Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
To celebrate the release of our recent expansion Bastard here is the video of how Legends of Eisenwald turn based combat looks in real life

Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
We hope you will like this new game and we are looking forward to your reviews!

Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
Hello everyone,

the long wait is over and Monday our new standalone Bastard will release here on Steam and also on GOG. Check out our store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/846200/Bastard/

The release will coincide with thge biggest sale on our base game and our other DLC/addons.

It is a part of the Season Pass, so for those of you who have it, the game is already in your library.

Dec 22, 2017
Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
Happy Holidays from our entire team! Stay tuned for announcements in 2018!

Sep 15, 2017
Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
We have been asked for quite a while what we are working on and where is the content for the Season Pass and here are the answers!

We are working on a new game that is not related to the world of Eisenwald and it here is a teaser of an announcement.
Proper announcement will come soon.

We are also working on a new addon to Legends of Eisenwald. Not quite sure how it will be called exactly but it will have a word "Bastard" in it! We initially planned to release it in August however working on two projects at the same time proved to be too much, so this addon will be released shortly after the new game. This will be included in our Season Pass.

Also, there will be one more small DLC to Legends of Eisenwald - it will be a collection of short stories written by our writer Joel Martin. Due to lack of resources at this time, it will be in English only. This will be a part of our Season Pass too.
Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
Today is 2 years since Legends of Eisenwald was released. We've done a lot to improve the game, there are many things we couldn't do but we are happy that many players around the world still play our game. Recently, a lot of Chinese players started their journey in Eisenwald and in last six months China holds the 2nd place of sold copies. Germany is 3rd, Russia is 4th. In the current sale China has all the chances to take spot #1.

Eisenwald: Blood of November has been translated into Chinese and this localization will be released as soon as testing is completed.
Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
Road to Iron Forest DLC is now available in Chinese! The wonderful folks from WhisperTrans translated it for us and we are very grateful. Please thank them!
Mar 24, 2017
Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
In this patch we fix a few issues related to win10 compatibility, as well a few scripting errors.
Legends of Eisenwald - Alexander (Aterdux)
This patch introduces optimization changes that include smaller size textures and turning off shadows. These two options are now available in the game launcher. Optimization improvements have a better change to be noticeable on machines with good CPU since the graphics might not be the only reason for slowness.

Win10 compatibility has been improved.

There is no timer anymore in the launcher that requires to reboot system if it was up too long.

Various scripting and text errors have been corrected.
Nov 24, 2016
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
Thanks to player Celinna who posted her save in this thread here we got another chance to take a look at the combat tactics in the game.

Like many, Enderlin fight looked impossible and she posted a save. The fight indeed looked impossible in the beginning but after 6 attempts I managed to win in this way:

But it got me a few ideas and I made this video about this interesting battle:

For you Eisenwald experts, a tricky question: how come Enderlin archers shoot our healer in the first turn? She has 70hp, ranged defense is 5, their attack is 24x2 and 20x2 and the distance is more than three hexes?

This thread has also a save for those of you who want to give it a shot.

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