Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Just a bug fix update and an increase in build points for the ACK, because why not!

1.1.7 (Build 10.3) Change List
  • ACK build points increased to 10k (up from 8k!)
  • Ranged brigands now default to 10 units for awake radius to match ranged skeletons. Any ranged brigands already placed in adventures will still be set to 6 - but can now be increased to 10.

  • Fixed the health below 50% event firing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed pressing ESC to get out of TOD VFX node would not bring back the top editor menu
  • Fixed a loot shrine exploit bug - you now can't switch players once you have prayed until you grab your reward!
  • Fixed skeleton king not having white dust blood when killed
  • Fixed enemies constantly moving through teleporters causing character interaction UI to flicker
  • Fixed not being able to set ranged brigand awake radius bigger than 6 units, like ranged skeletons can, now goes up to 10 units
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Welcome to Version 1.1.6, Build 10.2

Our amazing community of creators decided to get together and host another creator event, called FTD DREAMS 17!

Every day between April 21st and May 2nd, 2017, one of our amazing creators will release a "Dreams" themed adventure for everyone to play, so to celebrate this event we have pushed a small update out that adds a [FTD DREAMS 17!] button to the adventure gallery to make it super easy to find the new adventures as they appear, and forever!

We have also officially dropped the price of FTD at the same time, to encourage new players to come in, try the game and play these amazing new adventures.

Happy FTD Dreams everyone!
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Welcome to Version 1.1.5, Build 10.2

Just a small update to celebrate the launch of our new mobile game ( iOS only right now ) called Outfolded. You can check it out at

On to what's new....

1.1.5 (Build 10.2) Change List
  • We have added a new VFX Logic Node to the ACK - you can now place these nodes in your adventures and set specific time of day and visual effects, and trigger them via events like other logic nodes!

  • The water splash effect now respects water that has been raised.
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
We've just pushed some minor tweaks and bug fixes!

1.1.4 (Build 10.1) Change List
  • If a key that is within the radius of a door that requires it is picked up, the door will recognise the player now has the key and will open immediately. In the past, the player would need to move out of and back into the door radius to trigger the door
  • Gave a slight damage bump (10%) to the crit chance modifier
  • Improved Loot Shrine save system to correctly save on exiting the shrine
  • Tweaked ranged brigand data to bring them in line with ranged skeletons

  • When a key is picked up while the door key required icon is flashing, the icon is set to on after the flashing finishes.
  • Fixed variation 6/7 of hanging sign prop - nows shows all 7 variations correctly
  • Fixed half health event not being fired if the enemy was killed by falling off the world while above 50% hp
  • Fixed active crit chance displaying the wrong number in the item display
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
We have added Human versions of our ranges enemies! We are sure some of you might find them useful :-)
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Welcome to Version 1.1.3, Build 9.8

It’s been a while - but here is a small bug fix update. Yes, we do read the forums :-)

1.1.3 (Build 9.8) Change List
  • You can now cycle pages in the inventory (loot shrine) with the right stick (left & right) when using a controller

  • Keys now rotate as they bob up and down, to make it easier to see them

  • Fixed checkpoints not firing events properly when connected to logic blocks
  • Fixed blockers flickering when intersecting with other disabled blockers
  • Fixed NPC dialogue windows being left open when a player dies
  • Fixed character inventory not being stomped when restarting a failed adventure (woops)
  • Fixed being able to press (B) on Game Over screen and soft-lock the game if the game ended via self-destructing
  • Fixed “Half Way” Achievement not firing when unlocked in the same session you killed the dragon - If you have already killed the dragon once but have not received this achievement, simply go fight the dragon one more time and it will unlock at the end of the battle.
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Welcome to Version 1.1.3, Build 9.7

Happy New Year!

This is a small update to get a couple of new features we’ve been working on out to you all that we didn’t have time to ship last year - enjoy!

New Enemy NPC’s
One of our most commonly requested features is the ability for enemies and NPC’s to be interchangeable - the ability to make some enemies talk to the player, or an NPC to talk to the player and then become hostile and fight. Unfortunately, decisions we made in the architecture of Fight The Dragon all the way back in 2013(!) make scenarios like this impossible - the immense amount of work required to rebuild large sections of the game while keeping legacy adventures compatible is an unfeasible task.

However, while we can’t give you all of the features you’ve been asking for, we’ve come up with what we think is a pretty cool compromise - Enemy NPC’s! The standard NPC can now be switched into Enemy mode, where you can select from 13 different enemy varieties (Skeleton, Orc, Male + Female Brigands, Mummy and Zombies) that will look like an un-armoured enemy, but function exactly like a standard NPC. The enemy can select from 4 different animations (Default, Scared, Angry and Sad) and has all of the same abilities that a normal NPC has (Dialogue, Events, Icons, etc ).

New two sided window facades
Based on some suggestions from the forums, we’ve added a new type of two sided window facade for creators to use on single-width walls, so you can see a window from both sides of a wall.

1.1.3 (Build 9.7) Change List
  • Added new Enemy NPC varieties
  • Added new 2 sided window facades

  • Made UI scale more when at highest value - this may cause some minor overlapping UI on extreme settings
  • Improved Dragon background image on splash screen - should work better on wider displays

  • Fixed a rare UI focus issue when opening the Adventure Gallery after using the Loot Shrine
  • Fixed an issue where blocked adventures would gradually build up locally and eventually crash the game when attempting to play a random adventure
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Welcome to Version 1.1.2, Build 9.2

Happy Holidays everyone!

1.1.2 fixes up a couple of bugs and annoyances that have been reported recently on the forums, improves enemy AI and pathfinding and also includes a new “Experimental” branch of the game running on a the latest version of Unity (5.3.0f4) - Yes, we’ve skipped 5.2 as our crash bugs were never fixed.

We also missed the one year launch anniversary of Fight The Dragon! On the 4th of December last year we launched out of early access and thanks to the support and effort of the community it was one of 3 Sprocket’s biggest desktop launches. Throughout the year we expanded the game with many great updates that included new editor features, more gameplay improvements, bug fixes, performance optimisations and of course, a substantial content update that included 4 new special abilities per class!

So thanks again for playing and supporting Fight The Dragon in 2015, it really means a lot to us that we have such a long-lasting and supportive community of players and moderators! We wish you all a happy and safe holiday, and we’ll see you all in 2016!

Advent Calendar
Some enterprising creators in our community have built an Advent Calendar - a daily series of Holiday themed adventures available for everybody to play. The quality of these adventures is astounding, and some of our all-time best creators have contributed to the project. So if you’re looking for some great holiday themed adventures to play, be sure to check out the 2015 Advent Calendar in our forums -

Steam Controller support
Thanks to the good folks at Valve, we got a Steam Controller for the office! After a bit of testing we’ve built a default configuration that we really like for playing Fight The Dragon, and the first time you run the game with a Steam Controller it should automatically select that configuration.

Note: We have discovered an issue where the game will sometimes stutter unacceptably while playing with the Steam Controller with vibration enabled in an online game. We’re still investigating, but in the meantime we recommend disabling Rumble via the Settings menu when using the Steam Controller.

Experimental Unity 5.3 branch
After the mixed results some players saw with our last Unity update attempt, we’ve decided to test out another Unity engine update in an experimental branch. We’d greatly appreciate you trying out the new branch and seeing if you encounter any weirdness/crashes/bugs and reporting them in our forums. You can access the branch by right-clicking the game in your Library > Properties > Betas > Experimental.

The two versions should be compatible save-wise, so if you do switch to the Experimental branch and encounter problems, feel free to switch back to the default version.

The reason we are trying to move to a newer version of Unity is to of course, stay current with all engine bug fixes, but to also capitalize on the constant performance improvements Unity are adding to their latest engine versions.

So we are hoping that if the 5.3 experimental branch is stable for everyone, we can officially move to it and move off the 8+ month old version we are stuck on now :-)

*NOTE: Our Linux machine died today ! Yay… poor guy, abused and ignored for most of it’s life. This means that though we got to test the main Linux branch, we’ve not been able to test the experimental Linux branch, so if you try it out, keep in mind it’s had no testing from us.

We are currently building a new Linux test machine, but didn’t want to hold up this update for it.

1.1.2 (Build 9.2) Change List
  • Move to Unity 5.3.0f4 (Experimental branch)
  • New default Steam Controller configuration

  • Improved special abilities help UI in the pause menu
  • Fixed some incorrectly coloured buttons in some ACK UI
  • Enemies can now step up on bridges that are low enough
  • Enemies can now climb up on bridges that are a climbable height
  • Enemies can now path-find up onto bridges from the side
  • Enemies can now see through bridges properly
  • Players can now climb onto bridges that are a climbable height

  • Fixed some abilities that would briefly play audio even if sound effects are muted
  • Fixed Rogue Stun Mine ability awarding Mana and breaking stealth when applying damage to enemies
  • Potentially fixed where a character might end up with no weapon in their hands after a special attack
  • Fixed some pathfinding cases where if an enemy got too close to a non walkable area, like a fence, they could not move off it
  • Fixed a bunch of Online play issues that would try to fire network events after an enemy had been killed - this could have led to gameplay stutters
  • Potentially fixed a temporary character lockup at end of a dodge roll
  • Fixed issue where using Fire, Ice or Poison on an enemy in an online game would cause enemy targeting issues for other players
  • Improved enemy network movement syncing and enemies now animate correctly when climbing in network games
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Welcome to Version 1.1.1, Build 9.0

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! Though this appears to be a small update from us, it’s actually more significant that it seems.

We have moved FTD into Unity 5.2.x and in doing so, we’ve been able to capitalise on some new performance work that Unity have been implementing. Results will vary greatly for everyone as these improvements will really only kick in when your machine CPU is struggling more than your GPU is, but in our tests we have seen anything from 5% improvement up to 20%, so we hope many of you on older or less powered hardware see some improvement.

New RETRY button
Finally, after what seems like *forever*, we have added a “retry” button to the adventure results screen for when you have failed the attempt. Now you can re-load and play the adventure without having to go back to your world map :-)

This button is only available in local adventures and campaigns, and not in online games.

1.1.1 (Build 9.0) Change List
  • Move to Unity 5.2.x
  • New retry button to re-play the same adventure again on a failed attempt

  • Updated the special abilities hint
  • Added better handling of online server regions reporting “none” as the closest region
  • Prevent the game from trying to connect to a “none” region causing server connection to fail

  • Some minor bug fixes and UI improvements
Fight The Dragon - SeonR
Another small set of fixes and improvements - Enjoy!

  • Fixed Rat climbing animation not playing correctly
  • Potentially fixed several issues causing erratic behaviour on enemies moving around and through Teleporters
  • Fixed mouse cursor staying locked to centre of screen when opening some UI/menus while holding the middle mouse button
  • Fixed enemies turning their heads to look at the player while they were in stealth
  • Fixed barrels not resetting to their correct state when a playtest was ended while a player was holding a barrel
  • Fixed stealth sound effect not ending when stealth ends prematurely (player attacks an enemy)
  • Fixed SFX fired from the SFX Logic clip not respecting player volume settings
  • Fixed electric mine appearing in players hands permanently after using the Flash Powder ability (Rogue only)
  • Trigger enter events should now fire correctly after turning off a trigger while a player was standing inside
  • Trigger exit events should now fire if a player dies while inside a Trigger
  • Fixed report menu breaking at game over screen if player opened report menu from the pause menu during an adventure
  • Fixed characters sometimes briefly being unable to attack after dodge rolling
  • Fixed notifications staying on-screen after exiting a playtest
  • Fixed ranged weapons sometimes allowing a player to step between attacks if moving and shooting at the same time

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