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This is a small bugfix patch. Thanks to everyone who has been reporting bugs, sending save files as needed and minidumps as requested.

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed occasional crash when deploying with drunk hero who meets up with a wrinkler that turns their hair grey.
  • Fixed Issue with Lapse knockback killing a hero with collision damage sometimes teleporting the hero's dead body.
  • Fixed bug with the crop duster skill. Crop dusting chance now +100% :D
  • Fixed another "one day at a time" bug from the "Complications" events that could cause the timeline to stop every day, years after the event.
  • Fixed Trainees sometimes being kicked out of the Keep and becoming eligible for Standard assignment when previewing them on the regent selection screen.
  • Misc localization translation fixes.
More stuff:
Added "GamepadEnabled" config launch flag. Add "-cfg GamepadEnabled=false" without the quotes to your launch options to disable controller support if it is causing issues.
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Patch 1.01 is now live! Thanks to everyone who helped us test it.

List of Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Wrinkler attacks against blinded, flarrowed, or drunk characters occasionally crashing the game after a loading a tactical battle save game.
  • Fixed issue with “Complications” story event sometimes causing a crash 15-25 years later if the father became a scholar.
  • Bulwarks will no longer adjust their shots to hit additional stealthed heroes behind their target. Visible heroes are fair game.
  • Child Tendencies should cancel out correctly when paired with someone of opposite tendencies.
  • Fix for a missing pit blocker in the Mangrove Keep map that could allow a Cradle death-spawned seed to be stuck and un-attackable by melee.
  • Fix for PS4 and XB1 controller rumble timing when used on PC.
  • Fix rare case where a partner could remarry but then be kicked out of new keep if a new regent was assigned to the old keep.
  • Game should no longer switch back to mouse mode when using a gamepad and the mouse pointer is left on the window border.
  • Misc Localization typo/fixes.
  • Murch’s #9 buff now increases lifespan just once, not repeatedly. They’ll die like the rest of us, now. Yep. Such is life.
  • Ramcap cabers should no longer be sometimes converted to relics anymore if equipped and a hero is given a relic in Story Events.
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MASSIVE CHALICE is a tactical strategy game set on an epic timeline from Double Fine Productions. As the Immortal Ruler of the nation, you'll take command of its heroes, forge heroic marriages to strengthen your Bloodlines, and battle a mysterious enemy known as the Cadence in a 300 year war.

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It’s been two years since we started on our quest for the MASSIVE CHALICE, and we’re excited to say that our journey is nearly at an end! After many months of designing, building, reading through our early access feedback, and playing the game for hours on end, we’re finally in lockdown. That means the team is in the final stages now; working purely on bug fixing, performance, and polishing things up, in between sending builds off to Microsoft for certification.

Release date!

With all that in mind then, we’re super happy to announce that MASSIVE CHALICE will be officially leaving early access and launching on June 1st, with the Xbox One version appearing around then too!

What’s new for 1.0?

Whilst we’ve got a lot of fixes and polish heading in your direction, version 1.0 won’t just be about making the game shinier, we’ve also got some final features to send your way too.

After listening to lots and lots of useful feedback on the mid to endgame, the team has spent a considerable amount of time rebalancing the game to be more fun, fair, challenging, or punishing, depending on how you look at it. Thanks to everyone who helped us with this fine tuning, we got some invaluable feedback from you guys.

Controller support for the Steam version will also appear in 1.0, enabling you to play from the comfort of your couch with the same polished control scheme and UI navigation as the Xbox One version. We’ve added achievements into the game for all those completists out there too.

Launch Day Teamstream June 1st!

We’ve had a lot of fun with the Teamstreams throughout this project, so one more for the road seemed like the right thing to do. Join us on June 1st for one final MASSIVE CHALICE Teamstream, time to be confirmed, but please do prepare for silliness.

Join us here on launch day:


That’s not all we have in store for launch day though! The 2 Player Productions gang have been filming the team throughout the entire development of Massive Chalice, and have produced a series highlighting the different roles of development on the project.

This series, called MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE, will give viewers a unique insight into the team that made the game, what they do, how they got here, and how you could follow in their games industry footsteps. MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE starts airing on Launch Day, huzzah!

The Horns of Birth! A cause for celebration indeed!

Finally, I’m sure you’ll all join us in congratulating Brad and his wife Cate, who are now the proud parents of their first child and heir, Gibson! Along with the team being very much heads down finishing up the game, and the publishing team launching Broken Age and Grim Fandango mobile recently, this is a key reason for the recent quietness on our end! We promise not to shut up for a while now though.

Thanks you guys!
We’re cranking towards the 1.0 version of MASSIVE CHALICE! We wanted to get a small hotfix patch out to fix up a Mac bug that was causing some people to crash on launch. We decided to roll in all of our current fixes too! Here’s the full patch notes for 0.96a! :D!

We’ve had an insidious bug on the Mac that’s been stopping people from launching the game. This should now be fixed! Let us know if you have any more problems! :D!

The first pass of the Backer Credits are in! Check to see if we got your name right if you backed the game! Thanks!

Character Rotation - Added the ability to grab a hero and spin them with the left mouse button in the Hero Info view.
Chalice Lights at Research Screen - Added “Chalice Lights” when the Chalice talks during the first explanation of Research.
Salt Stacks Lighting - Adjusted the lighting in the Salt Stacks climate so that shadows show up better.
Auto Save Icon - Updated the Auto Save icon to look more like our style. Diamonds!
Camera Rotation/Zoom UI Buttons - Added buttons to the upper left of the UI to support rotating and zooming the camera.
Mission Results Screen - The Mission Results Screen has been widened to support a more column-based format. Font sizes have been increased for readability.
Hero Details STATS Breakout - Hero Stats have been moved into a 4th tab on the Hero Info UI. All fonts have been increased for readability.
Research Timings - Adjusted the breakpoints for all research timings (VERY SLOW, SLOW, FAST, VERY FAST) to be more accurate for our current research times. These tags should be much more helpful now when deciding what to research next!
Kill XP Region Bonus - Adjusted Kill XP Region Bonus from 20% to 15%.
Crucible Training Region Bonus - Adjusted Crucible Training Region Bonus from 50% to 20%.
Save/Load Confirmation Box - Added a popup box to let you know that you’ll be losing unsaved data!
Pale Sea Keep map Tubing Fix - Set the tubing above the Pale Sea Keep to alpha out when the camera is near. This was getting in the way of the camera!
#wolfmode - #wolfmode

Rupture Corrosion Always Deals Damage - Fixed a bug that was causing the Rupture corrosion patches to deal zero damage to heavily armored characters. It will now always deal a minimum of 1 damage to heroes standing on it.
Sagewright Relic Creation and Handoff - Fixed several bugs that were causing weird behavior when a character became a Sagewright but had enough Kill XP to create a Relic.
Destructible Shadows - Destructibles in the Salt Stacks and Dry Sea will now cast shadows.
Accessory Shadows - Several Hero Accessories (like mustaches and hair) were not casting shadows. This is now fixed!
Sagewright’s Guild and Crucible Attack Text Support - Guild and Crucible Attacks now have proper text on them.
Alchemist Carapace Armor Fix - Fixed a bug that was causing an Alchemist to lose their turn if the Carapace Armor was triggered.
Timefist Icon - The Timefist ability was missing an icon! This is now fixed.
Lapse Torso Rendering - Fixed a bug that was stopping the Lapse’s upper torso from rendering through geometry when it was obscured.
Double Lighting in Throne Room - Fixed a bug that was causing the lights in the throne room or deployment screen to sometimes get created twice. (or more!)
IRON Mode Consistency - Fixed several spots where the game was not being saved during an IRON Mode run. It should be more consistent and save after all of your major decisions now.
No Parabox Gender Switch for the Dead - Fixed a bug that was causing the Parabox event to swap the genders of your dead heroes.
Final Battle Resurrection Fixes - Fixed some bugs that were causing some crashes during the Final Battle.
Divorce Status - Characters that are Divorced can no longer become Regents.

Sigil Rendering - Optimized Sigil Rendering A LOT. The game should be much snappier on all screens that involve sigils, which is basically all of them!

Hey guys! We've got another big patch lined up as we get closer to our 1.0 release! This patch has tons of new features and fixes, including new abilities and visuals for the Advanced Cadence, new Training buffs for all classes in the Research menu, and BABIES! :D!

Check out the full patch notes over at our forum here:

Thanks for supporting the game in Early Access! We appreciate your feedback! :D!

We’ve got another big patch lined up for today! Our key focus has been on adding Difficulty Modes, IRON mode, a simple tactical tutorial to help new players at the beginning of the game, and some new features to make the Timeline a lot more useable on the Strategy layer!

We’re getting close to the 1.0 release of MASSIVE CHALICE. Thanks for supporting the game in Early Access and thanks for your feedback! :D!

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