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Megabyte Punch is an action platformer that smooshes together Smash Bros.-style action with Rogue Legacy-style character customisation and exploration. We’re giving away 100,000 Steam keys for the game in partnership with Bundle Stars.

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Horrific flashbacks after seeing The Raid 2

Sports hooliganism seems inefficient: if you’re going to behave so childishly, why not build that violence into the competition in the first place? Rollerball, The Running Man, Death Race 2000, the Thunderdome… we have countless examples of it going just dandy for everyone involved. Megabyte Punch developers Reptile Games understand this, and are combining baseball with fighting in Lethal League.

It’s a delightful little sport whereby up to four competitors attempt to smash a baseball into their opponents’ faces. A fighting game where you’re aiming for the ball rather than your opponent, bouncing it off the walls and floor and using special moves to cause terrible violence.

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The Indie Royale bundles are certainly amongst the more hit and miss out there. But their latest is a definite hit, simply by containing Hexcells. Have I mentioned Hexcells before? One might argue it’s also worth purchasing for some of the other games in there, like PixelJunk Shooter, Gun Monkeys, Megabyte Punch, Ride ‘Em Low and Stronghold HD.


Nov 8, 2013
Community Announcements - Reptile - Tim
Here is a minor patch for Megabyte Punch

- On top of the rare part you can win in the tournament you also win bits!
4th place: 64 bits
3rd place: 128 bits
2nd place: 256 bits
1st place: 512 bits + rare part
- Added an achievement for winning all the rare parts in the tournament.
- Added some big price drops in the shop again.
- Fixed some other minor things you probably won't notice.
- We decided the halloween headless horseless duo won't dissappear after the halloween event. So you can still fight them for extra bits.

Have a great weekend!

Tim & Dion
Oct 24, 2013
Community Announcements - Reptile - Tim
- Find and defeat the Headless-Horseless Duo for some bonus bits!

- The parts, colors, bits and progress you got before playing the game on Steam will now be merged with your game on Steam.
- Bit pick up frame drop fixed.
- Tournament starting lives are always 3 now.
- Game doesn't crash anymore when pausing the game in the reward screen after defeating a boss.
- The "Part Collector!" achievement is now achievable! (Will also trigger if you already collected all the parts.
- The "I believe I can jump" achievement triggers correctly now.
- Minor fixes.
Product Release - Valve
Megabyte Punch is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

Megabyte Punch is a fighting/beat ‘em up game in which you build your own fighter!

As you travel through different environments, you battle other creatures to get their parts. Parts have their own powers and bonuses, like gun arms for a shoot ability or powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust attack. Then, using the abilities of your customized fighter, you can compete in the tournament or battle against other players in a destructible arena.

*Offer ends October 22nd at 10AM Pacific Time

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