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Comedy espionage caper Jazzpunk [official site] has had its entrails extracted, altered, and re-inserted into its codey cadaver. By that I mean it has become Jazzpunk: Director s Cut, gaining an extended local multiplayer mode and a ton of additional story/joke content not found in the original game , say developers Necrophone Games. There s also a new piece of DLC, Jazzpunk: Flavour Nexus, which inserts special agent Polyblank into a supermarket to discover a hidden flavour, newly invented by scientists. … [visit site to read more]

Jazzpunk: Director's Cut - Valve
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Jazzpunk: Director's Cut

Update: Surprise! The Jazzpunk Director's Cut came out a day early, and is thus available now on Steam, and at a 60 percent discount too—that means you can snag it for $6/£4/€6. Only until Saturday afternoon, though, so don't dawdle. The Flavour Nexus DLC is still set to go live tomorrow.

Original story:

Bizarro comedy adventure game Jazzpunk is getting a new edition and some DLC, three years after it launched on PC. 

Jazzpunk appeared on PC back in 2014, but Necrophone Games wasn’t able to add everything it had envisioned into the game. Extra bits, including a cyberpunk sequence, were added in the PS4 Director’s Cut last year, which will be available on PC on June 16. 

On top of the Director’s Cut, a slice of DLC, titled Flavour Nexus, will also be available. Despite the imminent release, Necrophone is keeping shtum about what it contains. 

“As is the nature with comedy games, I can’t reveal too much without spoiling the jokes,” Luis Hernandez told Kotaku, “but we do have some Vehicular Combat in there as one of the gag modules.”  

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Check out our game of the year awards 2014 page to find out how the awards were decided.

Phil Savage: There s a moment in the first level that, for me, perfectly captures what makes Jazzpunk so original. It s an animation that plays as you climb through the window into the Russian embassy. You land in a roll, and a two-note musical fanfare announces your arrival. What s great about it isn t that it s a funny entrance, but that it s the only time you ll see it happen in the game.

Game development, by necessity, values efficiency. Animations and assets need to be reusable. That s what makes Jazzpunk so essential. It s all about the random flourishes—the joy of discovering something new and unexpected. I played it with a constant sense of anticipation. Anything could be behind the next encounter, from a simple pun to a fully interactive minigame. Jazzpunk isn t just Most Original because it s different from everything else, but also because it s so consistently different from itself.

It s funny, too, which is important in a game about comedy. Even the way it structures its jokes is different to other comedy games. Portal s humour is delivered in segments separate from its puzzles. Where Portal tells you a joke, Jazzpunk invites you to be a part of the joke It hands you control of a trigger that will detonate the next punchline. There s a chance you ll ruin it by botching the timing. It never matters. There s always another joke, and another chance to be the catalyst for something hilarious.

Wes Fenlon: In a Repo Man world, where everything is given a generic white label like food or automobile , Jazzpunk would be labelled—to borrow from Phil— random flourishes . Jazzpunk fires bespoke jokes from a supercharged joke cannon at such a rapid pace that you can t walk around for more than ten seconds before running into something completely unexpected. Sometimes the jokes are one-off soundbites or out-ofthe- way gags, but just as often they re puzzles or the types of interactions that, in an ordinary game, we d call missions. In Jazzpunk, they re simply tools to break the fourth wall or serve up the next pun.

Jazzpunk is constantly playing with the medium. Sometimes 2D objects show up in its 3D environments. Sometimes you re meddling with the flow of time. Sometimes you re putting spiders in jars, which seems like a typical collection quest until you throw them in some poor bastard s face. It wasn t what I planned to do with the spiders, but what better way to complete an objective than that?

It took me months to play Jazzpunk, because I took a break between every level. I was always hungry for more, but at the same time, 20 minutes of Jazzpunk contains more laughs than most games. It felt criminal not to savour every one.

Andy Kelly: It s when I interacted with some random wedding cake and found myself in Wedding Qake (sic), a fully featured deathmatch minigame echoing the golden era of 56k modem multiplayer, that I realised Jazzpunk was special. Its dedication to a single joke is impressive, and it made me laugh, over and over again, which few games ever have.

For our full verdict read our Jazzpunk review.   

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Very good Quakelike roguelike Teleglitch: Die More Edition is currently free on Humble Bundle, the only price of entry being your email address (you can untick to subscribe from the Humble newsletter). That would be worthy of a news post all on its own, but it's accompanied by another great indie bundle (sorry, inDIE bundle—it's Halloween), which contains OlliOlli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, and Tower of Guns at its base, pay-anything level. By beating the average, you also get Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, four copies of Risk of Rain, and Jazzpunk, which we scored 92% back in February.

More games will be added to the Beat the Average tier in the near future, but if you fork out $12 or more you'll get a copy of Shadowrun Returns (the original, not its improved, now standalone sequel) thrown in too.

It's not clear how long Teleglitch will be available for free for, but the terms state that you have to redeem the game key by the 25th of November, so get on it if you like the look of the game. Phil liked 84% of it when he wrote our review last year.

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Steam Trading Card support has been added to Jazzpunk! Just in time for tomorrow, because we're launching something pretty cool...


BTW it's not RUA3. But it's still pretty fresh.

Stop by our booth if you're at PAX this weekend!


Aug 12, 2014
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Hey guys, Jazzpunk is Steam's daily deal. Tell your friends and homunculus constructs!


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