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Hello Gravi'ers,

We have pushed our recent patch from our beta version to our live version. The beta will remain a new factor in our workflow as we make more changes to the game we will be now pushing them there first and any one can use the password (if you've acquired it via the forums) to participate in our beta & patch release testing.

All is back to normal now, and you can enjoy the fixed controller features as well as no more crashing :)

Upcoming fixes after the new years we are looking to fix the achievements. There are a couple that are not triggering when they are supposed to and we'll be fixing some visual bugs in the game as well.

We are planning to remove Gravi from early access in February.

Thanks all for your patience while we were fixing the game.
Nov 23, 2014
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Update as of 2:00 (my time PST ) -

Crash bug is fixed.

I think I've fixed the achievements bug. On top of that, I fixed a bug with the keyboard not working when a controller is plugged in but not being used.

I have implemented our new Gamepad Kit. This should fix controller compatibility issues. Please test it out and let me know if your controllers are still having issues with the game.

In theory, and tested locally, everything should be working.

NOTE: There are still some visual bugs that need to be fixed, which our team will address this upcoming week.

I have pushed this new update to the Beta branch. To access the beta branch do the following:

• In the Steam main menu select: Library > Games
• Right-click on Gravi and select Properties

You should see a tab for "Betas" and select it. (Note this may require a Steam restart if you do not see the Betas tab)

• In the Dropdown select: Beta > Invite-only
• Enter GRAVIRULES4EVER in the access code field
• Then click "Check Code"

NOTE: You may need to restart Steam in order to get the download to start.

If you find any bugs that you wish to report on this build, send an email to and put "Gravi Bug" in the subject line. If you can, please provide a description of how to reproduce the issue and give details on the problem. The more detail, the better!

Sep 6, 2014
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Hello Gravi-tier's,

It has been almost 10 months since I posted an update to you and for that I really appologize.

Our Gravi project has not progressed nearly as fast as we wanted. There is a lot of refactor that we have been involved with and there are a lot of issues with the game to address. We are aware of them and we do have the intention of fixing them.

Before I give you a full status update, I would like the opportunity to plead our case with all of you and hopefully you will have a better understanding of why the updates are taking so long.

Belive it or not, Gravi cost us roughly $60-70k to build. We had about 7 people working here at HBG at the time and while we were not paying anything near industry standard, it was still a fairly high burn rate and over the course of 7 months we spend about that amount. Gravi, thanks to all of you made some monies back, roughly about $7,500 on steam + some money from bundles which was about equal to steam sales. So in total we really only made back about $15k of our initial investment.

We had no other choice but to slow down on development of Gravi after we had re-invested the 15k into the game. We are down to a staff of 3, and we've been forced to take on other contract work in order to keep HBG alive.

What this means for you all, is that the updates that are coming , sadly, are just going to take a really long time. We have really good intentions, but without funds to keep HBG alive, we have to lay Gravi aside to priority & paying work. Sometimes this is contract work, sometimes it is going to be another game to help keep a revenue stream coming into HBG.

As for an actual update.
* Code refactor ( in progress)
* Gamepad Support fixes ( Complete )
* Replace new boss encounters with a much better experience. ( in progress )
* Fix flying through walls. ( fixed .. i think??? )

We have a list of about 85 bugs, some are fixed .. most are not.

Regarless of my & our excuses, we will be continuing this project and we will see it through. I hope you all can understand our situation and we aim to be more communicative with you all in the future. As always you can send an email to and we will respond promptly as always.

Thank you so much for your support & patiences!

HBT Team

Jan 15, 2014
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Hello Gravi-tier's

I know you all have been wondering what is going on and why you have not seen any patches for Gravi yet. Let me assure you that they are coming!

The Gravi experience is very important to us. While we have been just as anxious as you to get updates pushed out to you, we feel that it is important that we do it right.

We have been addressing some serious issues that you all have been expressing to us. Including, better controller support, fixes to the achievement system, cloud storage of player preferences, Linux & Mac support and many more.

Before I go into what is complete and what is not, I wanted to give you a little bit of background about Gravi. Gravi was first designed in the KillScreen OUYA Create Game Jam. We didn't win any prizes, though I thought we should have, but we did end up with a solid game concept that we could build off of and has formed into the Gravi you see today.

Part of this story proposed a problem for us moving onto the steam platform. Since the game was initially designed on the android platform ( which is what OUYA runs on ) we had a lot of unused and unwanted code that is floating around that is pointless to have on steam. The other major issue is that we designed the game and code in 10 days and built off of it from there, which means that our code was a little sloppy because we were rushing to get the game done for the contest. Essentially some key components of Gravi were not deisgned the way we wanted them to be designed and have been the cause of some of the bugs we see in Gravi today.

We are working very hard to re-write parts of Gravi so to fix the game so that we can improve upon it and make it the best game Gravi can be.

We have completed a lot of the bug fixes, including new Gamepad support, I am pleased to say that Gravi now works with every controller. We also have put in place a new popup that if your gamepad is not recognized by our Gamepad support, you can select what type of controller it is (XBOX, PS etc..) and it will remember that you've selected that for future use. We've also fixed some of the achivement support and various other reported and non reported issues.

We do have a patch coming soon! Once we complete a few more fixes we will release a preliminary patch. This patch will be fairly un-noticable to you, but the first patch paves the way for our future bug fixes. It will put in place a new architecture that will help us release patches and fixes faster and we'll be working off of a cleaner codebase.

Thank you all so much for your support, and thank you for being so patient with us as we are hammering away to make Gravi totally awesome!

-Hashbang Games Team
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Hey y'all,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and for that I'm very sorry. We are not going to make our deadline of 22nd for MAC & Linux Release. We've been trying, but with the bugs reported and trying to get the steampipe setup properly on those platforms it is just too much to handle for our small team. We are going to have to extend the deadline for about two weeks.

Again, on behalf of our entire team we appologize for getting your hopes up for the 22nd. We will continue to keep you updated and will get MAC & Linux support for you A.S.A.P!

With bad news comes good news, and the good news is that you all have done such a wonderful job reporting minor glitches within Gravi and we've compiled a nice bug list which we've been working through. We think that it's important to get all these bugs worked out before we start adding our features list. So were "roughly" 1 to 2 weeks away from releasing our first patch and with it comes lots of improvements.

Here are a list of improvements slotted, these are not all of them, just a few;

1.3.1 - Fixes Collectable counter to be accurate
1.3.1 - New Audio system implemented
1.3.1 - Audio Volume can be adjusted and saved at Master, Music & SFX
1.3.1 - Fixes Mouse Out of Screen, mouse will no longer move out of the screen with multiple monitors in fullscreen mode
1.3.1 - Added: Press "R" on your keyboard or "Y" on your Xbox gamepad to instantly Restart the level
1.3.1 - Player Prefs will be stored in the Cloud & are specific to your Steam User ID; therefore, game progress is bound to the player and not the computer

There you have it, just a few of the important ones, there are lots more that we are fixing, like better prevention of going through walls (man that is a tough cookie to crack)...

The plan is that once we fix the little bugs 'n stuff, then we will focus on new content and features.

- Marco
Hashbang Games
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We'll be adding and fixing a lot of little things for our next update; however, one of the few non-bugs which we're excited to bring you is the music from the game. There will now be a folder called "Gravi OST" in the root of the game. Inside, you should find all the musical tracks from Gravi (along with a couple awesome bonus tracks).

This addition is among a lot of other fixes and requests we've had for the game, and it's also our way of saying thanks to everybody who's supported us from the start. You can expect our next update on 10.22.2013.

Hashbang Games Team

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