Verdun - Wilson
We’ve been working hard on performance since the last Frontline News, though of course not everyone on our team is a programmer, so we have some new sounds to show off alongside our other news…

^screenshot by player [INEGRONI]MASTERMASCO^

Unity Engine Update
If you didn’t know, Verdun and Tannenberg are made in Unity. This means that when Unity releases updates, both good and bad things can happen with our code - luckily, this time it’s all good!

In short, the latest Unity update fixes some issues and makes some improvements which should have a big impact on performance. Combined with work we’ve been doing on how ragdolls are handled, we’re looking at perhaps a 20-25% improvement in performance - this will depend on the exact combination of hardware you’re using, of course.

There is still more work to be done to get everything ship-shape, but we’re hoping to be able to roll out this update soon!

Sound System
On the topic of teasers, check out these five new weapon sounds, all recorded from real guns!
These new sounds will also come along with a new sound system, which among other things should make it easier to get a sense of where sounds are coming from in the environment around you.

Steam Live Stream!
This Friday at 4:00 PM CET we are going to be trying out a new feature on Steam - live streaming from our Steam Store page! If you’re interested in watching us play and chat about Verdun, just visit the Verdun Store Page. Both through a web browser or inside the Steam app itself will work fine.
We hope to see you there!

Keep an eye on our Steam news (follow us if you like) or watch for our announcements on Facebook or Twitter to hear about our next Frontline News post.
Verdun - Wilson
For today’s Frontline News we have some cool events for you, one official and one player organized, along with a chance to get Verdun in a special Humble Bundle!

Verdun World Cup North American Qualifier
The next qualifier round in the Verdun World Cup tournament being run by The Overpowered Noobs is coming up this Saturday February 10! You will be able to watch the action live on their Twitch stream! Pro caster Soren Patten has a great write-up introducing the teams who will be competing on the OPN website.
Which team are you supporting?

Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 2
If you’re interested in joining a clan for some more organized play, you could do a lot worse than Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 2! We posted one of their trailers on our social media recently, and if you didn’t see it it’s definitely worth taking a look on YouTube.

Historical Battle Event February 18
A group of Verdun players are running a historical battle scenario on February Sunday 18! It will be a 32 vs 32 player battle on the Argonne map, with friendly fire and with players expected to take specific squads and loadouts in order to replicate the actual battle for the Argonne.

Each side has a commander, who gives orders to the whole team and leads them. Soldiers and NCOs alike have to obey his orders, with NCOs and the commander allowed to shoot soldiers that disobey orders.
The event will be held on the 18h of February. Start time will be 7 PM German time or 7 PM CET. If you want to take part in an epic battle, add your name to the list below. There are 49 participants so far!

Humble Bundle Best of 2017
We’re proud to say that Verdun is part of the Humble Bundle’s Best of 2017 bundle! You can get Verdun and seven other great games selected from various bundles from across the course of 2017. Take a look!

That’s it for now. The screenshots above were made by our player echo1, a very talented frontline photographer! If you have some cool shots of your own, upload them on Steam, or post them on our Twitter and tag us so we can retweet our favorites!
Keep an eye on our Steam news (follow us if you like) or watch for our announcements on Facebook or Twitter to hear about our next Frontline News post.

The Humble Best of 2017 Bundle is—you guessed it—a collection of games from 2017's best bundles. It runs through Tuesday, February 20, and altogether Humble reckons it's $137 worth of games, with the highest tier going for $10. Here's everything you get at each level: 

Pay what you want 

  •  Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location 
  •  Goat Simulator 
  •  Hacknet 

Pay more than the average ($5.57 at the time of writing) 

  •  Verdun 
  •  Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 
  •  Death Road to Canada 
  •  Turmoil (and the soundtrack)  

Pay $10 or more 

  •  Dead by Daylight 

Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info. 

Verdun - Wilson

Verdun and Tannenberg brought together
The main part of the Merge Update is, well, the merge of our two games. The code bases are now aligned, which is essential to our long-term goal of continuing support for Verdun. As a small team, we simply can’t support two different code bases.

This merge will allow us to make more frequent updates to Verdun - the differences between Verdun and Tannenberg had made it impossible to do side-by-side updates, but now that the two games are aligned, we have a unified platform. It also means that we can switch our focus to performance optimization for both games.

One side-effect of the merge is that a number of bug fixes done during the development of Tannenberg are now applied to Verdun, which can have unpredictable results, such as the way strafe movement was affected. We moved quickly to resolve that issue, and we will continue to do so as necessary. You can report bugs on our forums or at our support website.

However, although all the benefits might not be immediately obvious from a player perspective you should make no mistake - this merge is a big step forward. It makes it possible to continue properly supporting Verdun and Tannenberg together into the future. Plus you no longer need to quit one game to play the other! If you own both Verdun and Tannenberg, there’s now a slick in-game menu so that you can switch from West Front to East Front and back again with ease.

Graphical Improvements
When you load up Verdun, one of the first things you’ll notice with the update are the new graphical features. Screen space shadows add more depth to the world around you, while new image effects, reflection probes, and a deepsky fog system subtly enhance the atmosphere.

Smaller changes include performance tweaks, animation adjustment, changes to the Douaumont map (we have been aware of continuing criticisms on the forums), and more. The full changelog is long, but as we said earlier, the biggest changes are highly technical and behind the scenes.

Steam Daily Deal
To celebrate the merge, the complete WW1 Game Series bundle is part of the Steam Daily Deal! This is a great opportunity to introduce friends to the delights of WW1 FPS action, or to pick up Verdun or Tannenberg if you don’t own one of them yet, with a game left over to gift.

We’ll see you next time!
Verdun - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Verdun!*

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*Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Dec 21, 2017
Verdun - bramlegolas
The Christmas Truce of 1914 is going to be reenacted in Verdun once again this Winter, from December 21 to January 4! As in previous years, you’ll be able to get a taste of this unusual moment of peace and reflection in the midst of the enormous devastation of the First World War.
Between every few normal matches, players will experience the Christmas Truce event on a special map featuring football, snowball fights and Christmas cards which can be sent from the trenches by email or social media. Everyone who sends postcards to their loved ones has a chance of winning some WW1 Game Series swag, from Verdun / Tannenberg keys to a trench whistle or thermos. We’ll announce three winners everyday on this thread.

There will also be a Christmas Truce DLC to allow players to easily donate to War Child UK for €1.99 / $1.99 / £1.69. All players who pay for the DLC get a unique Christmas Truce 2017 medal, and will be able to access the Christmas Truce whenever they like for as long as they like until January 4.

War Child is a charity working to help support children affected by war or living in conflict zones.

Do I need to buy the DLC to play on the Christmas Truce map?
No, everyone will be able to experience the Christmas Truce between every few regular matches. However, if you do get the DLC and donate to War Child UK you’ll get an exclusive Christmas Truce War Child medal and be able to join the Christmas Truce whenever you like, as long as you like until January 4. This includes joining existing Christmas Truce games in progress, or starting your own.

What is War Child?
They are a charity working to protect and support children in conflict zones or affected by war.
You can read more about them on

How can I win prizes by sending postcards?
It’s easy! Every day, we will randomly pick three winners from those who sent postcards that day. Winners will be announced in this thread, and could win a key for Verdun or Tannenberg, a trench whistle, or a Verdun thermos!

Is the Christmas Truce also happening on consoles?
The Christmas Truce is for PC only.

If I buy the DLC, can I access the Christmas Truce after the event ends?
No, but as well as sending money to War Child, buying the DLC will unlock the ‘Christmas Truce War Child’ medal and allow you to access the Christmas Truce event whenever you like for as long as you like until January 4.

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy the snow if you have some, otherwise come enjoy it in Verdun :)

The 1914 Christmas Truce is once again returning to the First World War multiplayer Verdun in the form of time-limited DLC that will raise funds for War Child's Armistice, "an annual event that encourages peaceful gameplay to support children affected by conflict across the world." The DLC will reenact the events of the famous, tragically brief truce that saw French, German, and British soldiers come together to exchange gifts, take part in joint burial ceremonies and prisoner swaps, and even play a little soccer. 

The Verdun Christmas Truce will include the famous soccer matches, plus snowball fights, a bonfire for the troops, a burial scene ceremony, a record player playing old Christmas carols, a handshaking soldier animation, and the ability to send Christmas cards from the trenches. Players who purchase it will be awarded a War Child Christmas medal have unlimited access to the Christmas Truce map. 

The DLC will sell for £2/€2 (US pricing wasn't given but should be around $3) on Steam, and will be available from December 21 to January 4. Last year's campaign raised more than £17,000 ($22,600). A trailer from the 2016 Christmas Truce DLC (which, to be honest, probably hasn't changed much) is below.

Verdun - (Fraser Brown)


This week’s Premature Evaluation sees our early access conscript, Fraser, flung into the nightmarish Eastern Front of World War I in multiplayer FPS Tannenberg. It’s a companion game to Verdun, but the weather is worse and and there are a lot more angry men with guns. >

A man sprints out of the woods just in front of my hiding spot, screaming as he jumps over fallen trees. Before I can even figure out if he’s friend or foe, there s a flash and a scream as he’s sent hurtling through the air, the latest victim of the enemy s mortar. He lands in the mud right next to me, where he moans and gurgles as the life slowly seeps out of him. It s a noise I ve become very familiar with in Tannenberg.


Verdun - legolas
The Steam Autumn sale is here, and Verdun is 50% off until November 28! Don’t forget that anyone who owns Verdun can also get 20% off Tannenberg until December 1.

OpNoobs Tournament - Signup for Third Qualifiers
The second round of qualifiers in the OpNoobs Verdun World Championship have been played and the results are in. Read about the outcome of each match, or you can watch the games with commentary on the OpNoobs YouTube channel:

And even if you didn’t take part in the first two qualifying rounds, there’s still time to make it into the tournament! You can already sign up for the next qualifiers which start on January 6 2018.

Improvements to Verdun
The launch of Tannenberg has gone very well and we’re pleased to see a lot of people enjoying the game. So which of the improvements from Tannenberg will we also see coming to Verdun? As we’re working with the same engine, performance upgrades are on the way as well as new weapon and ambient sounds, an improved user interface and an in-game switch between the Western and Eastern Fronts for those playing both games. Not all of these features have seen the light of day in Tannenberg yet, so don’t expect them in Verdun right away. First we want to make sure it’s all running smoothly before integrating it into Verdun. We’ll keep you posted!
Verdun - (Alice O'Connor)

World War 2 is all the rage again but for those who favour classic conflicts, not their ‘bigger and deadlier than ever’ sequels, World War 1 games are still kicking. The creators of WW1 Western Front FPS Verdun today launched the Eastern Front standalone expansion Tannenberg into early access. Tannenberg focuses on ‘realistic’ action and ramps it up with a new 64-player mode (Verdun caps out at 40 players). Here, have a peek in the early access launch trailer: (more…)


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