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NOTE: This is still Beta Branch exclusive. This is a real Beta. This is up for bug testing, please report bugs responsibly and don't just tell us to fix them. We know! :D

To enter the Beta right click on your game in the Games Tab, go to Properties, go to the Betas tab and opt in. The patch will download automatically.

Bugs Fixed
  • Achievements would loop indefinitely under certain conditions.
  • When playing as Milla, Lilac and Carol's sprites were in the wrong vertical positions during the river scene after Sky Battalion.
  • Torque now properly sits down on benches.
  • Torque's Continue screen is now functional, albeit without a sprite for him yet.
  • Final Dreadnought 3's custscene would play Torque's voice clips regardless of which character was being used.

NOTE: We are aware Jade Creek is bugged with Torque, it shouldn't even be unlocked. Neera is not a Torque boss. This will be corrected in the next patch. Thank you.
PC Gamer

We don't seem to have mentioned Freedom Planet much on PC Gamer, but you probably already know that it's a Sonic-like platformer, and the Mega Drive-loving yin to Shovel Knight's very NES-y yang. It's a bit of a cult hit on that there Internet, and now a sequel has just been announced that aims to move beyond the limitations of a Mega Drive game.

"The original Freedom Planet was modeled as a tribute to Sega Genesis platform games," developer Stephen DiDuro says on the Freedom Planet 2 site. "We've learned what works and what doesn't, what's fun and what's frustrating, what we should expand on and what we can afford to lose. With all of this in mind, we feel that we are ready to bid farewell to nostalgia and create a sequel that will define Freedom Planet's identity as a franchise."

The first game's three heroines will return for the sequel, as will the two modes: Adventure and Classic, the latter letting players skip the surprisingly heavy (and fully voice-acted!) story element. Freedom Planet 2's characters will be drawn with more detail (as you can see in the mock screenshot above), while there'll be a new "flexible" difficulty system that allows you to change the difficulty mid-stage with the aid of special gold gems.

The first game was Kickstarted, but the (newly expanded) dev team currently have no plans for a Kickstarter this time. Their "goal is to have a complete beta version of the game ready by mid-2017 with the possibility of a public demo before then".

Community Announcements - Seraphna


Torque is in a good enough state to be tested. There are a few caveats of course:
  • MP2 was not available for the holidays to port this to Chowdren, so the beta will have to be PC exclusive for now.
  • Torque is only playable in Time Attack right now, but he is available from the start. Additionally, a few of his stages are locked out for now since I'm not 100% happy with them yet.
  • I'm not sure if save files from the main version of the game will transfer over, but in any case, you should be able to play around with him right away since I unlocked all of his current content in Time Attack.
  • Refer to the Known Issues section before reporting bugs.
This build is available through the Beta branch. (Right-click the game in your library, go to Properties -> BETAS, then select "beta" from the dropdown list.)

  • Torque is added as a playable character. He is available from the start in this beta build but can only be used in Time Attack. When the build is further along, he will be locked until the game has been completed with two characters.
  • Placeholders for 8 new Torque-specific achievements have been added. They cannot be acquired yet for the most part.
  • The required crystals for the Gem Hoarder achievement has been lowered from 7000 to 6000 in order to make it possible for Torque to clear when he is fully playable.
  • The dialog cuts from the Wii U version have been carried over. See "Adventure Mode dialog cuts" for details.
  • Begun progress on shading Mayor Zao's sprites.
  • Milla is now available to play in Adventure mode. She has several new cutscenes in addition to an altered ending sequence to accommodate the fact that she's the one fighting Brevon.
  • Because of Milla being playable in Adventure mode, it now has an identical character selection screen as Classic mode once she has been unlocked.
  • In Final Dreadnought 3, the stage ends for Milla when she crosses under the tube where the Kingdom Stone was, instead of the right side of the room. This is to accommodate for the cutscene that now takes place here in Adventure mode and will likely result in faster clear times (by less than a second, but still notable).
  • Milla no longer has to deal with the crosshairs in the red hallway before the final boss.

  • Fixed a bug where Carol's hitboxes on her attacks would sometimes not register.
  • Carol's energy meter drains more slowly when using the Wild Kick. (Now 1.25% per frame instead of 1.5%.)
  • Carol can now cancel her rolling with a Wild Kick.

  • In Fortune Night as Carol, pausing the game in the area between defeating the midboss and entering the mall would make the music fade out indefinitely.
  • In Final Dreadnought 3, the end boss's hitbox would linger after death, meaning that players with a fire shield would repeatedly hear the hit sound if they overlapped the hitbox during the cutscene.
  • The game could be paused during the score tally in Final Dreadnought 4 as Milla, causing the results screen to glitch out.
  • Pausing and selecting Next Stage during the cutscene where the heroes talk to Gong in Shang Tu Palace would make the music in Jade Creek fail to load.
  • Pausing and select Skip Scene in the cutscene where Lilac is being healed in Shang Tu Palace would cause the invincibility music to play in Pangu Lagoon instead of the normal stage theme.

Adventure Mode dialog cuts
  • The treehouse movie scene has been shortened significantly for Lilac and Carol. (Unessential filler)
  • The "space cooties" dialog where Lilac explains the origin of dragons has been cut. It now simply jumps to Carol's question about why aliens are interested in Avalice. (Unnecessary exposition since Zao basically says the same stuff later on)
  • Torque's tent scene now fades out when the girls do their victory animation. (Torque's request to keep their mission a secret never comes into play during the story. The rest is unessential filler)
  • In the Zao dinner scene, removed Lilac's comment on how Milla and Carol both agree on something for once. (References an event in the story that was cut early in development)

Known Issues
  • Gem Hoarder's description hasn't been updated yet.
  • There's a feedback loop on the achievement screen after earning the Boomerang Wrangler achievement.
  • Gold Rush, Flame War and Rock Star achievements cannot be acquired yet even if conditions are met.
  • Torque does not have a Fortune Night dance or idle gestures.
Community Announcements - Seraphna
Get ready to go fast!

This month, Galaxy Trail and IndieBox have teamed up to give you the chance to show off just how fast you can go. Race against the clock as you compete to be the Freedom Planet Speedrun Champion. One winner will receive a custom Freedom Planet trophy from IndieBox!

We are so excited to be bringing you this community challenge! First off, you have to be an IndieBox subscriber in order to participate. All the details about how you submit your times and what level you will be speed running will be included in your Freedom Planet IndieBox.

Can’t wait until you get your box?

Do you already have some noteworthy times logged in Freedom Planet? Eager to start practicing your speedrun skills? Have some Freedom Planet artwork you’d like to get featured? Tweet us any streams, pictures, or videos @TheIndieBox #indieboxchallenge The fine print:
  • Submissions are limited to current IndieBox subscribers.
  • Must be at least 13 years of age to enter.
  • Deadline to subscribe is November 18th.
  • Deadline for submissions is December 6, 2015 8:00PM EST
  • Winner will be announced December 10, 2015 8:00PM EST
Check it out here:
Community Announcements - Seraphna
We've teamed with IndieBox to offer our fans a special physical edition of Freedom Planet! Subscribe by November 18th to snag a copy!

The Freedom Planet IndieBox includes PC, Mac, Linux and Steam versions of the game on a USB flash drive, as well as a number of surprise goodies tucked inside! You'll have to wait until the box is delivered to find out what they are.
Community Announcements - Seraphna
Freedom Planet DLC is coming soon!

We will be releasing our DLC in two batches. The first DLC set includes Milla's Adventure mode and Torque as a playable character, and will be released on PC/Mac/Linux this December. Spade requires additional content and will be released sometime next year. We will try our hardest for a prompt Wii U release for both updates, but we can't be certain about it until it's submitted.

Stay classy, and thank you for your continued support and patience!
Community Announcements - Seraphna

That's right folks! We've ironed out the bugs, put Brevon out to pasture and called in the Chasers for another run! You can download the game off the e-Shop on October 1, 2015! If you previously downloaded the demo during the Nintendo Indies event, you'll get 15% off the retail price ($14.99)!

Thanks everyone for your support, look for us on more consoles in the future.

DLC is still in the works and will be provided at a later date for free to all users.
Community Announcements - Seraphna
  • Fix for multi-monitor setups, so you can go fullscreen on other monitors. Uses exclusive mode on the primary display, borderless on others.
  • Fix for the controller config, where only the left analog stick was allowed to be set.
  • Steam overlay "smear" should no longer show on the black parts of the window.

These are currently only for Windows, but will also be updated for Linux/Mac soon.
Community Announcements - Seraphna
  • Fix for multi-monitor setups, so you can go fullscreen on other monitors. Uses exclusive mode on the primary display, borderless on others.
  • Fix for the controller config, where only the left analog stick was allowed to be set.
  • Steam overlay "smear" should no longer show on the black parts of the window.

These are currently only for Windows, but will also be updated for Linux/Mac soon.
Jul 31, 2015
Community Announcements - Seraphna
Ahoy! We're preparing for another update to the Steam version. It's available in the beta branch at the moment.

To access the beta branch, right click the game in your Steam library and select Properties, then select the BETAS tab.

General Fixes
  • Platform movements in Thermal Base were choppier than usual, this has been remedied.
  • In the Relic Maze cutscene before the truck section, the claw would slowly rotate, this has been adjusted.
  • Pause glitch in Trap Hideout fixed.

  • Black/white screen after "Steam overlay" appears possibly fixed.

  • Switched the graphics runtime to D3D9. Should fix issues with Steam overlay and very old GPUs.

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