Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
Hello, (procedurally generated) World!

As the headline quoth, we are out of Early Access and on to v1.0!

Here’s a trailer for you to get those v1.0 chills...

For this update we’ve just pushed to Steam there are some minor gameplay tweaks, bunker layout changes, and audio fixes. We’ve gone back in and messed about with the generation templates - the menu we give the level-generation system - so that the levels produce better environments. The initial zone is unchanged, but you’ll find the others now build tweaked worlds that are slightly more challenging. (Don't forget we addressed issues with the spider-craft in an earlier update.)

There are also performance tweaks in this version, although there are still some odd generations that seem to hit performance without our profiler giving us a clear picture of why! We’ve tried to streamline shaders and such to avoid that.

BUT the main change - reflecting the template tinkering - is that there are now overall difficulty levels. You can select these on starting a new game, but also change them in current savegames, which default to normal, which gives you a difficult the same as the earlier updates. (Please note that difficulty can be changed in-game during play, so if you are having a tough time turn it down, or an easy time turn it up, etc!)

Thanks for all the support we’ve received for this, our weirdest and most atmospheric game to date - and please do leave a Steam review if you’ve enjoyed yourself so far!

We’ll have more news on Big Robot things for you soon! <3

Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
Hello you.

Just a quick update about two things, the first is that ANCIENT ENEMY, the card game that Jim has been working on with Grey Alien Games, is available for wishlist, and isn't too far off release (date TBC!) and if it's your sort of thing then we'd definitely appreciate support!

Jim has been overseeing the art direction (his first 2D game!) and wrote the story. We're hugely excited to have worked with two fabulous artists, Dan Emmerson and Jen Pattison. Jake at Grey Alien has had years of experience at this sort of thing, and we're anticipating a tremendous game a bit later this year.

Here's a teaser trailer!

And the main page for plenty more info and that all-important wishlist link:


Additionally, we're speeding towards the next update for THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE, and now is absolutely the perfect time to try the game out if you've yet to dip in. If you enjoyed Sir. You Are Being Hunted but want something even more atmospheric and mysterious, then we suggest you take a look!

We're setting our sights on V1.0, too , and we'll have more news about the end of our Early Access period in the near future.

In the meantime, don't forget that all our games are on sale until the 9th!

Love you!
Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
Hey, Robot friends!

Just a quick note to let you know that Big Robot's own Jim Rossignol has written the story for Grey Alien's ANCIENT ENEMY - an atmospheric RPG card where the baddies have already won - due out this summer. It's going to be great!

You can, almost certainly should, wishlist it over here:

Thanks! <3

Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
Hey everyone!

Our brand new stealth and survival game, THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE, is now live on Steam Early Access.

Here's the launch trailer.

We'll be streaming it on the store page in a few minutes time.


Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
Hello everyone!

This is just a quick reminder that The Light Keeps Us Safe will be released at 9am PST (5pm UK) tomorrow, October 11th.

If you haven't had a look at the gameplay trailer yet, then check it out over here. And, hey, we have to say the game has already moved on this since that footage, because this Early Access and we're motoring!

Oh and just one other little thing: we put Sir, You Are Being Hunted on sale for the week. So combine that with the launch discount and you could pick up Sir and The Light Keeps Us Safe together for close to the price of a single one of our games...

Happy October! :D

Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
Hello, everyone!

We thought you might like to take a look at our grimdark new gameplay trailer for THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE. Early Access release coming on October 11th!

More soon!

Sir, You Are Being Hunted - (Dominic Tarason)

Shining lights on problems might not be as effective a solution to social ills as first thought, but it seems key to surviving a nightmare robopocalypse. Announced back in July, Big Robot (Sir, You Are Being Hunted and ) are living up to their name again with The Light Keeps Us Safe, a techno-horror survival adventure set in a world where the sky has gone dark and robots prowl the endless night.

The game has been shrouded in mystery and shadow up til now, but in a new video released today (and found below), we get our first brief peek at what survival entails in its gloomy world – narrated by dev lead (and RPS co-founder) Jim Rossignol. The game is due to enter early access in October.


Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Mr Rossignol
THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE is a stealth and survival game from Big Robot Ltd, and it's coming in October 2018!

Watch the trailer!

The sky has flickered and gone out. Only The Light can keep us safe.

You can't stay down there in the depths of the bunker. The food is gone and the power can't last much longer, either. Those things out there in the dark will only take so long to find their way in... It's time to go outside and face what's waiting for you out there. Maybe then you can go into The Light, like the others.

THE LIGHT KEEPS US SAFE is a procedurally-generated apocalypse in which only The Light can save us. Use stealth and evasion to avoid terrifying machines that patrol the desolate world, and employ the powers of Light to unpick their deadly traps.

Featuring these terrifying and entertainingly bleak things:

  • Unique light-based interactions and challenges!
  • A sprawling world of stealth, survival, and exploration from the makers of SIR, YOU ARE BEING HUNTED and THE SIGNAL FROM TÖLVA.
  • Horrifying and aggressive alien-machine enemies!
  • Fiendish traps and disturbing hostile environments.
  • A procedurally-generated environment, different for each playthrough.
  • A grim sense of existential threat (because we're good at that sort of thing...)
  • No crafting though, because we find that a bit dull tbh. Sorry!
  • A tremendous sense of satisfaction in overcoming certain doom. You want that feeling, don't you? It's a good feeling.

Wishlist for a warm glow and regular updates!
Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Back in 2013, Big Robot Ltd. released Sir, You Are Being Hunted: a survival sandbox game that was well received due to its quirky British touches and terrifying robots. The developer has today unveiled its latest title, The Light Keeps Us Safe, which as a stealth-survival game seems to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

In the post-apocalyptic world of The Light Keeps Us Safe, the sky has "gone out", leaving only disturbing machines to patrol the land. It's a procedurally-generated hellscape. As the title suggests, players will need to use "powers of light" to defend themselves and escape from traps. The game also requires players to venture out of their bunker towards something called The Light, which is apparently where everyone else has gone. Very mysterious.

The new game will be released via Steam Early Access on the 11th of October this year. Conveniently, this is right before Halloween - ideal timing for players seeking to get into the spooky mood. Big Robot has promised a gameplay trailer will be released shortly, which should reveal a little more about the game before its release.

Read more…

Sir, You Are Being Hunted - (Alice O'Connor)

This week on RPS: Where Are They Now? we revisit Jim Rossignol. You might remember Rosso co-founded RPS in 1873 but couldn’t resist the bright lights of Game Development City. Packing his bindle and hitting the road, he co-founded Big Robot, the studio we last saw with survive-o-shooter Sir, You Are Being Hunted. But where has Rossignol been since then? What happened to Big Robot? Did the bright lights lure another innocent soul to ruin on the technorocks?

Nah mate, they’ve been quietly working on The Signal From T lva [official site], a first-person explore-o-shooter about robots on an alien planet.

… [visit site to read more]


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