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Summer Games Done Quick isn't over yet, but there's already a Mad Max-style trail of demolished games lying in its wake. Doom? Destroyed. Half-Life 2? The bastards skipped the best parts. Dark Souls 3? Completely humiliated. In fact, few PC games have walked away from the event with their dignity intact. Speedrunners are a savage group.

This year has had a fantastic showing of PC games—many of which have never been run at the event before. There's the return of some old classics which, while fun, we've already covered at Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 and SGDQ 2016. But, this year, we're calling out some new contenders you should be sure to watch. 

Dropping it like it's hot in Divinity: Original Sin 

Time: 23 min 47 sec

Let's start strong with my favorite speedrun from SGDQ 2017. This is Divinity: Original Sin's first showing at the event and the results are spectacular. For one, I have to acknowledge that runners Shaddex and Drtchops manage to beat a 50-plus hour, relatively linear RPG in just over 20 minutes. That's thanks to a string of ingenious skips which largely rely on a pair of pyramids each player has in their inventory that allows them to teleport to the other instantly. At one point, Drtchops clips a pyramid through a wall and Shaddex warps to it, skipping 90 percent of the game in one fell swoop.

The best part, however, comes from the main objective of the run. See, Divinity's combat is pretty damn tough and the two under-leveled players don't stand a chance in hell against the unavoidable final bosses. So they spend almost the entire run going around the world gathering over 60 heavy barrels to put into an indestructible chest until it's so heavy that they can simply drop it on the final few bosses and kill them instantly. It's one of the funniest game exploits I've seen. If you watch one run this year, watch this one.

Getting sabotaged in Clustertruck 

Time: 26 min 43 sec

Ignoring that this high-octane platformer took longer to beat than Divinity: Original Sin, this Clustertruck run has an excellent twist. If you're not familiar, Clustertruck has Twitch integration that allows viewers to alter the game by voting in the chat. Speedrunner 097Aceofspades continually has to contend with very thin trucks, trucks with lasers, or inverted mouse controls. But halfway through the run, Clustertruck's developer hacks into the game and starts screwing with him in the best possible way. It might not be anywhere near the world record, but this run is so unpredictable and fun to watch. 097Aceofspades never once loses his cool even when the entire world seems to be conspiring against him.

2B or not 2B in Nier: Automata 

Time: 1 hour 43 min 05 sec

Nier's combat can be complicated for people who have use of two hands, but Halfcoordinated makes it look easy with one, pulling off some very technical skips to bypass huge sections of the game. If you haven't played Nier, you don't have to worry too much about spoilers either since every cutscene is skipped and Nier doesn't make any goddamn sense anyway. The only thing is that the whole run is set to a constant barrage of Nier puns from the commentators that range from clever to cringey. If you're a fan of dad jokes, this is your El Dorado (also Halfcoordinated's dad sends him a message via donation that's really cute).

Trying to beat each other's meat in Super Meat Boy 

Time: 21 min 14 sec

Nothing makes you more aware of how bad at videogames you are quite like watching two people crush Super Meat Boy in 20 minutes. This head-to-head race is a photo finish because both Fimbz and Warm_Ham are just so damn good. Despite the odd mistake, watching them tear through each level is almost dizzying. It's speedrunning in its purest sense because neither runner exploits game-breaking bugs to gain an edge. Instead they each use a series of very subtle tricks, like pausing the exact same frame that they jump to basically trigger auto-jumping and bounce through a level extremely quickly. 

Out of bounds in Mirror's Edge Catalyst 

Time: 1 hour 03 min 49 sec

This is probably my second favorite run this year for one reason: It's nearly impossible to tell when Matchboxmat is exploiting the game. See, Mirror's Edge Catalyst boasts a big open-world to run around in but the game still pushes you along a linear path from objective to objective. In the true spirit of parkour, Matchboxmat uses many of Faith's abilities to go outside the intended path and pull off some legitimately impressive stunts without actually breaking the game. Unless you're familiar with Mirror's Edge, you might not even realize the moments when he's gone out of bounds or is doing something extra tricky because, like the best parkour, it all looks so effortless. The best speedruns are those that give you a newfound appreciation for a game, and after watching this one I felt a much deeper fondness for Catalyst.

Slipping through Dishonored 2  

Time: 35 min 14 sec

Similar to Mirror's Edge Catalyst, this Dishonored 2 run is all about inventive use of Emily's powers to quickly skip through entire levels. Speedrunner Bloodthunder whips through each zone so quickly you'll forget that this was supposed to be a stealth game. Because Dishonored 2 is so story-driven, there's a lot of unskippable cutscenes that need clever tricks to avoid. The most common one is finding ways to damage yourself after the cutscene begins in order to interrupt it, like when Bloodthunder tosses a bottle in the air that'll hit him in the head seconds later. Also there's an exploit called the "Jesus Jump" that let's you skip across water like a rock, so extra points for that.

Gotta go fast in Freedom Planet  

Time: 44 min 19 sec

One of the best showings at Games Done Quick is always traditional platformers like Mario and Sonic. They just never get old. But this year, I was blown away by Fladervy's run of Freedom Planet. My love for this run comes down to two things. First, Freedom Planet is a wonderful homage to classic Sonic games in a way that very few imitators ever achieve, which also means that watching it as a speedrun is as thrilling as the real deal. Secondly, Fladervy is an absolute machine. Not only are the levels large and very intricate, but he navigates them at such a breakneck speed it's sometimes hard to keep up. Fortunately, the commentary from his friend fills in all the gaps and you'll quickly begin to appreciate Fladervy's skill. Like Super Meat Boy, this is a speedrun that relies heavily on dexterity and muscle memory rather than exploits.

Freedom Planet - GalaxyTrail
Good evening, Chasers! Version 1.21.5 is now live.

We would like anyone playing the game on Mac to let us know if you experience crashes if they didn't happen prior to this update. We're using a new pipeline for Mac updates and we're not 100% certain of its stability yet.


Patch Notes

ver. 1.21.5 - PS4 Fixes / Tweaks
  • Fixed a problem where Milla's Super Shield would sometimes vanish when trying to perform the Super Shield Burst as quickly as possible.
  • Milla can now create Phantom Cubes underwater.
  • The final boss's first phase now fires sludge missiles at a slower rate.
  • The final boss's second phase always begins the fight with the same attack pattern. It returns to being semi-random after the first cycle.
Freedom Planet - Seraphna
We have put the Windows release candidate for the next update on Steam. To access is, right click Freedom Planet in your Steam Library, go to Properties > Betas and select "1.21.5 - Release Candidate for PS4 fixes/tweaks".

Once we have confirmed nothing is broken and there are no mismatched references to the PS4 controller buttons, we will push this public along with the Mac and Linux versions.

Patch Notes

ver. 1.21.5 - PS4 Fixes / Tweaks
  • Fixed a problem where Milla's Super Shield would sometimes vanish when trying to perform the Super Shield Burst as quickly as possible.
  • Milla can now create Phantom Cubes underwater.
  • The final boss's first phase now fires sludge missiles at a slower rate.
  • The final boss's second phase always begins the fight with the same attack pattern. It returns to being semi-random after the first cycle.
Community Announcements - Seraphna

Greenlight is a Go! Clicky the link and go vote to get the sequel to this awesome adventure rolling on Steam!


Use the link below to try out Freedom Planet 2 for yourself! Currently available for PC and Mac. Linux is in the works!

Join the heroes of Avalice as they face their greatest challenge yet! An ancient terror has emerged from the depths of the ocean. Merga, a water dragon from Avalice's oldest and deadliest war, has been freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone's destruction. War is imminent once again, but this time, the heroes are split between sides. As friendships are tested, will the girls stand united when Bakunawa rises?

Freedom Planet 2 is a sequel to the indie platformer Freedom Planet, currently available for PC/Mac/Linux on Steam:

For 2, we're refining the smooth momentum-based action of the original game and adding new abilities, powerups, stages, and more! Here's our current plans for the full version of the game:

Four Characters!
Four playable characters available from the start, each with their own unique fighting style: Lilac the Dragon Girl (Speed Type), Carol the Wildcat (Brawler Type), Milla the Hound (Explorer Type), and Neera the Frost Knight (Power Type).
  • Lilac retains her moves from FP1 but benefits from her new Boost Breaker ability, which allows her to jump out of her Dragon Boost at any time and create a damaging explosion in its wake. She can also use her Rising Slash in the air now, giving her a more traditional double jump.
  • Carol has been equipped with a stylish Jump Disc, which she can throw to slice up enemies from a distance. She can also warp straight to the disc for extra punchies! And of course, her motorcycle makes a grand return with a bunch of new, souped-up attacks. She can even throw the bike!
  • Milla has been training hard since the first game and she now knows how to fight! Milla can attack enemies up close with punches and kicks, and she can rapid-fire her shield bursts. Unlike the first game where her Phantom Cubes needed to be charged for a second, they now come out instantly with the press of a button. With a cube by her side, she can shoot mini-cubes from a distance or shoot a powerful burst of energy from her palms.
  • Neera is a new addition to the playable roster, and she forgoes speed in favor of raw power with her deadly Frost Arts. With her ice staff, she can lay waste to enemies with five different attacks based on what direction you hold when attacking. She can also launch Ice Lassos to instantly freeze minor foes in blocks of ice.

New Features!
  • Parry enemy attacks with the new Guard button. With proper timing, this can be used to completely avoid hazards! If timing's not your thing, an Auto Guard item exists in the game that makes your character automatically guard against attacks if possible.
  • A new Revival system gives you a better chance at victory! If you're knocked out during a stage, you can choose to spend one of your extra lives on the spot to revive your character. She'll receive temporary invincibility, but she won't recover any life, so once the invincibility wears off, one more hit will knock her down again. This mechanic can give you a chance to clinch victory during a very close boss battle, and during normal gameplay, it can also help you save time without having to return to a previous checkpoint.
  • Adventure Mode and Classic Mode make a return with more obvious differences. Adventure mode features proper hub areas for you to explore as well as a world map that allows you to revisit previous stages or buy items from shops. Classic forgoes the story and features a more simplistic stage select screen with quick access to important features.
  • A new item system lets you change the rules. You can select two items to bring with you to a stage that will make things easier or more challenging, such as increasing your maximum life, turning all shield crystals into Fire shields, or placing a time limit on the stage. Items that make the game harder will reward you with bonus crystals at the end of the stage. Our Sample Version / demo includes 12 items for you to play around with via the Custom difficulty setting.
  • A brand new adventure with voice acted cutscenes from our talented voice cast! Recording for FP2 was done in Studio Okratron in Dallas, Texas resulting in much more consistent quality and volume. You can check out our cast list at freedomplanet2.com!
Community Announcements - Seraphna

GalaxyTrail is pleased to announce that it will be porting Freedom Planet to the PS4 in the near future. The game will feature content updates up to the addition of the Milla Adventure Mode and additional bug fixes. We are not currently preparing a version for the Vita at this time. Release Date To Be Determined.
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Hello Chasers! We pushed out a small patch today that will hopefully fix the recent issues with Steam cloud synchronization. Hope it helps!

We also have some pretty exciting news: Lilac will be playable in Runbow for the Nintendo Wii U starting this Thursday! If you own a Wii U and a copy of Runbow, you can download her for free! The game itself will also be on sale for a special discount price.

Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
We're ready to unleash the next update that makes some noteworthy graphical improvements and adds an Adventure mode for Milla. Let's see how this goes!

If you would like to keep playing the original version of the game with only Lilac and Carol's Adventure modes, select "1.20.4 - Right before the Milla Adventure update" in the BETAS tab. (Right-click Freedom Planet in your Library and select Properties.)

The following is a compilation of all of the most significant changes between the last public release and this one.


- Milla is now available to play in Adventure mode. She has several new cutscenes in addition to an altered ending sequence to accommodate the fact that she's the one fighting Brevon.
- Because of Milla being playable in Adventure mode, it now has an identical character selection screen as Classic mode once she has been unlocked.
- In Final Dreadnought 3, the stage ends for Milla when she crosses under the tube where the Kingdom Stone was, instead of the right side of the room. This is to accommodate for the cutscene that now takes place here in Adventure mode and will likely result in faster clear times (by less than a second, but still notable).
- Milla no longer has to deal with the crosshairs in the red hallway before the final boss.
- The required crystals for the Gem Hoarder achievement has been lowered from 7000 to 6000.
- The dialog cuts from the Wii U version have been carried over. Only the cutscene break between Relic Maze and Fortune Night is affected, plus one line after Fortune Night. See "Adventure Mode dialog cuts" for details.

- Improved the shading on characters and enemies that were lacking it including Mayor Zao, Aqua Tunnel's boss and various enemies.
- In Milla's cutscene before Relic Maze, it's no longer possible for her to get a 1up by collecting the crystals she runs over. The crystals still count towards your total crystal count, however.
- In the intro cutscene after Brevon says "My turn," the frequency of his blade noises has been reduced a bit.
- The player now regenerates life during the Battle Glacier schmup on Easy and Casual.

- Carol's hitboxes on her attacks would sometimes not register.
- In Fortune Night as Carol, pausing the game in the area between defeating the midboss and entering the mall would make the music fade out indefinitely.
- In Final Dreadnought 3, the end boss's hitbox would linger after death, meaning that players with a fire shield would repeatedly hear the hit sound if they overlapped the hitbox during the cutscene.
- The game could be paused during the score tally in Final Dreadnought 4 as Milla, causing the results screen to glitch out.
- Pausing and selecting Next Stage during the cutscene where the heroes talk to Gong in Shang Tu Palace would make the music in Jade Creek fail to load.
- Pausing and select Skip Scene in the cutscene where Lilac is being healed in Shang Tu Palace would cause the invincibility music to play in Pangu Lagoon instead of the normal stage theme.
- Exiting a stage during Milla's Super Shield Burst would make other characters unable to climb ladders until she was either selected again or the game was restarted.
- Death counter on the file select screen has been increased to allow up to four digits instead of two.
- Patched up all the holes in the ceiling in Trap Hideout.
- In Fortune Night, rolling arches in the first section would sometimes make it impossible for Milla to land on the ground when touched during her hover move.
- Dragon Valley's score tally now properly activates if you somehow skip the end boss.

Adventure Mode dialog cuts:
- The treehouse movie scene has been shortened significantly for Lilac and Carol. (Unessential filler)
- The "space cooties" dialog where Lilac explains the origin of dragons has been cut. It now simply jumps to Carol's question about why aliens are interested in Avalice. (Unnecessary exposition since Zao basically says the same stuff later on)
- Torque's tent scene now fades out when the girls do their victory animation. (Torque's request to keep their mission a secret never comes into play during the story. The rest is unessential filler)
- In the Zao dinner scene, removed Lilac's comment on how Milla and Carol both agree on something for once. (References an event in the story that was cut early in development)
Community Announcements - Seraphna
Patch 1.21.3

  • Zao's shading complete.
  • Improved shading on Aqua Tunnel's boss, Fortune Night's bats, the Rollers in Fortune Night and the Biker Ninjas in Trap Hideout.
  • Earth Buster damage: 8 -> 10
  • Earth Bomb damage: 2 -> 5
  • Earth Bomb hit frequency: 5 frames -> 10 frames
  • Earth Flyer shockwave damage: 5 -> 8
  • Water Bomb impact damage: 3 -> 8
  • Torque's dash no longer depletes his energy meter, and his hover lasts longer.
  • Torque regains his hover if his energy meter fills up completely while still falling.
  • The player now regenerates life during the Battle Glacier schmup on Easy and Casual.

  • Patched up all the holes in the ceiling in Trap Hideout.
  • Jade Creek locked for Torque again. (His midboss isn't yet implemented.)
  • Torque could hit and destroy Fortune Night's midboss before the fight began, causing the door to the next area to never open.
  • Torque's HUD lingered in the cutscene after Battle Glacier's boss
  • Torque's drowning animation works properly now
  • Torque weapons that are affected by gravity weren't colliding with jump-through platforms
  • Some of Torque's weapons wouldn't pass through the colored blocks in Battle Glacier regardless of their activation state
  • In Fortune Night, rolling arches in the first section would sometimes make it impossible for Milla or Torque to land on the ground when touched during their hover moves
  • Dragon Valley's score tally now properly activates if you somehow skip the end boss
  • Various other minor fixes
Community Announcements - Seraphna
NOTE: This is still Beta Branch exclusive. This is a real Beta. This is up for bug testing, please report bugs responsibly and don't just tell us to fix them. We know! :D

To enter the Beta right click on your game in the Games Tab, go to Properties, go to the Betas tab and opt in. The patch will download automatically.

Bugs Fixed
  • Achievements would loop indefinitely under certain conditions.
  • When playing as Milla, Lilac and Carol's sprites were in the wrong vertical positions during the river scene after Sky Battalion.
  • Torque now properly sits down on benches.
  • Torque's Continue screen is now functional, albeit without a sprite for him yet.
  • Final Dreadnought 3's custscene would play Torque's voice clips regardless of which character was being used.

NOTE: We are aware Jade Creek is bugged with Torque, it shouldn't even be unlocked. Neera is not a Torque boss. This will be corrected in the next patch. Thank you.
PC Gamer

We don't seem to have mentioned Freedom Planet much on PC Gamer, but you probably already know that it's a Sonic-like platformer, and the Mega Drive-loving yin to Shovel Knight's very NES-y yang. It's a bit of a cult hit on that there Internet, and now a sequel has just been announced that aims to move beyond the limitations of a Mega Drive game.

"The original Freedom Planet was modeled as a tribute to Sega Genesis platform games," developer Stephen DiDuro says on the Freedom Planet 2 site. "We've learned what works and what doesn't, what's fun and what's frustrating, what we should expand on and what we can afford to lose. With all of this in mind, we feel that we are ready to bid farewell to nostalgia and create a sequel that will define Freedom Planet's identity as a franchise."

The first game's three heroines will return for the sequel, as will the two modes: Adventure and Classic, the latter letting players skip the surprisingly heavy (and fully voice-acted!) story element. Freedom Planet 2's characters will be drawn with more detail (as you can see in the mock screenshot above), while there'll be a new "flexible" difficulty system that allows you to change the difficulty mid-stage with the aid of special gold gems.

The first game was Kickstarted, but the (newly expanded) dev team currently have no plans for a Kickstarter this time. Their "goal is to have a complete beta version of the game ready by mid-2017 with the possibility of a public demo before then".


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