Space Engineers - Blitzzz333

For a full list of fixes and optimizations please see this link:

Space Engineers - Drui

Hello, Engineers!
It’s time for another major update. We have been very busy since the release of Space Engineers from Early Access. We continued working on the game improvements and in this update we focused on a new feature: Build Planner, and one new block: Small Cryo Pod and on customizable game elements, such as skins, emotes and armor skins.
The Build Planner feature allows players to create a list of blocks or components, which can be automatically transferred into their inventory. It significantly simplifies the gameplay and we are sure that you will appreciate it.
Marek's blog post:
Full list of features and improvements:
Space Engineers - Blitzzz333

We were blown away by the submissions we received for the Space Engineers Video Competition, so we thought we’d create this compilation to celebrate our community’s passion and talent.

Enjoy ːsteamhappyː
Space Engineers - (RPS)

Last time on Wastes of Space: In need of a mobile base, the gang started building a colossal metal spider called the >Loveless>, in homage to Commander Bee’s favourite film. Real spiders showed up, causing some consternation, and a lovely bedroom was build inside the giant spider’s bum.


Nate: Today starts like every other day on Horace s world: I open up my space laptop, open my space mail, and stare vacantly at the latest missive from Brent, wondering how we ll ever fulfill this maniac s thirst for gold.


Space Engineers - Blitzzz333
Space Engineers - Blitzzz333

Only 1 more day until the Space Engineers livestream (Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 5 pm UTC) on the Keen Community Network:

& our YouTube channel:

See you all soon!
Space Engineers - Blitzzz333
Space Engineers - Blitzzz333

Hello, Engineers!

We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2019 Space Engineers Video Competition.

We had some fantastic entries this year, but here are the top three submissions:

-”Imagining Space Engineers 2”
-By: Smokki
-Votes earned: 886

-”War Engines II”
-By: Auric Lorquet [Ric le Rouge]
-Votes earned: 761

-”The Weapon”
-By: AndrewmanGaming
-Votes earned: 735

Please keep in mind that votes earned for each submission refer to the votes these entries acquired during their respective 24 hour voting period; they do not include votes they received after their voting period ended.

1st place will receive a copy of Space Engineers Deluxe, the Decorative Pack DLC and 5 skin sets.
2nd place will receive a copy of Space Engineers Deluxe, the Decorative Pack DLC and 3 skin sets.
3rd place will receive a copy of Space Engineers Deluxe, the Decorative Pack DLC and 2 skin sets.

And of course, bragging rights.

You can watch all of the awesome entries here:

As a token of our appreciation and in the spirit of teamwork-one of the defining traits of Space Engineers-we will be sending all contestants a complimentary skin set. This includes those contestants whose entries weren’t selected to be uploaded to our YouTube channel based on the rules of the competition.

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who submitted entries for the competition, as well as everyone who watched and voted for the contest. Your passion and expertise are simply amazing and we’re grateful to be part of such an incredible community.

Thanks for reading and congratulations to the winners! ːsteamhappyː
Space Engineers - Blitzzz333
Space Engineers - Blitzzz333

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