Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Hello backers! We are pleased to announce that Freedom Planet has been submitted for inclusion in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East 2014! We won't know if we made it or not until January 13th, but our entire team is going to keep their fingers crossed until that fateful day.

If we make it to PAX, we'll be able to meet with hundreds of industry professionals and show off the game to thousands of attendees and millions of viewers around the world. With that kind of publicity, we can only imagine what a hit Freedom Planet will become!

Demo Update

The MEGABOOTH judges will be playing the demo anytime now, so we figured that we would update it to show off all of the most recent changes and tweaks. You can try it out yourself, too, by visiting our website below and clicking the download link for either the PC or Mac versions:

The updated demo includes new music and sound effects and a more polished menu interface. The first map of Dragon Valley has also been rearranged to provide more optional paths for explorers. Rolling has returned as a Carol-exclusive ability, while Lilac now has a diving kick (Down + B). And, lastly, we've fixed various bugs and issues that popped up in the last demo.

Playthrough With Lilac and Syntax

Finally, we wrap up this update with a video of Dawn and Victoria (who voice Lilac and Syntax respectively) playing through the new demo. Twinkies and witty banner ahead.
Nov 15, 2013
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
At last, we have an up-to-date trailer! Two minutes of quick gameplay footage from all 3 characters and 6 stages that have been developed so far.
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
We have something special for you today: Dan and Bob of GigaBoots have uploaded a playthrough of Dragon Valley, Aqua Tunnel, Relic Maze and Fortune Night, complete with their own personal commentary! This is the first time that many of these stages have been shown in their entirety to the public, so if you're interested, grab some tasty treats and enjoy the preview below!

Although we've allowed GigaBoots to show quite a few of the new stages, this is still only a small taste of the complete game. We are still on track towards creating a full ensemble of 10 unique stages, in addition to all of the cutscenes, hub areas, minigames and extra features, so there will still be plenty of great surprises in store for our fans!

Are you a game journalist or a member of the gaming press? If you'd like to obtain a copy of our preview build, contact our PR specialist at Remeber to include your info and site.[/b]

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