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This week on RPS: Where Are They Now? we revisit Jim Rossignol. You might remember Rosso co-founded RPS in 1873 but couldn’t resist the bright lights of Game Development City. Packing his bindle and hitting the road, he co-founded Big Robot, the studio we last saw with survive-o-shooter Sir, You Are Being Hunted. But where has Rossignol been since then? What happened to Big Robot? Did the bright lights lure another innocent soul to ruin on the technorocks?

Nah mate, they’ve been quietly working on The Signal From T lva [official site], a first-person explore-o-shooter about robots on an alien planet.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Hey there huntedfriends, we've got a new patch for you! This patch brings the single player game up to 1.4 and multiplayer to 1.1.0

This is the first patch that unifies the two halves of Sir. Following the release of MP 1.0 we've addressed a number of bugs (thanks for all the reports! No more overly-clingy dogs...) but we've also ported over the improvements we made during MP development into the Singleplayer game. Veterans of SP should experience a significant fps boost.

It's been great to see so many of you hosting your own MP servers. We've seen a sustained surge in player numbers (thanks in part to the current 90% off sale! Tell your friends ;) ), some specializing in non pvp, others all out survival of the sneakiest. This patch should address a number of the issues some of you have experienced since the 1.0 launch, as ever we look forward to hearing your feedback and bug reports.

Patch Notes

- Steam launch options/command-line parameters are passed through to the game when launching.

- Allow password to be set when using direct connect
- Fix dogs getting stuck to players after a pounce
- All game settings menus have a "default" button for easy resetting
- Fix bug where a trading player's disconnect could cause inventories to misbehave for others
- Fix bug that causes disconnected/kicked players to not be removed from the player list
- Fix bug stopping scarecrows from spawning in a field where one had previously been killed
- Horse ragdolls now despawn faster (3 minutes instead of 3 hours...)

Single player:
- Performance fixes brought across from multiplayer
- Fix some bugs that would cause some of the bot population to be reduced in late game
- Built with newer Unity version to include more performance/bug fixes from the Engine
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
We made it! This month's update finally brings Sir's multiplayer out of the murky swamps of beta and into the harsh glaring light of general consumption. You no longer need to opt-in to the multiplayer beta branch to see multiplayer games as an option in your game. The new front-end launcher will appear for all up-to-date owners and hopefully this will provide us with a fresh influx of players to your servers and a growth in the number of servers themselves!

Importantly, we need to say a huge "thank you" from the team to everyone who participated in the beta, filing bugs and making suggestions both here and on the BR forums.

It's been a long road from single-player prototype, through Kickstarter, Steam Early Access, Single player 1.0 and beyond and now that the multiplayer component of Sir is stable and live and all those promised stretchgoals are met (phew!) we can finally take a step back and appreciate the journey. A journey we could not have made without you guys. So thanks!


As well as the new launcher, there are a range of optimisations and bugfixes: this 1.0 release adds the ability to trade directly with other players rather than use loot stashes to swap items. Players can make their inventories available for access by other players by holding down the "o" key (by default) until someone accesses their loot. Once a trade has been established players may freely GIVE items to each other but they may not TAKE items. This means that trade is never open to exploitation. You only get what the other player trading with you gives, there can be no stealing!


So this is it! Sir, You are Being Hunted is feature complete, but it's not the end. We are already working on a patch for the Singleplayer game to bring across all the improvements that have come about in multiplayer and of course we are still reading your feedback with great interest. The hunt continues...

We'll see you on the servers.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Hello again!

Firstly - as has become something of a standard for these updates - we've got a new NPC for you: the Scarecrow. His uniquely-creepy presence has been missed so it's great to see his return. Watch your back... Live on the Steam builds right now.

Now that the compliment of NPC types has reached 6 (!) we thought it was about time to give server admins some control over what you are faced with in any given game, also how many and when they appear. To whit we've brought over the NPC schedule manager from single-player and now you can tinker 'til your heart's content. Want a world filled to the brim with poachers from the get-go? No problem. How about no balloons EVER. Easily done. Or maybe you just want more of everything? Well, then you're clearly unsound... Whatever your preferences, the new NPC settings will let you create bot populations to suit.

We've also got world seeds working so you can now copy and save worlds that you like. Generated a particularly breathtaking Mountain biome you just HAVE to show a chum? Just copy the seed from the escape menu and pass it on. Remember, only server admins have access to the world generation and NPC settings. Use “#callvote makeadmin playername” in the chat window to start a vote for a new admin on servers that allow this.

There are also the usual tweaks and fixes, some of which are direct responses to payer requests (that stones timer volume WAS too loud wasn't it...), others are things we've had on the list for a while and have finally gotten around to now we're approaching an official v1.0 release...

Not long now!

Patch Notes:
  • New – Robot Population Customisation
  • New – Save, Reuse and share world seeds
  • New – NPC Scarecrow
  • New – Invisibility and Invulnerability Talisman effects
  • New – Balloon light destroyable and synced across clients
  • Plus – Sundry fixes and tweaks. Timer klaxon volume, network position issues, warning window for Custom biomes, Custom biome inventory duplications etc
Sep 3, 2015
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Player ragdolls, player invisibility, and a big pile of traps should all be fixed now.

See you on the servers!
Sep 2, 2015
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Seems our latest changes might have made robots a little rarer. We've deployed a fix for that now, and so spawns should be back to normal rates in multiplayer games.

Let us know how you get on!
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Hello you, it's update time! The latest version of multiplayer is live on Steam. For instructions on how to get to it, if you're still in the dark, head over here.

Once again we've been focusing on server control, bugfixes and optimisation for this update and we're now at a point where Sir MP is almost ready to be pushed out live as a launch option rather than being buried in a beta branch. That will probably be our next release!

But what about this one? Well it's not all behind the scenes tinkering. For starters we have a new NPC: The Poacher. Singleplayer veterans will know him by his works, namely dropping traps for unwary Sirs and Madams in wooded areas. He's a vital part of the structure of SYABH, tempering the blessed cover of woodland with some more fear and caution. No more fleeing blindly through the woods for you...

We've also added a range of options for server customisation. You can now select the biome type you want to play on and even use the custom world tools to design biomes of your own. If you are logged in to a server as admin (either using an admin password [#admin password] or being voted in as admin by other players [#callvote makeadmin playername] ) you will have access to the game settings panel from the Lobby. Here you can change the biome settings, alter the number of pieces required to win a game, set the timer for the Stone Circle activation and - perhaps most excitingly for some of you – change the PvP damage settings. This last setting will allow you to create non-PvP servers by reducing PvP damage to 0, something that has been widely requested.

There are also stats available on death and at the end of a game now, so you can keep track of who's doing well, which players are shouldering the burden of piece collection and find out who those player-killers are...

Finally the usual compliment bug fixes and optimisations are all present and correct, thanks once again for those bug reports and keep them coming!

TL;DR Patchnotes

  • New – NPC, Poacher.
  • New – World Customisation.
  • New – Server Settings.
  • Fixed – Player throw animation.
  • New – Death and Endgame Statistics screen.
  • Fixed – Myriad optimisations and bugfixes, especially to NPC spawning.
  • Known issue - repeating loot inventories on custom maps.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol

Dogs and trombones are now working in multiplayer. The trombone is networked up so that you can play "tunes" for multiplayer friends (the mouse wheel controls pitch.)


An exceptionally productive week has resulted in some great new features and a tonne of bugfixes. Version 0.1.48 will now be LIVE on your Steam library if you've opted in to the beta. As always the full patch notes are below but some stand out features include: The return of the Dog NPC, higher damage from Players and most pleasingly of all, the playable trombone. You've always been able to adjust the pitch of this in singleplayer (with the scrollwheel), but seeing a group of chums trying to hold a tune on rusty digital instruments in a big multiplayer brass band is the clear high-watermark for the whole project...

It's worth emphasising that the damage received from other players is now much higher (a common request). We're expecting to roll out server controls for this in the next update so that server operators will be able to set the % of damage from players per-server however they want (including 0% to facilitate non-pvp servers) but this week we're testing out the upper levels. Shotguns to the face aren't just flesh wounds anymore...

As always we've been reading your comments on the Steam and BR forums and have implemented some requests (the higher player damage for one, chat history etc) but we're still hungry for your feedback and bug reports so keep them coming.

Thanks once again for your continued support and we'll see you on the islands!

Patch Notes

  • New - Chat notification when a Player changes their name.
  • New - Damage from other Players increased. Now in line with damage dealt to bots.
  • New - Chat log history (PageUp/PageDown to scroll through message history).
  • Fixed - Stop clients running worldgen when they start an in-progress game on an incompatible server.
  • New - Server browser improvements.
  • New - Lobby now shows the state of the game you are trying to join (i.e. in Lobby or in Progress).
  • New - Indicate & prevent connection to incompatible servers (i.e. incompatible versions).
  • Fixed - Stop client hanging if server password is incorrect.
    New - Player Location Pings on the compass now make a noise ( default key “Y” to reveal position).
  • Fixed - Clientside lodding improved
  • Fixed - Better performance generally
  • Fixed - No more dropped sounds (e.g. sometimes robot beepboops could be missing, no more getting sneaked-up on by bots...)
  • Fixed - Guards no longer guard empty fragment caches.
  • Fixed - Wisps no longer head to empty fragment caches
  • Fixed - Connecting window retooled, cancellable window added instead.
  • New - Trombones now visible on other Players (including note change with Scrollwheel!) We demand some brass-band videos...
  • New - Robo-Dogs are back...
  • Fixed - An issue with animation weighting that lead to some glitchy anims
  • Fixed - An issue where walking footsteps where heard more loudly by AI than running footsteps...
  • Fixed - Server uses less CPU after returning to lobby
  • New - Servers now republish on the master list periodically (should stop long-running servers dropping off the browser)
  • Plus - Sundry minor tweaks and fixes (performance improvements, click sound for torch, reduced verbose logging, similarly minor-but-pleasing stuff...)

Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
We're here with the first of a (hopefully) weekly series of updates to the Sir Multiplayer Test. The new version is v0.1.45. If you've opted into the Multiplayer Branch on Steam you should get the new update automatically.

The first week of testing went smoother than we could have hoped for with our official servers more or less constantly populated and only one short outage all week. It's all been remarkably stable and we're very pleased. It's also been fantastic to see so many of you hosting your own servers for friends and the general public, and to that end we've spent a good deal of this week adding some more controls for server operators. The full release notes are below but the long and short of it is there's now a proper voting system for electing and replacing admins, kicking grumpy ne'er-do-wells, voting to start maps if someone is idle in the lobby and won't ready up...

There are of course a number of bugs found and squashed - thanks to your feedback - so keep those reports coming in. We've been listening to feature feedback too and have added a new system for locating and identifying other players. You can now 'ping' your location onto the compass with a keypress (default “Y”) so friends can find each other or mark areas of interest like good loot. This marker will last for 10 seconds and for the duration the player's name will also appear above their head if you are within a certain distance. It's essentially the visual equivalent of shouting “Oi! I'm over here!”

Thanks from the whole team for your enthusiastic uptake of Multiplayer Sir, it's been fantastic to watch your streams and videos, and even better to play alongside you all.

More to come!

Patch Notes:

Server Controls.

1. Server operators can now optionally add an Admin Password during set up.

Use #admin password to log in as admin with this password.

2. Admins can make other players the admin with #makeadmin playername.

3. You can now vote to use admin commands even if there is no admin.

Use #callvote command to start the vote (e.g #callvote kick playername to kick someone or #callvote new to start a new map. Clients then use #vote yes or #vote no to vote on this request.

Command list:

#new – starts new map.

#restart - restarts current map.

#kick playername – kicks playername.

#admin password – logs in as admin if an admin password is set up on the server (note that admins logged in in this way override voted admins).

#makeadmin playername – makes playername the admin.

#lobby - returns players to the lobby.

Fixes & Additions

- Improvements to server browser (including auto-refresh, summary, and an alphabetised list).

- No more smashing/exploding sounds when joining lobbies.

- Reveal your name & position to other players by pressing a key (“Y” by default).

- Miscellaneous small bugfixes (rider volume, UI tweaks, similar sundries).
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
The multiplayer test is now up on the betas branch for Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Details of how to get at that and how to run your own servers are over here.

We've got a few of our own servers up, but they might be a little slow, so if you can run your own and let us know how you get on, that'd be appreciated.

We did a video to explain a bit about what we're up to, over here:

Please do let us know how you get on. We'll be updating again early next week.


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