Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition

Fascinating but flawed first-person horror game Among the Sleep is back with an Enhanced Edition this week, developer Krillbite Studio has announced.

Among the Sleep first toddled onto the horror scene back in 2012, and immediately gained attention for its strikingly distinct premise. It aimed to ratchet up the terror by casting players as an defenceless two-year-old, capitalising on the vulnerability of its lead and the innately disorientating first-person perspective that comes from only being two-foot high.

Unfortunately, the final product wasn't nearly as rewarding as its premise suggested. It nailed its gorgeous, surreal visuals and imaginative set-pieces, but stumbled with interactions that were clumsy and uninspired. It was a game that simply didn't live up to its potential.

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Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition - Valve
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Jun 7, 2016
Community Announcements - Pangathea
Change-log for Among the Sleep version 2.0.1

- Added text translations for the following languages:
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
- Fixed the AI sometimes falling through the ground in the forest level, confusing its re-spawn logic.
- Fixed some out of control rope physics.
- It's no longer possible to use resolutions narrower than 800 pixels, unless it's the only valid resolution on your computer.
Community Announcements - Krillbite Studio
Greetings one and all!

We’re back with a big update!

Since last time we’ve upgraded to Unity 5. This was a very substantial upgrade that changed parts of the game’s structure so that we had to find new solutions to various problems. Some of these are more or less noticeable than others.

The biggest changes are the ones affecting performance. We’ve been very hard at work to make the game run a lot better, increasing frame rates and decreasing loading times, especially in lower end computers.

We’ve also added a commentary track where you can get a bit of the developer’s thoughts about various aspects of the production. By turning on the commentary track in the options menu, you will find commentary nodes throughout the various chapters. Walk up to them and give them a click to hear our lovely voices talking about video gamey stuff!

Also, cloud saving is now enabled.

Important notice: Your old save files will not work with the new updated version of the game. You can keep using the old version of the game by opting in to use the development branch on steam. You can also use the console to unlock chapters. For more information, see:

Patch notes:

Unity 5 conversion:
  • Slight changes to physics behavior
  • Visual changes and minor improvements
  • Tons of bug fixes and tweaks

  • Brand new manual occlusion system
  • General optimization

  • Cloud saving now enabled!
  • Added commentary track!
  • Bug fixes of audio system
  • Overall tweaks of ambience and soundscapes
  • Minor language tweaks and bug fixes
  • Added Polish subtitles
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PC Gamer

Among the Sleep is a first-person horror game with an unusual twist. It's played not as an adult but as a very young child, sometimes walking and sometimes crawling, and always seeing the world from a much closer-to-the-ground perspective than we're used to. Bringing that point of view to VR through the Oculus Rift was one of the stretch goals in the 2013 Kickstarter, and the contribution level was quite handily met. But today developer Krillbite announced that it is halting development of the VR version of the game because it's just not working.

The problem, Krillbite's Kristina Halvorsen explained on the studio's blog, is that the techniques used to emulate the actions and perspective of a small child—"waggling" when they walk, occasionally falling over—run completely opposite to those needed to create an effective VR simulation.

"A very common technique in story driven first person games is to take away the players control of the camera when you want to tell some story. You want the player to see the spaceships approaching over the mountain, the skyscraper collapsing over the military troops or the mom feeding you cake," Halvorsen wrote. "Basically the game grabs hold of your virtual head for a few seconds or minutes, points it in the right direction and tells you to look at this before you can continue playing."

But doing that in VR "feels like someone is physically grabbing your head and forcing you to watch something."

"Suddenly your entire body is paralyzed and the sense of freedom of perspective and immersion that VR does so well is shattered. It s a violation of the trust you are building up between your game and the player," she continued. "The same goes for all our camera techniques that try to emulate a small child s movements. When your eyes tell you that you are wobbling along down a corridor but your body is standing still, it s basically a recipe for motion sickness. Toggling between walking and crawling or climbing is the same, the discrepancy between what you feel and what you see is very uncomfortable."

Halvorsen said that after a lot of working trying to come up with an effective implementation, Krillbite has been forced to conclude that what it wants to accomplish with Among the Sleep, specifically "the story we want to tell and the relationship we want to build between the player and the child," is not compatible with VR. Some parts of the experience work, but the transition from the "novelty" of early experimentation with the Oculus Rift DK1 to a full-on VR game experience did not.

The studio is now looking at building a smaller, stand-alone demo, purpose-built for VR using Among the Sleep assets. "We are humbled and flattered that some of you are still waiting for a full VR experience of Among the Sleep. But we don t want to give you a half-assed VR experience that feels forced and compromised," Halvorsen wrote. "We re very sorry to disappoint you."

Community Announcements - Krillbite Studio
Among the Sleep Patch v1.3.2 out!

This patch is mostly a bonus for our fellow countrymen, as it adds Norwegian voices for the entire game, and in addition Neo-Norwegian subtitles, our second official written language!

For full patch notes, see below:

  • Added Norwegian audio for the entire game
  • Added Neo-Norwegian text language
  • DLC subtitles now available in all languages
  • Added better fonts for Czech and Hungarian languages

  • Tweaked behaviour of level selection in main menu
  • Fixed mouse stuttering on Linux
  • Mom's hair shader now responds correctly to lights
  • Tweaked the reflection strength of some floor materials
  • Fixed missing normal maps on some materials in level03
  • Some optimization work in level04
  • Fixed issue where screen froze when skipping intro cinematic

  • Fixed bug where the toys in the DLC would sometimes not speak
  • Tweaked audio levels on some dialogue that was hard to hear
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Community Announcements - Tiur
Heya! What's good folks?

We're here to bring you the new patch notes and tell you a little bit about the current status here at the studio.

We've finally fixed the demo version of the game for Mac and Linux, which should now be available for download. We are aware that there have been Mac and Linux users reporting issues with playing the game, so any feedback on how the game is running now will be greatly appreciated!

It's been a few weeks since the release of the DLC and we hope you have been enjoying it. We had great fun creating it, and it was very interesting to develop it alongside the feedback of some of our backers.

Since then, we've started working on a brand new project. We're super excited about it, and we're looking forward to sharing it with you some time in the near future!

The future of Among the Sleep

The current focus on AtS is porting it to the Playstation 4 console. The development is coming along nicely, but it's a bit too early to estimate a release date. There's still some challenges to overcome, as there are completely different requirements for a game to be released on PS4 compared to PC, so it's a lot more complicated than just building it. We hope to have this ready as soon as possible, as we're very excited about seeing our game on a console!

We're also working on implementing and finishing the support for Oculus DK2. As AtS is on the wave of the first games that is being developed to support the new VR technology, we're bumping into problems that takes a bit longer to solve as there's not many resources of information to look up about it yet. We're loving what we're seeing so far, AtS in VR is an amazingly immersive experience. So hold on to your VR headsets a little longer!

Optimization is a big one we're currently working on, which has a direct connection with both the PS4 and DK2.

Version 1.3.1 Patch Notes

  • Tweaked AI behaviour
  • Added camera effects & audio to some events
  • More consistent snow particles
  • Fixed some hiding places that were not as safe as they seemed
  • Fixed some drawers having strange behaviour because of objects stuck inside them
  • Fixed parts of the level being unintentionally visible through certain windows
  • Fixed some small objects falling through the floor
  • Improved visuals overall
  • Updated lightmap

  • Intro no longer breaks due to VR errors
  • Fixed mouse stuttering
  • Added fan-translations for Czech and Hungarian. (Thanks to everyone who participated!)
  • Edited some button labels to clarify meaning
  • Fixed some particles that did not disappear when reloading a level
  • Fixed some cases where objects disappeared when viewed from certain angles
  • Fixed some objects that clipped into the world
  • Fixed some vegetation materials not rendering properly on some Mac and Linux configurations
  • Small changes to menu layout
  • Removed several unneeded error messages printed to console
  • Optimized closet and forest level level
Community Announcements - Krillbite Studio
The free DLC for Among the Sleep is out!

DLC page here

We've been working on this extra little bit of the game along with our Kickstarter backers since release this summer. The free DLC contains a whole new chapter, which is meant to be played after the main game is completed (as it expands a bit on the main story). We've conveniently named it "Prologue", so for those of you who've finished the game and long for more: enjoy!

It should update to your copy of the game automatically, and can be accessed from the chapter selection screen in the main menu.
For the Linux people we have to apology since we met a breaking bug which we're sorting out. We should have that sorted and up by Friday.

Get a feel for the new setting in the DLC teaser:

On the horizon
We're continuing to develop the PS4-version, and adding support for new features (such as the Oculus DK2-support). We’ll also continue optimizing the game in general (like the IPD/FOV-issues on Oculus DK1 sets) and fixing all the bugs we find. Please keep sending us bug reports, as they help us track them down easier.

- Love from the Krillbite team

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