Craft The World - Bytebreaker
Update 1.4.015

+ Fixed some crashes when switching between windows with the ALT+TAB combination and in other cases.
+ Fixed errors of the multiplayer mode at the cross-platform game Windows/MacOS.
+ Fixed: for players in multiplayer game, except the creator of the server, animals could quit cells and farms.
+ Corrected effects when use some equipment. For example, the cap of the shaman didn't increase ability of the magician.
+ Fixed: a dwarf with the swimmer ability didn't sink in a lava and didn't receive damage from it.
+ Fixed cancellation of process of a training of the dwarf.
+ Fixed: archer towers didn't attack ghosts.
+ Fixed: at restart of level the siege mode remained active.
+ Fixed animation of dwarves when using a pickaxe.
+ Fixed: ashes could be removed only after removal of the background block.
+ Fixed: many-tier beds could stand on heaps of ashes at combustion of the lower tiers.
+ Fixed gathering of loot by dwarves in biomes near a stockpile.
+ Other minor fixes and improvements.
Craft The World - Bytebreaker

+ With the celebration of the Lunar New Year added some items which fall out as gifts - festive lanterns, boxes with fireworks, a set of Dragon Warrior's armor and sword.
+ Some dwarves skills were extended with new abilities - an experienced fisherman catches more fish and can increase their population in a pond; logger plants trees incl. on desert terrain, replacing sand on the ground; swimmer swims faster, does not sink and can work under water for a while; climber climbs faster and can quickly slides down; miller plants wheat; the hunter lures animals closer to the shelter.
+ Blocks next to the lava are gradually charred, ignited and then destroyed depending on the durability of their material and the height above the lava.
+ A number which shows the cost of the spell indicates when this value becomes too big.
+ Inside the secret rooms the evil gargoyle guards treasures instead of the usual one.
+ Imps always deliver the current item to the warehouse before disappearing.
+ New beast descriptions have been added to the bestiary.
+ Fixed bug when dwarves stuck in a pond, fixed resurrection of new dwarves without clothes, fixed hunger suppression with wine.
+ Fixed the breaking of blocks by monsters under the main stockpile and warehouse, improved their pathfinding.
+ Many other minor fixes and improvements.

+ Fixed bug when catapults, archer towers and tesla towers didn't shoot at monsters after their owner quit the game.
+ Fixed bug when archer towers inflicted damage to the dwarves of other player.
+ Fixed some cases of appearance of invisible enemies in secret rooms.
+ Fixed the number of runes appeared depending on the number of players.
+ Fixed 2 chests with the flag of the same color.
+ Fixed sleeping dwarf of the other player on my bed.
+ Fixed displaying of the level size in the server settings.
Craft The World - Bytebreaker

+ Added constructions for training combat skills of dwarves: dummies for warriors, targets for archers and magical spheres for mages. A dwarf can be sent to practice by clicking on it and selecting the appropriate command in the context menu, also by using the button in the equipment dialog or by pressing CTRL+T for several dwarves at once.
+ Inside the abandoned underground rooms are added doors with treasures (level restart is needed), which can only be opened by collecting a certain combination of runes. Doors are additionally guarded by stone gargoyles and giant mechanical golems.
+ Added New Year content: themed clothes for zombies and green goblins, Christmas tree, decorations for home and cookies.
+ Added improved archers towers, sheathed with iron, they have more protection and damage.
+ Added magic transmitters that reduce mana cost when moving away from the main stockpile. For campaign levels has been added a small drain of mana.
+ Added 5 new pennants to decorate the house, corresponding to 5 hard-to-receive achievements in single game mode.
+ Added new items of equipment: rings and amulets, giving different bonuses. They can only be found inside abandoned underground rooms.
+ Many changes in recipes (in most cases - in the direction of simplification): planks, arrows, oil, dishes, threads, cloth, fences, wooden bridge, rails, wheel, catapult, additional stockpile.
+ Improved direct control of the chosen dwarf.
+ Improved dwarves pathfinding. Corrected the behavior of dwarves when fishing.
+ Fixed some cases of generating a world without a room with the portal.
+ Opened doors inside secret rooms can now be destroyed.
+ The conditions for obtaining the achievement Naturalist have been changed from studying all creatures to study more than 50 creatures.
+ The server now has the ability to change the speed of the multiplayer game.
+ Fixed a duplication of objects at a time when the dwarf and imp simultaneously took one object.
+ Fixed group selection of blocks with the SHIFT button.
+ Fixed: dwarf digged the ladder instead of the back block when you select it in the context menu.
+ Fixed: biomes did not show resource icons when camera moves away from blocks.
+ Fixed: fishes did not allow to fill up pond with blocks.
+ Fixed: dwarves could not jump into the portal hanging in the air next to the block.
+ Fixed: extension of the farm fence sometimes caused releasing some animals.
+ Workout speed was increased in 2 times.
+ Increased the delay of the arrival of a new pet instead of the deceased one.
+ Many other minor fixes and improvements.
Oct 31, 2017
Craft The World - Bytebreaker
Update 1.4.011

+ Dwarves can now sleep without beds, but their health is restored much more slowly.
+ Added displaying of icon of current work and path arrows for the selected dwarf.
+ Added additional animations for dwarves.
+ Furniture and workbenches can now be broken by monsters at the dwarves’ shelter.
+ Improved AI of monsters, now large monsters can also break blocks to clear a passage.
+ A progress indicator was added to the mining blocks, which allows you to better track the completion time.
+ In the Grunt’s shop you can buy additional mechanisms that simplify the full conquering of the world: the mana generator - accelerating mana regeneration, mana storage - increasing maximum reserve of mana and portal gates - allowing to maintain a constant web of active portals.
+ In the 4th world “The land of dangerous caves” secret rooms have also been added.
+ Added new backgrounds for the biomes of forest and cave worlds.
+ Improved the interface of the game: the settings dialog, the appearance of text labels and time.
+ Optimized performance.
+ Added many other minor fixes and improvements in the balance of the game, recipes, sounds, controlling of dwarves, tutorial.
May 5, 2017
Craft The World - Bytebreaker
Update 1.4.009

+ The mechanics of the elevator was completely changed. Now elevator consists of several cabins moving continuously.
+ Added 3 pennants which become available to the player for decoration if he has received the corresponding achievements.
+ Corrected the arrangement and the size of the text in a diary window for Asian languages.
+ Corrected lack of localization files for Polish.
+ Fixed positioning of marks of monsters’ portals when changing resolution.
+ Remembered the last open page in workshop dialogue.

Multiplayer game
+ Reduced durability of the main stockpile.
+ Fixed: the camp of goblins could appear directly over a chest of the inactive player.
+ Fixed: the portal didn't open near a chest if chest stood on the bridge.
+ Added spawn cubes for the creative mode with zombie-armorbreakers and skeletons archers.
+ Fixed: on the sleeping women dwarves of other player hairstyles weren't displayed.
+ Changed: ghosts now throw out the resources which are available only in the common stockpile.
+ Fixed: in the creative mode dwarves mages beat with staffs instead of use the lightnings.
+ Fixed: in the creative mode for the players who have joined the server was displayed multiple effect of the portal from spawn cubes.
+ Fixed: imps didn't continue the movement after release from a trap.
+ Fixed some crashes.
Mar 21, 2017
Craft The World - Bytebreaker

Play Craft the World with your friends and other players in the hotly anticipated Dig with Friends DLC!

Dig with Friends has two new multiplayer modes that are separated from the single player game and support up to five simultaneous players.

Build an impregnable fortress and fight by your friends’ side to defend it in Survival mode! Waves of familiar monsters and lots of new ones will constantly try to stop you.

Or do you prefer building? Then build an awe-inspiring castle with your friends in Creative mode! No waves of monsters will trouble you unless you summon them yourself to test your castle’s durability.

DLC features
• The community stockpile allows players to share resources easily.
• New monsters with interesting offensive tactics will keep you on your toes.
• Renewable resource veins allow you to mine the ore without worrying about it running out.
• Spawn cubes can generate monsters upon request.
• Don’t forget to defend your main stockpile! If it gets destroyed, you lose.
Mar 21, 2017
Craft The World - Bytebreaker
Update 1.4.000

+ The tech tree becomes partially open more and more from the very beginning of each level in campaign. Deleted some links limiting access to weapon technologies by interior technologies.

+ Blocks of secret rooms were completely replaced – now rooms consist from stone blocks of the ancient disappeared race instead of the constructions of dwarves and contain the locked doors to dungeons with crowds of monsters. Graphics of the ancient portal was replaced according to new style of secret rooms.

+ New monsters were added to monsters’ waves: a Skeleton Archer, a Zombie Armor-Breaker and a Giant Thrower which can throws small zombies.

+ Added many-tier beds which allow you to save space significantly when constructing a shelter on the initial stages of the level.

+ Added marks on the mini map for displaying the opening portals with waves of monsters.

+ Now displays a cost of a spell near the cursor if it is growing in process of removal from the stockpile (for biomes).

+ Now when removing blocks under the archer towers they turn into resources.

+ Corrected work of a lighting spell – sometimes it didn't open unexplored area.

+ Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

+ Support of a new DLC - Dig with Friends!
Oct 27, 2016
Craft The World - Bytebreaker

Dear friends, we are happy to introduce our festive update in honor of Halloween!
Special content will be available during the holiday, a part of which will remain afterwards. All evil beings will behave far more aggressively than usual. But when you become a zombie hunter, you are eligible for special gifts: holiday attire and armor, unusual interior design items, and holiday treats for dwarves. On Halloween, monsters and plants will take on an unusual appearance, and the rest of the environment will look more terrifying.

Aside from the modifications related to the holiday, several additions and corrections have been introduced to the regular game:
+ Many new sounds have been added, including dwarf conversations and laughter, sounds of creatures in the biomes, and sounds for DLC. Sisters in Arms (conversations and laughter of female dwarves, sounds of their pets), etc.
+ At the start of a new level in campaign mode, a huge part of the tech tree now becomes initially available to the player with each new planet.
+ The rats have become less troublesome, their maximum population size has been reduced, and the interval between their appearances increased. Several errors in their behavior have been fixed.
+ When the select game dialog box is opened, the slot with your last game is automatically highlighted.
+ Alchemical recipes for collecting coal, iron, silver, gold, and mithril have been simplified.
+ Fixed: the main menu language was not changed until the game was relaunched.
+ Other small changes and corrections.
Oct 14, 2016
Craft The World - Bytebreaker
Dear friends, we gladly present to you a special update in honor of the Halloween! Update will be available soon for all our players.
You'll find a lot of surprises during the Halloween days such as new unique monsters, plants which will change its view and the rest of the environment will look more frightening. There will be a lot of unique gifts, holiday clothes and armor, unusual interior items and funny dishes for your dwarves. But you should do your best to get them, because the all evil spirits during this period simply will descend crazy!
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