UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys,

Just want to let you know that development is going more or less according to plan. After finishing the Rig and the stuff in the old world, we've moved back to the Black Sea and are now polishing up some of the areas and wrapping up quests and the like. You can see some of the interesting areas in the video below as you relax to the excellent atmospheric music of Josh Culler.


We've also started working on the savage natives and their areas, so expect to see some of that in the next dev log.

That's all - just a short update to let you guys know that the development is going more or less according to plan and that you guys should stay tuned for more dev logs in the coming months.

Let us know how you liked the areas showcased in the video.

UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys, here's a quick update on what we've been up to in the past few months.

In order to wrap up the geographical consistency of the base game, we had to create a number of water maps that connect SGS, Junkyard, Core City, Camp Hathor, and the Black Sea. In the expansion the player will be able to traverse and explore these maps with his jet ski, but he won't be the only one as a number of factions also utilize these waters, such as Protectorate, Black Eels, and Black Sea pirates. Also encounters with random sea bandits are not uncommon.

The most powerful naval faction in the South Underrail is, of course, the Black Eels. Their naval platform The Rig is perfectly positioned to facilitate the trade between different stations as well as their own scrap exporting business. The Rig is also used to control the central body of water of the Lower Caves in order to fend off pirates. This place will be vital for pirate missions that the player will be able to take part in if he chooses to ally with the them in the expansion.

The Rig missions are not 100% complete yet, but will be soon. After that we'll be returning to the Black Sea to wrap up and polish off the maps we made so far and integrate them into the global map. And then we still have two more areas to develop - the villages of the savage natives and the final dungeon.

Let us know how you like the aesthetics of the new areas.

UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys, we are releasing a new major update of the base game on the experimental branch. If everything goes as planned, we'll be releasing it to the main branch as well soon.

To play experimental branch on Steam, you right click the game in your library and go to "Betas" tab. To do so on GOG, you select the game and choose More->Settings. Make sure you don't override all your live version saves just in case something goes horribly wrong.

We have new creatures, items and feats.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • You can now configure transparency of transitions (also increased the default transparency)
  • Objects that transition you between areas (transition that requires loading) when you use them should not display the transitioning cursor
  • Added transparency to NPC health/psi/shield/cast bars on the map

  • Added new high-energy battery type
  • Increased the weight of the fishing rod
  • Removed cooldown for placing fishing rods
  • Increased the damage and critical damage bonus of Quake
  • Significantly increased the value of a lot of unique items (mostly weapons)
  • Nerfed Power Fist
  • Increased the max stack size of scraps to 999
  • Trapper's Belt will now increase Traps skill by 15% (up from 10%); it will no longer reduce trap arming cooldown
  • Added two new belts that augment chemical pistol attacks
  • Regenerative Mixture will now be affected by game difficulty
  • Special bolts affected by Elemental Bolts feat will now display the modified damage in the tooltip
  • Reduced the infused leather quality slightly overall and also added diminishing returns when making infused leather above 100 quality
  • Infused siphoner tabi boots will now give immunity to slow instead to immobilization
  • Junkyard surprise can no longer increase perception, will or intelligence
  • The following items will have their max stacks increase to appropriate amount: .44 Explosive Round, 8.6mm Incendiary Round, 12.7mm Contaminated Round, 7.62mm Micro-shrapnel Round, Corrosive Acid Vial, Incendiary Vial,
  • Halved the move and shoot and action point cost penalties when attaching bipods to assault rifles (not applied retroactively)
  • You can now use High Efficiency Energy Converter to reduce the energy cost of firing energy pistols
  • Energy Pistols now have two enchancement slots when crafted
  • Plasma pistol damage increased by 25%
  • Laser pistol base action point cost changed to 15 (down from 22)
  • Laser pistol usage energy cost reduced by 20%
  • Changed the base value of psi boosters to 275 (down from 350)
  • Changed the maximum duration of throwing net entanglement to 3 turns (down from 4)
  • Increased the amount of EMP dischargers generated as loot/merchandise
  • Changed the number of unsaturated psionic catalyst required to craft a psi booster to 3 (down from 5)
  • Fixed the armor description when crafting riot gear and tactical vests from super steel sheets (will not be applied retroactively to the already crafted items)
  • Changed the psi regen reduction of Mushroom Brew to 30 (up from 1). The previous value was geared towards non-regenerating psi pool of alpha version.
  • Fixed incorrectly set impact speed of unique assault rifles (raised from medium to high, as should be the value for all assault rifles) and corrected the lack of move and shoot precision penalty for those guns
  • Fixed Jawbone lacking move and shoot precision penalty (now set to 15%) as well as close quarters precision penalty (now 10%)
  • Fixed low durability of armor worn by Tchortist rassophores and recombinants; only applies to npc armor (armor in the player's possession will remain unchanged)

  • Increased Coil Spider psi points and psi regeneration
  • Coil Spiders now have darkvision
  • Added Greater Coil Spiders
  • Added a new machinegun turret to replace the regular auto-turret in certain places and on certain difficulties
  • Increased dodge and evasion of burrower spawns, but also increased their susceptibility to AoE attacks
  • Dogs will now attempt to bump you out of stealth when the detection gets into ALERTED state, just like human NPCs (on normal difficulty or higher)
  • Added a stronger version of psi beetle
  • Increased crawler attack damage a bit; they also regenerate health now (even in combat) and have dark vision
  • Added a stronger version of crawler
  • Added stronger version of mutants Hunchback mutants

  • Added the global map
  • Added DOMINATING difficulty, mechanically it inherits the modifications of hard difficulty and also increased NPC health by 50% and skill levels by 30%.
  • Changed the way hit change display handles oscillating lighting or otherwise dynamic lighting. This also should fix some anomalies like the hit chances changing when saving/loading or transitioning.
  • Removed cooldown for arming traps
  • Removed cooldowns from lockpicking and hacking
  • Reduced the time it takes for the game to yield the control back to the combatant after he kills the target; it doesn't wait for scrolling text and sounds to end now
  • Hostilities will now instantly be triggered when you've been detected lockpicking (instead of at the end of the action)
  • Increased the damage of chemical pistols by 50% (will be applied retroactively on exisiting items)
  • Ground fire will now remove cryogas
  • Starting pickpocketing (opening the pickpocketing window) will now require a certain amount of pickpocketing skill depending on the target's detection so not every character can inspect any NPC's inventory (without killing them!)
  • Targets will no longer be able to block (in regular way) if stunned, incapacitated or frozen
  • You can now unload chemical pistols
  • As long as you haven't been fully detected by a NPC, that NPC's detection will be reduced back to zero when you get back into an area where you've been sneaking
  • Uncanny Dodge will no longer work while you're stunned or incapacitated in some way
  • Dirty Kick will now be subject to Uncanny Dodge and other special defense mechanisms
  • You can now root turrets (which makes them susceptible to acidic entanglement)
  • On normal difficulty and above, transitioning between areas (red transitions) will now cost action points
  • Improved NPC pathfinding slightly
  • Primary non-mechanical damage (not caused by on-hit effect) on melee weapons will now scale with weapon skill (like the bio damage on The Claw), but will no longer scale with strength
  • On hard difficulty EMP will drain energy (and subsequently deal damage to the holder) from all items in the inventory (not just equipped ones)
  • Reduced the ranged weapon precision reduction from low light slightly
  • Antidote will now randomly choose the order of poison removal, instead of going in the order they were applied

  • Turn-based mode will no longer automatically end at the end of the turn if there are incapacitated enemies near
  • Reduced the alpha on energy shields
  • Removed the movement animation reseting when rapidly clicking (there's still a very slight stutter if you click very fast, though)
  • You cannot change armor suit while in stealth or while stealth is on cooldown on hard difficulty or above
  • Turrets will now drop aggro faster
  • Getting additional burning damage will reset the burning debuff remaining time
  • New combat taunts for military personnel

  • You can now cast Cryokinetic Orb on any non-obstructing tile (such as water and other regularly non-traversable tiles)
  • Improved the shard distribution of Cryokinetic Orb on impact
  • Changed the range of Frighten psi ability to 5 (up from 3)

  • Steadfast Aim strength requirement changed to 5 (down from 6)
  • Cooked Shot special chemical pistol AoE attack with radius of 1
  • Three-Pointer Changed Throwing skill requirement to 50 (up from 45); The crit chance will now scale by 1.5% per ten throwing skill points above 50, instead from dexterity
  • Doctor will now also work with Regenerative Mixture as it should
  • Expertise changed the max bonus to 20 (down from 25)
  • High-Technicalities increases damage with energy pistols by 7% for each point of intelligence above 5

  • Because of the global map, some areas had to be added and some had to be reorganized (especially around the starting cave areas) in order to achieve geographical consistency
  • Added a number of possible random events around the world
  • Reworked a lot of encounters to scale with game difficulty (from easy to dominating). Normal was mostly kept as it is, but some encounters (typically mid-late and late game ones) were made more difficult on that level.
  • Reworked the Free Drone's final mission debriefing dialog with Trenton in order to better handle a certain optional outcome
  • DC mindreading will now take into account the number of killed Faceless, which will have negative effects of varying degrees depending on that number; however, kills during certain story-related events where combat is unavoidable will not be counted
  • Expanded the Hanging Rat bar and added a base ability check

  • Corrosive acid bolt crits will now multiply the acid damage done just like the regular acid ones
  • Focus Stim will now properly display duration in the item description
  • Fixed the Crippling Strike tooltip
  • Fossilized Egg Oddity max studies changed to 3 as it should have been from the start
  • Spore Turrets marked as ribles, kneeless and immune to critical hits
  • Fixed the bug that caused NPCs to not properly react to being alerted (orange eye) to player's presence
  • Fixed spelling errors in special ammo hit effect descriptions
  • Fixed the bug that caused Eviscerate to do less damage than stated
  • Fixed the rounding error with Critical Power feat
  • Fixed a sneaky bug regarding status effect stacking
  • Black Dragon poison icon fixed
  • Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause player to become undead during cutscenes in which he unpredictably dies (this will apply retroactively, RIP)
  • Fixed the 8.6mm Incendiary Rounds (they weren't igniting)
  • Jookhela should now be immune to stun and incapacitation like the rest of senior raties (will not update for those who already encountered him)
  • Removed Gauntlet advertisement from DC
  • Crawlers and other NPCs should no longer unwittingly bump their own kind/faction out of stealth
  • Suppressive fire will now only be applied to enemies, as intended
  • There was a mess up regarding player's increased chance to get critically hit. Contrary to what the game has been saying, there is no universal to-get-crit (TGC) modifier, instead it only applied for weapon and unarmed attacks, which made things like Psychostatic Electricity rather useless. I've now added psi TGC modifier, so recklessness and psychostatic electricity will now apply to psi abilities as well. Everything else will only work for unarmed and weapon attacks. Tooltips have been updated to reflect this.
  • Thought control psi abilities can now be properly centered onto non-traversable (but penetrable) terrain
  • Disruptive Field will no longer get bugged out by Locus of Control
  • You will no longer hear the sound of NPCs stealthing when you enter an area for the first time, unless you can see them already
  • Swapping between two energy weapons while recharging the current weapon will now properly cancel the action
  • Fixed the bug with plasma sentry when leaving the area while it's deployed in cannon mode
  • Fixed an issue with player's house containers (lockers, shelves, etc.) wherein the items from upgraded or changed containers wouldn't transfer to an always-present shelf in the northeastern corner of the ground floor
  • Fixed certain quest notes not being set as completed/failed properly
  • Fixed a number of skill checks that used base instead of effective required value or had no value set at all
  • Fixed Sneaky not registering the death of one important npc
  • Expanded or reworked certain parts of npc dialogs (some more, some less) and also added a few new skills checks to some
  • Replaced a few windows in fo_prison with solid walls so that the cameras inside the cell block can't see inside the security room. This was done to prevent the cameras from dispatching all the guards into the room even if the player had been granted access to it
  • Fixed a minor issue with a certain Hathor Mine-related cutscenes
  • Various minor map and dialog fixes

Have fun with the new stuff and please stay patient as we continue to work on the Expedition DLC.

Report any bugs you find on the forums and make sure you specify which version you're playing.
UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys,

While our development is mostly focused on the expansion there are a couple of issues that we wanted to address before its release as we think that they will greatly influence the experience of playing the DLC as well as the base game.

First of these is the global map. This was a contested issue since the alpha versions and is probably the most frequent complaint we get from the people that have a positive view of the game as a whole. Some people may be wondering if the global map was something that was originally planned for the game and, truth to be told, I don't really remember (original plans for the game were laid almost 10 years ago now), but knowing myself I would probably implement one if I had the (time) resources that I have now. Back when I was at it alone I had to cut corners in both content and feature departments, and map is a bit of both really. Later, when the game has grown monstrously in size, even though I then had the time to add new features, a good amount of geographical inconsistencies made sure that there was no quick and easy way to produce a quality map, but instead some major rearragements were going to have to be made.

But anyway, now that we got around to doing this, here's how the map implementation looks like (new players be careful, there are minor spoilers).

We're going to have separate maps for different depths and some maps for the bigger urban areas. We've only gotten around to SGS, Lower Caves and Lower Underrail so far, but here's how the full list will probably look like:
  • Lower Caves (includes Junkyard and Hathor)
  • Upper Caves
  • Lower Underrail (includes Rail Crossing)
  • Upper Underrail
  • Black Sea
  • Foundry
  • SGS
  • DC
Core City and Institute will not be included, at least not initially, because reasons. We are, also, not going to be making any maps for "dungeon" areas and such (like GMS) unless they are part of geography of existing maps (such as Depot A being part of Lower Caves by being an extension of Junkyard).

As you can see on the screenshots, maps will (usually, but not always) record and display what useful (or not so useful) creatures and plants you've encountered there as well as other points of interest (merchants, doctors, certain quest objects). These will not be updated after the initial encounter and do not always represent the actual state of the map, but are rather meant to be used as useful auto-notes for harvesting organs and plants and such. They will typically not record robotic and human enemies. You can also add your own notes to the map. A lot of static features of the map will also reveal themselves as you explore the map so that you won't automatically know, for example, if there's a power generator on that map immediately after entering.

The map will be available in the next updated which will be released sometime before the DLC which is going to be released when it's ready. But on a serious note, I do hope to release a new update on the experimental branch at least in the near future so you guys can play with all the new stuff that we've added over the months and we can finally get this huge pile of patch notes off of our shoulders (and replace them with bug reports).

Anyway, let us know what you think about the inclusion of the global map and about this particular implementation. In the next dev log I'll probably be talking about another important, but probably less impressive, change to the base game that we're working on.

UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys. I did some changes regarding veteran levels which I originally introduced back in October.

First of all, player will continue to receive the normal amount of skill points when leveling up even on veteran levels now. Also, dervied stats such as health, detection and such will scale normally on veteran levels as well. However, players will also gain a feat every even level instead of every level when leveling on veteran levels. So basically everything is going to work as with normal levels with the exception of the feat pool being expanded with veteran feats once you hit veteran levels.

Allowing of the further skill scaling beyond the 25th level, however, requires us to provide some use for such high skill levels, particularly in crafting. To address this, the end-game areas and stores will have some of its loot/stock scaled up if the Expedition DLC is installed, particularly when it comes to crafting components. In the future, we also intend to address the problem of other non-combat skill scaling (such as social skills and hacking/lockpicking) by adding high level encounters/opportunities, so while currently it might not make sense to max out these skills, in the future it will have benefits.

However, the second, and more important change, is that on veteran levels you'll also get three specialization points.

You use these specialization points to further improve your non-veteran feats, often across specific dimension, as demonstrated in the GIF above. Your investment of points in any given specialization cannot exceed your veteran level (or the maximum allowed points for that specialization).

That's it for now. Let us know how you like these changes.
UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys.

Just wanted to let you all know that, even though we've been quiet, we're working hard on getting all the content for the expansion done, now that all the new mechanics have been implemented. The good news is that the the bulk of the main quest, including all the heavy scripting, c&c, etc, is complete and functioning (for the most part, it needs further testing, of course).

For those who just can't wait to get to explore the Black Sea themselves, here's a short video from the recent internal testing that we've done (this is NOT a trailer). It does contain some spoilers, though we tried to censor the important stuff, so be warned.


Anyway, that's it for now guys. Let us know what you think.
UnderRail - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

Underrail [official site] is a game that wants to be Fallout. That’s okay! That’s a legendary game for several reasons, and some are even good. There’s definitely room for an RPG to be to Fallout what Xenonauts is to UFO: neither remake nor clone, but a new game that does all the same stuff we’ve missed, only without an interface from the Stupid Age.

Underrail, however, is not that game. It’s a bold attempt, but ultimately one that misses too many marks, and copies too many notes from the Bumper Book Of Frustrating RPG Design We Still Have To Put Up With For Some Reason.

… [visit site to read more]

Apr 24, 2017
UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys. We're all but done with the biggest feature of the expansion and that's the player's ability to ride jet skis.

Since the expansion takes place on Black Sea, naturally you will need a way to travel between all the small islands, bays and between far shores. You will be able to do this on a dozen of different jet skis, ranging from super light racing jet skis to mini-destroyers, which you can further customize under the hood by installing better engines, batteries and suspension systems. The models themselves differ way by the combat cover, durability, stability, speed, damage resistances, as well number of and maximum size of a parts you can install into them; some vehicles can have multiple engines and/or batteries. Also, some jet skis will have special attacks or abilities.

Once you get to the Black Sea it won't take long for you to get a hold of the most basic "junk jet", but to get the quality stuff, both in terms of the jet ski model and the parts, you'll have to spend a fair amount of charons at a specialized shop in Core City. You'll also have to decide what are the most important characteristics of jet ski for you, as no one model will be best at everything.

While riding a jet ski you'll be able to use most of your weapons, abilites and utilities. The most notable exceptions are sledgehammers and sniper rifles, which are not available while driving. Also, short range melee weapons (fist weapons and knives) and unarmed attacks, though still performable, will suffer significant penalties. When an attack is aimed at you, it has a chance of hitting the jet ski instead (or in case of AoE attacks, a percentage of the damage hits the vehicle), depending on the cover it provides, in which case the damage is tested against its resistences and the amount that penetrates those is deducted from the vehicle's durability. If the durability reaches zero, the vehicle is destroyed and you die (you never learned to swim).

That's it for now, guys. Let us know how all this sounds and I hope you're looking forward to some naval battles with pirates and worse things.

UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys. In the past few months we've been working (and we're still working) on a couple of major features for the expansion, but we didn't want to show any of them before they were ready. First of these that are now done are the new weapons, so without further ado I give you the three new weapon types - the spear, the machete and the shotgun.

The choice of spear and machete as new weapons was mostly thematic (you will learn why in some later dev log), but these weapons will also have their own place in the melee arsenal. Spears are meant to be versatile offensive and defensive weapons, while machetes are meant to be high risk-high reward weapons that will rely on the user keeping up the offensive. More on the exact mechanics of this will be revealed later when I get to implementing their specific feats. There are two types of machetes that differ slight in critical chance/damage stats.

Now the interesting one of the bunch is the shotgun. I say this because the mechanics of the shotgun are unlike anything else that we had in the game so far when it comes to weapons. When a shotgun is fired it launches a number of pellets that may hit the intended target, some other target in the attack cone or might miss completely. So the chance to hit with the shotgun is not so much indicative of weather or not you'll inflict damage on the enemy, but how much of the damage you launch their way is going to land on the primary target.

I'm going to give you some random shotgun stats below, but keep in mind that this has not be properly balance tested and that before we get a chance to play around with this new weapon a bit it's hard to gauge it's effectiveness and what the numbers should be in order for it to fit into the role intended for it. There is a lot of factors that come into play here depending on the situation and it will take some time to make sure they perform as expected at different ranges (medium, close and point blank) and against different enemies (low armor/high armor). By the way, pay attention to the interaction with the different ammo types when considering the raw damage stat.

I've also implemented the ability for weapons (and gear in general) to grant you special attacks and abilities so expect more of that in the future.

The process of adding these new weapons took a long time because we had to change the way we handled animations of all the different human models and it required a lot of manual labor to get things in order. However, now that we have done this, it will allow us to add more new weapons in the future (not in this DLC, though), to which we are rather looking forward to. I'm not gonna lie, we already know what weapons we want to add in the future, so just keep that in mind when you're posting your wishes.

Anyway, let us know what you think of the new weapons.
UnderRail - Styg
Hi guys, soon we'll be ready to release a new update for the game. For those who wish to help us test it, we've set up "Experimental" branches on Steam and GOG Galaxy.

To play experimental branch on Steam, you right click the game in your library and go to "Betas" tab. To do so on GOG, you select the game and choose More->Settings. Make sure you don't override all your live version saves just in case something goes horribly wrong.

Here are the patch notes:

  • AP reduction from Gunslinger feat will now properly affect only firearms
  • Added feats: Bowyer (crossbow crafting)
  • Ripper feat will now properly work with serrated knives
  • Added a new visual model for siphoner, ancient rathound, and super steel armor
  • Telekinetic proxies and electrokinetic imprints will now be visible behind walls
  • Added tooltips for empty gear slots
  • Forcing the vent with crowbar will now be done through Quick Invoker (once the crowbar is equipped, you'll get the ability there)
  • Changed the "Focused" tooltip to be gender neutral (tested for all 99 genders)
  • Cats nerfed
  • Dreadnoughts buffed
  • When a character that has nightvision turned on gets flashbanged, they will also be dazed for 5 turns
  • Some of the merchants now have additional mercantile checks which (if passed) will expand that merchant's store inventory
  • Borer Gizzard renamed to Metaworm Gizzard and is now also dropped by Latchers
  • Most special bullets now also require TNT to craft
  • Added blueprints for standard, W2C and JHP bullets
  • Mechanical bolt blueprint renamed to Serrated bolt blueprint
  • EMP mine case now counts as electronic component
  • Added a couple more instances of Black Eye, Loaded Dice, Train Driver Manual and Train Log oddities
  • Increased the drop chance of Quad Damage Module oddity
  • Changed the Electronic Idol oddity to provide 3 xp for a max of 1 study as it should have been
Bug fixes
  • Generated metal armors enhancements will have quality other than 1 now
  • Quick load will now work during enemy's turn
  • Closing interface help window by right clicking will no longer disable keyboard commands
  • Fixed the dialog window option highlighting when there's 10 or more dialog options
  • Fixed the cut-off tooltips on smaller resolutions with small font size (on most tooltips; there still might be some that just have too many lines)
  • Fixed the bug that caused caltrops to drain action points immediately instead of movement points first
  • Fixed the minor glitches with trap detection calculations
  • Crawlers and Faceless Gaunts will no longer land on occupied tiles when escaping from sight
  • Telekinetic Proxy now properly removes Premeditation when it makes use of it
  • Fixed the bug that caused Dreadnought to keep moving if you attempted to dismount during movement
  • Fixed the bug that caused the player to receive experience when an NPC was killed by a doppelganger that someone else created
  • Expose Weakness will now properly count as a melee attack (it will be affected by Uncanny dodge for example)
  • Pyrokinetic Stream and Pyrokinesis should now always properly invoke "heating effect"
  • Heating effects should now properly remove Cryo-shield
  • Cooling effects should now properly remove Exothermic aura
  • Fixed a certain zoner appearing later in the game in some cases even if Rista's quest concerning him hasn't been completed
  • Fixed positioning problems during the cutscene in which you lead Edgar to RK's lair that might occur when the player has increased his movement speed beyond a certain point
  • Fixed the missing train quest bandits not becoming hostile if the player fails a certain skill check
  • Fixed killing the old man in GMS crashing the game after the situation has been dealt with
  • Fixed a bug which caused a transition error when entering the zone where Duff is supposed to spawn
  • Fixed being able to give a certain man a certain helmet more than once and receive more than one reward
  • Fixed a few unreachable dialog branches (Old Jonas, Leo and one notable heavily armored commander)
  • Fixed some late game Tchortists not recognizing that you are wearing a certain type of robe
  • Fixed a dialog bug which prevented the players from telling the Rejects how to escape
  • Fixed some items disappearing from Fraser's store inventory after certain events take place
  • Fixed a few bugs with the end game slides
  • Fixed issues with one of the tunnelers in DC after it has been despawned
  • Fixed being able to kill the Gauntlet runners before the event without anyone caring
  • It is no longer possible to pay 1 charon to Silas for Grover's debt instead of 100 charons
  • Arke cameras and turrets will now properly go offline after being shut down at the main console
  • Edgar's quests will now properly fail if you kill him
  • The player will no longer be able to start a civil war in Core City by fighting with the burglar in the house opposite to the Praetorian Security headquarters
  • Added another option to acquire ICPD from Duff, plus some more flavor if you handle the situation in a certain way
  • Added another way to capture hoppers for Bret
  • Added another way to obtain Elwood's keycard
  • Did some tweaks to the main quest in Foundry, added more dialog options and removed some of the backtracking; also, the miners will now return to the mine at the end of the quest
  • Gaining access to Foundry prison security room will also remove protection from the security console there; added another hacking option as well
  • Changed so that failing to intimidate Rubin will no longer make him not want to speak to you anymore
  • Hathorians will occupy the area north of the camp after it has been cleared
  • SGS soldiers and workers will now occupy the outposts after the player has cleared them
  • A certain faction in DC will now be handing out better ammo than previously
  • Fixed a faulty transition in one of the zones beneath the Mushroom Forest
  • Fixed GMS jammed ventilation shaft being incorrectly positioned; also made some minor changes to the vent layout to accommodate this
  • The usual minor stuff (map/dialog/quest tweaks and fixes)
Report any bugs you find on the forums and make sure you specify which version you're playing.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

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