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Sep 5, 2016
FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - UncleOwnage


We recently added a FORCED reward to our Newsletter Subscriber benefits. People who sign up at our community site will get the free rewards sent to their mail.
You will also get access to the FORCED SHOWDOWN rewards :)

On a related note, this week there’s DOUBLE XP for people subscribing and watching streams, so share the love and you can get new rewards faster :)

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - x8

Our next project FORCED SHOWDOWN is running a pre-release event from this moment and until the release March 29th!

As part of the event - It is possible to unlock more content for the game, reduce the launch price, win early access, and compete for sponsored prizes by watching streamers play.

All you have to do is get on Twitch and watch FORCED SHOWDOWN being played. For every minute watched - the launch discount will increase! So don’t waste precious time, come join the fun now!

Follow the event at HERE

For quick ones - here are some event keys (which will expire on release)

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - x8

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since we updated FORCED because we’ve been exceedingly busy getting the game out on consoles.
Today, however, we’ve got a real treat for you; the Slightly Better Edition.
This update upgrades the Survival modes with 2 new maps and a crystal system, allowing you to gain new powers through playing Survival.

It also contains a lot of optimization and some bug-fixing, which should help everyone run it a little smoother :)

We’re deploying this version as a patch so it’ll be freely available to everyone, and all our new gladiators will get to join in the fun right away :)

I hope you’ll pick up the game again and give it a spin, and perhaps welcome our newest members of the community who are searching for games :)
  • Gem system for survival modes: You can now earn up to 3 gems in each of the co-op survival modes, based on how long you stay alive. These gems also unlock skills in the campaign.
  • The Laser Pit survival mode added: A new Survival map that will let you try your skills against the deadly rotating laser that you encountered in Trial 11: Run for Cover. This time, however, the enemies won’t give you a break!
  • The Dungeon survival mode added: Another new survival map that uses all the mechanics from the fourth chamber of the campaign. This map will never get repetitive when you die hundreds of times, as the enemy spawning has been randomized!
  • 4 new achievements to earn by playing the survival modes
  • Large optimization improvements. This will also help network play to be less laggy as the host computer no longer struggles to keep up :)
    • Chamber 4 environment darkness optimized
    • Blood machine blood optimized
    • Final boss FX optimized: Giant portals spell, Meteor Shower.
  • Improved the design of the Final boss. Fixed a few exploit issues and balanced a few skills. Also fixed the fact that you could resurrect outside the arena.
  • Inserted a startup logo screen to tell new players they should expect a hard game and should try to play it co-op :)
  • Improved a lot of localization, implementing translations for a lot of the things that were missing.

Remember we always like to hear your opinions, so go give us some feedback on the forums!
Also a big thank you to the community members that helped us test this new patch for issues;
Rankaquion, Paurmon, Jedo, rialda_dreal and all the guys who volunteered but didn’t get to try it :)

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - Xul_Solar

We just launched the Kickstarter to support the completion of FORCED: Eternal Arenas! We have been in development for 2 years, and we are very close to completing the game! Unfortunately our treasury is starting to run out and we really need your help! How can you do this? Most importantly go to our Kickstarter and support the development of the game!

Click here to go to Kickstarter!

Secondly, you can help us spread the word by following and sharing these:

The relevant links:
Facebook post to share
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It really means a GREAT deal to us that we have such an awesome community, and we are looking forward to finished up this game with you guys and girls at our side!

Much <3 Betadwarf
FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - Valve
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FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - UncleOwnage
It's been a while :)

This patch certainly took longer than expected, but with the help of our amazing community we've tracked down some hard to catch issues and managed to fix them.

Here are some of the highlights;
  • Fixed the bug that caused some people to get stuck with infinite loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue with lobbies that you couldn't connect to appearing in the list.
  • Updated the French translations with more words

We hope you enjoy this new patch, and please don't hesitate
to tell us what you think on the forums :)

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - Valve
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FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - BaboonLord

We have finally uploaded the massive network solution we've been working on for months. In short it replaces the old code we had and utilizes the steam backend, which should now allow more than 99% of people to connect to each other.
Before that people might have been stuck in different router setups that we hadn't predicted, but that should no longer occur.

Minor bugs may have been introduced due to this massive update, but we haven't had any reports for days now, and we've been playing a lot as well. So we are pretty sure Forced should now offer you a great experience no matter what evil router from hell you might have in your dungeon. But if you encounter a bug please post it on the forum, we will check on a daily basis.

Playing with randoms is awesome:
While playing recently, I encountered Seolfer (rank 2 in single player), who didn't knew I was one of the developers. So I thought “I'm not gonna tell him that” and I still haven't... :)
That lead to one of my best experiences with FORCED so far. We've been playing for hours and I was treated like a random internet guy from Denmark. Even without voice communication we were actually able to get the challenge crystals in world 4, amazing telekinetic play! :)
It's quite a special experience to play a campaign driven game with a random player over the web. You share an intimate problem-solving time over several hours, and might never meet again. Well I just wanted to recommend grabbing a few crystals like that, instead of only using friends.
So if you meet Seolfer or similar awesomely behaving entities, you should definitely grab some trials with them :)

Lastly thanks for actively helping us fix the new network solution.

FORCED love!
@Baboonlord and @BetaDwarf
FORCED: Slightly Better Edition - UncleOwnage
Hi everyone,

Sorry we've been out of touch for so long, we've been hard at work rewriting a lot of the new network code to fix all the problems it introduced.
As always with network, it's a bigger task than anticipated, and thus we've been getting more and more stressed without knowing what to tell you guys.

We just released a new patch however, and this one should be vastly better than before.
We're hoping to gather some feedback from all the players over the next week and then fix the last few issues.

You can head over to this discussion;

Which will tell you the newest fixes as well as what we’re currently working on, in the hopes that you’ll have greater clarity about what’s going on :)

Thank you again for your patience, and keep up the activity on the forums, it’s greatly helping us in figuring out how to improve the game!


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