Community Announcements - kisguri
We have successfully launched out Workshop today. It is fully functional and is ready for you to grab tutorials, Open source files and other resources. And if you are brave perhaps post your own! More information below....

This tool linked below will allow you to access files in the workshop that you have subscribed to. Once a few users have checked it out and verified it works as expected it will be embeded under the tool tab in CF2.5. Note we are working on getting subscriptions to download automatically, currently you have to grab them manually though the tools Download section.
Community Announcements - kisguri
Our developer upgrade is now available on steam, enjoy new objects, added functions and a logo free runtime agreement. For more information visit the product page on steam: Developer on Steam

Additional information available at the sites

Please let me know in discussions if you have any questions.
Community Announcements - kisguri
Congratulations to CT usee DistantJ who's recent Greenlight project Manos: The Hand of Fate was just approved for inclusion on Steam. J is also the main man behind the excellent game, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. Make sure to send him a congratulations note on his Greenlight page!
Community Announcements - kisguri
Clickteam has released both the Android and HTML5 export options for Clickteam's Fusion 2.5 today. You can check them out at the following links!


Community Announcements - kisguri
Clickteam is proud to release the iOS exporter for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 on Steam. And we have also decided to provide you a holiday sale on the exporter with 50% off! Enjoy!

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