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Progression is so often an illusion. Many games use the idea of permanent progression as a way of tickling our lizard brains with a growing pile of loot or numbers which constantly tick up, so that we feel like we re achieving something while we sit in front of a computer and repeat the same set of tasks over and over again.

The beauty of permadeath is that it does away with all this. Characters grow and collect things, but then they become permadead, and it s time for a new explorer to begin their adventure. The only thing that progresses is you, the player, slowly learning a set of systems with each failure. At least, that s the theory. We spoke to the designers of Spelunky, Into the Breach, Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy to learn more about persistence within a permadeath mould.


Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
Hurray! Our latest game, Full Metal Furies, has finally launched!

Remember, there's no I in TEAM, but there is:

Dec 25, 2017
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
Happy Holidays from all of us at Cellar Door Games!

HQ Wallpaper with no logo: http://cellardoorgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/XmasPaint_1920x1080.png

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
With Rogue Legacy on sale, we thought we’d post an article about the game we wrote waaaaaay back, when it first launched. We missed our opportunity to release it back then, so we figured we'd release it now for anyone who might be interested in behind-the-scenes.

Write-up: http://cellardoorgames.com/rogue-legacy-design-notes/
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
We’re releasing another ABC of FMF. This time we introduce the barrier system, which encourages co-operative play!

Nov 27, 2017
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
We’re starting the week light, with a comic explaining why we’re starting the week light.

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
We continue our (delayed) stream of all things FMF! Interested in Game Design? Today we're taking an in-depth look at the techniques used to make the best single-player and co-op experience we could.

Click below to read the article!

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
We’re shifting Operation Garden Market into high-gear with a video series we’re calling “The ABCs of FMF”. Today we’ll be focusing on how the game plays differently when going solo compared to playing with friends.

Nov 23, 2017
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
Because we're behind on about two weeks of news, we'll be trickling out past entries until we catch up.

It all begins with a comic!

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
The Steam Autumn sale starts today! Alex is rushing to get a copy of Rogue Legacy for 80% off, and will smash anyone who gets in her way.



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