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Hey all!

When we released the Rogue Legacy 5-year anniversary patch many moons ago, we inadvertently HAMSHANKED peoples' ability to play Cedric "default0" Schneider's super awesome mod for the game, Lament of Zors. To fix that, you had to download the v1.2.0b branch and install the mod, and afterward you couldn't play the latest version of the original game.

We've made things easier, and added a selector so that you can switch between the original and the mod at any time! And don't worry, you won't lose your save files.

So if you've been hankering more Rogue Legacy, this mod is gonna give you hundreds of extra hours!

Without further ado,

Rogue Legacy: TLoZ (The Lament of Zors) Feature List
**warning minor spoilers ahead

- 4 new bosses have been added to the game
- 3 New boss remixes have been added to the game
- 3 new areas have been added
- All areas are significantly larger
- After beating the boss of an area, you always have access to the teleporter of the next area
- NG+ progression scales exponentially instead of linearly
- Stat boost effects scale with NG+
- Minibosses can spawn in the castle
- Enemies are randomized between tier 2 and tier 3, instead of always at tier 3 at high room levels
- The difference in enemy strength between areas is based off a ratio, not off castle size
- Trait: Alzheimers has been removed
- Trait: Acrophobia has been added - You can take fall damage
- McRibs throw 3 bones instead of 9
- Spikeballs can be knocked around
- Spikeballs get a redder shade the closer they are to exploding
- Blueprints can be found multiple times, increasing them to +1, +2 etc. raising their weight and stats after a purchase of the upgraded blueprint
- Dark Chest now has 0 health and 70 armor instead of 50 health and 0 armor as stats
- Gold and stat boost drops are automatically collected
- Stat boosts can be purchased from the enchantress after all runes have been bought
- Player Level increases with stat boosts
- Minibosses drop stat boosts
- Spell casting costs increase the more magic damage you deal
- Siphon scales with spell casting cost
- Siphon and vampirism scale exponentially, instead of linearly
- Charons Obol turns regular chests into silver chests and silver chests into gold chests
- Curse runes increase enemy strength exponentially instead of linearly
- Hedgehogs Curse makes you take 2x damage but gold gain is doubled
- A new chest type has been added
- Silver chests drop %-more gold than regular chests, instead of just a constant more
- The elf game does not scale exponentially off your Gold bonus anymore
- The haggle upgrade reduces the architect fee instead of charons fee
- The passive gold bonus manor upgrade goes up to level 15 instead of just level 5

- Liches get EVP when killing enemies, increasing all stats but armor
- Liches can sacrifice EVP for healing
- Lich stats do not get reset after finishing a NG
- Spelunkers and Miners drop Gold from Breakables
- Spelunkers gain Gold by exploring
- Spelunkers turn regular chests into silver chests and silver chests into gold chests
- Miners and Spelunkers get 30% on their base gold bonus, instead of +3 gold per coin
- Miners and Spelunkers get 30% move speed bonus
- Mages absorb damage into mana based on how much mana they have left
- Mages passively regenerate mana from an area up to a point
- Mages can cast spells more quickly than other classes
- Mages can land critical hits with their spells
- Mages can cast spells for 1/4th the cost
- Assassin sneak cost depends on room level
- Assassins crits are deterministic, and when the next attack will crit, the sword lights up in flames
- Knights and Paladins deal more damage (up to 3x) the less health they have
- Shinobi and Hokage deal bonus damage based on remaining enemy health (up to 2x)
- Hokage can heal past their max health, but this lowers their damage reduction
- Barbarians heal whenever they attack something based on the damage the target deals
- The crow spell has been removed
- Dragon regenerates 12% of his max mp per second, instead of 12 mp per second

- OoB and cutscene glitches were fixed or otherwise rendered not useful for exploitation

Mod by
Cedric "default0" Shneider

Additional Art Assets
Mark "Line" Cansino
Christoph Hermann

Additional Music and Sound Effects
Nick "Shadowblaze" Nuwe
Kevn MacLeod
Alexander Nakarada
Maksym "Vieme" Voloshenyuk

Additional QA Testing

**This mod is only for PC.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is a 2D platformer in which your characters and the levels you explore are procedurally generated every run. Death is permanent, but all your characters are connected genetically like one big unlucky family. It came out in June 2013 and it was quite good, even before the update it received the following December which added a bunch of bosses and room types. 

Today, over four years since that last update, developer Cellar Door Games rolled out another update for Rogue Legacy to celebrate its five-year anniversary. It seems the devs had more free time after shipping the delightful beat-'em-up Full Metal Furies this March. 

A big part of Rogue Legacy is choosing new characters from a range of possible heirs with different traits, which can be anything from baldness to alektorophobia (the fear of chickens). The five-year update adds two new traits. The first is prosopagnosia (the inability to remember familiar faces), which, according to Rogue Legacy's wiki, prevents you from seeing anything about your heirs when choosing a new one. The other is clonus (a type of muscle spasm), which, if you're playing with a controller, causes it to vibrate every few seconds. 

I always preferred playing Rogue Legacy with a controller, but that may change since the new update also adds mouse rebinding. "2207 comments later and we finally got the message," Cellar Door said. "I hope you degenerates are grateful!" There are some other technical improvements in the patch too, like cloud saving and upgrades to the Mac and Linux versions. 

'Donation boxes' have also been added. These are used to upgrade the unique characters you use when fighting 'remix' bosses, which are optional, amped-up versions of the regular bosses. By dumping a bunch of gold into a donation box, you can "power up your heroes from the past and give yourself that extra edge." 

Finally, Rogue Legacy veterans got a new achievement to chase: Thanatophobia, unlocked by completing the game in 15 lives or less. Players who previously had 100 percent achievement completion can instantly unlock Thanatophobia by holding Left Alt, Caps Lock and then T from the title screen. 

You can read the full patch notes here.  

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games

A special thanks to all the people who playtested while it was in Beta. Your feedback has been tremendously helpful! :) :) :)

After 4 long years, we've updated Rogue Legacy!

  • Olá! Rogue Legacy hass been fully translated into 8 different languages! Enjoy being robbed by Charon in your native tongue! :)
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • and Simplified Chinese! :)

Content Update
  • Mac and Linux versions have been updated to the newest patch.
  • Cloud saving has been enabled. Now you can play on a plane!
  • Boss remixes now only spawn in NG+ and up.
  • Donation boxes have been added to the game.
    • Having trouble with the Remixes? Power up your heroes from the past and give yourself that extra edge! Be warned, the price is high.
  • Prosopagnosia trait has been added to the game. You are bad with faces.
  • Clonus trait added. You've got the shakes.
  • Thanatophobia, a new achievement has been added!
    • Complete the game in 15 lives or less to earn this super difficult achievement.
  • Achievement Hunters Grace Period has been added.
    • It wouldn't be fair to take away 100% Achievements from those who've already earned it. For a limited time, if you have all achievements except Thanatophobia, at the title screen, hold [L. ALT] + [CAPSLOCK] then press [T] to unlock it.
  • Mouse rebinding has been added.
    • 2207 comments later and we finally got the message. I hope you degenerates are grateful!
  • Stat drops now scale with NG+ level.
  • A new mystery portrait has been added to the game... Spook city.
  • Profile card layout has been updated. Pssshh. :\

Bug Fixes
  • Removed the forced aspect ratio from the game.
  • Improved graphics stability for Intel Integrated video cards
  • Numerous bug fixes to calculating total time played.
  • Fixed longstanding bug with dashing forever
  • Fixed longstanding bug for being invincible forever.
  • Fixed crash bug when being awarded too much money in the elf mini-game
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
Hey all!

After 4 long years, we're pushing a new BETA build of Rogue Legacy to the public. There may be a few bugs, but we wanted to get something out during the Summer Sale so we thought we'd go for it. Expect a final more bug-free version with updates in the near future.

**We plan to roll out these updates to Mac and Linux once it goes final.

- Localization is finally in! You can now play RL in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Simplified Chinese! :)
- If you run into any translation bugs, please send an email to

Gameplay Updates
- Boss remixes now only spawn in NG+ and up.
- Donation boxes have been added to the game. Having trouble with the Remixes? You can now level up the Pre-fab characters multiple times in order to give yourself that extra edge you need. But be warned, it will cost you!
- Prosopagnosia trait added.
- Clonus trait added.

Stability Fixes
- Improved graphics stability for Intel Integrated video cards
- Numerous bug fixes to calculating total time played.

Future (official patch launch)
- Will add mouse buttons to Key config to allow you to bind mouse buttons.
- A new portrait will been added to the game.
Spelunky - (Alex Spencer)


Progression is so often an illusion. Many games use the idea of permanent progression as a way of tickling our lizard brains with a growing pile of loot or numbers which constantly tick up, so that we feel like we re achieving something while we sit in front of a computer and repeat the same set of tasks over and over again.

The beauty of permadeath is that it does away with all this. Characters grow and collect things, but then they become permadead, and it s time for a new explorer to begin their adventure. The only thing that progresses is you, the player, slowly learning a set of systems with each failure. At least, that s the theory. We spoke to the designers of Spelunky, Into the Breach, Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy to learn more about persistence within a permadeath mould.


Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
Hurray! Our latest game, Full Metal Furies, has finally launched!

Remember, there's no I in TEAM, but there is:
Dec 25, 2017
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
Happy Holidays from all of us at Cellar Door Games!

HQ Wallpaper with no logo:

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
With Rogue Legacy on sale, we thought we’d post an article about the game we wrote waaaaaay back, when it first launched. We missed our opportunity to release it back then, so we figured we'd release it now for anyone who might be interested in behind-the-scenes.

Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
We’re releasing another ABC of FMF. This time we introduce the barrier system, which encourages co-operative play!
Nov 27, 2017
Rogue Legacy - Cellar Door Games
We’re starting the week light, with a comic explaining why we’re starting the week light.


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