tweaks to enemy scaling during arena.
  • [Laurel Crown] Removed from arena mode.
  • Hat cost reduced to 2 coins in arena mode.
  • Statues can each only be used once during Goibniu Mode.
  • Removed point penalty from statues in Goibniu mode.
  • Upon completing Goibniu mode, each unused statue grants 0.5 bonus multiplier.
  • Reduced point value of Puffers in Goibniu Mode.
  • Increased Armor/Resist scaling on [Holy Diver].
  • Base power of warp blade increased.
  • [Armor Ruin] now gains minor increases with [Str].
  • Increased power of [Life Blade] finisher.
    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    Yet another update folks. We took in a lot of feed back from you guys and made a lot of tweaks/changes. There are some balance changes to both Gilda and Vladyn.

    The changes to Vladyn are mostly tweaks to his guns. The Chakram weapon has been a tricky situation. First it was way too strong then it was nerfed into oblivion so we decided to get back to the drawing board. The chakram was entirely replaced with a new gun weapon "Doombringer".

    Gildas changes were aimed at bringing up her early game and toning down her late game slightly.

    This update also brings new content with the addition of Arena Mode!

    ^and some sweet fan art by ^

    We will be keeping this update on a separate Beta branch for any hot fixes that may/will be incoming before we move it to the main branch. To try out this update right-click the game in your library / properties / BETAS / select update_beta from the drop down menu.

    More detailed change log below.

    • Access to temple adjust to prevent Vladyn from getting trapped.
    • [Cleric] armor not properly giving stats.
    • Queen/King would sometimes drop ancient coins instead of arch souls.
    • Brizahl's cooldown time now properly reduces with his level.
    • Text descriptions on various skills.
    • Highlander hood bonus didn't apply to guns.
    • Highlander hood mana penalty didn't apply to Reina or Gilda.
    • Various affliction based skills wouldn't activate if your base affliction chance was zero.
    • Various issues with banana fishing sometimes missing its target.
    • Unarmed attacks as Wyatt properly gain [Shred] skill with certain accessories.
    • Skip Godslayer ending.
    • Bug when parrying with Seraphic Blades.
    • Adjusted various scenes where NPC's kill each other.(ongoing)
    • [Plan B] will no longer backfire during certain battles... I think.

    • [Heaven or Hell] Arena mode.

    • [Fighters Bandages] bonus reduced to 10% to account for [Health Charms] added in .23.
    • Base bleed from [Blade Shred] skill reduced, now scales up with Str.
    • Quit game from options redone.
    • [Masters focus] now increases attack speed of [Heavy] attacks.
    • All heavy attacks damage now passively scales with Str.
    • [Force/Perfect Guard] is now passively granted when obtaining [Superior/Mana Key Stone].
    • All previous ways to attain [Force/Perfect Guard] have been replaced with new skills.
    • [Crusader Amulet] now reduces crit damage by 30% instead of setting crit chance to 0%.
    • Relic weapons no longer gain unarmed bonuses.
    • Relic weapons mana cost scales with character level instead of upgrades.
    • Accessories that alter Punch/Kick have new properties when playing as Gilda.
    • Gilda's base Attack/Magic power increased. Magic Power scaling decreased slightly.
    • Slightly increased poison damage against non boss enemies.
    • Atalan assist Armor Ruin/Crit % slightly increased. Now has limited aiming abilities.
    • Stagger penalty removed from casting with insufficient mana.
    • [Tunnel Vision] attack bonus changed to armor ruin.
    • [Banana Fishing] damage reduced slightly.
    • Seraphic Blades aerial attack now functions similar to Gildas aerial attack.
    • Wyatt/Reina rising attacks now only triggered after using [Atk1] button.
    • [Ruinous Edge] weapon replaced with [Doombringer]
    • Rune of knowledge mana regen bumped up to 20%.
    • Blight Dragon stat bonus reduced slightly.
    • As Gilda, [Ninja Scroll] now grants [Tactician] skill instead of dodge during burst.
    • Trigger to [Death Charm] is no longer tied to Int.
    • Skeletal servant element determined by the magic in use when created.
    • Skeletal servant attack and magic/power now scale with Gilda's attack/magic power.
    • [Plan B] focus cost reduced to 175.
    • [Phantom Soul] focus cost reduced to 125.
    • Various changes to shot power calculation/scaling.
    • [Aim] skill changed to every 6th shot has increased critical chance and critical damage.
    • Esperanda's Long gun reduces [Aim] shot trigger to 3.
    May 12, 2015
    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    I’ve finally finished that Gilda Wallpaper I was working on! Feel free to use it as a desktop image or Print it out in High Resolution. I learned a bunch from these wallpaper illustrations, they have been very fun and challenging experiences. Enjoy

    Aside from that, we are still working daily on patching the game. Thanks for your patience.  Yesterday, I wrote a blog post to our kickstarter backers with a little bit of a recap. If you are want, you can go read that here.

    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    This is a small patch to fix some of the issues introduced in .23. There will be ongoing updates in the coming weeks to hunt down all the bugs. We will announce when the next estimated time for an update will be. This update contains the following...

    Hotfix- for Gilda's servant crash.
    Hotfix- for lower skyway and angel key room bugs.
    Hotfix- for Intro crash.

    • sign of no return (you can pass it safely... I hope)
    • plan B finisher
    • mausoleum trap as Vladyn
    • sewer trap as Gilda
    • Crash with save in the 16th slot
    • Crusader amulet mana steal protection
    • Gilda unable to climb with 'UP' key (still in progress post if still an issue)
    • various crashes involving player minions
    • Vladyn shot skills that trigger on hit.
    • glitch with void version of Vladyn's Focus Finisher.
    • Silence now properly affects Gernot

    • various adjustments to address slowdown/crashes on room transitions (ongoing)
    • increased damage on switchblade
    • reduced attack speed of Chakram
    • [Hard Shells] to increase shot crit damage by 1.5% per Agi.

    Note* Reaper Relic is currently mislabeled. It does not have -40% magic.

    There are other various small issues that were fixed/changed with help from your feedback on the forums. While we don't get to answer all post we do try to read all of them, so thank you all for the feedback.
    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    Update v1.0.0.23 contains some more optimization improvements, bug fixes, and a lot of new content. This update brings 2 new playable characters as well as a Mac version of the game. Some of the changes in this version are as follows.

    EDIT:(Known issues being worked on will update again on march 8th [Friday])
    • bug with two of the achievement triggers (disabled until fixed)
    • Slowdown on some machines that ran smooth before .23 (in progress)
    • Possible to get trapped in the Mausoleum as Vladyn (in progress)
    • bug pertaining to "Plan B" finisher for all characters accept Wyatt.(in progress)
    • Crash when passing the "Only death lies ahead" sign. (That was not on purpose)

    • Some broken texture issues resolved.
    • Various typos.
    • Holy wisp was improperly blocking Black Blessing and Holy Order.
    • Punch/Kick bonuses not being applied properly when Reina has Dark Totem equipped.
    • Bug where poison affliction would miss some damage ticks on enemies.
    • Various player skill bugs.
    • Collision detection on pressure switches.
    • Clock improperly counting down at equip screen during Goibniu mode.

    • Vladyn and Gilda are now playable after completing the game once on any difficulty.
    • Millinery is open for business.
    • New Adventurer vendor in Tagrum/Hrukk/Ishk.
    • New Accessory [Treasure Hunter’s Gimcrack].
    • Upgrade for [Mana Key Stone].
    • New item type [Elixir] can now be attained. (Adventurer Vendor)
    • New vendor in Hrukk, Claudia’s Workshop.
    • Various new treasure chests in some areas.
    • Four new bosses.
    • New Zone “Tainted Laboratory”.
    • New Zone “Hall of the Fallen”.
    • Now 16 total save slots.
    • New Crew Member Daemahn.
    • New Achievements.

    • Teachings of Lifeblade changed to a passive Key Item.
    • Increased cold damage from frozen areas on Veteran difficulty and Higher.
    • How much mana cost scales with Soul level for most spells.
    • [Angel Sapphire] added to Angel Soldier loot table.
    • [Demon Ruby] added to Assassin loot table.
    • Expanded some of the smaller zones.
    • Multiple changes for Azudor/Dhistahn mine battle and rewards.
    • Slightly increased Luck required to level up [Fate Roulette].
    • Increased Corruptions Armor/Resist reduction from 15% to 20%.
    • All damage for player [Fire] magic spells reduced by 30%
    • [Burn] affliction can now stack up to 5x.
    • Reduced [Stun] affliction duration, increased damage taken while stunned.
    • Various Armor/Resist changes to some enemies.
    • Updated multiple enemy variants.
    • Various map changes in Temple zone.
    • Some passages in the Prison zone modified to account for new zones.
    • How often Feral Sirens will shield themselves.
    • Size of [Hurricane Rage] focus finisher now scales with [Int].
    • [Volt Aura] Duration shortened and attack trigger changed.
    • [Volt Aura] can block Lightning traps and static affliction.
    • [Bolt Jump] spell replaced with new [Bolt Shackle] spell.
    • [Warp Blade] Critical hits will summon a void magic warp blade to strike your target.
    • Increased Mp cost of [Divine Decoy].
    • Circumstances under which Zealots will use their Burst counter attack.
    • Poison trap when using bow and dagger now has 100% chance to cause affliction.
    • Various tweaks to some bosses behaviors.
    • True Anemone’s crystals now only recover her shields.
    • Brizhal attack animation and behavior for better accuracy and range.

    There are a ton of fixes/changes/additions in this update as you can see, and I'm sure there are many not listed here that escape me at the moment.
    Apr 30, 2015
    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin

    Look out for Monday, May 4th 2015.
    Mar 27, 2015
    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    I mentioned some of this stuff in my forum comments recently but in an effort to inform all of you, here's an update on development. (This is also a cross post from

    Dropping News

    The status of the Valdis Story update is... we're waiting for a few more assets but after that we'll be done with all content. When that happens, the update will launch a Mac build and include both Vladyn and Gilda. That's right, the next update will have both characters. No year long wait for Gilda! That's not even including all the other stuff we put in there. Exciting, yes? Check the video below-

    Extended Album

    Valdis Story coming to a close also means Zack completed all tracks for the game. In fact he's just released the expansion album for sale. Have a listen over here then gently open your wallet and violently throw money at him until he can't handle it anymore. No really, there are 10 tracks on this and it's pay what you want. Send some love over to his bandcamp and have a listen to all of the new tracks.

    Lines and Scratches

    In the meantime, I've been working on another wallpaper. This time it's for welcoming Gilda to the game. Here's a sneak of the work in progress.

    (Missed out on the Vladyn wallpaper? Get it here )

    That's all for now.

    Thanks for hangin' in there!

    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    Update v1.0.0.22 contains a number of optimization improvements, bug fixes, and some new content. Those of you who were using the IGPU beta can now use the main branch as this update should resolve most of those issues. Changes in this version are as follows.

    *Hot fix updated for Lore bug.
    *Hot fix updated for Reina Affinity crash.
    *Hot fix updated frequency of True Anemone's crystals.

    • Various retry bugs.
    • Scene bug when Finding Reina playing as Wyatt.
    • Divine decoy consumed double the mana cost displayed when leveled up.
    • Fate Roulette buffs now properly scale with Finisher level.
    • Bug that prevented Warp Blade from activating properly.
    • Bug that displayed incorrect blocking sprite on some enemies
    • Bug that set [R] as skill cancel for Keyboards
    • Many of the issues on devices with integrated graphics.
    • Bug with assist not working if the mana heater in Ishk breaks down.
    • A crash that could occur when some enemies bumped into spike traps.
    • Arrows now properly activate Black Blessing and Holy Order.

    • Tunnel Vision Attack damage max increased to 30.
    • Tunnel Vision stats to +2 Agi / +2 Luck.
    • Highlander Hood headcount max reduced to 75.
    • Highlander Hood stats to +2 Str / +2 Int.
    • Fate Roulette will overwrite previously existing Fate Buffs.
    • Increased accuracy of [Lucky Storm] from fate Roulette finisher.
    • +1 Agi on Templar Bracer to +1 Mana Steal.
    • Fighter’s Bandages now also grants weapon effects to Punch/Kick.
    • Cleric Vestments special to [Spells gain 0.5 S.Ruin for every 1% of Max Mp missing].
    • Removed level bonus from Goibniu mode scoring.
    • Bonus points added for individual time/combat/potion Boss ratings in Goibniu mode.
    • Placement of Deadman’s Fury in the Ziggurat. Added new treasure to the ziggurat.
    • Life Blade doesn't drain Hp if [Focus Mode] is active.

    • Various optimization improvements
    • Sound to dialogue scroll.
    • New Boss the Feral Manawar.
    • New Boss True Anemone.
    • Mesmer now also offers “Forget Training” to re-assign stat points.
    • Option to enable Direct Input gamepads from main menu.
    • New enemy type Demon Widow.
    Valdis Story: Abyssal City - EF Admin
    Version is being updated to the main branch after being tested in beta for a while. Changes since the beta are as follows...

    • Adjusted bonus points granted for time when completing Goibniu Mode.
    • Added bonus points for current level when completing Goibniu Mode.
    • Non boss enemies no longer grant points after level 20 in Goibniu Mode.
    • Ash Bringer now dissolves if it hits a wall.
    • Holy Order and Black Blessing reworked.
    • Various typos fixed.
    • Hot fix for error on enemy electric beams.
    • Hot fix for slow spell casting while Ash Bringer is equipped.

    For the full list of changes in this version Click Here

    If you where using the IGPU betas to address a graphic issue that occurs on some devices, please continue to do so. It will have the latest updates and changes until a permanent solution is found.

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