Aug 9, 2016
Community Announcements - 9heads
We are sharing the link to our editor for anyone that want to make a stage for the game.

Ps: The editor is a little hard to use, and setting up keys and doors is a little tricky.

Post with donwload and tutorial:
Community Announcements - 9heads
Update Version 2.0 RC14

  • Decreased the time to reset traps with Phantom from 260 to 200 seconds.
  • Decreased the number of traps for Fallen transform from 12 to 14 for 9 to 12.

  • Fixed some issues with keys and doors mainly on the Black Lake Woods.
Community Announcements - 9heads

  • Fixed bug causing people to not be able to see Fallen when she was hunting them.
  • Fixed bug causing random crashes and desyncs.
Community Announcements - 9heads
Update Version 2.0 RC12

  • Fallen can’t see the survivors anymore when ready to transform.
  • Fallen now make a sound for the survivors while able to transform.
  • Traps don’t highlight when playing with Fallen.
  • Number of traps to Fallen transform is random and was increased to 12~14.
  • In the first mode Fallen move a little slower (from 2.75 to 2.55).
  • The statues now will highlight for Fallen if the survivors are near (3m(~9ft)) them too.
  • Fallen now get 1 statue for every 2 traps activated (from 3).
  • Fallen can get up to 5 statues (from 3) at same time (in Forest it’s now 10 instead of 9).
  • Traps highlight can’t been seen through walls anymore (statues still can).

  • Fixed bug causing eventual crashes when changing host.
  • Fixed bug causing eventual crashes when receiving host list from server.
  • Fixed bug causing random crashes.
Community Announcements - 9heads

Update Version 2.0 RC11

• Added new monster: Fallen, The Statue of a Fallen Angel.
As Fallen you need to active 10 traps to start hunting people, while you can’t see the survivors before that you can see the doors that you can pass through.
- For each 3 traps activated, you spawn a statue clone that blocks the path of the survivors and spots the survivors when they are near, those can be destroyed by the survivors’ flashlights.
- Fallen needs to find a survivor to enable the killing mode when she’s able to see them, then she only have 7 seconds to hunt and kill the survivors.
- While seeing Fallen it will jump some 'frames' of your eyes.
- Added 3 new musics.

• The traps now are highlighted when activated.Note: If the monster gets too powerful we will balance them out, please send some feedback.
- Increased the time Lurker lost when getting out of the ‘hunt mode’ by 50%.
- Increased the time for the traps to reset from 240 to 260 seconds when playing Phantom (Forest and Factory stays the same).
• Increased amount of traps in Factory.
• Reduced amount of traps in Warehouse.

Level Design
• Added stage codes at the CMD window for possible keys/items problems (send to us the numbers, what stage and part you were playing if you had problem finding a key).
• Added more teleports at the Black Lake Woods stage.
• Fixed some tables at Bright Hotel and the Restaurant to not block the monster’s path.
• Fixed small problems with keys at the Black Lake Woods.
• Possibly fixed keys at Factory stage.

• Added sound when a player disconnects from a lobby/match.

• Fixed bug causing Phantom to be able to interact with doors.
Oct 15, 2015
Community Announcements - 9heads
Aug 3, 2015
Community Announcements - Fisherman
Hey guys,

Today we uploaded an update possibly fixing the bug causing players to not be able to interact with doors, get keys, etc.

We finally sorted it out.

Thanks for the patience.
Community Announcements - 9heads
Look like people are having problem downloading the update from Steam.

See if this fix work from our forum:
Got a fix from reddit.

Steam menu > settings > downloads > download region

Change to US - New York.

Seems to have worked
Community Announcements - 9heads
Small Patch before the big patch with corrections and some small requested features.


Update Version 2.0 RC10

- Tweaked Phantom speed in the Factory stage.
- Added option to remove the Insanity System from a match.
- Disabled picking batteries when the flashlight is charged.
- Added Mute options to individual players (Voice chat), hold Tab ingame to see how to mute players.

Level Design
- Fixed areas possible to get stuck and small objects position.
- Removed the bunnies.

- Fixed bug allowing matches to have multiple monsters.
- Fixed bug allowing Lurker to hear the survivors footsteps.
- Fixed bug causing Father John to see through walls when running against them.
- Fixed bug causing crash when typing a non digit character in the Activation > Serial fields.

- Added option to change the username via Options > Profile.

- Fixed bug causing UPnP entries to linger in the router when closing the game.

- Changed mouse cursor to not be exclusive to the app (Alt+Tab should release the mouse always).
- Implemented borderless when playing in windowed mode.
May 28, 2015
Community Announcements - 9heads
Following a suggestion in the forum we are spreading what was already said there.

About the update

We are planing a new update this year. The update will have some fixes and for content at least a new monster, maybe mores options when creating a game.

The new monster

We will be using the suggestions in the forum to make the monster and it already received plenty of suggestions that we are taking consideration to use.

Thanks everyone.

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